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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Yacht Ride in Turkey

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Yacht Ride in Turkey

Daniel Craig relaxes on a yacht with wife Rachel Weisz on Tuesday (May 1) in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 44-year-old English actor is in town to film the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall.

“[It's been] a while since there was a classic … what I would call a classic Bond villain. I’m not saying these guys weren’t great. I thought Mads [Mikkelsen] was particularly good in Casino Royale,” director Sam Mendes recently told reporters.

“But I wanted somebody perhaps a bit more flamboyant, perhaps a bit more frightening, and so I felt like we needed a great actor to achieve that,” he added about Javier Bardem who was cast as Skyfall‘s villain.

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Credit: Seskim; Photos: WENN
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  • mehra


  • dobbi

    They make a cool couple.

  • eyda

    Istanbul <3

  • KC

    Where is her son? He must go a long time without seeing either of his parents.

    Both of them left their partners after filming a movie together, yet no one attacks them as cheaters.

  • zizzy


    There have been reports that Rachel has been with her son before she went to turkey. Word is that Rachel is also in New York now with her son. So maybe you should check up on things before you open your mouth:)

    I don’t see you say where is Darren with his son, considering that there are more pictures of Rachel and the child than his father with him.

  • may

    Oh yeah no one calls them cheaters, (they were both married while filming together) but they all hate Angelina and Brad for hooking up while filming together. I guess everyone hates Angelina and Brad because they’re too gorgeous, and also Aniston’s PR team is evil and persistant.

  • Jessica
  • Gossipgirl

    @may: @may: There is some truth to this, but they are a cute couple, just sayin’

  • to may

    you are just posting BS. Neither Daniel nor Rachel have been married.

  • Becca


    1) Rachel and Daniel were never married

    2) Rachel was separated from Darren Aronofsky months before she started work on the film “Dreamhouse’ with Daniel Craig.

    3) There were rumors going around before about Darren Aronofsky’s cheating with other women behind Rachel’s back. There were even pictures of him dancing rather intimately with another woman.

    4) KC, may and may: same person.

    and Last, check your gossip before you call yourself gossipgirl

  • Becca

    @to may:

    KC, may and maybe Gossipgirl, same person.

  • *

    @Becca: WRONG! DC was married to Fiona Loudon. Then he was in a LTR that ended when he met Rachel Weisz.

  • @

    @Becca: wow, are you their assistant or something, you seem to know all the details of the beginning and ending of their relationships lol idiot

  • Becca


    Married at the time and i see you have another user name to post with.

    Get a life and stop lying about things.

  • Becca


    And posting under different names is not going to change the truth.

    Get a life.

  • bissgirl

    Love them both what a gorgeous couple

  • Ohdear

    They were not married, when they got together – so since when is it illigal to separate? They are a great match!!


    Where is the wedding ring I wonder , he is not wearing it.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Becca: Actually you are wrong. I have enough of a life not to be posting under three separate names.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Becca: I was making a comment on a blog; I don’t care about all of the background detail that you have spent so much time on. I am entitled to my opinion about useless celebrities without being attacked. Some of you people really need to chill out!

  • sonya


    Gossipgirl, you are the one that seems useless.

  • Amy

    They were on a yacht? I thought it was a cafe near the sea. I like the atmosphere of this anyway!

  • to Amy

    I think they were on their way to Princes’ Islands.

  • Mari

    Omg! I can’t get over how cute they are together!! I don’t know why, but this couple attracts strongly me, as if with a magnet….

  • Amy

    @Mari: Same here! I just love the gr8 chemistry between Dan and Rach and how cute they are together.

  • Julia

    Bah! Rachel is busy, but Henry and Rachel spend a lot of time together in NYC or on set. His dad is busy constructing new relationships with new GF. So?

  • toja
  • BB

    ‘Skyfall’ promises human hero ー 50 Years of James Bond
    Both “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” offered auds a taste of a how 007 was evolving to fit the times: Daniel Craig’s James Bond proved to be more rugged and raw, darker and more emotive than previous Bonds and made for a cool fit for the younger generation.
    “Skyfall,” helmed by Sam Mendes, looks set to see Craig’s character continue the tough-guy-with-feelings trend as Bond faces his most interesting and challenging villain to date, Silva (played by Javier Bardem), who “certainly puts James Bond through the paces,” says producer Barbara Broccoli.

    While Craig is involved in all aspects of the pic, the “Skyfall” character has moved to accommodate him.

    “He feels very much like a 21st-century incarnation of the character,” says Broccoli. “He has more humanity, he is very proactive and yet thoughtful in his portrayal.”

    And Craig’s character has certainly clicked with auds, a fact that Broccoli is thankful for, especially considering the courtship Eon underwent to nab the thesp for the role: “Daniel took some convincing,” she recalls. “But we knew we wanted him and we went after him.”

  • Nora

    wow they’re amazing! So hot and cute!

  • susan

    HMMMMMM! @ 05/11/2012 at 5:27 pm

    think about it for a minute, will you? Daniel is not wearing his wedding ring on filming of Skyfall because James Bond is not married. Now do you understand?

  • Mike

    they were both married while filming together
    Well, well, there you go again! I’m really sick and tired of your poor memory. They, Daniel and Rachel, were both NEVER married while filming together!!!!
    Got it?

  • Mike

    @Amy: It’s the Hayal Cafe.
    via @GC

    Daniel Craig Wines & Dines Rachel Weisz

    Posted Friday May 11, 2012 2:16 PM GMT

    Enjoying a relaxing lunch with an waterfront view, Daniel Craig was spotted grabbing a bite to eat and drinking a glass of wine with his wife Rachel Weisz at Hayal Cafe on Tuesday (May 1) in Istanbul, Turkey.

    In a grey v-neck sweater and dark jeans the “James Bond: Casino Royal” star and his wife sported matching golf hats as they made their way back to a yacht after finishing up lunch.

  • Fio

    More pics :)
    (PICS) Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Craig Relax in Istanbul
    Daniel Craig and his beautiful wife Rachel Weisz are pictured here having lunch (although I don’t see any food..perhaps the photographer was kicked to the curb before the appetizers made their way to the table) at the Hayal Cafe in Istanbul, Turkey where he is currently filming ‘Skyfall.

    The movie has a stellar cast: Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Berenice Marlohe and Ola Rapace. If you go to the search button and key in Skyfall you’ll see the results for a ton of posts that the superb Sheri did with amazing on-set pictures and videos.

    The lovebirds are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary (June 24) which by Hollywood Standards is like 100 years. These two were with other people very shortly before they got together. So far, so good in the land of La La.

    Enjoy the pics.

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “The lovebirds are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary (June 24)”

    My goodness, time flies! It seems like yesterday…

    I really like the way they are so relaxed with each other in front of the paps, and there are also no fake smiles to the camera. Very happy, very comfortable, very natural.

  • why

    why is she dressed like a man?

  • to 35

    Next day, she was dressed in girlish on set. And she wears his belt. So cute!

  • hello

    they are going to wake up one day and go – mistake!
    why? because they are both at that age when mistakes made out of confusion are ripe, they´re not really in love, they only think they are

  • bye!

    @hello: Do you have menopausal troubles? Or you’ve never been in love, have you?

  • Esra

    You must not wear, in fashion, a dress that reveals a lot of skin in Islamic countries. I am significantly moved by her thoughtfulness. I think they are beautiful inside and outside. I wanted her to stay in Turkey as long as possible.

  • susan

    DANIEL Craig has put in a decent stint playing James Bond over the past few years.
    But that doesn’t mean the actor is ready to play a real-life action hero any time soon.

    The star did a few of his own stunts on the set of Skyfall this week, when he jumped off a moving container then hauled himself back on with only a couple of knee pads to protect him.

    But a stunt double was on hand in Adana, Turkey, to take over when things got more serious.

    It’d be great if you could have one of those blokes for every job.

  • Mendel

    “After seeing his toned and muscular body in a pair of swimming trunks, many of his females fans are waiting in anticipation for the release of his new movie, later this year.

    However, they will be left rubbing their eyes in disbelief when they see not one, but two hunky Daniel Craigs…”

    (the comments are also very funny)

  • susan

    Leaked SKYFALL Set Videos Of Daniel Craig Performing Stunts On A Moving Train

  • Because

    @why: Her style is still the seasons hottest trend. I don’t know your size, but a tight-fitting jacket & leggings adds structure to your figure. It gives curvy girls more angular lines, creates waistlines for boyish figure types and smooths out lumps and bumps for all shapes. Choose traditional jacket fabrics like tweed, corduroy, denim or menswear plaids.

  • Guinness

    yo peeps! its been a long time! but still lurking (elle–nice visit, love that pic of him and Han Solo by the rusted truck–now that is art. Harrison looks as though he has a cowboy snake in his pants–sweeet!)

    Yea-I got in to the fun-raiser! George was so swave, and the prez was really nice. Then, I woke up. Nah–I didnt get to go to Clooney’s. ho hum. I would like to read about it to see if someone reaallly won! thx for your hopes for me tho!! I was excited. but i never win anything–boo hoo. its my daughter who wins everywhere we go–and my mother. skips me. not kidding.

    And damn girl–I am hiring you Fio if I need some vetting done! you are quite spectacular. AND so is your subject of interest!! I can’t wait to hear all my friends/family say how hot Dan is in the next Bond–and how good it is. And in my new job (yey!) there is this younger dude that I really couldnt get along with at first–really had a chip on his shoulder with me–UNTIL he saw my screen saver (Dan and Steven Colbert arm wrestling) and he said wow–did you ever see Layer Cake?

    ~we are best buds now. thanks dan.

    damn, i lost a lot of info since last lurking here! gots to catch up! softball season started, spring concerts, movies, preteen birthday party, mudders day, gardening…..OH! and I saw the Swedish Mikeal in Mission Impossible–(he was so cute and eeeevil!) And Naomi Rapace is starring in a role I want to see–what is it…dammmn forgot.

    anyway, thx Fio for keeping up. And hi Mendel–its OUR 4th anniversary, eh? crazy. how will i ever know if you go somewhere? and me? i think we will notice fio…but damn. and June 24th–wow. really? I have been in denial for that long about him and her? well, yes they look spectacular together. BECAUSE THEY ARE SPECTACULAR APART, dah??? i hope she has a kid with him…he deserves it, and she does too. it may be why he is working so hard–to build up his reserves to give to his kids and not work in his formative years? And who believes the workout posted in the last thread? what doesnt kill you makes you stronger?? a person can not withstand that workout after a few times—body wont. he better not be doing that…that scares me for him more than being a Turkey Twosome!!

    well, i havent been able to see ALLLL the photos Fio posted(thank you!), maybe someday…but I did love this one… wait! Hi DIH!! glad to see you! keep droppin in!
    anyway…. this is one fav pic I LLLLOVE! and Mendel, just think like me and we will connect on this one…….

    “you lost what?”
    next post….oops. (i love that they can wear each others’ clothes!!!)

  • Guinness-”kneecap”

    OH! we saw Tin Tin at “movie night” at my girls’ school. Dan is really awesome. I love him in this. I would have loved to see his face–he really got into it. I hope he does another one. He is a different actor in this genre…

    anyhoo–i love this capture…
    Dan says “ah, man, I think I lost my patella in that one…”

    Stunt Dan: “Your WHAT?? Are you sure????”

  • susan

    James Bond movies to screen at Cannes Film Festival
    ANI | May 15, 2012, 04.37PM IST

    Cannes Film Festival bosses will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise by screening five classic 007 movies at the event.

    The suave superspy first burst onto the big screen in 1962′s Dr. No and went on to become one of the icons of modern cinema.

    To celebrate the franchise’s 50th birthday this year (12), officials at this month’s (May12) French film festival will screen 007′s debut cinema outing along with its follow-up From Russia with Love, George Lazenby’s sole turn as the spy in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Sean Connery’s swansong in 1971′s Diamonds Are Forever, and current Bond star Daniel Craig’s debut in Casino Royale.

    The films, which have all been digitally enhanced, will be shown free to the public at an outdoor theatre on Cannes Beach. The screenings mark the start of a year-long series of global events celebrating the franchise’s anniversary.

    “The screenings in Cannes mark a year-long celebration, including a return to theatres worldwide of some of the classic Bond films,” the Daily Express quoted MGM and Sony executives as saying in a joint statement.

  • Mendel

    Welcome back, Guinness!!!

    “And in my new job (yey!)”

    YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You go girl!!!

    “Nah–I didnt get to go to Clooney’s. ho hum.”

    Nooo! That place had your name on it!!!

    “And hi Mendel–its OUR 4th anniversary, eh? crazy.”

    Crazy indeed! Time just flies so fast (especially when we are having fun with Dan ;)

    “How will i ever know if you go somewhere? and me? i think we will notice fio”

    Oh yes, we’d have to chase Fio around the globe, just to get all those fab links again :)

    “Dan says “ah, man, I think I lost my patella in that one…”
    Stunt Dan: “Your WHAT?? Are you sure????””

    Great caption, love it!

    Must get some sleep…didn’t realise it was that late!

  • Daniel is Hot

    Hi Guinness, Mendel and Fio. I forgot (how could I) that my Dan and I share the same anniversay date as Daniel and Rachel. While we celebrate our (very big number) anniversay, Daniel and Rachel will be celebrating their second. Good for them. Good for us!

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    “And in my new job (yey!)”
    “Nah–I didnt get to go to Clooney’s. ho hum.”
    Really? Don’t you live in New Jersey? :)
    I had confidence in your “ability” to win!! Oh, well…
    “its my daughter who wins everywhere we go–and my mother. skips me. not kidding.”
    Well, that’s life…
    BTW, I found a funny tweet… I think it’s your daughter’s, no? :)

    Ian Bogost: My daughter informs me that her teddy bear will be attending Daniel Craig’s birthday party.

    Hi, Mendel
    Thanks for the article. All still pics are amazing!! Okay, okay, frankly… I could not help thinking of his a**! lol
    And look at this tweet! I laughed in spite of myself!!

    Joseph Kahn: In DRAGON TATOO Daniel Craig’s acting says “I’m weak” but his body says “I’m Bond. James Bond.”

    Hi, susan
    I’m sure this is the best Cannes Film Festival I have ever seen!
    Hi, DiH
    Yeah, I don’t know why, but I feel vicarious excitement! lol
    And the filming will be finished soon, so they can determine to accomplish their purpose, house-hunting!

  • Fio

    Ah… the Bond theme is in Skyfall trailer? I heard the Bond theme wasn’t in there somewhere at CineCon.

    CINEads Australia: Lucky us we saw #sony pictures trailer for #SKYFALL 007 at #ReadingBelmont… daa naa na naa… daa naa na naaa…. excited, seriously excited.

    Naomie’s phrase has a familiar ring. I’ve posted this before?
    Have you filmed much with Daniel Craig?
    I have. He’s a fantastic actor. One of the things I love about him is he has a great sense of humour and the ability to laugh at himself. So he’s always lightening the tone. Even in serious atmospheres, Daniel comes on set, and suddenly everyone is laughing and he’s making fun of himself and being silly. He makes it all fun.

    How many auditions did you end up having?
    There was the one in Paris, the second at Pinewood with Sam Mendes and the third one was with Daniel Craig and Sam. The final one was more of a meeting and discussion. I was trying to focus and not be afraid so I wasn’t too nervous. The key for me was to focus on the scene so that it would diminish the stress. I could sense when I saw some of Daniel’s interviews that he had a huge amount of humanity and a beautiful nature so I was totally confident he would be a great guy. So that reassured me.
    Do you have any scenes with Javier Bardem?
    Yes. When I work with both Daniel and Javier I try to really enjoy the moment. They are both great actors so I try to cherish every moment I can with them.
    Does Séverine get to have a Bond love-scene?
    Well, I hope so. If not I will have to have a quiet word with Sam, ha ha.