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Chad Murray's 'One Tree Hill' Costar Excited For His Return

Chad Murray's 'One Tree Hill' Costar Excited For His Return

Chad Murray heads back to his car after visiting the Byron & Tracey Salon on Friday (September 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old actor is reprising his role as Lucas Scott for One Tree Hill‘s final season.

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Shantel VanSanten, who plays Quinn on The CW drama, recently shared that she’s excited for Chad to return.

“I actually get to work with him. I think it’ll be cool because then I’ll get to say I’ve worked with almost everybody, with Tyler [Hilton] coming back and a bunch of other people,” she told HollywoodLife.

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  • Dasha

    I’m so excited of his return, Lucas Scott is the main character after all, i was a fan of this show a long time ago before he went down hill, i don’t watch anymore but i will only watch his episode for sure, Brucas scenes!!!!! *fingers crossed*

  • MangerBouger

    He is so excited because he didn’t get any job after … how sad.

  • Mayle

    Has been. Horrible show.

  • John R.

    “after visiting the Byron & Tracey Salon ”


  • John R.


    Agreed. :-)

  • Pocahontos

    Is it me or is he crying?

  • Vanessa

    I’am so happy that Chad decide to come back to one tree hill for the last season and I hope somehow they can bring back Jake and Jenny finger cross . That would be epic

  • Ingi

    I’m not the biggest fan of the show anymore. I don’t even get that there’s another season, ratings aren’t even that good anymore.

    I think there should be an own series with Chad again. He was soooo popular a couple years ago, i don’t get why his hype was just off. I loved back then all movies with him.

  • Sheila

    Shantal is definatley not the only one that’s excited, i’m still crossing my fingers hoping that hilarie will join him but I doubt it : ) OTH hasn’t been the same without Lucas and Peyton Scott : ( So i’m really excited for his return!

  • Dana

    Shantel and her co stars, James, Mark S, well a married creator, maybe she’ll try out Chad too. I’m glad he’s coming back.

  • James Merrick

    He should have joined the A-list years ago. So, I hope he does more mainstream films from now on.
    It is an enormous relief that this will be the final season. It has some positive qualities but they really dragged it on. They should have made it shorter but better written and they would have been able to have ended it a few years earlier.

  • Kay

    Should have been an A lister???????
    All Chad will ever be is a sorry D-lister because he SUCKS.
    Not only is his acting horrendous but his looks have definitely FADED.
    And for those saying that OTH, isnt the same, especially after Chad and Hilarie left. Well what do you expect when certain characters leave and new ones come in?? Of course its gonna change. Most people that are happy about his return are mainly Brucas fans and Leyton fans. But here are the facts, Brucas are done so dont hold your breath for any BL scenes and Hilarie is NOT coming back so dont expect any Leyton scenes either.

  • offtheproperty

    no comment

  • tmp

    This show was good for the first 2 or 3 seasons but it when downhill big time. I still watched all the other seasons because I wanted to see how it would end; but what started off as a good teen drama in early seasons has now turned into a suspense sitcom or something. The earlier seasons had a clear cut story and the fans could easily follow and get into the show but now there’s no story buildup over the episodes and every episodes ends up having a new twist/plot stemming from it. Another reason why this show went downhill is because they acted a lot of amateur actors and gave them big roles on a fairly successful show after chad and Hilary left e.g. Austin Nicolas is a really bad actor I don’t have anything against the concept of Julian and Brooke getting a happy ending but they picked a horrible actor to play Julian (I think the only reason he got the part was because of Sophia). I’m would have been excited for Lucas return if e was there for all the episodes along with Hilary and they could finish this show off right with all the original characters returning for the finale; but 1 or 2 episodes is nothing to get excited (in my opinion).

    ps. I think joy is the most talented on the cast and Haley’s character should have carried the series after Lucas departure instead of brook

  • fashioninmysoul

    Shantel probably wants to bang him that’s why’s she’s excited. After all OTH’s ladies like to get it on with everyone. *cough* Sophia *cough*

  • UnemployementBenefits

    He’s excited he can pay his bills. Hide your 18 year olds folks!

  • Mia

    Oh please shut the f*ck up about Joy. Her fans act as if shes some great actress but shes really not. If she was really that good, she’d get more credit and recognition. Yet the only people who think shes so “great” are her blind fans. And fyi, the character of Haley is boring as hell. The CW has far more talented actresses. Nina and Leighton for example.
    And this whole Chad returning thing….well its stupid. Chad is a lousy actor and just awful. They should have brought Hilarie back instead.

  • Mia

    Oh please shut the f$ck up about Joy. Her fans act as if shes some great actress but shes really not. If she was really that good, she’d get more credit and recognition. Yet the only people who think shes so “great” are her blind fans. And fyi, the character of Haley is boring as hell. The CW has far more talented actresses. Nina and Leighton for example.
    And this whole Chad returning thing….well its stupid. Chad is a lousy actor and just awful. They should have brought Hilarie back instead.

  • FreakMe

    It’s not like One Has Been Hill is some awesome show and it’s the only thing he’s ever done. I’m sure he doesn’t have to worry about bills. You on the other hand should be worried about ur pathetic life.

  • ….

    Why is this lame excuse of a show still on?

  • tmp

    @Mia: I never mentioned actresses from other shows and yes I do agree that leighton is really talented. I merely said that joy is the most talented on this show. Also Haley character is as much of a corner stone of this show as Lucas; without Haley character most of the friendships and relationships would not have formed on the show or they wouldn’t have been strong enough to continue into later seasons. Also her character is genuinely caring as well as quirky and funny; but I guess if your not constantly hooking with people( e.g. Brooke) your considered boring.

  • Mia

    Well, Haley’s character is NOT the most interesting character on the show and Joy is NOT the most talented one on the show either. Just because you seem to think so doesn’t mean the rest of the world f$cking agrees. There are plenty of OTH fans who find Haley to be absolutely annoying, including myself. And if everone shared your sentiment, then Brooke, Nathan, and other main characters wouldn’t have the huge and diehard fan bases that they do today. It’s fine if you like Haley but the way you said that Haley was the most interesting one is just messed up. So don’t expect others who disagree to not voice their OWN opinions when you say something that is so one-sided. Oh, and last time I checked, Brooke was just as funny, quirky, and caring as well, if not more. I suggest you rewatch the show and see all she done in the show for others to date.

  • tmp

    @Mia: You must anger and comprehension issues. I was NEVER bashing other characters and where did I even mention Nathan?. Read before you answer, and I never gave you an ultimatum to agree with me I just stated my opinion If you have a different you that’s fine no need to flip your lid (anger decreases life expectancy). If never attacked other characters/actors and peoples preferences; I never once mentioned that Brooke/Sophia is annoying and that’s shes worthless to the show which you basically said for Haley/joy. Honestly grow up I never asked you to agree with me and your basically giving an ultimatum to agree with you and stop attacking people personally because at the end of the day its just a TV show; you shouldn’t get this involved in scripted characters where you have to go an attack the actual people playing them.

  • Shay

    I’m suprised his fugly fiance isn’t attached to his hip here. She’s such a famewhore.

  • nina

    who the hell care about this guy he is not even hot anymore chad could not get a job after he left one tree hil because he is a awful actor and now are running back to one tree hill. one tree hill that is a joke on the industry and have horrible ratings im sure this return will really help his career lol.Im sure hilarie is not coming back i wonder why oops she find a legit job on a hit show this is what actors do when they find a better job they dont coming back for the old one that is considered a joke lol.

  • chargerfan

    i read the article chad and shantel on a scene together my god the 2 worst actors on the show in a scene its not a good thing.

  • Mia

    Don’t bother telling me to relax. And as for you thinking I have anger and comprehension issues, uhhhh, are you a doctor or a shrink? Because if not, please shut up and stop diagnosing people as if you actually know what you’re talking about. When you sit there and basically write a paragraph about how a particular character is the “best” one on the show and then go on to say how a particular actress is the “best” one on the show too and how the show should revolve around HER instead of others, it IS bashing other characters/actors. I suggest you go back and reread what you wrote and if you still don’t see how your posts came across to others, then I guess you’re just not that bright. I also never gave you an ultimatum. All I suggested was that when you make one-sided comments, don’t expect others who don’t agree with you to pretty much argue back, especially when what you’ve said comes across as insulting to their own favs. So basically, I believe that YOU need to grow up. ;)

  • Mark Bridges


    Chad Murrary is a wonderfully talented actor. I find it hard to believe anyone is that critical of his work. He always elicits emotion when he is on screen. As for his looks having faded, that has DEFINITELY NOT happened. He still looks just as beautiful as ever. They just don’t dress ad style him like they did in the earlier days because he is no long playing a senior in high school. People generally don’t like him because they’re jealous of his intensely handsome face and body. Grow up, take note of how a good actor acts and learn from it.

    Chad, I still think you were the best part of One Tree Hill. Robert Buckley and Austin Nicols have been doing fine work but they cannot and will NOT ever replace Lucas Scott. His role literally changed my life.