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Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorcese: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Team!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorcese: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Team!

Get ready for another Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese collaboration!

The duo, who have worked together on four previous films, are teaming up for a fifth, titled The Wolf of Wall Street, according to THR!

The film “is based on Jordan Belfort‘s 2008 memoir about his hedonistic run on Wall Street as a risk-taking, drug-using, high-level investment banker.” Leo will be portraying Jordan.

Production will begin in August of this year in New York.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see another collaboration between Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese??

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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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75 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorcese: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Team!”

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  1. 26
    Roane Says:


  2. 27
    benita Says:

    I want to see it, sounds interesting. I did not feel that way about ReV Road or Inception, but I love Scorcese–you can see his movies over and over and they dont get old.

    Sounds like fun to me. BTW, Shutter Island made like $200 million dollars. So check IMDB before you speak.

    Leo can be my Wolf any day.

    As far as his dumb dumbs, you cant have everything and in the long run he’s missing out on some of life’s richest experiences- he picks these girls exactly because he doesnt have to get serious about any of them- once they turn 25 he lets them go so they can find real relationships and husbands. Bar hasnt seemed to find anyone in a year which is interesting but Gisele and Blake did. BUt he wants it that way, sorry Erin but its true. He’s with you because you’re pretty to look at and a trophy to show other guys, but he’ll let you go in time so you can find something real.

  3. 28
    benita Says:

    @GFW: He needs a little more breadth in roles and performances, but he can act. Overpaid? The going rate is $24 million for an A list actor. That is what he gets. Unless he takes points, like for Inception, which he did to get it made because the suits didnt want it. For that he raked in $50 million, which came off of ticket sales, so the FANS and movie goers paid him and voted with their dollars. I dont think it was widely recognized that he was paid more for Inception than any other actor for any other film ever. I guess he didnt want that trumpeted.

  4. 29
    Ka Says:

    I want to see it too. But I agree he should try something different. Oh he’ll be very busy this year.

  5. 30
    Swan Says:


    If dumb (porno)-model can be a trophy to show other guys – something really wrong with his (your) head.

  6. 31
    No respect Says:


    English is my third language.A lot of people can act. Nothing special about these skills.But if u have easy life, easy money, easy girls (DiCaprio) u cannot play someone decent because your empty eyes already start speaking for you in the movies.

  7. 32
    eva Says:

    i know im off topic … looking at titanic 3d make me sad .. sad why cant leo and kate cant be together. its been a decade over. like something is not right. platonic maybe yes but it seems they meant for each other.

  8. 33
    i think Says:

    he’s just not ready to do it yet (settle down that is). for him, these years are the highlight for work so he’s getting it all done. once he decides and finds someone worthy of settling with, he will probably be producing more and being more behind the scenes so he can be more of a family guy

  9. 34
    eva Says:

    @i think:

    hope it goes that way … and so he never sticks to any girlfriends … looking at all the youtubes clips, their body languages, leo’s heart says kate and maybe only kate …

    ooo well … acting comes first.

  10. 35
    raven Says:

    @i think: I agree with you. He just doesn’t seem ready to settle down and that’s ok.

  11. 36
    i think Says:

    Yea its ok. And if you think about it- he’s nut a dumb guy. He’s said it before (about Hollywood friends divorcing). He’s going to take him time finding a life partner. He’s dating eye candy but he knows these arent the future mother of his kids.

    Look at Brad Pitt- how old was he when he got with Angelina and had their first kid? Leo’s got some time. Not by much but he’s got it.

  12. 37
    eva Says:

    @i think: totally agree but its sad isnt it lookin at his love life but i guess its only superficial. anyways ..

  13. 38
    Apples & Oranges Says:

    @i think:
    Brad Pitt was/is a serial monogamist, well for HW standards anyways.
    He was not known to be a carouser or party animal. He had been engaged twice before and when he was Leo’s age was preparing to marry Jen. Also Leo is the biggest HW start right now. Saying he wants career success before settling is his perogative but I think its just a way out for himm LOL. Brad started doing his besxt work after Angie Inglorious ********, Tree of Life > Thor. A relationship should enhane your emotional/professional life not stifle it. Leo is more Hugh Hefner, at 50 he will marry a 20 year old is my guess.

  14. 39
    eva Says:

    ooowhh leo such a pity and pretty boy … wish him success in his career n love … thats all i can wish him for … but still i prefer him to be with kate .. har har har …

  15. 40
    Tigerseye Says:

    Kates awesome, maybe too awesome. Respect and desire rarely go hand in hand. If theres any truth to a Potential ‘should have, could have’ moment with those two, perhaps she is already on a pedestal in his eyes, somewhat untouchable. Anything else would ruin whats already proven tried and true. Still would tip my hat to that union though.

  16. 41
    TigersBrain Says:


    In other words people who have desire for each other rarely have some respect for each other.LOL

  17. 42
    ima-do-me Says:

    slow news…. we need something new….yawn

  18. 43
    eva Says:

    nothing much on leo normally …

  19. 44
    ima-do-me Says:

    @eva: oh there is plenty, you need to know where to look. LSA, twitter, the awful truth, other gossip sites, gossipcop….he’s filming in New Orleans and keeping a low profile. No sightings on twitter. We need something juicy…like a good BREAK UP to talk about.

    Maybe over the Met Ball or Cannes weekend……like last year!

  20. 45
    eva Says:

    yeah exactly but i meant here there’s aint much.

    huhu i prefer the BREAK UP news ..

  21. 46
    Where is Leo? :( Says:

    Pleaseeee,somebody gimme some GOOD news abouttttt my babyyyy *-*
    Some break up news…???????????????
    Erin pretending like she’s super smart on twitter…talking about books,and someone called her a ‘sexy nerd’……gimme a break,so boring!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 47
    eva Says:

    indeed its really b.o.r.i.n.g. … myself i just cant stop looking for news on leo and kate lol!!

  23. 48
    Erin reading??? Says:

    If the time she takes to speak is the same that is taken to read OMG hahahaha

  24. 49
    vagabond Says:

    Here’s Madalina again.This is like what 8 months ago??
    What you guys think of the reviews of the Great Gatsby clips?This review had me interested for sure.

  25. 50
    kris Says:

    I kind of like Erin. She seems like a fun, chill girl. and hey, at least she speaks english lol so her and leo can actually have a convo somewhat. He usually dates foreign models who prob can’t understand a word he says.

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