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Stacy Keibler: Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Stacy Keibler: Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Stacy Keibler is pretty in pink as she hosts a tequila cocktail competition at Mixology101 and Planet Dailies on Saturday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old entertainer celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mexican food and drinks!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

Stacy‘s gal pal Jenna Dewan also got in on the festivities, tweeting, “Girls night!! Margaritas w/ @StacyKeibler is happening right now…sombreros and all #cincodemayo #mexicanfood4ever.”

Jenna also posted a picture to her WhoSay account!

Later in the evening, the ladies continued to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Harry Morton’s Pink Taco Sunset Strip.

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Credit: Chelsea Lauren; Photos: Getty
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  • ArizonaTea

    Just another excuse to eat spicy food and drink! Americans don’t care about that dumb holiday.

  • marguerite

    Hmmmmmm, Stacy went out for “girls night” on George’s 51st birthday? Hopefully the contract has ended, and he can date someone better.

  • Guest

    Wow, her career has gotten a real boost from George since she has dated him and the Oscar campaign. A few weeks ago it was an appearance at a car dealership, then modeling wedding dresses in Hello magazine, guest shot on a TBS show, cover of men’s health and now a bar appearance. Wonder what will be next.

  • davidarochelle

    Stacy Keibler has no lips at all. Hard to give bl’ow jobs without lips really.
    There’s nothing there to grip the shaft. No suction nor cushioning. Most unfortunate.
    And when the face is so ugly. Better keep the lights off and practice hand relief. That’s what I do.

  • Polly

    That whosay pic is from 5th May, the day before.

  • Polly

    Wow davidarochelle, how bitter are you? You must be really ugly on the outside as well as the insde to say something like that about a total stranger.

  • baugh

    looking veryyyy nice.

  • davidarochelle

    @Polly: that’s objective, stupid pr rep poster. I’m giving her advice because people with small lips cannot give decent bl’ow jobs as men say the mouth lacks sensuality or thick cushioning. Think about it. Surely you’ve tried, right? That’s all. Not bitter. We’re not all like Angelina. Even Canalis had shapeless Steven Tyler monkey loose lips. I happen to find Stacy Keibler a very homely looking woman. Polly want some crack? sheeeshhh

  • Davida Rochelle


    My name is Davida-Rochelle, as listed in SAG, and I NEVER post here unless someone uses my name WITHOUT my permission. Then as now I must take the time to defend myself and my good name. I have repeatedly asked Just Jared to block this FRAUDULENT person from using my birth name, and the “handle” of others from COH (phys major, Katiedot, Pari, Cindigirl), in association with cruel and crazy rants against all of George Clooney’s friends. Since JJ has been unable to do so, I must BEG of all readers to 100% totally ignore all mean and degrading posts. Clearly the author is NOT me or anyone else on COH but a very angry and hateful person. We should all feel sympathy for someone who is so mentally ill that she/he must STEAL all of our names for slander and fraud.

  • hmh1108

    @Davida Rochelle: aka Polly aka Timekeeper aka old bag Kirstie Alley. You’re a complete liar! It’s known that you’re part of a PR network who advises Stan Rosenfield. The name Davida Rochelle is of an elderly woman, who barely gets any work as an extra. Kirstie Alley & her PR network gnomes use the name with her Davida Rochelle’s permission & posts to make it seem authentic. Like a real person posting. You’re a PHONY!! Everyone is on to you!!
    I’ve been told you posted both messages above just to add controversy.
    How pathetic are you!
    If George stops the PR agreements with these ugly defective hookers, what on earth are you going to do, old bag scientoligist freak show????

  • Katiedot

    @Davida Rochelle: yes, we always accuse everyone who doesn’t agree with the strategy imposed by Clooney’s PR as being mentally unstable.
    Using a plump old unemployed registered SAG extra provides a bonafide identity. What a genius Kirstie Alley is.
    Who really posts as who??? Kirstie Alley is Timekeeper.
    All we want is to keep George Clooney dating cheap dispensable hookers so that gossip magazines sell sensationalist stories about him & we’re employed. LOL…
    George isn’t in diapers. He can make up his own mind. In fact he dotes on the attention.

  • Polly

    @Davida Rochelle – thanks for the clarification and sorry you’ve become a target of the trolls on here.


    hmh1108- Signage stop using my name will you???? I am not Kirstie Alley, but that is your catch phrase because you are too lame in creativity to use anything else. Not hard to figure it all out…. God bless you!

  • Davida Rochelle


    Thank you for understanding. My pictures are on facebook, under my real name and SAG name, “Davida-Rochelle,” so you can see that I am NOT a “fat, old lady.” I hope you can also see my new bikini pics. If not, they are on the internet where I danced in a music video shot at Planet Hollywood. I do not have any association with Kirstie Allie; we look like complete opposites. Here in Las Vegas I have had several principal comedic acting parts, including webinars and reality sizzle reels. My whole “wedding” at The Little White Wedding Chapel to “Bobbie Capriotti” was filmed on Fox TV, as a comedic sales promotion. Again you will see this video and the related pics on the internet. I WISH that Stan WAS paying me for promotional work, as I could use the support of my acting/comedic career. Stan, do you need my address to send your HUGE checks? I wouldn’t turn down any free trips either but you’d have to get me a passport.

  • hmh1108

    @TIMEKEEPER: honey, you are DavidaRochelle, Kirstie Alley, Polly and a ton of other names. You INSIST ON FORCING INSECURE GEORGE CLOONEY INTO THESE BOGUS PR RELATIONSHIPS.
    And you won’t give up, b*itch!!
    But I won’t back down either.

  • Timothy Tomahawk

    @ Davide- yeah, man I heart you. But if you & Stacy Keibler can’t give blo*w jobs coz ya ain’t got lips, may be you can still rim asses, right?
    STacy is well known for having done so many services b4 WWF. Even while Vince McMahon took a dump on her. :-O

  • Lainey Ling

    how nice of Kirstie Alley to offer this lady Davida Rochelle a fee for user rights of her name. What an ingenious plan!!
    It helps her financially and Kirstie Alley has a bonafide ID to use for posting.
    Well, yes, everyone knows that Kirstie has a pr network that advises 75 year old Stan Rosenfield on Clooney’s public image.
    But Kirstie branched out in various fields. I’d call it multi-dimensional.
    I hear Kirstie Alley already signed up the next one. Clooney’s a pushover, according to Kirstie. And she thinks she ordered a more appropriate “mail order” concubine this time.

  • Davida Rochelle

    @Lainey Ling:
    Lainey Ling,
    So HOW do I get my Money?????

  • Lainey Ling

    @Davida Rochelle: nice ruse, Kirstie… But I’m sure it’s arranged. Hey, I mean you did Davida Rochelle a favor. Helps her pay her bills. Scusi, but I don’t talk biz. That’s btwn you lot.
    But EVER SO OBVIOUS. Clever plan… for a split second.

  • Louise

    Really, JJ, why should we be interested in an ex-wrestler. Who is Stacy Keibler and who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Kikicohen

    Word on the street, is GC broke up with her 2 weeks ago. Announcement pending. What in the world is wrong with him??? Sure seems as if it’s important to him for Hollywood, Washington, International Humanitarian groups, etc., to view him as intelligent, well-spoken, informed- so how is hanging with bimbos going to further that cause? Surely he has better sense than that? Perhaps he came to his senses….


    Kikicohen- Maybe he is coming to his senses. Good for him. Do you know why he broke it off? His handlers cannot be happy and judging from the attacks I received I am not suprised at the news.

  • Comedy Hour

    @Timekeeper – The attacks you received?? For real you need to get yourself a life. Living vicariously though George Clooney’s is not a life. It’s a tragedy.

  • hmh1108

    Comedy Hour is yet another sockpuppet of the moronic PR network.

  • katryn


  • cowbulls

    @davidarochelle: Those legs are the best in the world and the ultimate sexual accessory. Stacy wasn’t built for oral sex. If you want oral sex, go date that little smurf Hayden Panettiere. Her legs are sexually useless.

  • Crux of the Matter

    a big beast of a Titan. A gargantuan woman with the body of a man.
    Stan Rosenfield selects hideous fithy who’res for loser Clooney the alcoholic. And Stan Rosenfield tries to squeeze 20% revenue out of the hoookers.
    But as Stacy Keibler proved to be a total failure due to her ugly face and overgrown body, Stan tries to promote her massive Hulk Hogan legs.
    A woman so ugly, Clooney doesn’t sleep with her.