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LeAnn Rimes: Nine Flights in Twelve Days!

LeAnn Rimes: Nine Flights in Twelve Days!

LeAnn Rimes lands at LAX Airport on Friday (August 12) in Los Angeles.

“It’s beyond hot here in UT! Time for lunch and the pool before we rock tonight!!!!!” the 28-year-old singer tweeted the night before.

LeAnn will be hitting the road for several shows, including stops in Colorado, Illinois, South Dakota, and Indiana. Check out the full schedule on!

“Wow, I’m so tired! Yesterday started a run where I fly 9 times in 12 days! I’ll sleep one day….in the future,” she wrote in another tweet.

In case you missed it, check out LeAnn‘s pics for Mikoh Swimwear‘s new ad campaign!

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Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • http://B Slig o lambert ^____^cute

    What i do for her

  • kel

    I didn’t realize there are so many Arby’s opening across the country.

  • Lea

    Does she get dressed in the dark?

  • Amazing

    9 calories in 12 days

  • laverdadduele

    Home-wrecker getting uglier by the day.

  • Fake

    too bad she’s not attractive..

  • Annie

    How is she “tired”??? All she does is tweet and bum around on the beach. I guess she means hung over.

  • BBs/gwen STALK Leann

    Beautiful songbird!

  • BBs/gwen STALK Leann

    Has anyone ever seen how Leann is stalked day and night by a few obsessed lunatics? They sit on their computers waiting to dissect every move and word she makes. They must seriously neglect their own kin and Leann surely has power over the few stalkers. SPOOKY WEIRDOS!!!

  • Sasha

    Cute summer dress. Heya, Leann was one of the first to put on the leopard print and Brandi SWF’ed her when she wore the leopard print bikini yesterday. Leann wore her leopard shorts last week!

  • Annie Bowl aka Rita

    Ladies and Gents…..I’ve been outed and I admitted as much on CB. I have a LeannRimes addiction and I can’t stop it. Much luv, raunchy



  • cajun maid

    Saw her when she came south, Mississipp, last month. Her voice improves with age and she is so petite and sunshiny. Cute lil thang

  • beads and bangles

    Keep away from that tequila Le and Brandi no public drunkenness in Vegas this weekend. You both have to set good examples for those two little boys you care for.

  • Aquinas, T.

    Thankx Jared for continued coverage of the Rimes-Cibrian-Glanville saga

  • Brandi said “over it”

    And she was happy they’re all happy with one another. That was music. It was said to a tweeter who said she was going to hate LR for her and BG said not to do that. Hmmmmm……the regina girl doesn’t get it.

  • Jenny

    @BBs/gwen STALK Leann: Yes, because she does nothing to deserve that with her obsessive-compulsive hourly tweeting and her posting pictures of her in bikinis and of her Eddie and his kids all over the internet.

    Yes, it’s people’s fault that she is the one fame-whoring herself every day.

    You are ridiculous!

  • leanne is sweet, brandi pretty

    Great news they’re doing the right thing by the kids. Not liking the leopard print craze returning, yucky

  • no tenga pena Jen

    The ones you need worry about are the BB’s with 130 followers and 30,000 tweets. Le has 160,000 followers and 27,000 tweets. She not the problem, it’s the few obsessive-compulsive BB’s who live to hurt but only hurt themselves. LR has always taken good care of herself and lots of others. More blessed to “GIVE” than to take. Oops!

  • no tenga pena Jen

    That’s a RIDIC comment you made. LR has many accolades to rest her laurels on and more creative output forthcoming from her in the future. Your claim to fame or infamy is?

  • kendra star

    She’s pale from living in the midwest, Chi town. Best wishes to the whole shebang, EC and his work, LR and her releases, BG on her production, the boyz-health, happiness to all and to all a gnite.

  • generic harry

    I want a chance with beauty Brandi. Is there a chance for me?

  • JL

    She looks like crap.

  • Gwennannie Bowl-RitaMacdd

    The sites love my presence 27/7/365 but it means I have no life of my own. And it’s true! And I won’t let go. If I didn’t have Leanne to feast on I’d find someone else. Before her it was Sienna and Baldy.
    I am infatuated with Leanne and Eddie and eat, drink and breathe them. Kisses

  • Jade Emerald

    Pretty lady, pretty voice

  • kaylyn

    Glad to see Jared is giving us some LeAnn! Thanks for the peep into her life! It’s all good.

  • Alyssa

    Im just waiting the day Eddie dumps her ^^ I wanna see what she tweets then lol.

  • lola

    LOL all these positive comments are prob from the same person. Creeeepyyyh troll! You know as much as you defend dear Leann ‘pig face tranny’ Rimes doesnt change the fact that your own life sucks and people will still hate her no matter how many times you post an nice comment. She will always be a home wrecker and a stupid narcissistic ho.
    Toodles! :)

  • Jenny


    You’re absolutely right Lola, it’s very obvious that all of those positive comments come from the same poster as you can notice the bad grammar and spelling as well as the fact that the posts are nearly inarticulate.

  • Speak Now


    Actually, people like gwen suck. Why devote your life to hate when there are so many positive things one can do with their life?

    Hating makes one ugly, gwen has proven this. Don’t be like gwen, kids!

  • lily

    Lola and Jenny, I agree with you, her fingers must be tired of all that tweeting and I must add that if she really wants to post pics of her in a bikini, good for her, but if she’s “modeling”, then someone should do her the favor of photoshop her b**bs and spare us that freaky sight.
    If she were a bit less thin, they would look better.

  • lola

    @Speak Now:

    Totally agreed! Im a very positive person, but Leann Rimes and her cult pisses me off -.- I dont care she can do whatever she does, but what pisses me off is that she is constantly using Brandis and Eddies kids as an excuse to get the front page. Plus I just hate women who think that the world revolves around them and they go around breaking up families and causing trouble just because they feel like it. In conclusion.. Im all about positive energy, but I can’t give that to people like her. Fake, shallow, self-centered people can freaking take a leap off a cliff, I dont care.

    ~Treat others as you want to be treated~

  • wheels in the sky

    @lola try some anger mgmnt. classes bc your problem isn’t Leann but that you need something/one to hate. Redirect your problematic energy into positive channels and you’ll feel better. And what she does you’ll never have any say about. You’re powerless to effect her but you can choose to use your energy for the positive.

  • rachel

    that has to be the ugliest outfit ever. her football shoulders should never be exposed. she has absolutely no sense of style. actually a sack cloth is what she needs plus the paper bag for her ugly face

  • lola

    @wheels in the sky:

    I dont “need” something to hate on… plain and simple I dont like her because of the way she portrays herself to the media. It’s common sense- some people can irritate you without any huge reason and so what if I dont like her? Doesn’t mean that I am a sad person and “need” something to hate on lol. And Im not insane I know what I say about her/ think about her or other people who I dont like will never reach their ears, BUT Im entitled to have an opinion on stuff. Life isnt all about butterflies and blue sky’s.

    I just dont like her. I dont like a lot of things- I dont like Justin Bieber, I dont like cheese, I dont like people who post irrelevant stuff on facebook, I dont like country music, I dont like mexican food etc. etc. etc.

    It’s okay to “not like” something. It doesnt kill you and in the end I feel just fine! thank you very much.

  • wheels in the sky

    What you put your attention on, you get more of…old saying. So turn toward that which you love, admire, approve of. Simple. Hating creates internal bodily toxins. When you put out hatred you add it to the atmosphere.

    I like Leann and I might like BG…not sure yet

  • lily

    Leann… is that you???

  • betty

    @#9 How would you know unless you are stalking the stalkers. Stop being hypocritical and take your own advice.

  • BBs/gwen STALK Leann

    Hi gram! Have a fine evening! Tell BG to be careful in Vegas. Her kids are more important than that glass of liquor she put up for the umansky fellow(or whatever the name is)

  • oandblu

    i resusitated myself so i can resume badgering lele cuz i have nothing else to do. i know, i’m pitiful yurs truly, macddt


    Both women BG and LR need to ease off the whiskey. It will cause premature aging, destroy the liver and set a bad example for Eddie’s boys. And the habit is just gross. It stinks.

  • Janey Simpson

    Does anybody think Brandy will shoot to fame? How old is she anyway? Leann knows fame and will soon want a family. Ya think?

  • betty

    @#39 I have a fine evening every evening.,thank you,.You tell Brandi and also tell Leann to take that bottle of Don Julio out of her bag. .

  • betty

    @#39 I have a fine evening every evening.,thank you,.You tell Brandi and also tell Leann to take that bottle of Don Julio out of her bag. .

  • Hope4U

    Leann is white horsefaced cheating trash..she is about the ugliest person on the planet (inside and out).all the Leann fans are either trailer park trash or her butt lickers..otherwise anyone in the right mind would stay away and not support such an embarrassment to the female can attack me all you inbreds but the fact remains Leann Rimes is a DOUCHEBAG

  • Speak Now

    I forgot to take my medication today! Oops. Leann is a media whore and any posts I made to the contrary are just false.

  • Daisy

    If people are using their brains they can see that all the positive votes are either falsely generated or fake. On every site, poor Leann is insulted, degraded, and called out for her PR blitz. I am not saying she deserves all of the blame for how people feel about her but it seem really odd than on JJ, she has a whole bunch of supporter when everywhere else they are out for her blood. She can’t sell a record., That is what makes it look so phony. Her career is no where in the hemisphere as to generate the attention she gets on Just Jared of any other site actually. Money is changing hands and that is sad. It is just so obvious as others who pay for PR have hot careers and don’t need to exploit adultery or bikini wearing the way she does to try and stay relevant.

  • betty

    @Daisy Leann gets degraded because she pushes herself out there. Eddie is just as bad but you notice he stays on the down low.Its her actions so he lets her take the heat. Undoubtedly,she likes negative PR I guess she feels it is better than none.

  • how funny

    How funny that gwen and betty show up again at the exact same time to post in leann threads. This one and the Nobu one .Yes folks betty =gwen!

  • betty

    @So Funny betty=betty and so what? I don’t need an aka like you to post. Who cares what you think anyway. I don’t need your permission or a time schedule to post. Nice try.