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Sophia Bush: Rebecca Taylor Fashion Show!

Sophia Bush: Rebecca Taylor Fashion Show!

Sophia Bush strikes a pose at the Rebecca Taylor Spring 2012 show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Friday (September 9) at the Lincoln Center in NYC.

The night before, the 29-year-old actress wore a long dress while hitting a Fashion’s Night Out event held at the Dolce&Gabbana boutique.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

“#FNO was absolutely fabulous! Dance party @Zac_Posen , Estelle @DVF , girl time w/ L.Azria , & a @PencilsOfPromis benefit at D&G. #LOVEit,” Sophia tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush at the Rebecca Taylor show and Fashion’s Night Out…

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sophia bush rebecca taylor show 01
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 02
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 03
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 04
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 05
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 06
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 07
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 08
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 09
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 10
sophia bush rebecca taylor show 11

Credit: Eugene Gologursky, Karl Walter, Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • OH

    LOOOOVE! Talented and KIND! And BEAUTIFUL!

  • James Goldman

    Sophia is really gorgeous. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible.

  • Elena

    Still showcasing her very, very bad style…

  • pl100

    I thought her style got better . I was wrong.

  • maria

    Sophia is really beautiful.Like always… Love her on One Tree Hill

  • kate

    This brown dress is gorgeous :O i LOVE it !

  • Nina

    I don’t like her hair parted down the middle. It hides her pretty face. She needs to change it. It always looks the same.

  • Margie

    This woman is too gorgeous and she looks stunning!!!

  • Mai

    I love Sophia Bush let alone the dress! She looks fabulous in everything! By the way one tree hill is literally my favourite program!

  • Rosie

    Jared, why do you keep promoting this bitch. She’s fugly and nothing but a famewhore. Nobody cares about her.

  • Mayle

    A second rate ‘teen soap’ actress attending the fashion shows of, well, second-rate designers. New York Fashion Week is always the worst. Always attracts the D-listers mainly because most of the brands suck. London is edgy. Milan is glamorous. Paris is elegant. What does New York have? Nothing is worth looking out except for Marc Jacobs and Rodarte. Possibly Proenza Schouler.

  • elena

    sigh. again, I don’t know who the heck she is but just as I said on the last post about her, TERRIBLE style. and you can tell by the way she’s posing and such that she thinks she looks fashionable or something….someone needs to let her know that she looks terrible, and then get her a stylist asap because she clearly can’t dress herself.

  • Gina

    LMAO at the haters.
    You losers who sit there and hate on people because your own lives SUCK, are nothing but pathetic and stupid human-beings.
    The comments that say “I don’t know who she is” are just plain hilarious.Its OBVIOUS that you know EXACTLY who she is but have it in your heads that if you pretend like “no one” knows her, then it must be true.
    And to the idiot who said that “no one cares about her.” Really? Are you truly THAT dumb??? You must be in denial or something. Especially considering the fact that Sophia has hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter(and it only grows more and more every day) who declare their love, support and adoration for HER each and every SINGLE day.
    In fact, Sophia is also adored by many fellow actors/actresses in Hollywood as well and they always have the nicest things to say about her.
    Not to forget the fact that fashion blogs and fashionistas who live, breathe, and eat fashion are always praising Sophia about her fashion choices and constantly featuring her on their websites. So don’t sit there behind your pathetic little computer screens and talk as if you actually know what the f*ck you’re talking about, because you clearly DON’T.
    And as for why Jared LOVES posting about Sophia. Well isn’t it obvious?? Her posts always garner his website hundreds of hits every time because it always attracts her fans, and well you losers alike. ;)

  • Mayle

    @Gina: Who are these supposed fashion bloggers praising her style? Kirsten Dunst, Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan…they have style. The girl whose surname is a euphemism for a vagina? NO.

  • Kayla

    Are you high??
    Kirsten Dunst and Carey Mulligan have style??
    I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen them in absolutely hideous outfits.
    Fact is that to date, there is NO actress in Hollywood that always wears something stylish every day. They all have their hits and they all have their misses. And while one may think something is a hit, another person may think it’s a miss.
    Take Sophia’s outfits in these pictures as an example. Some people on here aren’t fond of her outfits while other websites are raving about her choices.
    Bottom line—you can’t always please every one.

  • Chrystal

    I adore Sophia however these latest fashions are not my fav. I realize the designer gives them outfits to wear to their shows but these, not a fan. It is also possible that they look better in person because I have read articles on the shows and they do say how beautiful Sophia looks. I am no one to judge I wear leggings and t-shirts. These haters are the same ones who trash Sophia every chance they get. Jealous b*tches because their fav gets no press. Oh and they do care and follow Sophia’s every move. Her twitter following shows how popular she is. I have not heard a negative comment about her by people who ACTUALLY know her.

  • naz

    Why do you keep posting her? Shes just as useless/boring as bilson.
    Plus she in dire need of a stylist…. I think the only cw “star” that a good sense of style is leighton

  • Sarah

    Jared posts because Sophia is AWESOME.
    Jared, please continue posting MORE about Sophia so that her fans can rejoice while the jealous haters cry themselves into a depression!!

  • sianna

    AGREE 100% with GINA

    and Kayla, Chrystal & Sarah

    And just big LOL to Elena who post several time for say I don’t know her hahaha

  • emmaa

    I adore that skirt she is wearing!

  • umm


  • Anna

    It is Baci/Cali disguising herself. LOL at #21
    Yet you spend your time posting.
    Sophia rocks!

  • Anni

    She looks amazing. The brown dress suits her very well . What an incredible woman!

  • Mayle

    @Kayla: If you think Sophia ‘teen soap actress is more stylish than Carey and Kirsten, then what can I say? There’s no helping you. Sophia is nothing more than a trend whóre who wears crappy designers. The day I see her wearing brands like Miu Miu, Prada and Chanel will be the day I see unicorns fly.

  • Ana

    Mayle/oh sure that is your name. Go post for someone you actually like. All your negativity brings no one but yourself. Your nasty vocabulary shows how pitiful you truly are.

  • ….

    Plain Jane…

  • Again

    you are back to be rude again. go away.
    Sophia is lovely. Now come back to be nasty again.

  • Mina

    I think the only one here who can be descoribed as wh*re is YOU.
    In fact, you seem like a talentless, crazy b*tch as well.
    If you think actresses such as Carry Mulligan, Keira Knightly, etc. never wear bad outfits, then you’re just plain stupid. In fact, I’m sure if you’ve ever done some research, you’d quickly find that every actress in Hollywood has made bad fashion choices at some point or another and they always get called out on it.
    Yet, so far, I’ve seen nothing but popular fashion bloggers rave about Sophia’s looks at Fashion week so far.
    And maybe if you weren’t so dilerious, you’d realize that Sophia has worn plenty of high end and top-notch designers. There are plenty of pictures of her wearing Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, etc. All you have to do is google it.
    So please shut the f*ck up about sh*t you DON’T know.

  • Georgia


  • Alaia

    @Mina: Yeah, I googled her and those designers. Not once has she worn them on the red carpet. Call me when she wears Chanel Couture.

  • Tina

    Sophia chooses what to wear. That is a problem for you,? #30. What a loser you are. Where are you on the red carpet?
    Sophia is awesome.
    Now come on back with another negative comment. Keep the posts coming.

  • Kelly

    Then you must be an idiot because you clearly don’t know how to use google.
    Funny, that you brought up Chanel. In fact, she owns several Chanel bags and has been photographed with them numerous times in LA and NYC.
    Now if I wasn’t so lazy and so obsessed as you, I’d find and post pictures. But seeing as how, you’re clearly very concerned, I’d rather let you do it. ;)

  • Amanda

    Im not a fan of hers.. her face/body/acting/style is all quite boring in my opinion..

  • Baci


    What are you talking about? By your logic, there is only one person in this whole planet who doesn’t care for this chic and so we must pose as other people, LOL! How do we know it is not one person who comes here and post all the nauseating praise for her! It could be Sophia herself for all we know!! LOL! The only people who know anything about her are those annoying OTH fans anyway. Once the show is over so will she.

    Any way both outfits bomb big time! She really needs to do something with that limp hair.

  • Mel

    Oh please you psycho. Every one knows just how crazy OBSESSED you are with Sophia to the point that its gone past hilarious to just plain creepy.
    And yet your logic still no doubtly gets dumber and dumber as time goes by. So according to you, there’s a strong possiblity that there’s only “one” person who showers praise on Sophia? Really?? Does that logic help you sleep better at night??
    Because the last time I checked, Sophia has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world who are always showering her with praises left and right every day on twitter, blogs, websites,etc. So I guess according to your logic, all those fans that follow her on twitter must really be just “one” person as well. I mean, what other explanation can there be??? I guess one fan is responsible for almost 400,000 accounts that follow Sophia on twitter. And I’m assuming all those celebrities that follow Sophia, must be that one random crazy fan as well pretending to be those celebrities. So I guess you have it all “figured out don’t ya??
    And FYI, not everyone who loves Sophia watches OTH. Most people I know haven’t even seen a single episode of OTH but love her due to other projects she’s done. Accept it.

  • Baci


    @Mel: first off I wasn’t addressing you (or maybe it was you in an alias), I was addressing some other poster who assumes that I come here under other names and I was just pointing out it could go both ways.
    Second of all I don’t rate a persons popularity or talent for that matter on the number of twitter hits, OMG how retarded is that. When she actually starts getting recognized for her work and is offered more starring role, then she has something to brag about in this industry. Seems like she missed her mark as a movie actress. I don’t see anyone banging down the doors to get her involved in movies. Yet she has all the time in the world to attend these fashion shows, where she gets the chance to actually hob knob with other B, C and D-listers and get her face in a magazine!

  • Mel

    Lol. Nope. It wasn’t me in an alias. I’m actually surprised you don’t remember me seeing as how I always enjoying ripping you a new one every time your crazy obsessed a$$ starts stalking a Sophia post.Lmao.
    You want to talk retarded?? Well lets please start by getting your heard checked because I don’t think anyone can get more retarded then YOU. How do you know she doesn’t get offered more starring roles, whether it be for mainstream movies, indies, or shows?? Because according to people I know in Wilmy, she’s had to turn down a lot of stuff over the years because of scheduling conflicts with OTH. And who knows what she’ll get offered once she’s in LA for good and full-time. And as far as I’m concerned, I think she’s doing just fine considering that she’s the most recognized, appreciated, and famous actor on OTH and gets a lot of press coverage no matter what she does. And as a plus, Sophia has gotten a lot of praise and acknowledgement for a lot of the work she has done for various causes including those related to the environment. Even fellow celebs are in awe for her dedication. And if she wants to attend fashions shows, then why is it eating YOU up so much?? Is it because it pours even more attention on Sophia?? Yup, I bet that’s it.
    And if I got a few days off of work to go attend a few fashion shows in NYC, then I would grab the opportunity too and run for it. Especially after having all these designers call you up or send invitations asking you to please come. It just sucks that you’re dumb and paranoid to wrap your head around any of this.Lol

  • Baci


    Oh yeah because OTH is sooooo demanding! Puleez if they were opportunities for movies she would jump. That show is always on hiatus anyway. She will be just a celebrity not a working actress once this show is done! Tori Spelling ring a bell. Trust me, after God knows how many years on that crappy show playing the same character you would think she would’ve gotten at least one role outside of what she is use to playing, teenybopper movies geared for the CW crowd. Looks like you’re the one who is so star struck and jealous that you live your life through these people and have to fight off so called “haters”. You do make me laugh though. Chill out if she is so adored then my measly little opinion shouldn’t matter much no should it!!

  • Mel

    Are you really that stupid?? When you live in a town that isn’t LA or even NYC where you have to film for 10 months out of the year and so can’t really put up with another schedule that forces you to leave every other day to the other side of the country is NOT an easy 1,2,3 thing. BTW, its hilarious that you think being off about 3 months throughout the years automatically means “the show is always on hiatus anyways.” Geez, you really are stupid. And if you actually knew what the f*ck your sorry a$$ was talking about, you’d know that she has had numerous movie offers over the years and the only ones she’s ever taken are those when OTH lets their cast go for a few months before filming resumes again in the summer for the following season. I know some instances where she’s even tried making things work where she could film for OTH and a movie at the same time but wasn’t able to, either because the main heads behind OTH said it wouldn’t work or it was because those behind the movie said it wouldn’t work because they wanted full commitment. You learn a lot of things when you have good friends working in and around the Wilmy set.
    And trust me, I get pleasure out of tearing into you every chance I get. Its not because I’m “starstruck” or “obsessed.” Its because your creepy attachment to someone you claim to not like amuses me to no end. But keep it up. Because your posts and those who respond to you always boosts the number of hits one of Sophia’s posts gets on JJ, hence, why he posts about her every opportunity he is presented with.haha

  • Baci


    Sure what ever you say, by the way you have a potty mouth and ramble a lot, people who ramble don’t know what the hell they are talking about hence the need to ramble. Oh so she turned down all these movies for OTH!! What a laugh! So she just stuck to the horrible movies that went straight to DVD, because they didn’t interfere with the OTH schedule!! Plus I don’t think I would be to proud if half the comments on a site are negative! He also post about a lot of non-necessary people in the industry too.

  • Mel

    Are you seriously sh*tting me right now??? Just when I begin to think that you can’t possibly get any dumber then you are already are, you just end up saying something even more stupid to show me, that YES… fact, it IS possible for a human-being to literally have a rock for a brain.
    I have a “potty mouth?”
    I “ramble a lot?”
    Have you EVER even gone back to read one of your posts and see how you come across to every one who reads the sh*t that comes out of your mouth?!
    You have got to be one of the biggest idiots on this planet.
    All you EVER do is stalk Sophia NONSTOP……almost as of your life depends on it. Yet, you never having anything nice to say. Jealous much??
    And then the crap that just flows out of your head and then through your fingertips only to be typed up, is nothing but pure bullsh*t, lies, rude remarks, and a bunch of gibberish rambling.
    Yet, apparently I’m the one who supposedly “rambles a lot.”LOL
    PS…… its obvious to anyone with a brain(which you clearly DON’T have), half of those supposed negative comments are usually made by 2 or 3 idiots like you who change their name every time to make themselves looks superior. Its comical really.
    Second, do you really think Jared actually reads the comments? NO. He only sees the number of comments made per post on his site and when he sees that a particular celeb keeps getting a lot of comments, he posts MORE about them. So kudos for the good work!!
    Keep em coming.