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Zac Efron: I Have The Best Job In the World!

Zac Efron: I Have The Best Job In the World!

Zac Efron flashes a smile as he makes an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday (April 5).

The 24-year-old actor (in Calvin Klein Collection) spoke with host Jay about his favorite hobbies, including bungee jumping!

“Bungee jumping is one of my favorite things to do in the world!” Zac said.

He also spoke about how he feels about acting.

“I’ve got the best job in the world. I’m not really complaining. I think I got a great thing going,” he told Jay.

Check out Zac‘s interview below, and click inside for part two, where he chats about his upcoming film The Lucky One!

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  • lauren

    actors in general got the best job in the world, they are paid to act a character and make a crap load of money for it

    forever bitter

  • XYZ

    Yes, Zack u have the best blow/hand job in the world, no doubt about that!

  • lauren

    was that really necessary? nor that was funny?

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @XYZ: cut the crap. Before you write such BS here, look at yourself. And if I were you, I would learn how to write the names in a correct way. To write a name, that normally contains 3 letters, wrong is really more than embarrassing. I give an advice go back to school and learn to write.

  • Munchkin

    Yes you do Zac – little guy, little talent and you get paid for that!

  • Courtney

    this manufactured piece of fluff can’t have it both ways he was just complaining about being called a heartthrob and now he’s saying acting is the best job in the world. fighting against being called a heartthrob when you can’t act to save your life rings hollower than an oscar it’s one thing if you have acting chops like Sir Michael Redgrave, Paul Newman, Robert Redford ect but sadly Zach doesn’t

  • R U sure

    Zac looked great here and sounded great, to all you jealous little kiddies on this comment section , his movie ,”The Paperboy” may open at Cannes. It has to be something to even be considered.
    Plus he got great reviews for his part in “Liberal Arts” . so please go back to class your Kindergarten teacher is calling you. behave children.

  • lauren

    @ r u sure
    ive been seeing your name everyone on here and jjr im guessing your a fan of zac?

  • R U sure

    @lauren . I’m more than a fan , I loved the boy now the man. I’m so happy to see his life going in the right direction. I study I read and I cut through all the haters and the PR B.S. from his team. I do see he is really a fine man who does a lot of charity work behind the scenes. I also see he protects the ones he cares about.

  • Tom

    I think that suit has the best job in the world

  • Sure

    @R U sure: And we all know Cannes ain’t what it used to be by any stretch….

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Yes, he does have the best job in the world – sitting on his well-paid butt.

  • Fran

    Hahahah can’t stop laughing. Jealousy, jealousy EVERYWHERE. He’s perfect, get over it.

  • Ranch

    @Fran: No, Gossling and Bomer are perfect, this boy not even in their leaugue.

  • http://Fanpopgirl Cherry

    @ranch first learn how to spell league and then talk thankyou

  • Alicia

    @Cherry: That is so right! learn how to spell before you talk.Also think before speaking out.

  • Bunnylover

    This guy is my perfect idol. he is talented and handsome and I do love a handsome man in a suit. If you prefer someone else, go find someone to talk about them with instead of stalking the threads of someone you supposedly hate.

  • ash


    Gosling is amazing,I agree

    but no one will always be that lucky like him to be in good films.There’re good films and sh1ty films.Zac’s been in sh1ty films like NYE but after a storm comes a rainbow right?Nothing can be bad forever.
    And Zac def. can act,ppl should watch ‘Miracle run’ and ‘Me And Orson Welles’,even in ’17 Again’ and CSC,he did give strong performances.His next 3 films “Liberal Arts” “paperboy” & “Highland” would be positive(at least the test screening received positive reviews).
    But if you’re a hater plz forget what I said and be pathetic and ignorant and mean.

  • Bunnylover

    @ash: ‘Highland’? what’s that? Is that the title they chose for Heartland? :)

  • lucy

    oh great , another talentless gay guy

  • mona

    R U sure
    and who told you this joke ?????????

  • ratsazzrats

    he is mean in the streets ok people, he gets paid to go on leno so of course he is gonna be nice, but in the real world he is little dickers . he should try a real job like picking apples for 12 hours a day or selling door to door or selling women’s shoes, lets see how nice he is to people then. Hollywood enables duche bags and all you lame pedestrians feed into it by lionizing the duche bag


    I can’t lend credance to the opinions of people who would flunk my English course.

    Zac is both beautiful and talented. Enough said.

  • My 2 Cents

    @R U sure: I agree with you 100% Wow Zac looks great here. Love his hair it shows off his handsome face and nice ears. Very Old School Hollywood.

  • The TRUTH

    @ash: You can’t be serious. Those performances were barely watchable. He is a stiff actor, has no emotion in his face, and looks like he’s reading lines all the time. I cringe every time I see any of his trailers. NYE trailers were especially bad, and TLO ones are horrific as well. Everyone ALWAYS acts circles around him. The only role that aeemed to fit him was Troy Bolton, to be honest. His other roles are painful to watch. The ONLY thing he has going for him is his face and upper bod. He’s short, and often girly. There’s just an ick factor with him goin’ on.

  • Nadine

    @Alicia: Before you call people out for spelling you might check your grammar which is kind of ghetto.
    @Ranch: The 13 year olds that think this boy is a man and think he is talented wouldn’t know what perfect is.

  • I AM sure

    @R U sure: How do you know that? How does he “protect” his friends? By letting them drive away drunk? And I only see his so-called charity work when his PR team needs to do damage control after something especially stupid that he’s done. Like after his disgusting pics groping his “best friend” in front of cameras and her now ex-BF, he is shown donating clothes to some random charity. It happens every time. I’m afraid you’ve fallen victim to the guy his PR team wants you to believe he is.

  • kyle

    Zac is a good actor. Hollywood loves him. He is churning movies left & right. Yay for him!!!

  • R U sure

    @I Am Sure To bad you don’t know what you are talking about. Zac wasn’t even in the car with a drunk Ryan Rottman. The friends in the car with Ryan should of stopped him. How do you know Ryan didn’t tell Zac he wasn’t going to drive but did anyway?Ashley Pics and giving clothes to the Charity was four months apart. If you read me properly , I said he helped charity all the time with out PR. So you wouldn’t know about it..No matter what he does you hate him plain and simple , which makes you plain and simple yourself.

  • jaded

    He looks happy and that is a good thing. Zac does have charisma and a seemingly good work ethic. Bascially, I think he is more than a pretty face.Hopefully he will score roles that are worthy and more challenging.Roles that don’t require him to spend time with his shirt off flexing his muscles 90%.. Is he at the level of Ryan Gosling, Shia or even young Josh Hutcherson? No. Ryan got his start with Disney and incidently “The Notebook” — a Nicholas Sparks movie. I could not make it through “The Notebook”…I am not exactly a Spark’s fan…sorry Mr. Sparks.It’s just not my cup of tea. Ryan’s talent blew me away with his performance in “Blue Valentine” and “Drive”. Hopefully, Efron will emulate the career of Ryan Gosling rather than Leo. But it’s his career and his choices. Josh Hutcherson is also a remarkable talent. I believe at one point he will be A-list if not already. Neither of these guys need to constantly take off their shirts to prove and illustrate their craft as superb actors. As for the breakup with Vanessa Hudgens, I agree that people just need to let it go. A source whom I believe to be quite reliable indicated that this breakup was not due to a one-party f**ck up in regards to cheating if you get my drift. There were other factors that came into play. I’m not even going to pretend that I know what happened nor is it my business. I do believe the source implicitly. Whatever happened, it is their business.Only their closest friends and family know what happend as well as Zac and Vanessa. I do believe that they loved each other. But they are young and probably felt the need to experience life on their own. They are both ambitious in regards to career and contrary to belief Vanessa is every bit as ambitious as Efron. Someone on another thread remarked that Vanessa’s mother insisted that Zac propose to Vanessa and this led to a breakup. This is nonsense …tabloid fodder. I do believe that Zac loved Vanessa and vice versa. I hate to bring up Disney and HSM3, but if you haven’t seen this movie, check it out. His reaction and love for her is so obvious and palpable. He’s a pretty good actor but not that good. His chemistry with her is so obvious and natural.. It’s’s love. But hey, they were young and had a wonderful run together. They are adults now and need to find their own way. HW is tough on relationships and sometimes love no matter how strong can be fleeting. Hope they both find happiness professionally and personally in all the craziness. Perhaps they can at least become friends again. But perhaps they still are because what do we know? We no nothing.

  • jaded

    Typos galore again. Meant to say we “know” nothing as oppposed to “no” nothing.

  • jaded

    Forgot to add, Ryan Gosling does have several years on Zac so in all fairness, Zac still has some time to grow professionally. Okay, no more comments on this thread…I’m out. Insomnia — you are my enemy tonight.

  • Friends no more

    @jaded: I don’t think they are friends, at all. Nada. That’s what tells me something not pretty broke them up, and that there was a lot of hurt. If you understand anything about human behavior, you’d know this to be true. If this was an amicable breakup, you would have seen or heard of them occasionally at the same parties, talking as friends, or something like that. But nothing exists between these two. I would bet on that. But having said that, I am glad they are both happy…..she seems to enjoy her new guy and he is care free, dropping his condoms along the way. She is happy having a guy she can trust, and he is doing whomever he wants. I think that’s what both wanted all along. And BTW, just talking about it does NOT mean people aren’t “over” it……just means the subject came up.

  • hey there!

    @Friends no more:

    You missed a little bit when you said she enjoys her new bf. What you should have said was she enjoys dry humping her new bf in public, and you should have added her nude pics, because you seem to have forgotten to add her faults not just added Zacs.

    Guess you are her fan though.

    @Jaded I loved everything you said.

  • jaded

    @Friends no more: I never said it was amicable and I’m surely not going to sugar coat anything. Most likely they do not speak but they do share a circle of friends, All I can say is that it was a rough ending especially with him running back and forth apparently trying to patch things up or whatever he was trying to do. I’m just saying that a reliable neutral source indicated that things aren’t always what they seem in regards to “stuff” being implied about what happened. Bottomline: I think she is very happy now and he probably is too doing his own thing. Stick a fork in’s done. But I’ll say this: I’m more likely to see Spring Break with all it’s kitsch and a tricked out James Franco than that Nick Sparks movie that Zac is in.

  • R U sure

    @friends no more They have been to several events at the sametime.
    NBA party, SpHo House for ashley Tisdale’s God awful movie.
    I also have a source who say they talk through a friend. The relationship was over for a long time before the Dec. 14, 2010.

  • R U sure

    Sorry I meant SoHo House

  • jaded

    @R U sure: The only thing that I agree with you on was that the breakup did occur before December 2010…most likely November. But those two are not chummy in any way. It’s finito anyway.

  • Friends no more

    Those two events were ages ago, and they did not speak much, from all accounts. The account at the NBA party was that he was holding hands with a guy. Not gonna speak to that. Sounds like they did ‘say hello’. At Ashley’s party, they couldn’t have been any further apart. I’m betting this was NOT a nice parting, at all. And ‘jaded’ also speaks to that. When there is pain over a split, you do NOT stay friends. It’s as simple as that.

    I also don’t agree it was ‘over’ before November. Having problems, yes. But she was with him in NO before she also had to leave for Hawaii, and like jaded said, he was making efforts to do something even through January, and went to see her in NC while filming J 2.

    But that was over a year ago, and she’s found trust and love again, and is working steadily. He’s happy with his career. They both have what they want. That’s a good thing.

    @hey there!: You’re ridiculous. He IS her BF, and pap pics are unfortunate, but it’s not anything a normal couple doesn’t do. Get over it. And the pics were an adolescent mistake. She said so. But her character speaks volumes since then, and his just gets more and more slimey. Whatever. I think it’s better to have made mistakes and learn from them, instead of being an insensitive jerk.

  • dooliloo

    if only this dude was a decent actor I’d understand but errrr no no no no…. he’s LUCKY he’s got that job!

  • R U sure

    There was a lot going on between them that only very few people know about. They were not trying to get back together. Just wrapping up loose ends. NBA party . I’m not saying this is it , but he had a friend there, who had just lost his mother, and he was very sorry and concerned for his friend. I don’t believe for a second he was holding hands with a guy, unless people thought they saw this and didn’t realize what was going on. I’m not saying he was holding hands.

  • I am sure

    @R U sure: Where did you read this nonsense? Seriously. I didn’t give the story much validity, but you are, coming up with a story like that. And what makes you say they were wrapping up loose ends? How do you know?


    @XYZ: It sounds like you enjoyed it.

  • I AM sure

    @R U sure: Oh, and BTW, he was with that group of friends, and watched him drink all night. Someone should have stopped him.

  • R U sure

    @I am sure you were right he was with a group of friends , so why should it be up to Zac to stop him? Like I said maybe Ryan said he wouldn’t drive , but did anyway
    I know the guy who lost his mother.
    As far as wrapping up loose ends. Did you see them together after that?

  • jaded

    @Friends no more: I think you pretty much nailed it. During Zac’s time shooting in NO, they met in Vegas and she also visited him on set. He came to visit in November. It’s highly unlikely they were broken up way before December. I think “RU sure” is full of sh*t. Bottomline: it’s over for these two but there was love there..stuff happened and that’s that. I think she’ll be married with baby by 30 and he’ll be single for a long time or may never marry ala Clooney. In any event, I think she’s more shrewd than people give her credit for. The girl may not always take the lead roles but she works with some extraordinary people: Zach Snyder, John Cusack, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Caine, James Franco and Harmony Korine. She obviously gets it.

  • Friends no more

    @jaded: @jaded: Exactly. And there were also the sightings in Jan, and his visit with her in NC. So something went very wrong somewhere. And my gut tells me, it was her that was very hurt. But things always happen for a reason. It’s just the way it was meant to be. She seems at peace, and he is carving out a sex symbol image for himself. Oh, well!

  • jaded

    @Friends no more: I agree and to be quite honest, I’m glad she’s rid of him. Very glad. As I indicated in my first post on this thread, I do believe him to have charisma and talent but he needs to step up his game. But hey whatever, I’m not going to be watching any of his movies anyway. Okay, maybe if he does a film with Ryan Gosling…but hell, at this rate, Vanessa will have a better shot at working with Gosling than Zac.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!