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Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Portraits at TIFF

Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Portraits at TIFF

Gerard Butler poses during a portrait session for his film Machine Gun Preacher during the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival on Friday (September 9) in Toronto, Canada.

The 41-year-old actor was joined at the session by his castmates Michelle Monaghan and Michael Shannon, director Marc Forster, and Chris Cornell, who lent his musical talents to the film’s soundtrack.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Machine Gun Preacher tells the story of Sam Childers (Butler), a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been forced to become soldiers.

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Credit: Matt Carr; Photos: Getty
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  • omg

    wtf hap’d to chris cornell, he was hot? Gerard looks better than him at least……..

  • curious cat

    Just had to be #2. Just hope the film is successful and brings attention to the outrages in Africa.

  • IRMA

    Handsome man. Good luck, Gerry!!!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Looking good Gerry!! Handsome as ever!

  • lolita

    Michelle is such a cutie and she has high praise for Gerry and he of her. I think you will see just how good they were in this movie. Gerry my dear you picked a winner with MGP. I can’t wait to see it.
    Have a wonderful night JJer’s and a happy weekend.

  • Red Dress

    Gerry looks good even though he is too thin. He is thinner than he was in the Red Death scene in Phantom. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a natural thinness, but it’s not. I bet he is hungry all the time. I think Hollywood is demanding that men be lollypop heads, too.

    Did anyone see Daniel Graig in Cowboys and Aliens? You can see his shoulder bones he is so thin. Surprising because I can’t imagine what he or Gerry looks like off camera without that artificial 10 pounds.

    Nice to see Michael Shannon, he is a very good actor.

  • ridic

    justjared has become a gerard butler fan site

  • *tb*

    O, Gerry! You’re beautiful!

  • Harrietta

    Wish The Machine Gun Preacher a big success as it deserves it!

    Gerry looks great and so are the rest of the cast and director and the musician. Can’t wait to see it.

    He is thinner but I have come to accept this new Gerry look. It’s fine with me. Still a handsome devil.

  • redOctober


    Hi girl! I’ve answered to you in the other thread…they are so fast lately that I can’t keep up with JJ *O*

  • The Noise In The Walls

    I agree Red Dress..
    I think Hollywood is too weird for words..I mean..getting men to lose weight as well..It’s bad enough with the women there…These people are hungary all the time..and for any of them who claim otherwise are lying through their teeth..

    I think Gerry looks okay but afew pounds on the man wouldn’t hurt…Still love ya Gerry :)..I wish you much success with this film!! So far it’s getting very positive reviews :) Best Always!!!and chin up :) :)

  • yep

    i hope machine preacher is in a movie close to me! i’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie!

  • rumor has it
  • Truth

    He looks absolutely amazing in these pics!

  • Scarlett

    2 pics from The APJ Event


  • Scarlett

    Sorry here’s the 1st one.

  • ka simply amazing

    some one cry and want gerad where are yo Anna?

  • curious cat

    Know sumpin? all the talk about thinness. I think GB looks fine. When you see him stripped down you realize he was carrying a lot of fat before. Sorry, ladies. Since 300 he didn’t look too lean. That #2 picture here is breathtaking. Anyhow, it’s his business what he weighs and why. He looks as old as he is and great.

  • redOctober

    20 mins 7 secs ago

  • Scarlett
  • Anna butler

    Shut up @17

    omg i Love you my gerard he makes me swoon

  • Dragonette

    Aw he looks nice ! That shirt looks fresh out the package too LOL.


  • Love the shoes

    I like him less physically.

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve


    And we shall call it “JustGerard” and all will be well with the world! LOL!

  • omg


    is it the fact that he’s aged horribly or are you a Soundgarden fan and are glad to see him? I thought he was a god at one time, but neither his present music or looks has passed the test of time…..

  • kelly

    omg look at that cute smile havent seen it in awhile looking good gerry good luck on the new movie cant wait till the south gets to see mgp

  • cubedweller

    Nice photos – it’s good to see the group together. I’m hoping for great success for this film, for all involved.

  • Dragonette

    @omg: I’m more used to seeing him like this (hope the link works)

    He and Geebs could use a haircut and a shave. I only know a few of Cornell’s songs but I think he has a fantastic voice. In fact, right now I’m thinking I should probably Youtube/DL some of his stuff to get better acquainted…

  • plez

    He needs to stop partying. He looks like Mel Gibson’s twin.

  • .

    I think he looked fit and happy on the APJ red carpet, but …….. I wish he’d dried his before the event, instead of letting it dry at the event. Small detail, I know, but wet hair on the red carpet isn’t very classy, imo. Wet hair also doesn’t photograph well. Instead it makes his hair look dirty/greasy, even though it’s clean.

  • .

    sorry, I meant to write … I wish he’d dried his hair before the event.

  • Cory Elizabeth Reid

    Gerard Butler is such a beautiful and talanted man that I can’t seem to see enough. Gerry please do more movies so I can see more of you.

  • curious cat

    I can’t post. What is going on?

  • Paisley

    @.: It’s not wet and it isn’t greasy. Gerry’s hair is naturally very wild and curly when it gets long, which is why he looks like a wild man (rowr!) in many of his casual shots. Unless he keeps it cut short it tends to do whatever it darn well pleases. He has to use a lot of styling product to keep it under control.

  • “Ava”

    One cannot help but notice an overall peace resonating from within. His face is filled with pride and happiness. These are photos I hope his mom cherishes and frames! She has very much to be proud of, but so does Gerry. Loving the slicked back hair! Much thinner than last year, but he seems content with it, so it must benefit him in some way? He looks very healthy and happy!

  • Paisley

    @“Ava”: Hello Ava… Gerry’s said that filming MGP was a life-changing experience for him and it certainly shows, doesn’t it? He looks absolutely beautiful in these photos. Perhaps a bit on the thin side, but serene, happy & healthy. Oh, and drop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous, of course.

  • omg


    yea one of the most talent artists, but idk what hap’d to him. Power to you if you find anything current that you like from him, I cant, but he will always be one of he greatest rockers ever, cant change what he did in the 90′s.Not to mention during that time one of the best looking!

  • starbucking

    @The Noise In The Walls: Reason why Butler made a mark in Hollywood is precisely because he’s always been a manly man, tall imposing broad shoulders. Who needs another lollilop head twig or pretty boy, Hollywood already has too many of those. Men don’t identify with action heroes who don’t look like action heroes.

    He looked great coming off filming Playing the Field though he was thinner than for Machine Gun Preacher or Coriolanus [and he looks hot in both those movies]. Don’t understand the weight loss since then. Worrisome.

  • Earlyautumn’s Eve


    I don’t think his hair was wet. I think he’s probably got styling product in it otherwise if it was freshly washed, he would look like Dr. Emmett Brown from Back To The Future! GREAT SCOT LOL!

  • “Ava”

    Thank you Paisley. I have a new desktop photo! And I won’t tell which!
    Yes. You know, maybe filming really did alter his life. If so, terrific!
    He seems to be more shy than I think he lets on, so maybe he does not want to admit to it in interviews?
    Did you notice in the interview with Michelle where she speaks to his preaching, then the interviewer asks if that effected him? He dodged the answer referring to Sudan and the children. Or he just didn’t get it! LOL

  • Ziggy

    He’s aging so bad… He used to be so hot.

  • Appilonia G. MontiNegro

    Yea, Gerry , you sweetie, Yea, lol, lol, Gerry just looks great, I bet he is feeling great about the sucess of MGP.. Yea, he really just looks so handsome in a suit, and Yes he is so handsome in anything else, lol, Or a towel, lol,,,Gerry is a Great Actor and a Great natural kind of guy…LOL, I just love his smile and hands and the way he treats his fans. Gerry is a Gentleman and a smart businessman. lol, All the Roar on these threads today, Love me some Gerry! Can’t wait to see MGP and Corneilous and all the others lol….Lots of Love to You Gerry! Great Job once again! Appilonia G. MontiNegro