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Leonardo DiCaprio - Golden Globes 2012 Red Carpet

Leonardo DiCaprio - Golden Globes 2012 Red Carpet

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the 2012 Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor looked dapper in a Giorgio Armani two-button peak lapel tuxedo with a classic evening shirt and a black bow tie.

Leo is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) for his work in J. Edgar.

His tough competition includes George Clooney (The Desendants), Michael Fassbender (Shame), Ryan Gosling (The Ides of March), and Brad Pitt (Moneyball).

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Love you leo

    So handsome. Saw that he brought his mom again. =)

  • Sayuri

    The Best!!!!

  • Renata

    Sooo handsome, Leo my love <333

  • Lola

    His swag will go on and on.

  • Leo Fan

    Yes! A real elegant man. And indeed, his date is his beautiful mother, the most important woman of his life.

  • smash

    Hes so amazing. Hes aged SO good! He looks so young still. Love Leo!

  • Bonni

    This guy bores me to death!

  • TheTruthIs

    OMG, his mother AGAIN? That’s just … First time – it’s cute beyond. Second… seems like he’s trying too hard to keep his private life private. We get it – you don’t want anyone to know/talk about who you date, but take a lucky girlto the Golden Globes! Any girl or model who has never been. We won’t assume you mean to marry her because of that, promise!

  • FYI

    Did he lose yet? Wake me up when he does. He’s handling it all well, best that he went with mom, so glad we didnt have to see him with the 22 year old zombie. That will be next week somewhere in a bikini.

    Oh Leo. We do love you but so want you to grow up. Really we’ll think you’re even cooler for it.

  • quid pro quo

    Well, he’s got that staring sexily into the camera thing down. Either that or didnt wear his contacts. I’m not sure.

  • @#8

    Yes his mother again. What is wrong with that? You want him to bring a girl he’s been rumoured to date for a period of one month at a Golden Globes Awards? Obviously, you don’t know him at all.

  • quid pro quo

    Well, yeah he wants to hide his “personal life”- no one else wants to here. And his little friend’s thread is growing faster than his—people want to talk about her because they are pissed not about him at the globes. Enjoy clubbing in NYC next week leo-or whatever you have planned. Let me guess, some BWAY plays, some expensive dinners? But if on the off chance you win tonight you’ll have to stay in LA and plan strategy.

    Why dont you take her to the Central Park Zoo and bwuy hwer some nice bwalloons…and a new teddy bear…

  • Sayuri


  • quid pro quo

    uhp, that’s it, Clooney just won. This year is all over Leo, but there’s always the next with Gatsby in the can. Maybe if you’re a good boy they’ll think about you for next year.

  • linz

    George Clooney may have bribed to win…. Excuse me I mean won the best actor prize tonight. But Leo wins best dressed actor nominee hands down. He makes Pitt and Clooney look like amatures. Hes so f-ing hot I wanna cry lol

  • 15

    Don’t say anything bad about Bar, or you’ll be moderated out! Man, BC has too much control on this site. Anyway, remember her reputation for stalking Gisele? This is from earlier today (below). The rest is in Hebrew. Creepy, non…agsain!
    @royhollander:Roy Hollander Tom Brady is Mr. Perfect!
    13 hours ago via Twitter for iPad
    BarRefaeli Bar Refaeli
    @royhollander u wanna tell us something?
    10 hours ago

  • 15

    Don’t say anything bad about Bar, or you’ll be moderated out! Man, BC has too much control on this site. Anyway, remember her reputation for stalking Gisele? This is from earlier today (below). The rest is in Hebrew. Creepy, non…agsain!
    @royhollander:Roy Hollander Tom Brady is Mr. Perfect!
    13 hours ago via Twitter for iPad
    BarRefaeli Bar Refaeli
    @royhollander u wanna tell us something?
    10 hours ago

  • 15

    Don’t say anything bad about Bar, or you’ll be moderated out! Man, BC has too much control on this site. Anyway, remember her reputation for stalking Gisele? This is from earlier today (below). The rest is in Hebrew. Creepy, non…agsain!
    @royhollander:Roy Hollander Tom Brady is Mr. Perfect!
    13 hours ago via Twitter for iPad
    BarRefaeli Bar Refaeli
    @royhollander u wanna tell us something?
    10 hours ago

  • quid pro quo

    @linz: Agreed Leo is hot in so many ways. And such a jerk in others.

    Clooney didnt bribe anybody. But this was a VERY tight race and Leo has been being a jackass. Someone posted on TMZ about his antics in Australia–I dont want to search it but he lined up 80 women and told his bodyguard which ones he wanted to talk too…there were some wild parties and local modelizing.

    Thing was, an Australian actor posted how grossed out he was and what a douche he thought Leo was. Even Al Pacino himself thought Leo was being a jerk. Sorry, i know its hard to resist temptation and those stupid girls signed up for it but its just grosses normal people out and downplays his artistry. In a verytight race it is hard to give the award to someone who just doesnt appear to try that hard and takes advantage of people and his situation. Its LOW CLASS too, when you have a breakthrough actor (Dujardin) and then two other studs, one whom is basically married with six kids and another who can at least change hair color once in a while….its hard to fork it over to him.

    Clooney is a confirmed bachelor but we dont hear about sex parties with condom wrappers all over the floor (Ill get the link from and such sleazy crap. Or that he cheats continually on his “girlfriends”-though he might.

    Who the hell is BC anyway and why should I care. Ratbelly is desperate these days…you can tell from the way she looks in her last pap photos.

    I care not!

  • k

    handsome as ever!

  • Ka

    Hope he’ll win next year…..fingers crossed

  • @linz

    Oh, get over yourself already. Clooney won. This is his year. Deal with it instead of ripping him apart. You act like it`s such a shocker that he won. Whether you like him or not he is a critically acclaimed movie maker who HAS AN OSCAR already. Just because you prefer Leo over him ( me too ) he still deserves some respect for his work. Grow up!
    @quid pro quo: `her thread` is growing because of people like #16,17&18 not because people so want to talk about her. But other than that I agree with you. Don`t forget Disneyland from the predictable next sighting list!

  • Dasha

    Handsome as always, and he deserved to win but didn’t…as always!!! dammit!!

  • sab

    Hi Everyone
    Gorgeous as ever………there were so many beautiful people there last night…..but Leo just blows everyone away…….there is something so magnetic and mesmerising about him……
    he did seem a bit aloof though……..when he arrived, some women…(probably pr or someone)…threw her arms around him and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek…….he looked totally freaked out….like a kid being smothered by an over eager great aunt or someone….it was hilarious………he could’nt even hug her back….just kept his hands clenched in a tigt fist on her shoulders……
    he was very composed throuhout the whole ceremony (probably bored)……..the only time i saw him animated and genuinely happy was when martin scorsese won……
    when will he get a break ???…….forget about his life choices for one minute…and see him for the job that he does as an actor…..i agree j edgar was not brilliant…..but his acting was astounding and he deserves the recognition.

  • @linz

    If it wasn`t Clooney it would have been the guy from The Artist or the guy from Shame. Would you be after any of them if they got the Globes? Anyone who won instead of Leo or you just simply can`t stand Clooney?

  • kiss Oscars goodbye

    he’s definitely not going to win the Oscars and I’m actually happy that he won’t.

  • kiss Oscars goodbye

    haha, thumb me down all you want but we’ll see who is correct in the end! :)

  • sos

    He looked great,shame poor boo didn’t win.Although I didn’t really expect him to.There are some after party pics floating around.So far as I’ve read it was just him and his mom,at the after parties.Big Lakers game tonight maybe LD will be at it?
    Did anyone read the W mag/the Leo part?

  • raven

    Hi Sab! LOL at the lady that hugged him and freaked him out. I didn’t know that happened. I wonder if he didn’t recognize her or did he just not want to show some affection on the red carpet? Like trying to control his image too much?? I didn’t expect him to win, I haven’t been paying attention to the actors and films nominated, but I just had a feeling he wouldn’t win. It’s nice to hear he took his mom with him to the globes. I hope she was a good source of support for him after not winning. You know I happened to change the channel when Morgan Freeman got his award and saw Leo. He seemed kinda not comfortable, I don’t know how to explain it, just not eagerly happy.

    Hi sos! He did look good I agree with that. He cleans up well, lol. Nope, I did not read that article you mentioned.

  • raven

    LOL at his shoe being untied in both the AFI pics and these golden globe pics.

  • sos

    @raven: lol I just now noticed that.
    “The W magazine is the movie issue.It has a black and white shot of Leo.He didn’t do a Q&A,but this is what the writer said:
    “DiCaprio came to the shoot sucking an electronic cigarette. “I have an oral fixation,” he said, as smoke engulfed his head. He had recently arrived from Australia where he was filming Baz Luhrman’s Gatsby, and became upset when someone asked him for an autograph. He seemed more interested in leaving than being in the studio. As he rushed out the door he noticed a toy Smurf that belonged to a child on the set. “I played with those when I was your age ,” DiCaprio said as he stopped suddenly to talk to the little girl. For a moment there he was genuine-kind, even, but he was late for a party, or a dinner, or a plane. It was time to be somewhere else. And then he was gone”
    BTW Lainey has been Team Leo for the past couple of days.She even put him in her top

  • Ka

    Hi, sab, sos, raven. He seems not very keen on playing pr game than the other two. That’s why he lost.
    Sab, you’re so right, give him a break. Have you seen this pic? I guess you’ll love the hands…

  • sab

    Hi Raven, Hi Ka
    yeah, he looked so uncomfortable…haha…..i think the hugger was overly enthusuiastic….(i probably would have been the same….given the….she litterally jumped into his arms wrapping her arms around his neck and dragging him down…..poor leo!!!!….he does look good though doesnt he?
    thanks the the pic loving his hands.
    Has anyone else noticed….but is leo lacking confidence do you think???…..recently ive noticed that he is not as direct as he used to be….i mean before, when he talked to people he always held their gaze…..(it is one of his most attractive qualities)…how he would always maintain eye contact during a conversation…but lately ive noticed when doing interviews and also in these candid shots of him talkking to other actors etc…..his eyes are wandering and he does not hold the other persons gaze for like more than five seconds before he looks away…….i know ive probably had too much coffee this morning…but it was just something ive picked up on…..its what people tend to do when they are not sure of themselves…or maybe hes just plain bored….but?????

  • arrrrrhhhh

    @quid pro quo: If you dont care just shut the fcuk up…please! you are, repetitive and boring!

  • sab

    i watched aviator last night, hadnt seen it in years………he is sooo good…i cant believe he is constantly being overlooked, i never really liked the aviator as one of my fave films of his, but last night i thoroughly enjpoyed it and his performance was exceptional…he really missed out there!!….plan on watching body of lies tonight…..i love him in that. what i like best is how his relationship develops with ayesha and due to the culteral differences how he shows her respect and just the way he behaves towards her. and his shyness…..its just so sweet and warms the heart…..i know im being too
    Does anyone know if he plans on coming to london this week?….JE is opening this fri here…..not sure if there is any promo happening or not??……………
    i dont know when or if leo will ever get an oscar….and i just cant explain it…….what does he have to do????…..i reckon at this rate he would have to be married for at least a couple of years and seen to be in a stable relationship with a child on the way before he gets any recognition..but its just not fair…..not sure whether he would be considered for gatsby…time will tell…

  • quid pro quo


    And since two posters going at each other is THE MOST BORING THING on these threads…why dont you just cut it out? I’m not going any farther with you.

    OK, after seeing that sssssaaaaaaaaaddd puppy dog face at the GGs I send some positive love towards Leo that Gatsby will be appropriately handled critically and he gets a good shot–he needs a weak field because he is perceived as not having to work so hard for of all it in HW—but his status is not his fault.

    I dont like the current bimbo but she is only a teeny weeny part of the overall Leo playboy perception problem, and her job description does not say “must make leonardo dicaprio look good.”

    His year will come. And until then, he makes like fifty five gabillion bucks a year. So I’ll try and remember to feel sorry for him.

  • quid pro quo

    I thought of this song if in regards to Leo this weekend, came on Pandora. The Marley.

    Could you be loved and be loved?
    Could you be loved and be loved?

    Don’t let them fool ya,
    Or even try to school ya! Oh, no!
    We’ve got a mind of our own,
    So go to hell if what you’re thinking is not right!
    Love would never leave us alone,
    A-yin the darkness there must come out to light.

    Could you be loved and be loved?
    Could you be loved, wo now! – and be loved?

    (The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too,
    So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you)
    Love your brotherman!
    (Could you be – could you be – could you be loved?
    Could you be – could you be loved?
    Could you be – could you be – could you be loved?
    Could you be – could you be loved?)

    Don’t let them change ya, oh! –
    Or even rearrange ya! Oh, no!
    We’ve got a life to live.
    They say: only – only –
    Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive –
    Stay alive! Eh!
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    Could you be loved and be loved?
    Could you be loved, wo now! – and be loved?

    (You ain’t gonna miss your water until your well runs dry;
    No matter how you treat him, the man will never be satisfied.)
    Say something! (Could you be – could you be – could you be loved?
    Could you be – could you be loved?)
    Say something! Say something!
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    Say something! Say something! Reggae, reggae!
    Say something! Rockers, rockers!
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    Say something! Uh!
    Say something! Come on!
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    Say something! (Could you be – could you be loved?)

  • oh

    Wouldn`t it be polite to stand up to greet some old friends like Kate Winslet or Charlize Theron? Not even reaching out, crossed legs and hands. Intimidated by these accomplished women?

  • Leo Fan

    It looked like the whole thing bored him to death… the people, the show. It seems like something was bothering him and his mind was somewhere else. Sorry, but it looks like Leo is not in a good spirit and in a good shape these days. Wonder what it is that he is not happy about.

  • @oh #38

    Well obviously, he didn’t give a sh*t about those gorgeous girls who bent to kiss him. What’s wrong with him?
    @39(LeoFan) I agree, he’s not in good shape. Is he sick or disappointed with his life, perhaps?

  • wtf

    @quid pro quo: Ha ha , you are such a freak, with two much time on your hands, get a hobby, and who do you think gives a toss whether you like his current ‘bimbo’ or not!

  • @38-39-40

    Totally agree. The years before when he attended, he was smiling, kissing everyone around and celebrating, eventhough he lost the award. No…. we can sense by his body language and his face expressions that he is not a happy man.

  • FYI

    @Leo Fan:

    Well duh. It’s the whole losing the Oscars and GGs thing. He got passed over again. And he’ll be nominated #4 and have to sit through the whole nauseating Oscar ceremony for like 2 damn hours anyway and watch someone else win. But he has a month before that, he can just relax.

    If I was him I’d just chill, and say screw the Oscars then, I’m going to do the films I want and do them well. I’m damn near 40, Ive been working since I was six, I can do what I want.

    Then, once he’s let go of it he’ll win. Leo looks a lot like Jimmy Cagney in my opinion and some of their roles are similar. Cagney never won for his classics, only Yankee Doodle Dandy, which is the story of the bandleader who wrote the song. It will come after he stops caring so much unfortunately. He didnt win for Angels with Dirty Faces and White Heat, which are what he’s remembered for and people still watch today. NO ONE watches Yankee Doodle Dandy,

    Let go of the sitch leo, its coming.

  • quid pro quo


    That should be “too” not “two.” English not your first language? Let me guess, Hebrew is?

    Let me state the obvious–you care just a weensy bit because you bothered to respond. But like I said poster-to-poster flame wars are borrrrringg.

  • FYI

    @@oh #38: He’s not happy here. Coming around the turn, his horse was doing pretty good and then fell back a bit. I do feel sorry for him, because more than any of the other guys, this is what he wants. He wants the recognition of his peers and he’s either been stiff upper lipping it or just sad.

    However, he made 77 million dollars last year, can do any damn thing he wants (and in his mind any damn woman he wants) and go anywhere he wants. If it was me, I could think of like a zillion things I’d do with the do–volunteer on archaeological digs, sponsor beach clean-ups, go fossil hunting in Siberia in summer. I’d be like and screw you Oscar!

    I’d say fuggetabout it and just do what I want to do.

    But he cant NOT go to the Oscars if he’s nominated – that will be rude..and if the 1 in a million shot comes through and he wins, he’ll miss his moment. No wonder he took Mommy to this one. Needed support.

    But, one day he will win and he will probably tie for first place in nominations which is 5, I forget who, which says a lot about the general tenor of his work.

    I shouldnt say this but I’d get mad high before the event or have a shot or two and laugh at everything like I just didnt care. Not rudely, but just be like, ugh two hours of my life I wont get back.

    Ted Casablanca posted about Schlong and Brad Cooper. (they are friends, so what) Also, Bar tweeted that Twitter is suggesting she follow Leonardo DiCaprio…dunno why she brought that up?????

  • FYI

    OK Leo boo bear lets spell it out for you. The other most nominated actor is Jack Nicholson, who has like a whopping 10 nominations and 2 Oscars. Its an interesting comparision because a lot of people think of Jack as that other “terminal bachelor” even though he’s married twice and has grandkids.

    Jack Nicholson ( 2 Oscars ) (10 noms)
    1969, “Easy Rider”*
    1970, “Five Easy Pieces”
    1973, “The Last Detail”
    1974, “Chinatown”
    1975, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
    1981, “Reds”*
    1983, “Terms of Endearment”*
    1985, “Prizzi’s Honor”
    1987, “Ironweed”
    1992, “A Few Good Men”*

    And I can tell you right now he was great in Chinatown and Cuckoo, saw them recently for the first time.

    Laurence Freaking Olivier (also looks a little like Leo sometimes)

    NINE NOMS only one win.

    Laurence Olivier ( 1 Oscar )
    1939, “Wuthering Heights”
    1940, “Rebecca”
    1946, “Henry V”
    1948, “Hamlet”
    1956, “Richard III”
    1960, “The Entertainer”
    1965, “Othello”
    1972, “Sleuth”
    1976, “Marathon Man”*
    1978, “The Boys From Brazil”

    Marlon Brando

    Marlon Brando ( 2 Oscars ) 8 nominations
    1951, “A Streetcar Named Desire”
    1952, “Viva Zapata!”
    1953, “Julius Caesar”
    1954, “On the Waterfront”
    1957, “Sayonara”
    1972, “The Godfather”
    1973, “Last Tango in Paris”
    1989, “A Dry White Season”*

    Al Pacino ( 1 Oscar ) 8 nominations. And Dog Day is great ! Attica !
    1972, “The Godfather”*
    1973, “Serpico”
    1974, “The Godfather, Part II”
    1975, “Dog Day Afternoon”
    1979, “And Justice for All”
    1990, “Dick Tracy”*
    1992, “Glengarry Glen Ross”*
    1992, “Scent of a Woman”

    It’s just a numbers game for him. Notice too its tough guy or cerebral actors who get the finger for the Oscars. His will come. Look at the body of work.

  • FYI

    OK, Leo boo, I’ll spell it out to you. Its just a matter of time. I mean if Lawrence freaking Olivier only got one and nominated 8 times what does that tell you? I’ll spell it out for you since your current dummy doesnt even know who most of these guys are never mind what they were in.

    Jack Nicholson- great actor but does not play “nice guys.” Good at playing the Devil and “Hereeeeeeeeees Johnny!” with the axe.

    Marlon Brando- weirdo, gave the Oscars the finger himself with Sacheen Littlefeather. Wild bunch, tough guy, STELLLLLLAAAAAAAA

    Olivier- snotty brit doing Shakespeare. Married Vivian Leigh who later went nuts.

    Al Pacino- tough guy and being Italian and from the Bronx probably doesnt help.

    Tough guys who play non-cute roles and whose personal lives would not please Pat Robertson have an uphill battle. But if those guys had that kind of track record you can expect it too and be in totally awesome company.

    Paul Newman– one Oscar and 7 noms. But then again supposedly he was bi and screwing everybody including Joan Crawford. Ring a bell???

  • FYI

    @BarRefaeli Bar Refaeli
    I think it’s funny that Twitter keeps suggesting me to follow Leonardo Dicaprio. :)

  • FYI

    Dear Ted:
    Ted, I have two questions on Topher Hairy-Tuchus: has he ever been married? And was he at last night’s Golden Globes?

    Dear Toph Tying The Knot:
    Yep, dude was married once before but only for a short time. As for the Globes? We doubt Toph would miss that kind of opportunity to show-off his sexiness!

    Dear Ted:
    Are Topher Hairy-Tuchus and King Schlong friends? Do they hook up with each other? In your so humble opinion, how hot would that hook up be? Thanks for the gossip!

    READ: Blind Vice: Loveless Topher Lusts Away the Hours!

    Dear Friendly Vicers:
    You’re right in guessing Schlong and Topher are friends—in fact, they’re very close. Tough call if they’ve ever hooked up, but I wouldn’t be surprised, even though Topher’s much hotter than the King in my opinion.

    Read more:

    1.Brad Cooper= NOT ATTRACTIVE
    2. No they dont hook up.
    3. Brad=BORINGGGGG

  • Love you leo

    I saw BR’s tweet and thought that was random. Even for her to say that so publically lol. weirddddd.

    ANY SM NEWS???

    Leo seemed like a lost little boy when Morgan was going up the stage. I didnt think it was uncomfortable…just lost.