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Amber Riley Covers Whitney Houston on 'Glee' - Watch Now

Amber Riley Covers Whitney Houston on 'Glee'  - Watch Now

Amber Riley belts out a Whitney Houston classic on the Valentine’s Day episode of Glee, which aired Tuesday (February 14).

The 26-year-old actress covered “I Will Always Love You,” a track originally written and performed by Dolly Parton.

FOX had planned to feature the song before Whitney‘s death. The series also paid tribute to the late pop icon at the end of the episode with a title card that read, “Whitney Houston 1963-2012. We will always love you.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Amber Riley’s cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”?

Amber Riley Covers Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’
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  • Katie

    simply put….AMAZING

  • UGH

    She did a good job…

  • Amanda

    So beautiful. What a lovely performance. I will always love Whitney.

  • bella

    Liked it even better than J Hudsons Grammy performance!

  • brad luvr

    Beautifully done, Amber! Liked it a lot better than Jennifer Hudson’s rendition.

  • Joy McBride

    Simply beautiful!!

  • Annie

    She did a great job! I seriously need to start watching this show.

  • CanD

    Better than J Hudson’s. There was something wrong with her mic at the Grammy’s But this girl from Glee knocked it out the ball park.

  • Nika

    I don’t get why you call it Whitney Houston’s song because it is DOLLY PARTON’S SONG!!! Dolly wrote the song long time ago and it was successfull back then. Whitney and just sang it…btw Jennifer Hudson is nothing compare to Amber b/c Amber killed it!

  • http://@tazzie65 Sally

    Wow, I don’t think I ever realized just how good she is. She said before that this was filmed before Whitney’s death, but what a tribute. Beautiful, I also think it was better than Jennifer Hudson’s.

  • Get it right

    ANNND, Whitney Houston COVERED Dolly Parton’s song…
    Don’t forget THAT is NOT Whitney’s song… It’s Dolly’s!!

  • Macy

    Dolly Parton did it better Back in 1974, but then again she did write it..
    She will be making a crap load of money off of Whitney’s death.

  • Amazing!

    Amber nailed that song. WOW. The flow of her voice was just beautiful. So soothing. Gave me goosebumps. Something I was expecting from Jennifer Hudson’s performance. I don’t care what people say, Jennifer Hudson’s rendition made me cringe. It sounded horrible! She was trying too hard to sound deep, but ended up sounding like a man instead–or a women impersonating a mans voice. Just because she said she idolized Whitney as a child, doesn’t mean she was the perfect choice to sing that song for her tribute. Almost EVERYONE in the business “idolized” Whitney! She was no different.

  • Telise

    Amazing that people would compare Jennifer Hudson’s tribute with Amber’s and find it “not as good”. Amber taped her rendition in advance whereas Jennifer was approached by Grammy producers at the last minute (on the day that Whitney died) to sing the song Sunday night. She cried all during rehearsal of the tribute and was fighting tears Sunday. Considering it was a rushed endeavor & unplanned, I think Jennifer did an absolutely stellar job. Amber’s rendition was just as superb!

  • Chelle

    Incredible. Best rendition I’ve ever heard :)

  • Tom

    I cannot believe all of you people saying Amber did a better job than Jennifer Hudson. Not to see Amber did poorly, but it’s a studio recording. Of course it is going to sound better than a live performance, and who knows how many takes she had to do to get it right

  • b

    I sort of find it to be in poor taste that Glee would do a tribute so quickly. Its awful that it’ takes a death for people to start praising those who passed away so suddenly/

  • @b

    Actually, from my knowledge; according to several cast members, Glee had already recorded the Whitney Houston song WEEKS before the singer passed away. I was personally shocked by the eerie coincidence myself. Very ironic.

  • Liz

    WOW! MUCH better than at the Grammys! MUCH MUCH better. It almost seemed like Whitney was back for a moment…

  • Ianlynn

    OMG!! Amazing coverr!!

  • Julz

    Goosebumps…seriously! Amazing cover…Amber always does them so perfect! Weird coincidence that this aired right after Whitney’s death.

    A couple of people pointed out that the article refers to “I Will Always Love You” as Whitney Houston’s song but Dolly Parton originally wrote and originally performed it. Give it a re-read because that’s not actually what it says. They call it a “Whitney Houston classic,” which I take to mean that she just made the song more famous. Also, the article does give credit to Dolly Parton; “…a track originally written and performed by Dolly Parton.” Just to add my own opinion, I don’t think this song wouldn’t be as famous and well-known as it is now without Whitney having recorded and performed it. Also, I like Whitney’s version better.

    OK, rant over.


  • Amby723

    If she can do it this well live, then they should have had her sing it at the Grammys instead of JHud!

  • Anne

    Man glee is so so so stupid they always ruin other peoples music. She did oky not that good.

  • Girl

    her voice is more soothing to listen to, unlike Hudson’s deep-manly voice.

    One of things that made Whitney’s voice great was the tonal quality, smooth and rich NOT deep and craggy. I like this Amber version.

  • NanaBannana

    Just beautiful!!!!!!!!

  • Olithée

    I think its perfect !

  • dan

    well, i guess we won’t see black women on tv looking like Jayne Kennedy ever again huh? Why are we bombarded with the same mammie characters? Fat, homey looking, non-glarmous, and not attractive with these wigs? It’s like looking at Precious all over again! Where are the Jayne Kennedies?????? Where are the attractive Black (American) women with their REAL hair, nice figues, and gorgeous faces? And I am not talking about crazy Halle Berry! Who do we have now on tv/films? Whoopie Goldberg? This chick? The two women up for Oscars now? Ugh! So uninspired!

  • Juan

    I love Amber’s rendition, but I wouldn’t criticize Jennifer Hudson’s Grammy version. JHud sand at a very emotional time (live) while Amber’s Glee version was done in a studio. Jennifer did an amazing job at the BET Honors last year when she sang the same song while Whitney sat in the audience.

  • billybudd

    omment-page-1/#comment-20527321″>Anne:everybody is entitled to their opinion and mine is you must be tone deaf . amber’s rendition was almost as good as whitney’s, which by the way was better than dolly’s even though she wrote it.

  • Lynn Woolf

    Amazing job, hit all the notes, better than anyone I have heard outside of Whitney! If she were to belt it out harder in some areas, WOW!!!
    Lots of pressure and she nailed it!

  • gleelover#1

    omg amber did a fantastic job with this song, i was crying and i had chills while she was singing it. yah i agree wayyyy ebetter than jhuds performance at the grammys. love glee and amber!

  • Hermmingbird

    All the women who sang the song did their own personal rendition which showed their amazing phenomenal talents. As professional woman they most likely admired each time Dolly, Whitney, Jordan, and Amber shared the song for all of us to be moved by their beautiful gifts. I know I sobbed each time I heard the song because as it was sung I would internalize it and feel the emotion and a part of themselves that each singer would give us. They are all amazing women. We have to stop criticizing by saying one is better then the other and celebrate.
    Amber; Amazing, Jennifer; under extreme emotional stress to be able to sing at all and for your idol you are Amazing, Whitney and Dolly have always been amazing. People, these women are human beings . . . super talented not super humans!

  • monie26

    Amber Riley is one of three people on the show that can actually sing. The others are Lea Michele and Kevin McHale. The rest is all auto-tuned. She did an incrdible job. Cut J-Hud some slack it was less than a day after Whitney Houston’s death. I give her props for even being able to stand on that stage and attempt to sing a tribute.

  • OMD

    her nose. i cant.

  • Hellooooooo

    Whaaoo i just realize her voice is smooth and light compared too Whitney and JHud’s . But she did an amazing job as always

  • Felipe Nopollous

    Dolly Parton was interviewed once and was asked if she was jealous that Whitney’s version was so much more popular than hers. She laughed and said she was delighted because she wrote that song and has the rights to it and that she made a lot of money from Whitney’s version. Dolly will be getting even more now that there is a resurgence of people buying Whitney’s cover of that song.

  • Luv2cook2

    AMAZING!!! This girl should be on American Idol or The Voice, she’d clean up.

  • LaTonya

    Amber did a very Good Job Singing Whitney’s Houston Song ” I will always Love You”. We all know that Whitney was one of a kind and can never be replaced. As far as JHudd I feel and though she was just emotional at her Grammy Performance and it is tough to try and do something when your feeling are involved.

  • Coffee

    We can’t compare this to J Hud, because Amber’s was recorded in a studio. J Hud song live BIG difference!!! If J Hud song in a studio pre recorded she would have been good too!!

  • Vickie Brewer

    In two words–absolutely awesome!

  • Zinga

    Amber Riley is the best to the haters I suggest you watch Amber sing live,because clearly you don’t Know what she about or Glee for that matter!

  • Zinga

    @OMD: Shut up!

  • Zinga

    @dan: Another hater, Amber Riley is amazing this a t.v. show she looks way different in real life dummy she is attractive what do you look like ha!