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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kisses at the Race!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kisses at the Race!

LeAnn Rimes gives her husband Eddie Cibrian a big kiss during the 36th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race held at the Long Beach Grand Prix on Saturday (April 14) in Long Beach, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer stepped out the day before to support Eddie at the “People Pole Award” presentation during the first day of the Toyota Grand Prix event.

“Well, Eddie didn’t win, but @brodyjenner and he left a lasting impression on the race & everyone!!!!” LeAnn tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at the race…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian kisses at the race 10

Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • BlameCanada

    her flipping lizard face gives me nightmares. enough already.

  • Whatevs

    Just Jared, is she financing your car or something? The Toyota Procelebrity race is boring in itself. These two D-listers kissing is a news item? Really? Her clinging and then lots of close ups of that unfortunate squinty mug. WOW. What news. Why don’t you get her and Kate Bosworth and their significant out of work others, together for a staged photo op at the Farner’s Market of something like that. They could save on the fees they pay you and get two inane and banal stories for the price

  • ErickalovesMargie

    Desperate fame monger kisses husband who she pays to stay. News at eleven. Desperate faded star clings to husband she knows will cheat on her while she is performing at a chile cook-off, midnight news. Former child star has nervous breakdown when paid for piece husband cheats on her, takes her money and leaves her for his third wife. News soon to come….from the mental institution. Little Margie is so terribly desperate isn’t she? Look, I’m kissing the man I stalked and “won”. Sad, sad, sad,

  • Tony

    More PDA (Pathetic Display of Affection). So phony. I thought that was Vanessa Hudgens and her BF.

  • chelle

    She reminds me of Mr Ed.

  • Mich

    Of course JJ posts pics of these famewhores cause she is PAYING you to. No pics of other “celebs” at the race? So pathetic and obvious.

  • Courtney

    Gross. Pathetic. Nasty.

  • Jane

    Is it just me or are there veins popping out of her forehead? And what in the he## is she doing with that silly tongue pressing against the back of her teeth just like Jessica Simpson does? Real people do not smile like that. No wonder her smiles are always awkward. I saw a picture on her Twitter feed with that silly outfit posing with the military. She’s totally classless and disgusting. I’m surprised that top wasn’t open even more. She honestly thinks her chest is a gift from God the way she shows it off. No class, no elegance.

  • Tamra

    Old hag convention at AARP site! Tell Brandi

  • B

    they’re both cheaters. once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • betty

    @Tamra Make sure you attend and take Leann she looks pretty old.

  • Just somepoints

    People who don’t like an artist, won’t like an artist.
    the entertainer loses nothing there.
    the fans of the entertainer are who the entertainer aims for. that is the entertainers fans abse, market, money.
    CM fans are a bit different in their loayalty. they are loyal. they also unloyal for some things.
    LeAnn ‘s fanbase was huge and even those in CM who weren’t her real fanbase, but tolerated her, still suported her.
    That fanbase is pretty much gone.
    LeAnn has gone from being an A-list entertiner to C-D list and that is in her genre, CM. Even putside of CM, her fanbase sort of drifted.

    Long Beach Grand prix, with Brody Jenner.
    Sorry to folks here from Long Beach, but come on. Long Beach or any city race is not Monte Carlo Grand Prix or something like that.
    LeAnn sings at corporate venues. I know they pay, but still. She sings at supper clubs.
    What happend to being out on her own in big Vegas showrooms. Opneing for Kenny Chesny which is not opoening, but performing for around 40,000 + people.
    I really feel sorry for her.
    Brandi won. Eddie was awful in being faithful to Brandi.
    Eddie won because he got his come upings from latching onto to leAnn Rimes.

  • Cam S

    No really, what is the point of getting breast implants if IT DOESN’T CREATE CLEAVAGE? She has huge gap in between her boobs. Not a good look. However, looking at her always makes me feel better about myself. Listen ladies, next time your having an “off day”- just remember.. at least you’re not Leann Rimes! That outta make you feel better INSTANTLY. Nothing sadder than a “3″ thinking they are a “10″

  • dadad

    she’s pregnant

  • Life of Brian

    Why is SHE ALWAYS hanging on him like that? Usually it’s the man that is possessive. It’s so amusing that she probably thinks she has herself a prize winning, blue ribbon pig. A woman (or man) would have to be crazy or EXTREMELY INSECURE to want Eddie Cibrian

  • Ack!

    I feel sorry for her the way she has turned out, I really do. She just looks awful. Most of the time she looks like a man. Or one of the Gibb Brothers. The more she messes with her face, and attempts to be a fashionista, the worse she looks. She needs a stylist who dresses her body shape, because she just not have the right figure (or chest), for the looks she’s trying to pull off. I honestly don’t understand how her husband can look at her and be attracted. She was never beautiful, but she was ok-cute, earlier in her life, and even when these two met – now she’s morphed into some odd-looking, perpetually awfully dressed creature. She’s gonna go Britney Spears when he dumps her, I’m sure of it. She seems so unhinged already.

  • Jane

    @Life of Brian:I agree. I look at Eddie and I totally cringe. There are so many other handsome and sexier looking men in Hollywood who I could easily swoon over. Eddie with those disgusting dimples, “Joker” smile and squinty eyes just makes me ill. It also shocks me to think she believes this man is a sex God. Both of them deserve each other. If they break up who will want them? Both are damaged goods.

  • Racy

    My lord, won’t you people ever shut up? Sounds like a bunch of high school girls. If you choose, don’t be a fan but stop mouthing stupid, too often ignorant, statements!

  • cover it up

    If your boobs are practically under your armpits, you shouldn’t constantly wear plunging necklines. It’s not sexy. It looks like a man’s chest. LR, please for goodness sakes, get some people around you (that aren’t paid to be there) who will tell you the truth about how you look.

  • Kristina

    @Racy: Shut up yourself. The US has free speech and LeAnn has attracted the negativity through her own behavior. Best to stay off the gossip sites if you can’t handle the fact that almost everyone has a low opinion of her and her husband. The more she tries to pay for photo ops and press, the more people dislike her.

  • char

    very happy that eddie came in 16th out of 19 in the race. guess thats because leann was squeezed in the seat with him and he couldn’t move his arms. bet she even goes into the bathroom with him, probably to see if he needs her to hold his widdle thingy while he tries to wee

  • Jane

    @Racy: Did you ever see the movie “A Few Good Men”? There was a scene when Jack Nicolson seethed, “Truth? You can’t handle the truth”. This is YOUR issue right now. We are not making up any stories about Leann and Eddie. Therefore we are clearly not these ignorant creatures you are accusing us of being. We are speaking of clear hard facts, honey. If she was a classy, honorable woman who never screwed around and did well for this world she’d have a h*** of a lot less people hating on her. She ASKED for this life. Her actions cause nothing but anger or disbelief among NORMAL people who are psychologically sound. We would leave her alone if she would simply give it a rest with the photo ops. She is literally shoving herself in our faces. I also believe you who are ignorant of the fact that a hefty portion of us on here are American, and we live by the Freedom of Speech clause of the Constitution of the United States. Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s ideas via speech. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. We live by the Constitution. There is nothing ignorant about that. Leann has her 1st Amendment rights to put herself out there and make a fool out of herself. We abide by those same 1st Amendment rights to comment on them. Leann is living a lie. She cannot handle the truth either; hence her fairy tale world of fast cars, yacht trips and over the top vacations with endless shopping. She is living a costly fantasy world and wants us to be utterly jealous of her. Instead, we pity her. One day she is going to crash and burn. It will NOT be our fault, but hers.

  • Jane

    @char: She probablt gave a new meaning to “back seat driver. LOL. I wouldn’t be surprised if she Tweeted, “My love did the best out of all the racers because he is my HUSBAND”.

  • HeeHee!

    I love this couple, they always look so happy.
    Forget the haters, LR…they do not matter to anyone.

  • HeeHee!

    @Cam S:
    You could ask BG the same question.

  • HeeHee!

    And..when you ask her, tell her she is looking really rough these days.
    Too much alcohol and sun?

  • Life of Brian

    @Racy: This is a GOSSIP SITE. It’s called “gossiping” for a reason. If you are above it, then I can suggest an educational site. Just sayin….

  • Cam S

    How come Leann fans can’t DEFEND LEANN WITHOUT HATING ON BRANDI??? If you like Leann, great. But, stop knocking the ex wife. Constantly comparing Leann to Brandi just EMPHASIZES Leann’s obsession and stalking behavior. And I don’t even like Brandi Glanville! I guess you always have to put down the ex wife because Leann is ALWAYS TRYING TO MORPH INTO HER? Trying to defend Leann on her own capabilities and merit must be a HARD TASK for Leann fans huh?

  • Dingoatemybaby

    “Didn’t win…”??? Eddie Cibrian came in LAST at the race, but not before he hit a wall and came back down hitting Brody Jenner, taking him completely out of the race. Eddie finished last behind Soap actresses, KTLA weather girls, and the like…

  • ttg1021

    @Cam S:
    I don’t like brandi, either. The old girl has no class.

  • Just somepoints

    YEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pardon my bad spelling there before.I did not even both to look at the pics. Picture 4, where are her boobies????
    the did shift to under her arm pits. The plunging neckline shows no boobies there.
    They should have been showing clevage.
    What she needed since she has the breast implants wasa puch up bra instead of going braless.

  • Tabitha

    Old lonely hag BB
    AnnieBowl’s harrassing sweetandsaucy cake makers OHMIGOD. No life at all.


    i cant believe there are people on here calling Brandi and her “followers”hags…wtf this article is not even about her! It is about LeAnn and her famewhoring. if her stupid fans are too upset to deal w the fact that no one f***ing likes this trick TOO BAD! she did it to herself! don’t blame the poor ex who from what I can see has already has been put through hell and back.

  • Alaia

    @brodyjenner and he

    Go back to school, skank.

  • Jane

    @HeeHee!: Honey, they are not happy. He is usually drunk and she is mentally unstable hence their ridiculous smiles.

  • betty

    @Racy You see things have not changed too much in 3 yrs. Leann and Eddie are still despised.Ed is still unemployed,Leann is still insecure obsessive and clingy or should I say more so but whoda thunk Brandi would be featured in a popular TV show while the two “STARS”careers are fading. That prize she won has not even supported her but you always had a lot to say about a woman being supported by their man but Eddie is slacking and he has kids to support. Leann can tweet and take as many happy and in love photos as she wishes but we know it ain’t so.

  • RyansRundown

    Beautiful couple, I just adore the two. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessy Smith

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  • Jade

    her face is very unattractive. lol.

  • sickened

    That’s one ugly dude. Oh and Eddie looks like a dork.

  • notafan

    People who hate on people and come back to reread their hate and to see if they can add to it, actually hate themselves for being so ugly internally. It is proven.

    Poor, poor hater hags. I will pray for you and hope your loneliness due to your ugliness will abate. Also, you will get a lot more wrinkles from the ugly looks on your ugly faces.

    So pitiful.

  • betty

    @Notafan Reread your comments aren’t you doing the same,stop being hypocritical you can’t “HATE” what you don’t know since when is criticism hate.When you but your business in the street it will be critiqued if not keep it private.

  • Denise

    So what if LEANN is NOT the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman in the world. Why do people always base everything on looks. You don’t have to be perfect looking, nobody truly is. She has a beautiful voice and I actually like a lot of her songs. I know she is not the most intelligent person; I have seen her on some interviews and talk shows. She does not present herself well and is always laughing and saying silly things. But, she does have great talent and Eddie does NOT. He sucked in that movie they made. I don’t think that slime bag deserves Leann. He does not look trustworthy at all, actually he is sneaky. I think he is using Leann for her money. I would not want to be in her shoes. There is nothing worse than being used by your husband.

  • Racy

    @betty: Just read your cmt dated 15 Apr 12. Seldom read these things anymore. Yes, things have changed -since, like you, I know little about acting I will leave the criticism of Eddie up to you. Don’t know if he loves her or she loves him, but that isn’t my problem – or yours. I was a fan of LeAnn and defended her many times. It appears that she only recognizes that small part of the population that she calls her “friends” and not what was her fan base. I really don’t know how you and other people talk about how ugly she is. Would like to see a pic of all of you who put her down so we can see if you qualify to judge beauty. What she does with her soul, etc., is up to her and God. Very few things surprise me though. I am happy that B got the spot of HWBH or whatever. Just don’t know why these women think everybody is interested in their naked bodies. I wouldn’t mind being in her shoes (bet you wouldn’t either if you told the truth). Millions of bucks, great looking guy, and talented. I would just handle it differently. Maybe that’s why I don’t have all that. How do you know he uses her? Bet you don’t have any reason except you don’t like them. I still admire LeAnn’s talent, but my view is a bit tarnished from observing. PS: I would probably agree to be “used” by someone that looks like Eddie. WOW!! He is better looking than either of the women. Tra-La, Betty. You are a worthy opponent.