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Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler sports a messy head of hair while walking to the beach and watching the kiteboarders and windboarders on Wednesday (February 2) in Hawaii.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor went shirtless as he learned how to paddleboard.

While in Hawaii, Gerard also met up with pal Laird Hamilton and went jet skiing out in the ocean.

Last week, Gerard went partying at a club where he met up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

FYI: Gerard is carrying the “Fraid So” sandal by Sanuk.

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  • Vegas

    I prefer Gerry right now to what he looked like in 300. I’ve never been into big bulging muscles. I think he’s much better looking and sexier than when he was Gus. (Not that he wasn’t hot.)

    @haha: Agree. He’s not a hairy guy. I’m not into hairy. If you want to talk hairy, look at Sean Connery in those old James Bond movies. ICK. And Tom Selleck would never make it today as a hunk with all that chest hair. Again ICK.

  • curious cat


    You are right. I probably misspoke. No, his “own people” probably didn’t actually shoot the pictures. I think I, and a couple of others, simply didn’t think the news media in Hawaii found out about his visit on their own, and the media folk I spoke to on Maui said they didn’t even know or care that he was there. So his people may have contacted someone to shoot the photos, which makes them PR-generated. Hawaii doesn’t swarm with paps. Somebody had to be in the know, had to be hired.

  • PsychoB

    If you lose weight naturally you do not have skin loose like that. If you lose weight unnaturally and really fast your skin does not have time to tighten naturally. G wasn’t that heavy that his skin wouldn’t have naturally tightened if he lost the weight the normal way.
    I must be lucky because I agree that his body needs some work even for a 40year old. I am surrounded by his age of men. (3 older brothers and a boyfriend and all their friends) and I see most in bathing suits all summer. Most men carry their weight in their gut. But unlike women they seem to be able to get rid of it easily (except the love handles).

  • Observation

    @curious cat:

    Does it matter?

  • lily

    All this talk about hairy or not hairy reminds me of Gerry telling in some interview about having to be shaved all over for 300. If I had only known I would have volunteered.

    And I’m with those who don’t see him as hairy – not at all compared to most regular guys his age. Ever been on the beach? LOL. I also agree that a lot of guys in the business get shaved or waxed especially when working, so who knows who is hairy or not? Except I read an article once about Jake G being really hairy and having to keep it under control with products. And on the other side of the fence, all those tales of the Kardashians having waxings and electrolysis.

  • curious cat

    For the record I do think he’s attractive or I probably wouldn’t be here. But nobody deserves blind worship. And I think the proof in the pudding would be if I actually met the guy in person and had a chance to observe him. What would be my instinctive, visceral reaction? I don’t know.

  • Cora

    @PsychoB: I don’t know if he’s had lipo or not, but there is also another explanation. Loose skin is also caused by sun damage. Gerry has loose skin on his face, as well. It’s a natural part of the aging process when it comes to skin and it happens to some people earlier than others.

  • fyi

    @Cathy: Too bad he doesn’t feel the same way about those older women who think he’s attractive.

    Henry Cavill is hot. He has an edge to him too.

    @Ana Banana: Women in their 20s aren’t interested in Justin Bieber. Zac Ephron is growing into being a very handsome man. Gerard didn’t look that good when he was that age. He looked a bit dorky or geeky.

    @Megan @ UCLA: Gerry dates women in their 20s and his 40+ year old fans think that’s great. But they’ll insult Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and other women who date younger men. I don’t understand that.
    @Pat: Aren’t you making an assumption that he’s a nice guy? You don’t know him. No one here does. We only know what we hear.

  • For Your Info

    @curious cat:

    Even the very best photos do not do him justice and he is quite genuine in his dealings with his fans. He is kind and considerate. I hope that one day you will be able to see that for yourself.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @curious cat: Very true, Curious cat. It is his personality I like as well as his looks. There are lots of big nice looking men around, in Hollywood and out. (well, not many are big in Hollywood).

    He changes his body constantly for parts, it is something I find fascinating. He never looks the same from movie to movie.

    When he is in an interview (Conan, Fallon, Leno), he is extroverted, and very amusing. I watched an interview with Javier Bardem. He sat turned away from the audience, and had trouble interacting with them.
    GB on the other hand reacts to them, laughs loud, faces them directly, talks to the audience, and not just the interviewer, and tells amusing stories, and makes fun of himself. Sometimes the stories are a little over the top, but this is Gerard. Anyone who has not seen all his interviews (particularly on Craig Ferguson) is not really going to get the attraction. It is the personality investing the body that is a whole package.

    Gerard is a high maintenance dude, no question. I believe people over estimate the constant bed hopping, especially as he has gotten older. Most people say he is much better looking in person, and others do not. Attractiveness is extraordinarily subjective, but there has to be a personality attached to the body; people who just look at pictures of him, and have never heard him talk or interact with an audience, will never get it.

    I have run into women and girls of all ages who like him (and of course, lots and lots of men who do…). At almost 70, I have seen many, many men, run into all kinds of personalities, seen stars come and go (I mean, come on, I grew up at the same time Brando was on the screen, so people like Shia LeBoeuf look like little girls to me). Gerard is unique, but those who have not seen his many, many interviews (some of the best are in Britain), will never see the other half of him, what makes him unique of all the actors I have seen.

    Terrific young man!

  • Christie

    What do you consider “older women”? When someone says “older women” I (and usually other people, too) think of women in their 60′s, 70′s and older.

  • PsychoB

    @Cora: lack of sleep, sun, not enough water intake, hard partying with booze and alcohol. Gerry can check all of the things off his list that cause damage to the skin. But the way his skin is laying I agree with manny its unnattural. you don’t lose fat that unevenly. it looks like the girl from American Pie when she had bad lipo.

  • realitycheck

    Those of us that have been fans of GB for many years will remember he always said he had a bit of a gut. That is why he did not want to do the last scene in Phantom of the Opera with out a shirt, so they settled on the unbuttoned shirt. GB was rail thin than.

    I doubt GB’s keeps only whores and golddiggers around him. He does like to be flattered and is very adept at getting it. But, I’m sure he’s has old, true friends like the rest of us.

    He interacts well with others because he is the baby in his family. If you’ve ever read about family birth order, you might agree with me.

    I know his fans like him to be unique and nothing at all like other actors. I do not agree, he is much the same.

    And yes, he is a nice man around his fans when it suits him.

  • oldbutnotdead


    Gerry gave up drinking about 12 years ago (as did Craig Ferguson), after a very long struggle has stopped smoking. He is very extroverted and likes to be around people, but you will usually see him with water or soda at clubs.

    He has sleeping problems, does get too much sun, but he has a great personality, very amusing in all the interviews I have seen, is a good actor, does lots of charity work, well spoken of by all the people who are on sets with him, so try not to make so many things up. Just relax a little. Too much negativity in ones life shortens it!

  • lolita

    @oldbutnotdead: You speak of him with kindness. Have you met him? I really like your moniker…but you do not sound old. You have a youthful lilt in your voice. It just shows us that all ages like Gerry and can appreciate him for who he is…not for just because he is an actor. I lke reading your posts.

  • Lavender

    Question: What would you consider to be the best, or just your favourite, interview (video) with Gerry?
    The reason I’m asking is because I’m on YouTube right now searching for Gerry interviews. ;)

  • Fat,SO?

    @GAY MIKE:
    Thanks Mike — and to you fools who didnt realize that Gerards thread was at THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR AN ENTIRE DAY that’s why we all came here – to see what this fattie was all about – but he is disgusting dont know how and why he was fmaous but yes hot in 300 but now an OINKER please!!! what is his stomach doing???

  • Lavender

    Thumbs down for asking about interviews? Hmmm….weird site.

  • Cammie

    “Older” means 50+ to the world.
    I’m 24.
    Just plain “OLD” – is 65+ depending on how you look.

  • Kim Kardash is a Hairy Monkey

    Gerry has dated a couple in their 30s they just don’t “look it” at all.

  • PsychoB


    thank you for reminding me of the smoking. That alone can make you leathery before your time. Gerry has done pretty much anything and everything to ruin his body but unlike most people he has the means to do something about it. And unfortunately for him he picked this profession over all others to go into, and he will probably have to do things that a normal 40 year old wouldn’t bother to do to stay fit. I personally think a belly is best on a man without the six pack just decently flat. But Gerry isn’t the average man on the street who would get a pass on those uneven abs. He is a man who makes millions in films where he insists on taking his clothes off. And besides his uber fans their isn’t too many women who would say that his body is perfect and go see a movie based on his looks as of late.

  • DrPiggy

    Hubba Hubba!!!! Damn wouldn’t you love to his partner on that vacation:)

  • CorBlimey

    I agree. I think I’d be scared of a bloke that looked like he did in 300 (plus it’s not too much fun cuddling something that feels like stone). He looks far better now. :D

  • curious cat


    Does WHAT matter? Either stuff matters to people here or it doesn’;t. I know not what you speak of.

  • curious cat


    Northern European skin is more vulnerable of course. Reputedly, in the course of human evolution, the closer people lived to the Equator, the more melanin (dark coloring) they developed to withstand the rays. The farther away from the Equator, the paler the skin to absorb MORE of the sun’s rays and Vitaman D. Put us Palies in the tropics and we have trouble.

  • curious cat

    @For Your Info:

    Sorry, I never met the guy and I dont base my opinions on rumors. As I said, if and when I ever meet this guy, my instincts will take over.

  • Old Mia

    I missed a lot of junk tonight.

    Just my take. G is not hairy. Ever watched any of those shows with the swamp, axe men etc.?

    G still has a bit of tummy fat. But the abs are back and he’s doing it the right way. Exercise and dieting. IMO, he’s beautiful.

    Gorgeous men in the office? Where do you live? I sure don’t live that experience here in PA. Do you work in a gym? But then, I’ve been there at the Y. Soon they get stubble growing on their arms etc. yuk.

    Anyone here really tried to lose weight? Skin snaps back into place? That’s a hoot. That’s my favorite. Oh, yes. Lose 25 pounds and your skin just snaps back and looks just gorgeous.

    I’m beginning to remember why this place bugs me.

  • rosie

    Do you think he’ll go to Berlin? Why or why not?

    Me? I don’t think so. I think he’ll lay low on this. He will let the kudos come with not anything from his people.

  • curious cat


    I like you and your take on things. You seem wise. Yes, the very young see with young eyes.. Your perspective changes. Why any girl gets grossed out about male body hair or facial hair or neck hair I don’t know. It’s natural.
    Age matters. Years ago, in the 1980s, there was an Australian movie called “Rebel.” It starred American movie actor Matt Dillon as a U.S. soldier in Australia in WWII. He was incensed about being called a Yank because he was a southerner and to American southerners, the Yanks were northerners in the American Civil War. Southerners were rebels. Semantics. He deserts the Army and holes up with Aussie singer Debbie Byrne. They fall in love. I don’t even recall how the story ends. Maybe you can rent the DVD somewhere.
    Here’s the thing. I don’t know the ages of the stars at that time but if I had to take a wild stab, I’d say Dillon seemed about 21 and Byrne maybe 37. She was very hot! Wow, could she sing and dance. Her character was a nightclub performer and the film’s main promo was a clip of her singing as she sank to the floor.
    I commented to my young stepdaughter that I had trouble buying the story because I couldn’t understand how that sophisticated woman would fall for that shallow boy.
    She said,” Uh uh I can’t understand how such a hot guy could want that old lady!”

  • curious cat

    You got thumbs down so I had to comment that I agree.

  • Carmine

    You all are knit picking! Fat, skinny, lumpy, bumpy, boozy, disease ridden, manho. It’s a wonder the man can even walk with the weight of the world you put on his shoulders. Let’s see you all put your rack out there on public display and see what gorgeous specimens you are. Nobody is perfect. Not even all the actors and supermodels in the world can pull that off, especially without all the make-up. sheesh! He’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I think we get that. Love him or hate him, let him be. He’s on his own time and he sure isn’t asking any of us for a critique of his body. But, I’m sure that won’t stop any of you from having fun picking him apart as usual. After you get tired of that, you can go back to picking each other apart. Love this place!

  • @carmine

    oh thank you , finally someone tells these b!tches to stop picking this guy apart. they all live in glass houses, are gorgeous, skinny, taunt and hold phd’s…….in cattiness that is!

    fuuck no wonder they are all here on a Friday night, what guy would want to be with any of them.

  • my opinion here

    One explanation for the nasties is female sexual frustration particularly during certain time of the month. They can’t help it. It’s the hormonal and biological. By picking Gerry apart it somehow releases some of the tension they experience. That walking sex of a man they can’t lay their hands on sure is killing them.

  • Cora

    @rosie: I think Gerry will go to Berlin. It’s going to be a red carpet gala event. This is the world premiere of the film. I’m sure Ralph wants as many of the cast there as possible. If Gerry goes it will add to the press coverage and help the film.

  • http://ohhoney,Iwould bellla


  • ragtime

    if we pick on Hitler, does that mean we secretly love him or are sexually frustrated or fat or some other absurd notion.
    Gerry gets what he gets bc he’s a celeb not a serious actor. He wanted to be famous and a sex symbol. He is judged accordingly.

  • curious cat

    Yep, here we go, carmine and my opinion here.

    Sooner or later it comes down to how posters are picking on poor Gerry because other posters (not you of course) are old, fat, frustrated women who can’t get a man, have no life and should let him live his life, he’s not hurting anyone, we’re just jealous old hags, blah de blah de blah. Guess what. This man CHOSE to do whatever it took to become a big movie star. He made himself a public figure and gets what goes with the fame and the money. He knew that ahead of time.

    I disagree with what some people say here but I defend their right to their opinion.

    Nobody ASKED for pictures of him in Hawaii. As discussed earlier, people in Hawaii, including the press, didn’t know about his visit or give a rat’s a** about it when told. Obviously someone keen on promoting him hired a fotog or fotogs to feed pix to sites like JJ to keep Gerry’s image before the public. Instead of him having a quiet vacation out of the public eye as the trip would otherwise have suggested. So try sell me the Brooklyn Bridge next, huh?.
    Jerry probably knows the mixed aphorism, you’ve buttered your bread, now lie in it.
    You who ask what others are doing here on a Friday night should first answer the question, what are YOU doing here on a Friday night?

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Lavender: Any of his Craig Ferguson interviews. His April 2005 interview with Leno, his March 2007 interview with Leno and Queen Latifah. His March 2010 interview with Ellen, and the 2009 interview with Bonnie Hunt. Especially wearing the funny apron, and eating a deep fried Mars bar, which eventually made him sick, since he was on a cleanse! He has been on Conan in 2007 and 2009, and Fallon in 2009, and on Saturday Night Live 2009. 2009 interviews in England with Jonathan Ross, and another one with in 2009 with Paul O’Grady. Some are on youtube. He has a funny one, A Dracula outtake, where he was strapped to a board in water, and then snapped up out of the water; that one is on youtube somewhere.

    There is some amusing stuff on You Tube from his early days on British TV as well. I think it is Lucy Sullivan isGetting Married, he plays the cad, Gus. He has another early one where he plays really annoying rock star. He is an entertaining guy.

  • oldbutnotdead


    Gerry has been acting in film since about 1997, including several series on British tv; he acted on the stage in London and Edinburgh before that and was in law school before that.

    He was in a very well received mini series called The Jury on British tv, about the jurors on a murder trial, which was pretty good. He did Dear Frankie, which is a wonderful indie film, and demonstrates his acting ability; One More Kiss is pretty good as well, I think it is a Scottish film about a dying ex girl friend. It was his agent in Hollywood who dragged him over here and got him into Dracula, then Attilla, then Phantom, etc, for the money. He worked hard on every role, indie or Hollywood, success or failure, regardless of the success of the film. Typical Gerry.

    I suspect you really know very little about him.

    I also suspect anonymous put downs give commenters some strange satisfaction. Fascinating phenomenon, and it is found on most sites, and not just GB’s. They really get ugly over at George Clooney’s sites!

  • oldbutnotdead

    @curious cat:

    and we can never make the other person see our point of view either; age differences just render us mute and deaf! Lol…I like Australian films, I will look for that one.

  • leslie51

    For those requesting entertaining Gerry videos these are oldies, but goodies. JJ won’t let me post the links, but go to Youtube Gerard Butler and the 2 titles for the search bar are

    It’s My Turn
    I Like the Way

    There are some more really great vids that I remember and will look up and maybe post later. Enjoy.

  • oldbutnotdead


    Thank you Lolita, I appreciated it, and it made me smile. I do a lot of computer research for classes (I retired as an attorney, then went back to school!), and I do presentations for a large senior center on Archaeology (based on a Masters I got in 2008, after retirement), so I do what I call Gerrying as a break from all the research. I have a friend who is a professor who also likes him, but does not do as much Gerrying as I do.

    I find him entertaining. He is also vulgar and full of life; the F word usually bothers me, but somehow it just makes me laugh when he says it. If you do not mind Scottish freedom of speech, you may find The Ugly Truth Gag reel amusing.

    You can also find him on Youtube on the Ellen show in 2005 and 2010. Too bad he has lost so much of his accent and Scottish attitude!

  • oldbutnotdead


    He talked about it on Conan in 2007 and March 2007 on Leno. Queen Latifah advised him he should never have had to shave by himself.. Conan was pretty funny, as Gerry said he had to shave his groin as well. Conan was horrified in an amusing way.

  • Petra


    I really like your posst, Oldbutnotdead

    He is vulgar and full of life is so true. I had the pleasure of being at the second screening of LAC i Glasgow and Gerry came to join us for a while and was very funny. A woman asked him if he was a real scotsmann, Gerry said I’l show you later and a bit later he lifted up his kilt…FUNNY. He is really nice to his fans, and I am a fan but that does not mean I agree with everything he does…he is after all just human. I still think he is very Scottish, maybe not his accent. I have always said that the further north you get in the UK the further south the sence of humour goes and that is very true with Gerry. I like him just as he is…good and bad.

  • For Your Info

    @curious cat:

    My commenrt was not based on rumour. It was based on experience. As I said before, I hope that you do get to see him at some point so that you will be able to form judgements based on fact instead of fiction.

  • Farting Hard Stinkin’

    Wow Gerard still looks like a slappy flab pig! Nothing’s changed here!

  • mila

    I’m 27 and I think he’s very attractive. Not every “younger” woman cares only about appearance (fortunately).

    Most of my friends don’t look as good as him and they’re in their 20s!
    I’m starting to think I should move somewhere else =D

    Anyway, I truly believe that perfection is overrated.

  • angelsrock


    I have 3 nieces 20, 24, 26, who love Gerry!!! They are always asking me about him. Their favorite movies with Gerry are PSILY, TUT, and LAC.

  • cubfan34
  • mila

    My girlfriends love him too!
    My favourite movies are Rocknrolla and Dear Frankie!!