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Megan Fox: No More Strict Vegan Diet

Megan Fox: No More Strict Vegan Diet

Megan Fox heads to an appointment at the Anastasia Beverly Hills salon on Wednesday (September 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress recently shared how she keeps her fit physique.

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“For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, no bread, sugar and coffee. But I had lost too much weight,” Megan told Amica.

“So now I eat a bit of everything. I train three times a week doing circuit training with my trainer Harley Pasternak,” she revealed.

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  • http://ssss bison likes

    purple toe nails, red finger nails?

  • saymyname

    She doesn’t need makeup.

  • http://fffffffffffffffffff meloow

    no more tattoos for Megs? good to see her w/out lame husband

  • asif 2244

    very very beautifull girl amazing and marvelous pic
    online work

  • pll

    why would somebody go on such a ridiculous diet in the first place. obviously to be healthy you need a little bit of everything SMH. no sugar? HA

  • Creed

    She is really pretty but I wish she would have used all the energy she had working on her career and focusing on her acting ability rather than on plastic surgery. I mean by now she would have had a solid career.

  • Creed

    oh and I think she is lying about the no bread or sugar thing.
    My sister is a Vegan and nearly everything vegan is chockfull of sugar and yeast.

  • Dayana

    looks quite good!

  • isa

    a vegan can’t eat any animal products… how on earth are coffee, bread and sugar animal products????
    she shouldn’t use veganism to explain her crazy diet method!!!!

  • shadow

    God she always looks so bitchy when she’s not kissing film crew ass.

  • From Paris with Love

    So what about the whole “Megan Fox is ‘far from’ anorexic & actually struggles to gain weight because of ‘fast metabolism’, says trainer Harley Pasternak” thing?!
    Hollyweird is all BS. THEY are all BS.

  • lafamepoma

    I still think that she’s very thinner yet, she used to have more weight in the past.

  • shadow

    @From Paris with Love:

    Yeah that whole interview was such BS. Megan Fox is just a borderline liar for just the dumbest reasons- and she just gets worse every year. But even if she were starting to be honest nobody is going to take her crap seriously because she’s really gone too far with the insult to people with bi-polar disorder.

    As for her weight yeah she could stand to gain like 10 more lbs, just look at that chest you can literally see her rib cage – nasty.

  • marabelle

    Her vegan diet comments don’t make sense at all. I don’t follow a vegan diet but one of my co-workers does and she eats bread and drinks coffee. I have no idea what Megan is going on about. I hate to harp on this but her face looks tweaked and not in a good way. What a shame because she had a beautiful, natural looking face in the first Transformers movie. Her new face always looks puffy and too shiny now especially when not wearing makeup. But she does look healthier with the extra pounds she has gained. She was a walking skeleton before.

  • anonymous

    Yeah, whatever about the body. I’d be more worried about my face if I was her, she really destroyed her looks, so puffy and fake. Yikes to once be so pretty and to end up looking all cat-eye from having too much work done, sad. I wonder if she knows that also helped tank her career (in addition to crap acting and stupid idiotic comments).

  • Mary

    GLAD to see her without her husband

  • Nicole

    Quit picking on Megan. I go on and off a vegan diet all the time, some ppl are more strict than others. I couldn’t forgo coffee and indulged in gluten-free bread products. There’s variations. Also clearly Megan is makeup less. Coincidently her face looks less sullen. She looks fabulous as usual.

  • JDL

    She is a traitor! As a Diabetic Vegetarian, I know it is possible to live without sugars in my food. Obviuosly, she doesnt care about animal feelings anymore.

  • Meg

    l think she’s a lovely girl who should be left alone to prove herself as an actress. She could say with confidence that she “faught hollywood” and lost. Some humility would do her good too.

  • No

    She was on a beauty diet that consists of eating everything natural and non processed. That is why she lost a lot of weight and yes it’s Vegan but I think she is talking about a raw food diet which is the most difficult thing to do. It’s good for people who want to lose weight..

    It’s tricky.

  • NuttinButDaTroof

    Some ppl on here be saying some dumb stuff. But that’s what haters do. Can’t call her “plastic” “asian-looking” “cat-faced” “played out” or “anorexic” anymore, now they gotta start trying to find stupid stuff to talk about… like criticizing a raw-food diet that IS vegan. Oh yeah and talking about that bi-polar comment she made, as if bi-polar ppl are really bringing in positive energy. Jeez, I’m feeling a little bi-polar I might go jump off a cliff after reading some of this stupid stuff and then bring in that SO SO POSITIVE feeling to the poor ppl grieving for me or having to deal with my unexpected outbursts. Idiots!

    Sure she could’ve said she getting rid of the Marilyn tattoo because she just needed a change instead of just coming out and being REAL about it. But I’m sure she wasn’t expecting the negative reaction, since she IS working on her image. But I guess when ugly actresses(Emma Stone, for example) or men are being REAL it’s excused, but when it’s Megan Fox, she’s dumb or just needs to shut up. Give the girl a break already. Don’t hate her cause she’s beautiful.

  • unknown

    Wow.. what’s with deleting comments? Did her PR team pay you to do that? Nice that people can’t have different opinions

  • me

    PLASTIC, LIAR, BITCHY. She’s a com[plete fake, her face is a lie, she is forever contradicting herself with what she says, and she’s always trying to be oh so sexy, it’s all an act, and it always was an act.

  • Andrea

    i wonder what you all people are doing here wasting time checking her out? You wouldn’t be here in the first place if your not interested with Megan. Maybe she’s saying that aside from having a Vegan diet, she also restrained from sugars and coffee to make it easier to lose weight. She didn’t say that she’s in a Vegan diet which includes not eating sugary foods and coffee. I am not “Megan-pretty” but I don’t have the grudges inside me like many of you here. It’s clear you are only envious of Megan, being gorgeous, pathetic..

  • Daria

    Her diet DOES work – I lost 20 lbs doing exactly what she did and calling it “Veganism” when I was really anorexic and battling an eating disorder.