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Brad Pitt Starring in 'The Gray Man'?

Brad Pitt Starring in 'The Gray Man'?

Brad Pitt may be starring in the upcoming drama, The Gray Man, according to multiple reports.

The 47-year-old actor is in negotiations to play a CIA operative-turned-assassin in the James Gray-directed project.

The lead character, who is targeted by a powerful multinational corporation, “must fight his way across Europe and past special forces teams from around the world in order to save the life of his handler and the handler’s family,” Deadline reports.

Brad is currently filming the zombie movie, World War Z, in England.

WOULD YOU WATCH Brad Pitt in The Gray Man?

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  • zzzz

    Jeez , Brad is in a real rutt isn’t he.

  • first and last post

    Hey cook,
    did you thumb down #43 PT’s post…naughty…I’m thumbing her back up because I was thinking the same thought…this could be a sequel to Mr&Mrs. Smith with a twist…different than the rest…a metaphoric comedy on a bickering assassin couple…none of the ones you mentioned were comedies.

  • XIII

    who needs a pretty boy Brad, when Brad THE REAL MAN is the MAN!

  • cook

    first and last post,

    …nah, not me…I don’t mess with those thumbs…

  • Just Sayin

    He usually doesn’t repeat roles, he played assassin in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I guess the script must be really good.

  • Passing Through

    I’m LMAO at this Deadline story on a new Jason Bateman project. I can’t beliieve he didn’t hold out for Ticky! How ironic is it that Jason Bateman can get movies greenlighted and Ticky can’t? BBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy Team For ‘The ID Theft’
    By MIKE FLEMING | Monday August 15, 2011 @ 8:30pm EDT
    BREAKING: Jason Bateman is attached to star with Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy in the Universal comedy The ID Theft. Bateman is producing the comedy with Scott Stuber. Script’s by The Pursuit of Happyness scribe Steve Conrad with Craig Mazin rewriting. The premise was originally for a guy who gets his identity stolen by another guy, and it was written for Bateman and another actor. That changed after Bateman saw McCarthy’s scene stealing role in the summer hit Universal comedy Bridesmaids and he pushed for her to be the identity thief. This is meant to be McCarthy’s first film when Mike & Molly goes on hiatus, shooting in April 2012. Bateman has become an increasingly industrious producer, most recently setting up a movie deal for Under the Banner Of Heaven, the drama based on the Jon Krakauer non fiction book.

  • vickifromtexas

    he is so sexy. his grin is so hot.

  • seriously

    Brad’s career is hotter than ever.

  • Should Be Good

    Whatever Brad does, the odds are it will be great- at least for me. I’ve really enjoyed almost every project he’s been involved in over the years, more so than any other artist- Angie is also in this category. Years back, I felt like that about Russell Crowe and a few others, but I’ve found that very few actors make “trustworthy” choices* in material as consistently as Brad & Angie. AOJJBTCRF was not just another western, IB was not just another ww 2 movie, TOL was not just another coming of age story, and the list goes on & on…thus, I agree that if Brad does an assassin/spy movie, it will be very special.

    *of course, IMO- I’m not one who is 1st in line for the next Transformers, etc. I will also watch (on dvd) a bad movie if John Malkovich, PS Hoffman, or Sir Anthony are in it- just fast forwarding to the “good parts!

  • luise

    where angie?

  • Ali

    Of course – I love spy films, and I’d watch anything Pitt does. I appreciate the choices he makes. And his family – fabulous!


    just finished watching Brad in Snatch. Not the type of movie I would normally watch but Brad was great in it. Soo good, I think Damon said Brad should have won some awards for that movie, and I agree.

  • Braahhhhd

    my little nephew has the same grin when he drops a fresh warm batch into his diapers

  • sullivan

    I’ll watch anything Brad Pitt is in. The only time I watched Friends was when Pitt guest starred.

  • hag

    love me some MR. PITT! i have seen every movie he and angie have been in since they have been together!!!!!

  • first and last post

    OT for Orchid, and cook, skip if not interested.
    re: #22 Orchid @ 08/15/2011 at 6:59 pm
    “This sounds like my kind of movie. It goes on my “must see’ list.”
    my list too, Orchid. The director’s slant according to post #29 aka Variety, “Gray plans to shoot the film from the perspective of the assassin,” will make this movie very different from movies of the same genre.
    Gray’s movie directing style sounds similar to Tom Clancy’s Sam Fisher Splinter Cell series books. They keep the reader on edge because it’s all from the characters POV aka what’s going through his mind when he’s hiding on a beam and enemy assassins are hunting him below or how he plots out his death by drowning in a car while being tracked by enemy special ops from above water.

    re: 35 cook @ 08/15/2011 at 7:39 pm -20.
    “…’bourne’, ’salt’, ‘the american’…always a day late”
    not so “cook”…I know you are being scathingly anti BP in your typically jealous seething mode and you do bore easily but find the positive, my friend…consider this…
    Hunt works with a team only, Salt works inside the US, Bond’s era is the Cold War, Jack Ryan’s CIA active storyline spans late sixties to the turn of the century at age 49, the amnesiac Bourne IMO is a boring character, not edgy enough. (I’ve read all the Bourne books, liked them but the movies were blah…maybe it’s Damon with his boyish but uninteresting face.) Court Gentry, a.k.a. “The Gray Man,” is ex-CIA turned international assassin…and he works alone with current day situations including international political government coups and international corporate corruption meanwhile trying to evade special ops from different countries. (Note Greaney stole Clancy’s Sam Fisher’s master of Krav Maga idea…bummer.) In fact Greaney’s Court Gentry character is very similar to the Clancy Sam Fisher character.
    I highly recommend Clancy’s Splinter Cell books…they are wonderful…can’t put down intrigue.
    A professional writer friend once told me anyone can write but what makes a skilled writer a good writer is taking a boring subject matter and turning it around in how you write it and from what perspective to make it interesting for the reader…that makes a successful writer…ditto for movie directors. My point being…it’s all in the perspective and angle…narratives as in the Splinter Cell book series goes inside what the agent is thinking at any given moment…makes for intense reading and if Gray is planning this movie from the perspective of the assassin, this movie will be different from others. Just that perspective could make this a good movie.

  • http://na angierocks

    hell yeah!Brad,cia assassin storyline this will be kickass!

  • http://na angierocks

    heck I even watched the oceans film, with clooney and roberts in it because of brad including the mexican flick I think I it’s obvious that I will watch a movie w brad in it….lol

  • http://na angierocks

    so tara weird got hitched after all….wonder who’s next?lol

  • jmho

    This sounds cool. I’ll definitely see it. Don’t think we have seen Brad do anything like this yet.

  • Manis

    The yummiest of yumm yumm .. Poppa Pitt .. I will watch Him in anything
    Grey .. Red,, Pink .. Blue..,Yellow .. Green … A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G… as long as poppa Pitt …. ;-))))
    Selamat malam … Blessings to all JPs fans around the World.

  • dark angel

    I only became a fan of Brad when he hooked up with Angie.

    Anyways, good luck to the love of Angie’s life and the father of the bunch!

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    Melissa is HOT right now.. and everyone and their brother that does comedy would love to be in a film with her. Jason is a nice guy and all but he had a big FLOP with his film with Ryan. I like Jason, but I don’t go see films just because he is the lead.

    Good that he is going into Producing. Funny how some people with a YEARS old Production Company doesn’t seem to be acquiring any new projects that I have seen.

    Regarding Brad.. well Brad has not had a miss step career wise since he and Angie got together. Every single film has been an A+.. He has come into his own. Never repeating himself. I love how diverse the roles are. I love how he is not afraid to do something different. And the people he has been working with are all Amazing actors/directors.

    so the hags need to check their STUPID at the door. Brad is doing amazing work on screen.

    Yeah…the hags can talk about a lot of people being a hasbeen.. well that word is not adequate for out Brad..

  • lylian

    @Passing Through: @busted:
    LOL! I read what PT posted too and the best part of it was:
    ” Bateman is producing the comedy with Scott Stuber. Script’s by The Pursuit of Happyness scribe Steve Conrad with Craig Mazin rewriting. The premise was originally for a guy who gets his identity stolen by another guy, and it was written for Bateman and another actor. That changed after Bateman saw McCarthy’s scene stealing role in the summer hit Universal comedy Bridesmaids and he pushed for her to be the identity thief. ”
    So, Bateman is producing the movie and presumably has some say over the casting. And he chooses to cast McCarthy because she is a scene stealer in Bridesmaid!.

  • Lara

    ——————————New Thread——————————-

  • brange fan from greece

    you can thumb me down but honestly, i am so disappointed with thid news.this means that angie will not be doing any movies this year so we cannot see her on the big screen next year angie on the big screen for two years.i can’t take it.the biggest movie star on the planet ,forbes highest earning actress and most powerful actress no movies for 2 years.its really depressing.i thought they are taking turns, why is it that brad is making four movies in a row and angie zero.angie only made the tourist because its a gap of brad movie moneyball.i just hope brad should take a break now.its time for angie to do a movie.she has taken a long break already.have mercy on your fans angie please do a movie.i also love brad but i miss angie so much on the big screen.

  • zoe

    no brad stop working! NEED: RETURN OF ANGELINA

  • wyatt

    i agree with #76 about wanting angelina to make a movie,but remember she is taking a break. and we know the public forget when she is breaking,we must remind them.

  • Ella Mcwan

    He’s filming in SCOTLAND. Not in England.

    Quite an important distinction.

  • Ella Mcwan

    He’s filming in SCOTLAND. Not in England.

    Quite an important distinction.