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LeAnn Rimes Loves Girl Scout Cookies!

LeAnn Rimes Loves Girl Scout Cookies!

LeAnn Rimes and a male friend do some shopping together on Wednesday (April 6) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old singer and her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian arrived back on the west coast after performing at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship earlier in the week.

LeAnn recently tweeted about her favorite girl scout cookies!

“LOVE Thin Mint Cookies! I never know where to buy GS Cookies, so I’m always elated when someone I know has them! Love Thin Mints frozen!” LeAnn wrote.

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520 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes Loves Girl Scout Cookies!”

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  1. 1
    Susan Says:

    Good god woman. Stop trying so hard to pretend like you actually eat food. It’s one thing to look and actually be healthy but you look sick. Someone that has lost too much weight, too quickly gets that sucken in look to their cheeks.

  2. 2
    Cindy Says:

    I usually never say this about people because it’s mean. But LeAnn is really unattractive.

  3. 3
    Me Says:

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Especially on Twitter.

  4. 4
    Speak Now Says:

    Can’t see how gwen analyzes this. If gwen hates a celeb so much, she needs to look at her OWN life before judging Leann.

  5. 5
    Speak Now Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with liking cookies, either.

  6. 6
    Tania Says:

    I love Girl Scout Cookies!!! And married men!!! And tweeting!!!!

    Got damn this woman is psycho….does anyone else hope that if we flush enough, she’ll go away? Stupid homewrecking trailer trash.

  7. 7
    Fake Says:

    Oh Please Leann, we all know Anorexics love to lie about what they eat, or rather, don’t eat. STFU and stop starving for that tool fiance of yours.

  8. 8
    jesse Says:

    who cares????

  9. 9
    gwen Says:

    @Speak Now:

    Hey WEWE(aka cbme/ract/a/irena)!

    It’s nice to see that JJ still allows you to post even though you make threats on their site and then put it into action by opening up twitter accounts to stalk and harass BG and the BBs because you are mad with me.

    Can’t see how SPEAK NOW analyzes this. If SPEAK NOW hates people who don’t fawn over WEWE behavior, she needs to look at her OWN life before judging BG, the BBs, or anyone who doesn’t like .

    I said that WEWE was going to have a major media blitz and now SPEAK NOW shows up boo hooing because I was right.

    WEWE, this isn’t about YOU liking cookies. It’s about you trying to prove to people that you are eating. How is tweeting about cookies proves that you are eating?

  10. 10
    gwen Says:

    The title should be: Leann Rimes the FAMEWHORE STRIKES AGAIN.

    WEWE wants people to mind her own busines and then she calls up her mouthpieces to get photos of her shopping with a friend.

    See I told you, WEWE is mad because the media wrote all those articles about Britney Spears marriage. How dare they do that. WEWE will show them, she is going to bombard the internet with photo-ops and twitpics.

    What is WEWE promoting? She definately has something planned.

    Is it the release of her album, video to Crazy Women, or she is gearing up for her wedding.

  11. 11
    gwen Says:

    Did anyone get a chance to check Itunes?

    WEWE song still isn’t in the top 100.

    With the recent media blitz from today(articles on her bikini photohoot with EC and her JJ fluff piece), shouldn’t her song be ranked at least at #50 on Itunes?

    All this famewhoring is having the opposite effect. Leann stages photo-op, the public dislikes her and EC even more.

    WEWE gets made because the public and media are slamming her, she stages yet another photo-op.

  12. 12
    betty Says:

    Another ridiculous look at me thread, someone hurry and get this woman some professional help!!!!!!

  13. 13
    gwen Says:


    1) Leann lovEs LOOKING at girl scout cookies.

    2) LR to the public/media: ” I don’t tip off the paps, they follow me. I have no idea that they are following me. To prove to you that I am not paying certain media outlets to take photos of me while I am walking around LA(even though EC is able to walk around LA without once being spotted), I’m going to go out shopping with my friend with my hair all over my head and without wearing ANY make up. That should prove to all of you that I don’t have ANY deals with JJ. And since I’m on a roll here with dispelling rumors by famewhoring, I will make more tweets about all the food I didn’t eat today just to prove to you that I am eating.”

  14. 14
    Maori Says:

    DEAR GOD! I almost had a heart attack when I scrolled down …… Her face scared the hell out of my ass. DAMN stop pretending Leann, it is so clear that she’s anorexic. I wouldn’t even ASK her if she eats because I know she does not. Like, seriously. Curvy women often get a lot of crap for being that way but they’re so much more attractive than those kind of skeletons! Ugh….ew.

  15. 15
    r Says:

    She looks like a monkey

  16. 16
    gwen Says:

    WEWE is tweeting about the kids getting haircuts and playing baseball.

    That must mean that Dailymail or the BabyHollyscoop Celeb site will soon have photos of WEWE, EC, and the boys at the barbershop or throwing around baseballs.

    Today is Wed and EC and LR have the kids. Based on LR tweets about the boys over the weekend, that means that EC had them on Sat and Sun or just Sun. So does that mean that it was EC custody day on Monday? The day that EC went to the game with WEWE? Leann has no one to blame but herself. She says that we don’t know enough about her life to judge her, but as you can see based on her tweets today and over the weekend, we have definate proof that EC ditched his kids for a basketball game. What a great dad. So will the viewers of Playboy support a man who according to his own girlfriend
    s tweets, ditched his kids for great seats?

  17. 17
    cuckoo Says:

    she’s anorexic? GOOD! here’s an idea, chop ur head off, u can instantly lose 20 pounds. in her case maybe only 10 pounds since it’s probably hollow.

  18. 18
    Looky Says:

    She went out looking like that?

  19. 19
    stoptryingtobebrandi Says:

    Someone should post a warning “this picture may cause you to feel sick…… enter at your own risk”. I don’t visit this site to become ill, I visit to keep up on celebs who have real jobs instead of twittering, trying to be eddie’s ex-wife, and watching as she keeps eddie on a very short leash to make sure he isn’t cheating on her bony ass.

  20. 20
    I pity her Says:

    No amount of money, success, boob jobs and weight loss can make up for that hyena face and she knows it. EC is so playing her.

  21. 21
    Paige Says:

    GOOGLE the following,

    Just Jared, Leann Rimes

    You will see every action Leann ever made documented here on JJ.

  22. 22
    Gwen Rocks! Says:


    Wow ! JJ is on a roll here with all these “articles” on Iguana face! Guess JJ is getting nice fat checks from her!
    I swear I had a couple of good laughs today! The first with her tweet saying that she has a WITNESS that she ate a slice of pizza and now THIS! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!
    I love that she went out looking like she just “rolled out of bed”. This way she can show the public that she did NOT call the paps for this photo op! Please! If she thinks that this latest ploy of hers will convince the public…well wrong again Iguana Face!
    I also think it;s funny how she tries to copy Britney Spears with that “hairstyle”. Britney may have bad hair extensions and look like she has a rats nest on her head, BUT she SELLS her music because she has REAL fans!
    And all this twittering about what she eats… (#7 @ Fake) said it – Anorexics LIE about how much they eat ! Next photo op will be of her biting into this thin mint she talks about only to spit it out or throw it up later.
    She’s disgusting !

  23. 23
    Erin Says:

    Oh great, Katie Holmes’ favourite hairstyle is catching on! She can tweet about all she eats as much as she wants, but we’re not blind. That size looks unhealthy on her frame and way too skinny.

  24. 24
    Gwen Rocks! Says:

    @ Gwen and everyone else reading this !!

    Here is another little gem of an article I found. Hmmmmmm…seems like Iguana face has a pattern. SO predictable! Even her own father ( in this article) calls her a SPOLIED BRAT!
    AND…here is the pattern I’m talking about. She dated a 21 yr old actor named Andrew Keegan. Looks like he used her for her MONEY, then CHEATED on her with an actress WAY cuter than Iguana face !
    I guess like the old saying goes…”History repeats itself” ! Here is the link…

  25. 25
    Marieme Says:

    “Iguana Face” “Hyena Face” ROTFL!!!

    And to think EC has to wake up, talk to, eat with and have intercourse with that mug looking at him. The idiot has definitely made a deal with the devil! He deserves to suffer. Hee!

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