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Robert Pattinson: Shirtless In 'Cosmopolis' Trailer!

Robert Pattinson: Shirtless In 'Cosmopolis' Trailer!

Robert Pattinson goes shirtless in the official trailer for his new film, Cosmopolis!

Here’s a synopsis: Riding across Manhattan in a stretch limo in order to get a haircut, a 28-year-old billionaire asset manager’s (Pattinson) day devolves into a odyssey with a cast of characters that start to tear his world apart.

The drama co-stars Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon, Paul Giamatti, Samantha Morton, Kevin Durand and Jay Baruche.

The David Cronenberg-directed flick will make its world premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in late May.

Robert Pattinson – ‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer
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52 Responses to “Robert Pattinson: Shirtless In 'Cosmopolis' Trailer!”

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  1. 1
    LUI Says:

    he is so g-a-y and his body is just ew

  2. 2
    Sofia Says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Robert. I own his posters and every movie he’s been in. He is extremely good looking, BUT in terms of acting, I believe he still need to join an acting class.

  3. 3
    woohoo Says:


    I Agree, He clearly need those abs painted on in twilight, no wonder he gets annoyed every time someone brings it up or compares it to Taylor’s.

  4. 4
    abmbres Says:

    @Sofia: you are so right!

  5. 5
    Mel Says:

    Booooooo…Take a razor to that chest.

  6. 6
    seriously? Says:

    I do not understand girls who call this man sexy? or the sexiest man alive?…Sorry but he is below average in looks and acting he is your typical looking man you see around actually i see more attractive men than him…Not even his awkwardness can save him.

  7. 7
    Marianne Says:

    This movie looks weird, but I am still interested in seeing. Robert CAN act outside of Twilight, and I’m glad to see him branch out more.

    And who cares if he doesn’t have a 6pack.

  8. 8
    gigi Says:

    sorry i dont wana sound rude or as a ” hater” but i cant see the appeal with him, and i will never understand
    his look is hardly avarage, his acting skills are awful and his body just not good and those hairs :/ i dont think we will hear from him so much after that “twilight stuff” overs for good.

  9. 9
    jude Says:

    wow i think the first 5 comments are from the same guy ,ou need a life dude WTF is wrong with you?the trailer looks very good and i think his acting did improved.he isnt zac efron that relies on his good body and muscles he isnt a striper he is an actor.

  10. 10
    Carol Says:

    actually, he’s good looking and kinda talented. but he’s overrated.

  11. 11
    Yoki Says:

    He isn’t as good looking as Bradley James!

  12. 12
    GIME Says:

    what ever i think theres to much zac efron fans on our site they should get a life and stop hating on robert.he become such a good actor .and yes he is way attractive then any of the other twinks glee looklike going to see this movie

  13. 13
    allessia Says:

    i been waiting for the trailer,looks weird as a movie but looks good in the same time.this guy is smoking hot,he sure looks good in a suit

  14. 14
    adam Says:

    this movie look interesting.never been a twilight fan.but i like him as an actor, i saw an interview of him on jimmy kimmel and he was very funny and down to earth.he is sure choosing some very challenging movie roles.good for him

  15. 15
    adam Says:

    @Mel: seriously get a life loser.

  16. 16
    veronica Says:

    i think most of the hate comment are written by the same guy or girl,Beyond Pathetic.

  17. 17
    madamadam Says:

    oh rob you can only dream of being sexy and talented as zac….

  18. 18
    YARI Says:

    @LUI: really he isnt zac efron and taylor lautner in da closet actors. he is like women, he have a history with a lot of women.not fake relations just for movies

  19. 19
    lola Says:

    @veronica: Really or are you in denial ? just because people do not have the same view as you that does not mean it’s the same person….I know many people who have similar views to the top commenters about this man he does not appeal to many. People have their opinions this is a gossip site just build a bridge and GET.OVER.IT

  20. 20
    GIME Says:

    @madamadam: i rest my case.i jus knew it.what a bunch of

  21. 21
    CLu Says:

    Wow! So many haters! This movie looks crazy weird but David Cronenberg is a cool director so it’s bound to be semi-interesting. I can’t tell what kind of movie it’s going to be but it looks like a different kind of character for Rob, which is cool! I still have hope for him, even if he is dating KStew…

  22. 22
    jedeye Says:

    LOL @ Zac Efron fans hating on Rob. Rob is making awesome film choices post-Twilight and worked with the amazing David Cronenberg on this film. Zac Efron does Charlie St. Cloud and another Nicholas Sparks novel. Cheesefest. He needs to make better choices.

  23. 23
    Jimmy Says:

    Awesome trailer! Judging by some of the comments here people don’t know jack about quality films. Bow down to David Cronenberg.

  24. 24
    tilda Says:

    So excited for Rob!! Hopefully he strikes another deal at Cannes. Networking with the big bosses.

  25. 25
    Elaine Says:

    I think this movie looks very interesting. Sci-fi movie is meant to look different than other genres of movie. The movie is about 1hour and 45 minutes long. Why judge someone’s performance by a 2-minute trailer? It’s not like we can know much about the character and judge if the actor protrays him well

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