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Jeremy Renner & Janet Montgomery: New Couple Alert?

Jeremy Renner & Janet Montgomery: New Couple Alert?

Jeremy Renner has been casually seeing 25-year-old British actress Janet Montgomery.

Sources exclusively tell that they met on a plane from Vancouver to Los Angeles – she was shooting the Fox action drama Human Target and he was filming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol alongside Tom Cruise. They recently met up together in Berlin and were spotted together in L.A.’s Runyon Canyon earlier this week.

The 40-year-old Oscar-nominated actor has had a great amount of success lately. Jeremy will star in the new Bourne movie and will play film icon Steve McQueen in a new biopic.

SPOILER: In the upcoming superhero flick Thor, Jeremy makes a cameo appearance as the sharp-shooting Hawkeye. Both Chris Hemsworth, who plays the title character, and Jeremy will reprise their roles in The Avengers, due out in 2012.

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  • Frozoid

    I thought Renner was gay? That’s what the papers have been saying for years.

  • Julesbear

    Isn’t he rumored to be gay?

  • Dubya Bush

    Jeremy please don’t run back into the closet just because your career is going well.

  • nemo

    A fugly looking skunk who’s probably having a middle life crisis of whether or not he’s coming out of the closet had just decided to date a 20 something starlet who is in desperate need of a career lift

    Jeremey Renner for you blah

  • Alaia

    I thought that was Ashley Greene.

  • WTH

    Doesn’t look anything like icon Steve McQueen??????

    I think he’s a great actor but please no……

  • brainy box


  • Debbie

    He’s gay!

  • Dubya Bush

    For anyone who thinks these are rumors that he’s gay.

    They come from his former acting coach giving an interview after Renner’s first Oscar nod and saying that Renner was out of the closet until his career took off. Then he decided being gay was something to hide from the press.

  • d

    a 40 year old successful actor and a 25 year old wanna be actress who wants publicity to get some work, How Very Hollywood ;b

  • GG

    umm…he’s gay. another day, another beard

  • li

    another beard

  • J

    i love how ignorant and stupid people can be.
    99% of the comments here are a prime example of how dumb our race is.
    go back to the trees, you primitive apes, or grow up

  • curious

    @Dubya Bush:

    That is beyond shameful that Renner did that and thanks for the background info I was wondering where the rumors came from.

  • anom

    they look alike

  • JOE

    The hell? He’s already going steady with Tom Cruise.

  • Mitch

    I feel bad that Hollywood makes queers do this once they “arrive”. This dude has been openly gay for YEARS.

  • sallysands


    no way.

  • rodrick

    Jeremy Renner is gay. Teri Gross asked him point blank on Fresh Air. Jeremy couldn’t believe that it was such a big deal because he never tried to hide the fact that he’s gay.

  • Apple

    I think this is coming from Jeremy’s PR team and studio’s producing his next few movies that cost 100+ million price tags.

    He is 40 and takes him mom to the Oscars (ahem Kevin Spacey).

    They are just trying to retool his image as a hetero who bangs hot girls to get asses in movie theatre seats who buy that image of him.

    But he is as gay as Liberace’s rings.

  • JohnnyTabasco

    The other day I asked Jeremy if he was gay and he scolded me by saying “I’m not paying you to talk bitch – now suck it or go back to sleep.”

    He is an awful person sometimes, but dammit, I loves him so.

  • FFer

    Homogaysexuality is fascism.

  • Hmmmmaaaaa

    God you people are ignorant here.

    He is NOT gay.

    Rumors of him being gay stem fom his turn as JEFFREY DAHMER, where he played the homosexual serial killer. The acting coach is a liar, and those of you who KNOW he is gay are liars too. He has never lived as an openly gay man, because he is NOT gay. I know for a fact he is not gay. I lived in Modesto, Ca and his sister and mine are friends.

    People like you rumor mongers are a disgrace! Grow up and stop believing everything you hear or read. Renner is not some closet case, because if he were gay, he would be the first person to shout it from the roof tops. Just because someone plays a gay man OR some lying acting coach trying to make a name for himself says something, does not make it so. People who speak without knowing are truly why this world has so many problems with ignorance and intolerance.

  • Tyler

    Yeah I thought Jeremy Renner was gay as well, but just not the obviously out kind. How many times a month do the gossip sites say Jeremy is now hitched to some actress just because they went hiking together…then you never hear anything come of it again. Do you know why? Because the dude is gay and those girls are simply friends. The gossip columnists are as dense as can be. Clearly.

  • Night100

    Nothing wrong with being gay at all, but Jeremy Renner is gay. He’s a hot gay sure, but gay nonetheless so don’t believe he’s bangin’ every chick out there just cause Just Jared says so. No pictures, no proof.

  • ???

    My god people he is not gay! Get over this and move on! Also he is not with this girl…trust me!

  • Annie

    Wish him well, but why a 25 year old? Too little in common. And heard him in an interview say he likes powerful women – I haven’t met too many “powerful” 25 year old women – not saying they aren’t out there but…….whatever….

  • anonymous

    Janet is known around LA as being the biggest star f*cking slut ever. She will sleep with anyone o elevate her career…and he is gay…that’s just perfect, she gets attention+he gets beard.

  • fools

    LOL! Janets sister put an end to this rumor on her twitter page! they are NOT dating people! Jeremy is HOT!

  • reedshelby

    I don’t think he is gay either…he had a girlfriend for 3 yrs and even lived with her. I think he is having a great time these last 10yrs building his career. Nothing wrong with the fact that he cares for his
    mother and family so much. I respect that in a man. There are many other movie stars who are still having fun and not settled down with a woman but I don’t see them being outed as gay. Besides who cares…Jeremy is a good looking man and seems to be kind hearted.
    He is a private person who is having the best time of his life right now.
    There is plenty of time for him to settle down later.

  • reedshelby

    The comment to Terry Gross on Fresh Air was in reference to the Dahmer character he was going to play…Dahmer knew he was gay and in nechrophilia at age 14.

  • Lele

    He is not gay. If he was who cares. And, he is an excellent actor. He is 40, hot and he is doing better than probably all of you idiots.

  • Warren

    Hmm interesting this story was posted way back in May of 2011 and whatever came about it?? NOTHING! Hahah Bad journalism. Can’t believe everything you read.

  • sdfsd

    You people are twisted for saying these comments. He is so not!!! If you watch interviews on youtube. I think it was a jimmy kimmel interview he did last year. He was telling some of his stories and he mentioned that he went through a breakup. You do know some hollywood stars want their life to remain private. You all need to get a life and quit starting something that you have no proof of.

  • Rocco

    When he sold his last home it was listed with him and Kristopher Winters – the guy he’d been “roommates” with for years.

    That’s where this rumor came from !

  • Steevo


    Shut up and get back to your special ed. class, you moron.