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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Dance Shoe Shoppers!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Dance Shoe Shoppers!

Katie Holmes carries her sweet daughter Suri as they head into Worldtone Dance on Friday (July 29) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actress and her 5-year-old cutie shopped for a pair of brand new dance shoes. Suri held on tight to her toy doll as they looked around the store.

Earlier this week, Suri was seen mothering the very same doll! She pushed the toy around in a baby carriage while at the grocery store with Katie.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise shopping for new dance shoes…

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katie holmes suri shoe shop 01
katie holmes suri shoe shop 02
katie holmes suri shoe shop 03
katie holmes suri shoe shop 04
katie holmes suri shoe shop 05
katie holmes suri shoe shop 06
katie holmes suri shoe shop 07
katie holmes suri shoe shop 08
katie holmes suri shoe shop 09
katie holmes suri shoe shop 10
katie holmes suri shoe shop 11
katie holmes suri shoe shop 12
katie holmes suri shoe shop 13
katie holmes suri shoe shop 14
katie holmes suri shoe shop 15

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  • marica

    I bet this brat will be hanging off her mother’s hip even when she’s 10 years old!

  • lucy2

    SO SO SAD that Suri’s development is being repressed by Tom and Katie while Suri’s peers are going to school, learning karate, going to parties(with other kids)…WALKING ON THEIR OWN…
    SHAME SHAME SHAME on the CultMaster and his Robo-wife!!!

  • lucy2

    I meant “suppressed”…Tom and Katie are such disgusting creeps!

  • kelly

    i see that katie is putting back on the weight. those jeans are too tight.

  • Desperate & Awkward

    If you put the kid down the paps will promise to take pictures of you too (sike!). Suri is as big as Tom. Do you carry him around? You look ridiculous(er).

  • Suri is stimming!

    Poor thing. I wish Katie wouldn’t drag Suri in front of the paps. Not good for her.

  • gia

    she is like a scared rabbit. cant believe she is 5. compared to other celeb kids her age, she seems more immature.

  • Football Anyone?

    Kate is starting to look like a man again.

  • oh please

    she is even carrying her around in the store!

  • Suri Jackson
  • WTF!

    Katie’s face looks frozen!

  • ck

    They better home school this kid her entire life. If not, she’ll have issues when she’s 14 and a sophomore in High School, and Katie is carrying her to class with her dolly. Might be awkward.

  • Spitwave

    wow is suri handicapped or what, she cant walk by her self ??? Damn spoiled brat


    why does she carry her around, she’s 5 years old, it looks really strange.

  • Barbara

    I think Suri demands to be carried. My kids at 5 would have died of embarrassment if I carried them. Violet Affleck also demanded to be carried for years. She really got the pout on when her sister took her place on her moms hip. Can you image Suri having to share or give up her moms hip for a sibling…

  • BethS

    Sad Katie or Suri are not allowed to have there own friends. Guess she is raising Suri to be her friend.

  • CK

    That’s one spoiled kid.

  • FoxRox

    I was watching “A Few Good Men” a couple nights ago, and was thinking Tom Cruise best acting years are behind him. I hate saying this but Suri and Katie seems so sad and removed from reality. There’s other celebs who is more stalked by the papzzs, and their kids are walking around playing looking happy. Is there a pic of Suri smiling and having fun…BTW isn’t Shiloh and Suri the same age, but Shiloh looks happy, healthy and why advanced than Suri…Just saying.

  • FoxRox

    meant to say way advance***

  • lol

    i like the afflecks better

  • Jnice

    Still carrying that big girl. I bet she still sucks a pacifier and baby bottle. And in diapers.

  • Frozoid

    Katie is forced to carry Suri because she ruined her daughter’s feet by letting her traipse around in heels.

  • annie

    they are both so pretty- and the paps seem to be very close to them, that’s probably why Suri is being carried.

  • pooter

    sweet and a cutie…she’s not!

    ah..oh well…’s a lot better than seeing the word “cutiepie” again!


  • butterfinger


    LOL…..most normal “celebrities” have kids that are not carried around like this brat is.

    will you be making this stupid comment again ? “because the paps are around……. and Suri is 10 or whatever…..bimbo mommy will be carrying her still.


  • dani


    No offense Annie, but there is a body guard and nanny with them. And they appeared to park as far away from the door as possible. Photo opportunity? This store is also not a pap hangout like some restaurants and stores are in the area. So therefore Katie’s people (or her) either had to have called the paps or else she made sure they were followed by them.

  • annie

    suri always look cute in pink……nd katie look also gud………

  • emma

    lovely suri~

  • AEP

    These photos make me want to throw up. Absolutly hate the crazy cult followers and would NEVER pay a dime to see anything they are in.

  • Sonia0404

    Tommygirl’s beard really demonstrates the age limit for a child to look cute when being carried.
    The first few pictures of this Stimming kid being carried at her zombie mom’s hip remind me of ventriloquist carrying his DUMMY!
    That kid looks lifeless in those pictures!!

    Really, a child older than 5 being carried is a sorry look.

  • louise

    “and the paps seem to be very close to them, that’s probably why Suri is being carried.”

    Nonsense. You’re just looking for an excuse. There’s a bodyguard with them and I’m sure just one or two paps. What were they gonna do, eat the kid? Its just pictures. If Holmes was so concerned she could have been dropped at the door instead of parking as far away as possible and making sure the paps have time to take their pics. You don’t see any celeb kid as much as you see Suri because Holmes and Cruise court the paps and make sure they have time to take their pics. Its ridiculous and they’re seriously doing Suri a disservice. I saw another pic from this same set on another site and Suri is using a sippy cup. WTF!! She’s 5 1/2 years old!! Those cups are for 2 year olds, not children perfectly capable and old enough to drink from a cup. Certainly by the age of 3! 99% of parents on the planet don’t use sippy cups after that age! Well, atleast they didnt drag out the bottle. I find it very sad that this child is being held back by her crazy, lunatic parents.

  • jess

    Why is she carrying that child?!?!

  • Suri Lover

    SHUT UP!
    She is just a little kid….

  • Suri Lover

    SHUT UP!
    She is just a little kid…

  • Sophie

    You say that because your mothers didn’t carry you all! Sad to see that a littlle girl is being judged for you! Don’t you have nothing better to do? She is just a child and you are all heartless!

  • barbie

    # 35-

    you are incorrect.

    sounds like another bimbo here. U might want to call Katie up…sounds like you fit in with her!

  • rainy day


    LOL. You don’t know many five year olds do you? Most of them would insist on NOT being carried. Most five year olds are very independent and don’t want to be treated like a baby or a toddler. All Katie and Tom have to say is ‘if you want to go with me/us then you’ll have to walk and if you don’t walk then you will have to go back home.’ And if she throws a fit then tell the body guard or nanny to take her home.

  • pooter


    good answer!

    only problem……her parents are clueless

  • Romeo

    This is the first time in a long while that you’ve seen her carried and you’re going on about her being developmentally delayed, #s 1 and 2?

    What’s it to you, #5?

    She isn’t, #6. They’re walking from one place to another in broad daylight.

    Don’t make fun of a little girl, #13.

    Mind your own children, #15. TomKat does the same for you.

    You are so misinformed, #18.

    Paparazzi or not, it doesn’t matter if she is being carried, #31. It’s not hurting anyone.

    Because she feels like it, #32. What does it matter if she is?

    Mind your own kids, #37. Her PARENTS don’t seem to care so why don’t you.

  • rainy day


    You are such a tool Romeo. Have you ever had much interaction with five year olds? A normal five year old would not want to be carried. Having taught Kindergarten, interacted with preschoolers, and nannied–believe it or not, five year olds like their independence. Only very spoiled or dependent five year olds want to be carried. Looks like Scientology is failing Suri big time. She has not yet reached the same point of independence that most other five year olds have reached. Or should we blame the parents?

  • http://ughhh marcy

    Why does she always have this grown child up in her arms…cant she walk?

  • notRomeo

    LOL Romeo!

    we know you secretly desire to be held on this bimbo’s hip.

    You have NO clue to what is “normal”. You have horse blinders on or you are too in love with the odd family.


  • Carissa

    Awww love you suri…