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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio go for a bike ride on Saturday (July 30) in New York City.

The rumored couple were joined by Leo‘s BFF, Lukas Haas.

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Later in the weekend, Leo and Lukas checked out t-shirts from a street vendor in Soho.

Late last month, Blake and Leo joined a group of friends and checked out a performance by Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl.

Leo may be gearing up for a western project for his next movie – he’s reportedly eager to play a lead in The Creed of Violence.

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  • sera

    @Katchitup: I know personally you visit bellafreaks all the time. It is shame that you are not coming out of closet yet. LOL.

  • I

    leo looks hot and amazing
    thx jared

  • Nanana

    She has always worn hats you useless twits (that buffoon Ted included)

    Suck on that!

  • @katchitup

    Its funny because I look on there and Katchitup loves Leo and Blake. So you love Leo and Blake too? I can tell you love them by the way you post over there. Why do you like them so much?

  • Nanana
  • Nanana
  • Chellie


    From a friend who saw this play out: Leo was cycling on the outside of Blake. The pap got in front of them. She got nervous. Leo told his friend on the other side of Blake to take the lead. Leo got behind him, and Blake behind Leo.

  • @katchitup

    haha don’t put on a disquise. you love Leo and Blake!

  • Sh.C

    Ah, shush peeps! What’s wrong with bike ridig in a dress? :S Grow up!
    There must be something seriously wrong with Leo though, don’t know why, love him and all, but there’s definitely something going on in that beautiful head of his.

  • she’s so ugly

    ugly girl, ugly mouth, ugly face, ugly eyes, ugly mole, ugly nose. Nice body though, I’ll give her that. Oh, I forgot, ugly fake boobs though. LOL

  • Katchitup

    @sera: you know it personally? LOL! You don’t know sh*t about me personally!
    @Nanana: And who said that she just started wearing the hats? Nobody so what’s your point? And how many more ugly Fake Blake photos are you going to pist to prove whatever your point is?
    No disguise here. I use this name to annoy the real one! LOL!
    It’s amazing that now of course we have an eyewitness and her friend happens to post here. You should go to Us Weekly they seem to be the official source in this tragicomedy. I bet they will make a fairy tale story out of it!

  • Fan of Beauty

    With a hat like that she doesn’t need a helmet……and she thinks she doesn’t need a stylist. LOL, LOL!!!

  • @nanana

    NOBODY said that she started wearing hats because of Leo. That’s made up. Post the link to the comment that states that otherwise… Also if you are searching for that non-existing stuff why don’t you look for th one where anyone said she wNts to date Leo! Thanks!

  • Naomi

    Was it the day after that he was seen partying with Brazilian models at a nightclub with Usher? Where was she? With Lukas?

  • lafamepoma

    He’s in NY because she works there, that’s it, but he’s a bit tiring always fliritng with girls .

  • lmao at the fake comments


    the eyewitness is either Leo/Blake or their PR… who else could know what happened at that moment, and why on earth would they post it on JJ of all places?? LOL doesn’t take a genius to figure it out…I’m also starting to suspect that these so called anonymous posters talking about how ‘hot’ they look and how insanely gorgeous of a couple they are, have something to do with their PR…something smells fishy to me. And it’s not just Blake’s’s more than that ;)
    don’t get me wrong, I actually have nothing against Blake. I still think she’s probably a nice person, but this whole PR stunt has left a bad impression on me..I can’t stand FAKE people.

  • @nanana

    Oh, I missed ONE comment from Faye. You are right about that but that’s ONE! your other quote doesn’t prove your point at all. I personally never said she started wearing the ugly hats because of Leo. Besides one comment from faye what else do you have? It’s obvious that she is way more easily spotted with this hideous hats than without it. No argument with that. Or the fact that she craves attention. Period.
    @Naomi: she went back to LA after this bike ride thing and Leo was partying with the Brazilian models after she left. I guess this time he was careful not to be seen walking one of them home. Maybe that’s why these photos are released days after th bike ride? Because Leo was caught again with his hand in the cookie jar and some new photos are coming?

  • SashaT

    In fact, he is in NY because of the Great Gatsby’s rehearsals.

  • Nanana

    Point of correction: you missed two comments sweetie. Two more than you initially claimed weren’t there. :)

  • Naomi

    @nanana lol! I guess he’s getting careful. He prefers to be caught biking with that C-list actress and Haas in the middle of the day than being caught at 2 in the morning walking and flirting with a supermodel….

  • @nanana

    Sweetie, learn to count. Faye`s comment is one and the second doesn`t prove anything. But keep pushing this pathetic thing if that`s what makes you feel better. You are the minority here. Deal with it already! I`m done with this stupid conversation, you`re hopeless. :) ( I bet you post on bellazon! )
    @Naomi: I guess he got the clue after the Polish model incident to try to keep it low profile unless he wants extra face time with Lively to prove that everything is OK. A deal is a deal!

  • E

    They’re happy and the obsessed psycho is still miserable. I love it!

  • YAWN!

    Obsessed psycho and miserable! How original! You missed the jealous and get a life part! The snoozefest is not complete without those!

  • shut up already about the hat


    why are you still going on about the stupid hat…who cares. It’s true that she looks stupid in her straw hats, but I think she wears them to hide her unattractive manly face. Can you really blame her?? LOL The only physically attractive thing about Blake is her body. I do think she has a great body, but her face is fugly as hell. :S And she SHOULD be hiding it AT ALL TIMES with NO EXCEPTIONS hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Emmmm

    If you don’t like them together stop reading about them being together!
    I think they make a hot couple and if ur bitching your just jealous :)

  • E


    That would only be pointing out the obvious. Miserable obsessed psycho covers it all.

  • jul

    they are together and happy, I really don’t understand why all this hater think with blake. who’s with her is he not you. Get a life and worry about your lifes

  • E

    Thankfully you’re hiding your ugly fat ass behind a computer in mommy’s basement.

  • Emmmm

    Agreed :)
    And how is wearing a DARK hat attention seeking… Reallyy?!

  • Emmmm

    @E: Agreed with u ! Not E

  • Britt

    He looks like he’s trying to peek at her boobs, lol.

  • Maria

    Really nice couple! They fit together- they both seem smart and interesting as well as attractive in a similar way. Happy for them!

  • fake posers

    how much are you posers aka bellazon freaks getting paid for talking about Leo and Blake and building them up 24/7??? because you should at least be getting paid for this useless hobby of yours? you sound like a bunch of pathetic ass kissing fools !! you should try looking for a real job and getting some real life experience, instead of praising celebrities, non stop 24/7. Leo doesn’t need anymore praise or anyone else kissing his ass. He already gets plenty of that from Blake and his other groupies..

  • zimbab

    Blake looks scared riding that bike. She shouldn’t worry. If she gets hit by a car her fake fun bags and nose will protect her from the fall.

  • linz

    @Britt: Where do you see him trying to look at her boobs? LOL. This is old news. Its from the other day. I think Lukas Haas was with them too. I saw him in a twitter pic from this ride with them Clearly looks like he was talking to him and he just wasn’t in the shot. Thats probably why she looks annoyed because the paparazzi had a clear shot and he wasn’t making googly eyes at her.

    On the flip side my man Leo is looking toned and gorgeous! Seriously can’t wait til Blake Gate is over!! Hopefully it will be sooner than later

  • Katchitup

    The bella-people are working around the clock. Couldn`t they be even more obvious posting about them? No imagination, no taste.
    @E: YAWN! You are just as fascinating as Fake Blake while she is `acting`. LOL! YAWN!

  • sos

    @larson: Agreed!I knew there were some fake posters on here because of how high the post count is on something we heard and saw tweet pics on Sunday.Old He is in New York for Great Gatsby,they are rehearsing and then going to Australia.Typical though,he’s partying and alone since Sunday,and we get this.What’s funny is I was just thinking the other day,how glad I was we didn’t have the weird Bar fans doing the sh@t they use to.So here we are with the Blake fans..I guess.. doing it.Can’t wait for the Blake/Leo wedding 2011 post to
    Larson’s right we should post on Leo only threads.Nice to see him with his hat off.

  • ;)

    The haters that has nothing to do arrived !!!!!!!! (Yea, click on the dislike button ;) )

  • wow

    @141: Nothing to do? Right! You`re an idiot! ;)

  • wow

    @Katchitup: Will you lot just enjoy the beautiful Leo and stop bitching about his choice of GFs, Gee or is that all you live for lol

  • Hat or No Hat? who cares?

    Leo will DUMP her, yes FAKE fans you better believe she’s going to get DUMPED whether she’s wearing hat to hide her face or not. And thats ALL THAT MATTERS is that THIS CHARADE WILL NEVER LAST!!!

  • sweetness

    #1. if Leo MAJOR A-List MOVIE STAR did not want to be with Blake, he does not have to.

    #2. Hey ignorant haters, some actresses where hats while they are shooting movies and can’t get tans throughout the duration of a film because it will cause a problem with continuity. Not to mention too much sun on fair skin is bad, as in skin cancer bad.

  • yawn

    @145: Hey delusional, aren`t you tired of the hat topic? Plus no offense but who cares about her `movie continuity`. Like she has a career that requires that. It was all about getting attention while hiding under those ugly things.


    Leo is GORGEOUS! His arms are killing me… so muscular. HOT HOT HOT LEO. Catch me… you can, man. Leo has the power. Wait… Leo has 36? O.O He definitely doesn’t seem have 36. So young, fit and beefy… I’m in love ;).

  • ha

    Leo has reached Clooneyville, Just like George people are like WTF with these women he’s with.

    So they have been on a couple of dates and now they’re “in love” ?PLEASE.

  • sunny

    they are a gorgeous cople if they are one

  • Sami

    This is going to end just like Barf!! Fake…. word of advice. There is no way in hell you’re going to last beyond next year… Just telling it like it is. Even her fans no this wont last! Ahhh I’m having flashbacks of Barf!!lolololol!!!

  • yajaira


  • edzctor

    wath this video thanks :)

    thanks :)

  • eyesore

    good lord, she’s hideous. That head needs a paper bag over it!