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Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' with Richard Jenkins!

Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' with Richard Jenkins!

Brad Pitt arrives on the set of his new movie, Cogan’s Trade, on Wednesday (March 9) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 47-year-old actor carried a newspaper and chatted with his co-star, Richard Jenkins, in between takes.

Yesterday, Brad kicked off work on the film, which is expected to hit theaters next year.

Brad plays Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who’s investigating a heist that took place during a poker game.

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  • oh boy

    He is so hot.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Good pic brad far becuze i dont want see very old look

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    How brad pitt plays and he old?

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  • Bella

    Brad brings sexy back.

  • janeen

    hes looking old and gross lately

  • http://B Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    The new film want young actor

  • CK

    Brad Pitt is hottest man alive

  • Lara

    Looking great, and so happy with it, good job Brad!

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  • mali

    Cancer stick in hand? NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie who?

    seen out having lots of fun at night —nookie nookie

  • holy moly

    He has that bad boy sexiness. HOT DAYUM.

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    How he to star new move and he old?

  • Janice Min

    Jolie is missing
    Bad people said to be in rehab

  • Texas

    Smoke, smoke…smoke that cigarette! Nasty!

  • Buzzy

    Still so hot.

  • Zenith

    Brad freakin Pitt is gorgeous.

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    That beautiful smile is back.

  • The Real Deal

    an oldie @ 03/08/2011 at 9:12 pm +8

    # 155
    SMARTY @ 03/08/2011 at 8:57 pm

    Humm, is it just pure coincidence, but I read this kind of spelling on an earlier post by a new poster who I thought was a fan.


    I brought this post over from the previous thread to get one thing straight. If you are referring to me then yes, this is a coinky dink. I dont know what makes a person an old or new poster but I have been posting here sporadically since about 08 or 09. Also I dont have a trademark or patent on the word “theys” I was being facecious and just because a butt p icking, mouth breather didn t have the brain power that God gave a comatose squirrel on crack to know that the proper usage should have been “they’re” isnt my problem.

    Finally I am a fan of these people, if I werent I would’nt waste my time. I have a life and I sure wouldnt spend the time I have on this planet on a blog changing my name constantly to post nonsense about total strangers. If you werent referring to me then…no harm no foul. Peace.

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    Mr. Pitt is so handsome.

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    I want to give him oil and cream face to be young fresh and soft like me

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Why All girls called him monky ?

  • Nina

    Brad is so gorgeous and sexy at the same time. Angelina is a lucky lady.

  • busted

    I am so looking forward to this film.. I love when Brad plays the bad guy.. he does bad very well.

    The cast is really fantastic.. I like so much that he works with certain actors more than once. Richard Jenkins was in Burn After Reading.. such a funny film.. I would love to see Brad work with the Coens again or even Guy Richy. Snatch is one of my favorite Brad Pitt movies (Brad in tighty whities is yummy.. very yummy)

  • An

    Lucky lady?? All comments idiots

  • Lurker

    It seems Brad is gonna be a badass in this film. He is so hot.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Lucky brad becuze have angelina and 3 kids beautiful just like mama Anglina jolie

  • groundcontrol

    Gorgeous man. You know it’s all in the genes. Both parents have beautiful heads of hair still. It’s obvious Brad’s hair is never leaving that beautiful head.
    This movie is based on what is critically regarded as George Higgins’ best novel. Even better than his The Friends of Eddie Coyle. I am really anitcipating this film. And how great is Richard Jenkins – pretty great.

  • Gosh

    The man is hotter than hot.

  • royalty

    I am looking forward to the film. The cast is fantastic. Brad looks hotter than ever.

  • groundcontrol

    OT – for Jazz and Music fans
    Hey, PT, I answered you on the previous thread about Chet Baker but I may as well bring the post here since I’d love all music fans to know about him and check him out.
    # 240 Passing Through @ 03/09/2011 at 11:33 am 0
    # 191 groundcontrol @ 03/09/2011 at 12:57 am
    GC – I went to bed last night just after I posted, so I’m just now seeing your post. Chet Baker was one of many huge jazz talents who lost the battle with his drug demons. Heroin took a lot of jazz stars – Billie Holiday and Charlie “Bird” Parker to name 2. I’m a huge Elvis Costello fan and in 1983 Chet Baker did a solo on a song called “Shipbuilding” about the cost of war, in particular the Falklands Islands war. The UK economy in a lot of the shipbuilding towns was in the crapper and then the Falklands skirmish happened and suddenly the economy revs into overdrive – building ships for the war. So the song is about the spoils of war – a new coat for the wife, new shoes for the kids – and all it’s costing the protagonist is his oldest son’s life because the boy has just been conscripted into the British miliatry.
    In an interview once Elvis Costello told the story about Baker coming in to lay down his solo. He was looking for a horn player who could accurately convey a kind of forlorn resignation that people were dying to boost the economy and made the comment that he wished Chet Baker was still alive – because he thought Baker had OD’ed a few years earlier. The engineer said Baker’s not dead, in fact he was playing in jazz clubs around London basically for drug money. Baker had long since lost his drug battle and was pretty much living hand-to-mouth, practically homeless because was living in some seedy hotel. So they tracked down Baker and invited him to do this solo. EC doesn’t read music and neither did Baker so EC had to play Baker the song on the piano to teach it to him. Then Baker plays the solo,in one or two takes, gets paid for the work – and walks out of the studio and EC never saw him again. I think Baker lived another 4 or 5 years and ironically one of the songs he started playing in concerts a few years later was EC’s “Almost Blue” – which is just about as big a Debbie Downer as you’ll ever hear – which EC had written after hearing Baker’s version of B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone”.
    PT, thanks for that anecdote. I have to check out Shipbuilding now.
    Yea, it is really sad but Baker was a junkie back in the 1950s. He was really only interested in his music and junk. Paid little attention to his children – though why any woman would have a child with a junkie, let alone have THREE children with one, is beyond me.
    I watched him perform with Elvis C. but not the song you mentioned. I think Shipbuilding may have originally been only for a recording. But
    Elvis must have seen him some time after he related that story because there are vids of a concert/session at Ronnie Scott’s with both Elvis and Van Morrison playing with Chet. I think there is a dvd of the session and Shipbuilding is supposedly on it.
    I was actually looking for Ella Fitzgerald singing These Foolish Things – a favorite of my mom’s. Then I listened to Chet Baker’s versions. So, of course, I listened to a bunch of Chet’s Youtube vids.
    He died May 13, 1988. We were preoccupied since my mom was in ICU at the time but I remember the news of his death. He was high as usual and fell out of a 2nd story window in Amsterdam and cracked his head. He was only 58 but looked 78 and a bad 78. Costello’s story adds to the stories of how he signed away his rights and everything else for quick cash for drugs. By the time he died he had been banned from various European countries because of drug charges – he spent a year in jail in Italy. Still his incredible natural talent (he supposedly never practiced) made him a god int he jazz world and that he remains.
    If you are interested Bruce Weber filmed a documentary about Chet Baker right before he died and it chronicles his life and includes a lot of footage of Chet talking and hanging out (high and out of it often) as well as performing in clubs. The women in his life are a trip. If anyone wants to know what a true junkie acts and looks like the evidence is in Bruce Weber’s doc. The film is impossible to find anywhere but it’s on YouTube! Just search for Chet Baker Bruce Weber Let’s Get Lost. The whole film is on You Tube.
    After you watch that you can wash away those sad images by watching Chet Baker perform as a younger man with his incredible voice and trumpet playing Time After Time, These Foolish Things, Look For the Silver Lining (used for the LA Confidential soundtrack) and a bunch of other jazz and standards that will break your heart. I could just fill my home with his voice and trumpet and be transported to another world.

  • Liz

    @anna: Let’s see he got Angie pregnant twice in 2 years but couldn’t get Jen pregnant in 5 years

  • Desperate Maniston

    “Brad NOT hot at all. Can Brad even get it up now?”

    interesting. thats exactly how i feel about chinnifer maniston! chinny and chelsea prob have to rely on batteries instead.

  • Desperate Maniston

    more like DIDNT WANT to get jen pregnant in 5 years- their kids would be sooo ugly with her genes.
    he was prob repulsed waking up to her face every morning.
    nothing like man-face to kill the mood.
    brad prob suffered from morning sickness when he was with her!



  • bdj

    New pixs at site

    DreamWorks Animation has released four character posters from their upcoming Kung Fu Panda 2,

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    Piussa know where is Angelina.Pitussa works for the Chinese government

  • bdj

    Beauty on the Bayou….I spent this past weekend in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Every time I go to “Nawlins” I always come back feeling so inspired! It’s hard not to because the city has some of the most amazing designs and architecture. As I explored, I took some quick snapshots of things that caught my eye. Also, I visited the lower 9th ward where Brad Pitt worked to get modern houses built in order to make a difference in that area. It was incredible to see. Take a look at all of the pics and let them inspire you just as this trip to New Orleans inspired me!

  • bdj

    Who’s Your Beauty Ideal?
    March 09, 2011

    In 1991, when Allure was founded, the magazine’s editors commissioned a landmark beauty survey to find out what Americans considered beautiful and the role that beauty played in their lives. When asked who their beauty ideal was, most people named Christie Brinkley, the quintessential blue-eyed blonde. In honor of Allure’s 20th anniversary issue, on newsstands now, we revisited the beauty census—and this time around, Angelina Jolie was named the most beautiful face around. On the surface, it’s not a surprising choice: Jolie is a obviously gorgeous. But what does it say about how our views of beauty have changed? With apologies to Christie Brinkley, it means we’ve branched out beyond the Barbie-doll ideal and embraced something quite different. That’s not surprising if you look at another statistic we learned form the survey: 69 percent of respondents believe there is no longer such a thing as an “all-American” look.

  • bdj

    Poor Baby Jane, time for another makeover. I guess the whiny hen got her hopes dashed with the Outta Touch lie she was spamming for two days. Baby Jane and her new face, Baby Jane chasing another man(peeboy) to the big apple, Baby Jane and her 1000th fake Baby made the rag covers. Ole girl needs to lay off the lard. These rags can recycle dirt.

  • busted


    You’ll never know.. but then no man has ever gotten it up for you have they.

    must piss you off big time..

  • http://justjared cajun lady

    LOOK at that Smile on that Beautiful Face ;)Nothing can put a Smile on a Man like a little Cajun Lady Loving ;) Oh and hes got his Ciggs. Back ;)

  • bdj

    blue color troll keeps trying. Next she will be from Mars.

  • http://justjared cajun lady

    Alissa @32——–You Go Girl!!! I Haven’t seen Brad this Happy in 5 or 6 YEARS :)

  • bdj

    Good food in New Orleans. Ask Cajun Lady
    One thing’s for certain – Brad Pitt will never go hungry while he is in New Orleans.

    The superstar is greatly loved for his tireless efforts to help rebuild the city following devastating Hurricane Katrina, especially by Melba Leggett Barnes, who was presented with a new home by Pitt – and she has extended him an open invitation to drop by anytime for some of her ‘Big Easy’ home recipes can reveal.

    Pitt is currently in New Orleans filming his latest movie Cogan’s Trade where he plays a cold-blooded mob enforcer.

    But in real life the famous actor is a hero to Barnes and her neighbors in the Lower 9th Ward where his Make It Right Foundation has built dozens of new homes in the area which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

    Pitt and his famous partner Angelina Jolie and their kids have all visited Melba and her husband Baxter Barnes several times at their new home and they all love her cooking.

    Melba told “I heard Brad was back in the area filming and of course he has an open invitation to drop-by for some of my cooking anytime he wants.

    “He loves my home recipe ‘corn-porn’ and we will always be grateful to him for everything that he has done for us and this area.

    “I call him my ‘special angel’ because that’s what the man is – he will always be welcome on the Lower 9th Ward.”

  • bdj

    Pix of Bridge at site

    Judge Seeber Bridge closing for filming of Brad Pitt movie

    New Orleans – The Judge Seeber Bridge, sometimes called the Claiborne Bridge, will be closed tomorrow in both directions from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. for the filming of ‘Cogan’s Trade.’ The movie stars Brad Pitt.

    Emergency vehicles will be allowed to cross the bridge. Department of Transportation and Development officials recommend taking the St. Claude Avenue Bridge as an alternative route.