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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a meal outside with Gerard Butler and others on Saturday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

Leo, 36, also brought along his mom, Irmelin, for his relaxing vacation, where they all spent their evening eating and chatting with pals.

Gerard, 41, who has been vacationing in Italy as well, went shirtless on a boat ride earlier in the day!

It was recently reported that Leo may star opposite Beyonce in the remake of A Star is Born!

Last month, Leo was one of several celebrities that took part in a campaign to save California’s shark population. Others involved in the cause included Alexander Skarsgard, Ke$ha, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

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500 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!”

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  1. 76
    loving it!! Says:

    @a future teller:

    I remember someone saying that he was going to meet this woman in August a while back…(in the Leo and Gisele thread), and than another psychic also said it in the last Leo thread about August. So hopefully it’s true, cos I seriously can not bare to look at Blake anymore. She may be a nice person, but I just can’t look at that face anymore. She gives me the heebie jeebies.

  2. 77
    larson Says:

    I swear it must be a huge ego boost to this man to hear of all these women who were so in love with him. Kinda like yeah I’m the shite, lol. Kim I remembered but I didn’t know Vivica Fox did. I remember her blind item about him though. Must be nice for him, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Here’s to hoping for more pics. I feel like the only woman he has sincerely loved is his mother.

  3. 78
    Darla Castilloooo Says:

    Im sure Gisele cares what you think about her as the #1 highest paid model in the world, you internet nobody.
    Lemme guess – you a bank teller? Nurse? Teacher? Accountant or attorney?
    You can’t afford to sniff her a&&.

  4. 79
    Debutante Says:

    I’m not that lying sack, Georgia*.
    Grow up, Gerard has dated more women under the radar than you losers think.

  5. 80
    Mall-Face Blake Lively Says:

    Bar was tall enough to be worthy of Leo – after all, no breeding short inferior people, but she was a bit too flabby.

  6. 81
    @78-80 Says:

    @Mall-Face Blake Lively:

    shut up B*tch, take your tall ass, pituitary gland disorder, freak of nature, man face out of this thread. Your comments are making no sense whatsoever. And it’s so obvious you are the same person posting from 78-80. What the hell does Gisele, Bar and Gerard have to do with anything? leave them out of it, this is a Leo thread.

  7. 82
    loving it!! Says:

    look at this pic of Leo’s parents they posted on Bellazon.. you can REALLY see how much he looks like Irmelin here. He looks exactly like her except for the big eyebrows he gets from his dad, and he also looks like his dad in the eyes, but mostly he is like his mom all the way. I think she was so pretty.

  8. 83
    Rebeca Says:

    I adore him 4ever ‘n ever!

  9. 84
    Casting stones at others Says:


    Can we have see your pictures please?

    You seem to think you’re better looking than his mother and some of his GF. I would like to an objective impression of this, you see, as I happen to think both his ex-GF, Giselle and Bar were not only beautiful but also very intelligent women as is Blake Lively btw.

    You must be one of those superficial teens who think that if somebody doesn’t correspond to what society now believes is the perfect person, then those who do not even remotely resemble that perfect person are not worthy of life, love and be successful.

    Thank God, not everybody thinks like you. There are people considered homely or even ugly out there who are successful in their careers and personal lives.

    So sad to see somebody be as shallow as you! Look at yourself in a mirror and I doubt you’ll see perfection there as even women like Bar Rafaeli have been known to not like their looks. Every normal person does that and want to change something about themselves. Even Heidi Klum has admitted to not being into her own looks.

  10. 85
    Casting stones at others Says:


    Ischia is a festival where actors will yes, hang around, other actors and being seen for an American actor or somebody like GB with an Italian actress there or some actress from other parts of the world does not mean they are having an affair (they might but they also might not) as for most of the time they will be talking about the possiblity of making movies together.

    Ischia is a place to make important contacts just like in Cannes. Paps are always in a hurry to link any famous personality with somebody even when there’s nothing true about it.

    You have to take it as mere gossip till the interested parties, in this case Leo and that Melissa come out on vacations somewhere else looking like they’re a couple. Till then I would think he talked to her, even parties with her but then that is what they all do at Ischia and not all of them do more than talking to some of the people they pose with.

  11. 86
    pretty moms Says:

    @Casting stones at others:

    I know you mean well, but I wish people would stop bringing Leo’s mom into the equation with Leo’s exes. I just think it’s disrespectful and annoying. Keira is obviously an idiot, so who cares what she thinks. Leo’s mother is much more beautiful, than all those girls put together …in that picture of when she was young you can clearly see how much prettier she was at that age than all those so called “models” he dated..Irmelin buries all his exes and Blake put together. She has the most beatiful eyes, that Leo obviously inherited from her, and none of his exes have that. Sorry to Gisele, Bar and Blake, but hell no… they don’t have those eyes and never will..

  12. 87
    addy Says:

    will u people stop talking about his ex girlfriends already? Leo has dated a ton of women. Quit acting like he has to settle for some short,average brunette chick. That is obviously not his type and never has been. next…

  13. 88
    marriage material Says:

    Just to let you heffers know…people dont marry their “types.” They always go for someone that is the opposite of their type. It will be the same for Leo. It is written in the stars and no one can change that…too bad if you dont like it…

  14. 89
    delpie Says:

    @what an ignoramus: Ya sure, and your sources so far has guest it right, right?lol You need the one who need to shut the he ll up dork.

  15. 90
    Delpie lives in a looney bin Says:


    why don’t you shut the hell up and go back to your room at the psych ward, LOSER!! and please stop stinking up the Leo threads with your psychotic gibberish!!

  16. 91
    larson Says:

    How did hair color get into this convo? Anyway if you want to get technical ALL of Leo’s gfs have been brunettes. Giselle isn’t really blonde, her hair is more of a light brown, Bar bleached her hair into oblivion and Blake also bleaches. Kirsten I think is a bottled blonde as well. I remember reading someone that in 200 years natural blondes will be extinct. I guess we will all be short and average. *Insert eye roll here*

  17. 92
    Blonde ambition tour Says:


    You’re right Larson, the only real blonde in Leo’s life has always been his momma :). None of his girlfriends have ever been real blondes, that came from a bottle LOL!!

  18. 93
    Lala Says:

    Damn he is HOT

  19. 94
    Mall-Face Blake Lively Says:

    Go sniff a f/art you troll loser no one wants you in this thread –
    And no leo only dates MODELS its only a matter of time before short runt faced ugly blake MAN-FACE Blake is given the boot – like your last man did your inferior assssss.
    Sorry only tall models apply – superior human beings. Is anyone paying you for your picture? Nope! Sorry!

  20. 95
    MAN-Face Blake Lively Says:

    he is not going to settle for some short plain chick – her days are nUMBERED! Can’t wait!

  21. 96
    jude Says:

    NO I hope I have only tall daughters and sons! Darwin, natural selection more successful in life overall! My bf is 6’4 i am 5’6 hopefully the genes come out on his side of things.

  22. 97
    stfu Says:

    @MAN-Face Blake Lively:

    stfu you stupid pituitary gland disorder, moronic ugly ass BIG FOOT neanderthal!! you probably can’t get any guys to date you because you tower over them, like the freak of nature that you are!! You and Blake can take your long, hairy ass legs and shove them straight up your rectums. Men don’t want women to tower over them, they like women they can man handle and toss around and have fun with!! The women in Leo’s family are short and of normal height, so your dissing Leo by dissing shorter women too, you idiot. And his exes weren’t even that tall anyway, so I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Blake is the tallest girl he’s dated so far, so you’re talking out of your ass and not making any sense whatsoever. Go get your cortisol levels checked since it sounds like you may have a pituitary disorder, FREAK!!

  23. 98
    stfu Says:


    um, it ain’t Darwin honey!! Don’t go blaming Darwin and your “natural selection” theories for the pituitary gland disorder that runs in your family sweetheart LOL!!

  24. 99
    larson Says:

    Lord some people on this thread need to pick up a biology textbook. Height doesn’t have anything to do with natural selection or superiority(wtf) it has to do with GENES. Two tall people can still produce a short child because of recessive genes that can skip generations. You and I have no idea of what genes we will pass down to our children. All you can do is hope for the best. Natural selection might be the reason blondes will be extinct in 200 years or the fact that 6′ people are rare. Only in certain places in Europe are average heights above 6 ft.

  25. 100
    well said Says:


    thank YOU Larson!! very well said. I didn’t even realize there were still people out there who entertain these crazy ideas. I mean”natural selection”, really? who thinks like that anymore?… that was like the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on here in a while!! totally creepy to say the least!

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