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LeAnn Rimes: Landing at LAX

LeAnn Rimes: Landing at LAX

LeAnn Rimes looks ready for spring as she arrives at LAX Airport on Sunday (January 29) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer was in Nashville to play her new album live for record label executives.

LeAnn tweeted about singing some of her new songs: “Holy jeeezzzz am I gonna attempt to sing a couple new songs I just wrote w/o bawling tonight. I’m flushed just thinking about it.”

She posted about her new songs again, saying, “it’s just so beyond RAW and right under my skin that it’s hard to sing…”

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Rebecca Taylor Python Dress in Cream Snake.

10+ pics inside of LeAnn Rimes landing in LA…

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  • JL

    She’s repulsive.

  • Julie

    Wow, Eddie has really gone down hill and she’s not far behind.

  • zarie

    Her partnership with Eddie has none her no favours. I can’t say the same for Eddie – he’s living the life.

  • PenThrive

    Something wrong with her upper lip?

  • Lovisa

    She always wears the ugliest shoes…

  • meh

    Lizard face.

  • butch

    better dressed than the last airport pap. sry Le. ya look better when not trying so hard to show us your fab new figure. Im not mad at the fat leg comment you dropped on me in the last post either.

  • K


  • Annie

    Her nostrils remind me of a lizard.

  • LooseLipz

    It’s truly sad how hard she tries to look like Brandy. Let’s just hope she doesn’t come close to acting like her.

  • tom

    I can not stand her. Worst celebrity ever.

  • John

    Lots of bored, fat, bitter housewives on here. You WISH you looked that good. She’s rich, talented, hot husband, and happy. I can see why you’re jealous.

  • dobbi

    Yeah, we all wish we look like a lizard. You sound like a catch, John.

  • Abby

    I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I dislike this chick more than Bosworth.

  • Eresyn

    those two are first on my hate list…

  • Little Dunderhead

    i can’t deal. make it stop. please please make it stop.

  • Be real

    READ first to see where I AM GOING HERE….

    LeAnn, real talent. Beautiful voice. Acapella voice. No computers(Brittney Spears and others) are used by LeAnn.
    Once upon a time, it looked as if LeAnn had left the other girls in dust, crazy dust that is because she really pulled herself tog4ether, grew up, met the challenge of teen entertainer to adult woman without too many crazy misteps. It was leAnn Rimes, Hillary Duff and a few , very few others.
    LeAnn got married was making hits, on Kenny Chesney’s Pirates Tour, all good. people liked LeAnn Rimes or had no opinion of her, but still, you had to say, the girl was a real talent. Sheer talent. Good singer.
    THEN, she eneded her marraige. HEY people get divorced. No public would that against her.
    HOWEVER, he affair with this married gigolo, filing a lawsuit against his then soon-to-be ex wife, the constant tweets and itnerviews, calling the “boys”, her boys, belittingtheir mother, getting her on line friends to bash the boys mother, the whole affair just left people ugh about LeAnn.

    She had it all.
    Now, me or you just about have a better chance of going in front those Nashville excecutives, LOL. Her last cd BOMBED. Her fans won’t touch her and new , well, there are new.

    Yeah, she was not the first perso n with Eddie to ahve an affair.Moral of the story is some people get their up and comings for wrong and some don ‘t. You never if you will slide by or get caught.
    Sooooo, don’t do it.

    Yeah, I feel sorry for her in a way because LEANN RIMES lost everything for Eddie no good, nothing, nobody, semi-hired actor, mediocre actor Cibrian.

  • Hugo

    bunch of jealous bitches comment here. skinny, rich, and doesnt give a shit attitude kind of girl sure makes you girls show your bitter jealous side.

  • Sandy

    Oh Shut up “John” and “Hugo”!!!!! AKA Leann! Everybody hates you. With all that money you would think you would get yourself a good plastic surgeon…the one you have must hate you….just look at you….REPULSIVE!!!

  • Lovisa

    well I’m not a fat desperate housewife…and I’m really not jealous of leann…
    I am jealous of miranda kerr-for example- because she is beautiful, has a perfect body, a loving husband, a cute baby and stylish clothes..

    leann on the other hand is just a sad little hasbeen and i love to hate her :)

  • Candace

    You know Hugo, saying women hate her because she is skinny and rich is a joke. Most female celebrities have great bodies and lots of money, but they aren’t disliked the way Leann is. So you know it goes deeper than looks or money. Besides, to be completly honest with you. I think Leann was kind of cute as a teenager in a country bumkin sort of way. But not anymore. I don’t know what has happened to her face? But her eyes got beadier and meaner looking, and her nostrils more flaring, and her smile more grinchlike. Women don’t dislike her for her looks, because she isn’t even pretty. They dislke her for her massive ego, and her skanky ways.

  • Jane

    She went to record execs looking like that? Was she really thinking she was goimg to sell her songs looking like a tart? I think she even inflated her boobs for this one just to get more attention. No class. Didn’t she learn her lesson from her last album? It TANKED! Is this next one going to do any business for her or the company—think not! God, I wish she would go away.

  • John

    @Sandy: I would bet 1 million dollars that you weight more than 180

  • Jane

    A-bsolutely obnoxious

    E-verybosy is tired of her
    S-uch a PITA (Pain in the a$$)

  • Sandy

    @John: LOL! It’s WEIGH dumbass. And you would lose because I WEIGH 130lbs!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I like Leann and agree with the posters whose comments were removed because of fat, jealous sows.

    You can weigh 130, but I bet you are butt ugly.

  • Matthew

    @Anonymous: So in other words, they should have compassion for LeAnn since they have so much in common with her? A lot of attractive, thin people aren’t fans of LeAnn Rimes any more. She has brought most of this negativity onto herself. If it is true that you get back what you put into the universe, taking that into consideration should give her and her f”fans” pause for thought.

  • Gordon

    Carried Underwood is way prettier, skinny with a better body, has 10 more money and success than Leann, and the public adore Carrie. Almost every singer or actress I can think of is prettier, skinnier, wealthier than Leann and almost all have millions and millions of fans. Can’t think of anyone as disliked or shunned by the public as Leann. There are a lot of reasons people dislike Leann, and none of them have to do with her appearance or supposed wealth (rumors say not as much as you would think after daddy took a bunch, then she overspent, then she paid out in the divorce).

  • Jane

    @Gordon: I couldn’t agree more. The problem is…LeAnn THINKS she is just s popular as Carrie. Carrie has more class and talent in her pinky finger than LeAnn will ever have in her whole body.

  • Brigitte

    yeah, Carrie is and has everything Leann wants: beautiful, naturally skinny, huge career, zillions of fans. I think deep down Leann knows that she is an unattractive has-been with no fans, and that knowledge comes to the surface with crazy and desperate actions. If Leann was really all that, she would not be with an aging, unemployed actor who never really made it big. Just look at the difference with Carrie’s husband: he’s a young, hot, successful athlete making his own millions — he had his choice of women and picked Carrie. He would never even look in Leann’s direction.

  • Jane

    I am still waiting for WEWE to seriously crash and burn so she could get out of our faces for a long long time.