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Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch Break at Joan's on Third

Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch Break at Joan's on Third

Alexander Skarsgard makes a phone call after having lunch on Thursday (April 28) at Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor is a huge fan of Joan’s on Third and has brought girlfriend Kate Bosworth along with him for lunch in the past.

Last week, Alexander was spotted going to the gym for a post-Coachella workout!

Alex‘s latest film, Melancholia, will screen at the Cannes Film Festival next month!

Kirsten Dunst also stars in the Lars Von Trier film – be sure to check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet!

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  • ElisaDay

    lol, my husband was the same! I am tempted to go and see it again ;)
    Askars definitely has some serious competition in Chris Hemsworth. Luckily though Alex has a bit more screen time with 3 (soon to be 4) seasons of TB and GK

  • LOL

    I bet bonesworth is pulling her 3 bleached blond hairs out, only to log on to JJ and finding out that her swedish beau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is having lunch with pals and what seems to be enjoying the company of the females and actually laughing and looking at the blond lady,

    I think bonesworth phoned him up he took the phone call outside and bonesworth gave him an ear bashing for looking happy in public with other females, hence the tense look on his face LOL LOL LOL

  • DJ

    I wish you all would let up on him. I had the good luck to meet him once and he was very kind to me. Really, if the worst thing he ever does in his life is date someone you don’t like, then leave him alone! On the list of sins that celebrities can an do commit, that ranks pretty low! Personally, I have nothing against KB. She’s an acceptable actress and very pretty. A friend of mine met her and said she was very sweet. If she makes him happy, then I say good for them! As for the famewhore charges–hell, even if they were true (remembering that they live and work in an environment where publicity is EVERYTHING!) there’s a lot of things they coud be doing that are much, much worse!

    I say enjoy the photos and otherwise back off!

  • Becca

    @Camille: oh, You mean “the boyfriend” ha ha ha ah it is so funny, people can be so funny………………………………………………………………seriously what is about him being gay….
    Having and awful clinger behind you and not accepting it does not mean your gay….have you seen his ex-girlfriends? they were quite pretty!

    Thanks for clearing who was who, Camille :)

  • Camille


    I don’t get the gay comments either but the “hilarious” person kept insisting that the blck guy is Alex’s boyfriend. Uh huh.

  • Amanda

    This is such a hot picture! I love his furrowed brow. He doesn’t seem to be having a pleasant conversation though, and oddly in all the pictures he only seems to be listening and not talking.

  • Walk away

    He looks like he is getting an earfull. I wonder if she is the type that bi*chs and whines when she is not happy, and goes on and on about something and doesnt let it go. He just listens and hopes that she stops, or when she loses her temper she just starts using the F*** word, because she is not able to think of anything else to say. AS just walk away and keep walking, she is not going to change. You could always block her cell number. LOL

  • lafamepoma

    I think they aren’t a couple, they are something bizarre but anyway. He’s extremely handsome, well he’s the typical scanadinavian boy, the south of Europe we know very well that boys from there are cute and gorgeous. And about famewhore he isn’t sure. In my opinion he’d be a good couple with Alexis Bledel or Eva Green or Carice Van Houten.

  • Ladybug

    @Walk away: Whenever this ends, he’s going to have to block her number, fire Robin Baum, get a new manager, agent, undo anything he may have done on her advice, change the locks, get a restraining order, etc.

  • Becca

    @lafamepoma: ohhh Eva Green i LOVEEEE HERR, such a couple! oh, you got me excited!!!

  • HesANiceGuy

    @Brenda: That is not Lisa L. Not sure who it is, but it is not her.

  • HesANiceGuy

    @lafamepoma: I love Alexis Bledel but I dont think she would know what to do with him! LOL


    @+15 MERRICK:

    IRL, I’d have to get a restraining order. Obsessed much? Just buy new batteries, I’m sure you’ll feel better. Maybe if you left your computer you can find a real live man, like I have.

  • board inspector


    these “hilarious” gay comments are cooked up on purse forum by some joe manganiello fans. they seemingly have allied with some vicious moyerists. Same is going on here. I’ve seen all these deragotary comments on true blood fb and imdb board too.

  • more pics

    here are somemore pics of the lunch @ joan’s, if I am not mistaken there eating inside so how did the paps snap him inside?? or my theory do U think k’ho sceretly hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her swedish man?!!…… lol……………… anyway he looks comfortable and happy for once,,,,,,, until she gets back from where ever she is and then alex will look like shit again…………………….

  • Doreen

    @more pics:

    Those pictures look like they were taken with a cell phone. It seems to be a website where people can take pictures and sell them for money. Kind of creepy but it is nice to see Alex out with his friends and happy.

  • Sars

    Yeah, I saw the comments. There are 3 people there trashing Alex for any ridiculous reason almost everyday. Sometimes they pretend they’rehis fans but they only really cheer up when they’re bashing him.


    I’m sorry he likes all that attention. When someone don’t wants there pictures taken they can have some get them a sandwhich so why keep going someplace where the papps hangout at. They are being called. If this is not the case when there is and article you may here of someones else that famous being there also. But most of the time he gets all the coverage. Him and Kate together. Eating lunch at this place is getting boring and smells like a set up to take pictures.


    Give him and Kate another three days they well be seen at the same place eating again. These article of him haviing lunnch get a lot of attention. Him being on the phone is being very detailed. Couple of days later you will see him eating at these same place but he will be with Kate. They take turns if you notice when she is not in the photos they remind us that they are dating even if she is not in the pictures. Then next she will be seen at the same place but only this time they will remind us although her hunk is not with her they are together.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    Well it seems that it is over, but there are obligations, they go 3 or 4 weeks without him being near her at all and then he allows one or two photos at some planned outing, and then it is like another 3 or 4 weeks, what a loving and happy “relationship”, what a joke, they are so not a couple anymore; also we know he is in control now, just look at Coachella, he definitely controlled that whole situation, that is why I am so sure it is over and done, but he is a professional and if he has obligations to attend to he will finish them.