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Gerard Butler Going on a 'Manhunt'?

Gerard Butler Going on a 'Manhunt'?

Gerard Butler may be starring in another action thriller!

The 42-year-old Scottish stud is in talks to star in Manhunt, set to begin production at the end of the year, Deadline reports.

Synopsis: “A team of FBI agents [are] sent to the North Carolina wilderness to chase the FBI’s most wanted man, domestic terrorist and survivalist James Tollan, who has eluded arrest with the support of the local population while attacking the federal government. They enroll the help of a reluctant bear hunter to capture the killer. But once the team enters the woods, the hunters become the hunted as Tollan will stop at nothing to survive and defend his territory.”

WOULD YOU WATCH Gerard Butler in Manhunt?

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147 Responses to “Gerard Butler Going on a 'Manhunt'?”

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  1. 1
    June Says:

    What is going on with his career? There have been so many projects announced for this year (with overlapping schedules) yet nothing gets confirmed.
    Maybe project announcements are a deflection when he gets bad press for his personal shenanigans.

  2. 2
    June Says:

    Olympus has Fallen
    Hunter Killer
    Thunder Run
    Did I miss any?
    Some of these negotiations must have fallen through… maybe G isn’t getting the salary he’s asking for (or there were other financing issues).
    Still think this could be his PR people trying to change the conversation when Gerry is taking hits in the press for his antics.

  3. 3
    nyob Says:

    Gerry on a manhunt is hardly breaking news.

  4. 4
    CHOLITA Says:

    hola querida amiga dargabriel como estas,hay que cuidarse aqui del fuego cruzado…..siento que el señor BUTLER es un buen jugador de ajedrez…..realmente amiga no creo que vaya a perder a su otra mitad,ella siento que es una mujer fiel,leal y paciente con el,esta mujer nacio con el corazon cerrado para cualquier hombre,ningun hombre la ha tocado nunca, un solo amor,protegida totalmente por su familia ,amigos,vigilantes invisibles,su destino fue marcado solo para esperarlo a el,son mis sensaciones,mujer fuerte……en cambio el ha tenido la oportunidad de estar con algunas damas para aprender muchas cosas,era necesario…… destino es muy especial y digo esto desde lo mas profundo de mi alma,soy sincera y lo confieso……..punto aparte ……omg!!!!………pobre tu bobby realmente debe sufrir mucho,y para colmo de males tiene una infeccion dental…ouch!…dargabriel la unica solucion real ,es que le pases el huevo,eso es una receta efectiva,esto es para que se le quite es susto,la enfermedad,el mal,seguramente le echaron el ojo……pobrecito…..cuidalo bien…….desde aqui le envio unos besitos a tu hermoso bobby ,para que se recupere el niño……seguramente va a crecer….siempre es asi….me despido hasta mas tarde…..risas…risas…..muchas risas……feliz de verte aqui y cuidate mucho…..besitos y abrazos……adios..

  5. 5
    Nika Says:

    I used to like him very much but now he’s just known here in L.A. for sleeping with every woman who is at least slightly attractive while doing too much coke (don’t know if rehab helped)…I kinda miss the old Gerard…fame can be so destructive

  6. 6
    answer Says:

    um. no.

  7. 7
    Grey Says:

    Absolutely I would watch “Manhunt”. Love him as an actor and am a fan of all of his movies. He puts heart and soul into his movies and is so good and kind to his fans as well. Thought it was a pity that “Coriolanus” and Machine Gun Preacher had bad distributors. Hope whatever he does in the future they do justice in that department. Do wish he would make movies with his Scottish accent.

  8. 8
    ugh Says:

    he has contempt for women

  9. 9
    I think Says:

    a poster who came here a few threads ago, said it was financing, insurance issues and a very poor reputation with some directors and writers. This was offered up as reasons to why his projects were not going through.
    I also think he is STILL struggling with some addiction issues, which of coarse would make those that fund his films a little wary.
    Isn’t it odd that a man with so many injuries is signed on for nothing but action films? Does he have a point to prove? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Gerard, I hope something comes through soon for him.

  10. 10
    jrm Says:

    yes it would be great to see him in a new movie. I had to drive miles to see him in mgp

  11. 11
    ugh 2 Says:

    post #8 is NOT me! I will post always as ugh 2 okay JJers.

  12. 12
    curious cat Says:

    Wanted “Me” to know I replied right at the end of the last thread and to have my say. Done.

    No films he has up sound like Oscar material, just like money bags.



    I swore to GIH (that means the guy upstairs ) that I would give up my strange addiction to this site once and for all but sneaked in in spite of my resolve. : (

    After pages of fighting between posters who don’t know each other personally, some of whom make wild and foolish accusations against others, FINALLY a post that made me laugh! GB as he might look in a few years if he loses that wild curly HAIR and ends up as a bald perennial late night talk show guest like you know who! The LOL was not out of spite for him or anyone else. It just kind of put things in perspective, folks.

    I see a few of the good ones are hanging in.

    At the end of the day, the journalist in me tends to win out when I assess these stories. I saw the pictures of GB at Coachella, one of him supposedly “dirty dancing” ( re the movie) with a young woman (his leg appeared to be between hers in the photo), and gossip by columnists and bloggers that he took her outside to dance and then they headed toward the potties. Nobody has claimed to have actually seen them go INTO one together. Or even separately. Nobody claims to have HEARD anything like a potty rocking. OMG. With all the super phone cameras round and the lines at potties at these events wouldn’t somebody have noticed? It is just POSSIBLE they might have had to “use the facilities.” They were seen again talking and partying together but no details of any assignation.

    Yet porta potty sex story has taken on a life of its own and circulated around .I don’t give a sh– if a rabble rousing columnist insists..”.trust me! It happened!” That’s not proof! Now pictures of another “brunette” he WASN”T pictured dancing with, talking and probably flirting with have been reprinted with questions whether she was the potty partner!If she wasn’t and I were she I would be P********d. Bigtime.

    None of this deserves the name of journalism, and wouldn’t have been published unproven by any legitimate news site.

    It doesn’t matter what we think if we don’t KNOW. I have a sign over my desk, one of several sayings sent to me by a friend a few years ago. It reads, DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK. Sometimes you can’t even trust what you think you know or think you see. You can’t be sure of connecting the dots when you don’t know who is doing the drawing and why.

    I ain’t sayin’ it DIDN’T happen, I just don’t have enough evidence that it DID to draw any conclusions or get into a hot bother about it.

    Frankly I am a lot more concerned that GB’s latest two movies, MGP, and Coriolanus, serious films, evidently didn’t command enough box office to show in my area, and I’m not very excited about what he has lined up to do. More action stuff that sounds lame.

  13. 13
    silva Says:

    I wish he would play more Scottish characters, too. I’m perplexed by his upcoming schedule, but I have to say “Manhunt” sounds a lot better than “Die Hard in the Whitehouse” and “Afterburn”. I hope he does this one and ditches the other two.
    (I wouldn’t mind if he tossed “Brilliant” in the dustbin, as well.)
    He seems to really be going after action movies lately.

  14. 14
    angelsrock Says:

    HOw cute. Curious Cat in denial – how sad yet expected.

  15. 15
    Kaiser Says:

    Wake up stupidos. Just because someone leaks that “something is in the works” just to create a “buzzfactor” around a should-be CLister like Gerard – does NOT MEAN that it will end up going anywhere!
    This isHOLLYWOOD, dummies! Its all talk!!

  16. 16
    bystander Says:

    I doubt I’ll watch any of his future generic mindless Hollywood action thrillers. He still has more potential than to turn into some aging Willis, stallone or Seagal. I still hope that one day he’ll forgo maintaining a shallow HW lifestyle with the big bucks from inferior projects, and return to the UK.

    Much of his quality work was british TV, film, or involved a british cast , production, writing or direction, like The Jury, Dear Frankie,POTO, Coriolanus. I love PSILY, which is based on an Irish book, too. I think maybe we do a bit more variety, quirky, than HW, which could suit and stretch him. He’s not going to get those sort of offers as he is. Someone said a couple of threads ago, maybe he should start auditioning for some quality or ensemble roles again, if all he’s getting offered is action leftovers, none of which have much originality in their story premise?

    Not trying to invite any Brit bashing again, but we do have different tastes and a more sardonic, self deprecating humour. Although my porta potty post on the last thread was pure lowly sarcasm. I wasn’t implying anything other than normal ablutions took place, just poking fun a t the ‘I won’t believe anything without a picture ‘ brigade. I wouldn’t want to see anything that normally went on in there, lol!

  17. 17
    bystander Says:

    Ps CCat, I’m still routing for you to in depth interview Gb. I remember what you said about your background and I’m sure your piece would be both insightful and lively. But would you want to do it (hypothetically of course)!

  18. 18
    ugh Says:

    he wants an easy paycheck

  19. 19
    ugh 2 Says:

    I see angelsrock and I have the same doppleganger, yippee. I am sure that is not her either. Perhaps you should post as Loki? :)

  20. 20
    malibumillie Says:

    Too many projects being announced within the same shooting time frame without any real confirmations. Starting to look like noise or PR bunk and the plotlines are starting to blur into each other. Call us when there is something concrete.

    My point from last thread is why be upset or concerned about the people here joking about those NYC photos when far worse has been said at this and other sites many times and ignored, when damaging allegations, in my opinion, were being put out there the last few days that are being ignored or unanswered. Oh except the porta potty rumor, Gossip Cop got right on the case there. We can all sleep better now.

  21. 21
    Got ya! Says:

    Here is what you fat British cows can’t have. Now, chew on that as you go to sleep or start your day. Boo!
    There is a reason he lives in the state, there are no fat cow ******* there.

  22. 22
    British Cows Says:

    @Got ya!:
    They have lots of female cows in Britan. They open a lot of legs over there which is why they are so pissed at GB as he won’t go over there and enter those open free legs. The Britis are the most loose in the anglo-saxon world. Their legs are always open for business, yet GB won’t touch it, even if it’s so free and readily available. He rather do good-times fit attarctive LA girls that don’t look like the cows of yester year. Old meat!

  23. 23
    NYC Model Says:

    @Got ya!:
    Yeah, I meat GB last week at the affair with Philippe Green. Can’t wait to see him again. Not worried about Coachella much. He said he is going, and asked me to come with him. I had a shoot so I couldn’t go. We’re in touch and I will see him soon. You guys are out of your minds if you believe everything you read. I already know what happened. This palce is depressing. Too many throwbacks. The tabs are just blowing hot air. I don’t believe anything they report.
    If he danced with a girl, I really don’t mind. We aren’t exclusive yet, so it makes sense he wanted to have a good time. When I met him he was the life of the party and flirted a lot, so I expected him to do the same at Coachella.

  24. 24
    Aha.... Says:

    @NYC Model: You forgot to add that he was nice and charming and was drinking water only. :)

  25. 25
    silva Says:

    @NYC Model: Oh for fuuck sake, Georgia 2.0.

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