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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio check out a Stevie Wonder performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (July 24) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress and her rumored beau left in a friend’s car and kept their heads buried in their laps as they sat in the back seat.

Earlier in the week, Blake was on the east coast shooting scenes for Gossip Girl.

Blake and Leo were also recently spotted sunglasses shopping at a mall in L.A.

FYI: Blake is wearing Cocobelle Safari Ankle Strap sandals.

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio heading to a Stevie Wonder performance…

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blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 02
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 03
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blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 05
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 06
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blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 14
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278 Responses to “Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!”

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  1. 126
    @124 Says:

    So get over it already! If she is the past why are you bothering posting long comments about her? You said she is the past so MOVE ON! Or go to her thread and share your opinion there. Bar is the past and we are all thankful for that. Now move on like the ones did who can`t stand her.

  2. 127
    Good Grief...the feet Says:

    Not only is her face much longer than DiCaprio’s but her feet are longer as well. Not very feminine.

  3. 128
    Why? Says:

    leo! you have just downgraded yourself to a D actor. I will not watch any of your new movie as long as you are with this famewhore!

  4. 129
    good Says:

    @Why?: I agree she is a D actor but Bar was a D list model. LOL all she can get is cheap catalog shoots in Israel. Leo seriously needs him a fellow A lister.

  5. 130
    LOL Says:

    Paris Hilton feet! Huge! Just like her nose! Real `beauty` Leo has there! Let`s be thankful for the hat and that we don`t have to see her face!

  6. 131
    green Says:

    She deserves better

  7. 132
    Comment of the day Says:

    Keeley: `We’ll know he’s serious about the girl when she’s over 26 and brunette.`
    Funny and true!

  8. 133
    back off! Says:

    geez, give the girl a break! why so many hate?

  9. 134
    Candycotts Back Says:

    Bar flies cant accept Leo movin on Barf is a loser… one cares about her or her or her fake aS$ ambie crombie finch boyfriend….he supposedly is a photgrapher figures…jj posting about that useless Bit+ch… David is no Leo with his cheap a$$ 1$ flip flops lol!….Blake is no Meryl strep but she actually has existing career…unlike Barfy!!! i..then she denies on her twitter that she didt say anything bad about Cairo… what a Fake BIT$CHHH!! Leo is better off !!

  10. 135
    @134 Says:

    Why are you back? You missed the thread. Go to the Bar thread with your post. Yeah, Leo is so much better off with horse face lively who slept around for her career. So impressive! She gives people the creeps with her hideous face, fake boobs and no talent.
    The fact is none of his past two girlfriends are any better than the other.

  11. 136
    Gayle The Big White Lady Says:


  12. 137
    @135 Says:

    STFU you dont like blake ok???and i dont likeBarf soooo Leo moved on….so please go back to Bellazon with your lame A$$opinions YAWN!

  13. 138
    Salt Says:

    Hasn´t anyone noticed in the photos, who is the couple that went to the concert with them? Well, that´s Emily and her husband. Aka Bar´s best friend. That´s quite a slap in the face to Blake. That´s how deep Leo´s commitment is to Blake. And for the new readers: I was never a Bar´s fan, nor I´m Blakes.
    And, I don´t care if her husband works for Leo. It´s just rude to the new girlfriend. That says it all.

  14. 139
    drewlard Says:

    It seems that Flakey is only Leo’s gf “only” when he’s in Cali huh?!

  15. 140
    larson Says:

    Are people still flipping out over this? Leo is grown and so is she. And we all know that this is a fake relationship. As someone already said the flirty pics with the model, the burlesque with brad cooper, the drunkeness and flirting with the women at the reception shows that this isn’t. This will be over pretty soon. You guys just have to ride it out.

  16. 141
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Salt: shut the hell up, that is leo friend not bar. Bar try to conceal with leo using his friend but did not work idiot. So tobey and his wife knows bar and gisele through leo, so is that mean that is slap on leo’s face too? LOL If you don’t care alex work for leo and that how bar knows them then why you mention you idiot comment. Are you retarded or something. LOL

  17. 142
    Riley Says:

    I cant wait for this little romance to fizzle out i give it a week or two!

  18. 143
    Salt Says:

    @ RIP Bar 2006-2011

    wowww hit a nerve much???? LOL
    just because you insult me doesn´t make it less true..
    FYI they did meet through Leo, and they became best friends. Emily was even in Paris with Bar after the break up, while he was trying to woo Blake. Emily, Bar and Alex went to Roland Garros together.
    Tobey and his wife are Leo´s friends, You are right on that one. LOL
    Next time get your facts straight before you insult people.

  19. 144
    gertrude Says:

    oh lord!

    I cannot believe her!

    She allways has her big smile on for the cameras..
    All of a sudan the woman is dating Leo and she starts wearing hats and turning her head down for the camera..

    Trying to be the perfect leo girlfriend..

    blahblah.. thats just sad!

  20. 145
    marinés Says:


  21. 146
    lili Says:

    blake should dump leo, he doesn’t seem to treat her right!! plus he’s not that hot anymore, she’ll find someone better, maybe not a a-lister but better looking. & come on all your a list/d list comments are so material and fake! grow up people!

  22. 147
    dr brown Says:

    Hi there. I hope all are well. (C/G and other Leo fans, if you are checking in here occasionally, I hope life is treating you well).

    And so it continues … there is no escaping this. Having said that, if he does move on to someone else, it could be someone not unlike his previous girlfriends. Please God let him develop some taste in women before it’s too late and please don’t let Blake last as long as Barf. Daily media saturation for that long would be ridiculous. Although we should prepare ourselves for more gush fests from US Weekly etc because I saw pictures taken on 22 July in Malibu (tried to post but was moderated) of Leo lunching with Jennifer Meyer (Tobey’s wife and known jewellery designer). I can hear the rags now – gushing about some special piece of jewellery Leo has brought for Blake it being her birthday in August etc
    Why no J Edgar promo materials yet? Hope we see something soon. Anything to break the coverage of this ‘relationship.’

    Take care :-)

  23. 148
    Moyra Says:

    Now that’s called living!!! NOT!

  24. 149
    anna Says:

    it’s lame how they try to be secretive.

  25. 150
    linz Says:

    What a fake! First shes all showy for the cameras like look who i’ve got with me. Now she doesn’t want to be seen? What a hypocrite. This picture is hilarious! Looks to me like she can’t hack it with the DiCaprio crew anymore. Sorry sweetheart if you date Leo you have to deal with the paprazzi. Oh wait a sec I thought this is what you wanted honey? lol What a dummy! Leo can do so much better than this girl! From the looks of this picture shes not even driving with Leo. She with Alex and Emily, his friends. I can’t even see Leo in the back seat? Did he leave her stranded at Stevie? God lets hope so!

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