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Charlize Theron: Memorial Day Flight to NYC

Charlize Theron: Memorial Day Flight to NYC

Charlize Theron heads to LAX Airport in Los Angeles and catches a flight to JFK Airport in New York City on Monday (May 28).

The 36-year-old actress wore a pair of Skullcandy Aviator headphones as she headed into the airport.

Charlize has a busy few weeks ahead of her. This week, her latest film Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters on Friday, followed by Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus the week after.

She recently shared with Madison magazine what it means to be a professional actor.

“A professional actor does their homework beforehand and they do their job,” she told the magazine. “Then when it’s all said and done, they have a beer with the crew. That’s what a professional actor does.”

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  • Cara

    Haha “Charlize Theron Catches Flight” sounds so mundane, which I suppose it is. Kind of funny how we love to see celebs doing such boring things. How about “Charlize Theron Looks LAX Lovely” for next time? ;)

  • June

    She has the best airport style! Love her!!

  • Strange

    Charlize looks great no matter what . Gotta love her . Wonderful actress.

  • Gossipgirl

    As fierce as usual! When is Charlize going to make another film with Keanu? I love the idea of those two together!

  • remember da truth

    I have such a girl crush on this woman!! She is talented, beautiful, intelligent, and real. She seems so down to earth, not caring about being with someone just to have someone, or having to have a big celeb boyfriend because she’s a big star, too.
    When she wanted a child, she just did it, without making a huge fuss about it or talking about it ahead of time telling everyone she wanted one.
    She just lives her life, and makes movies with interesting characters and stories.

  • wren

    I saw a photo of Charlize at some fight in Las Vegas, and the guy next to her half hiding looked a lot like Alexander Skaarsgard.
    Two tall leggy blondes? Yikes….

  • Dieter

    Those headphones are much better for noise protection than the active BOSE ones (which I think do not really work – just a little bit). What Charlise has is a very simple passive system which actually works.

  • ha ha

    if it’s Alex at least they don’t flaunt their affair all over the press, they keep it on the low, that’s classy

  • Lucy

    I though it was a gigantic version of Kate Bosworth.

  • lol

    BOOB JOB much?
    She clearly messed with her face and bod during her 3 years hiatus.
    Charlize you’re not hot stuff anymore (more like old boring stuff) deal with it !
    I don’t particularily like how she’s constantly using “the baby” to promote her new films lately when she used to be such a private person before…
    She’s an attention seeking phony b^tch full of herself… ENOUGH!

  • joy

    Alex has been in Sweden. It was just too much beauty to handle.

  • Dieter

    I actually have a model from PELTOR with integrated headphones – that is no frills and very efficient !!!

  • megan

    She’s a close friend of Chelsea Handler that alone says a lot about what kind of person she truly is, they share the same bad rep off cameras. As obnoxious and fake as Witherspoon, Maniston and Paltrow lol. Riding private jets like she’s on some damn runway tsk!!

  • KissArse

    “A professional actor does their homework beforehand and they do their job. Then when it’s all said and done, they have a beer with the crew. That’s what a professional actor does.”
    ~ sounds like she is referring to her co-star Michael Fassbender once again heehee color me surprised she’s rly parched…..and desperate. Quite amusing to watch nonetheless. ~

  • Ugonna Wosu


    actually, she is describing HERSELF. She has been known to drink her male costars and friends UNDER THE TABLE. Ask Woody Harrelson and Mark Wahlberg. You Fassy seem desperate to over analyze every move she makes as proof she wants him. Outside of a few teases, there’s nothing serious going on.

  • Vickersucks

    She’s got pretty bad reviews for her parts in SWATH and Prometheus (overacting, few lines, boring performance overshadowed by Rapace and Fassbender, unnecessary part as Meredith Vickers, little screen time…). Seems like her best work is long behind her. She has given up indie films for blockbusters and $$$ (Mad Max 4) ain’t a good move.

  • KissArse

    @Ugonna Wosu:

    hahaha “under the table” that’s not Hollywood best kept secret man, how do you think she made it big there that fast without speaking english or having taken any acting lessons. She spread her legs enough times to pay rent then fired the manager who discovered her yelling at a bank cashier and pretented like she did it all by herself… She’s after Fassbender’s trendy c0ck real bad you might wanna re-watch some interviews and re-read embarrassing statements but he’s currently dating his Shame co-star Nicole Beharie that’s mainly why she won’t get some and therefore comes off as pretty desperate by insisting. She got dumped by one irish lad gotta replace him with a brand new one before it’s too late!

  • Dieter

    She has a beautiful ass !!!!

  • do-re-mi


    rumour has it she’s a closeted lesbo and townsend was her beard for years others say she plays for both teams but is batshit cray cray (she saw her mom killed her dad in benoni before moving to LA at 16 that explains it). her odd timing for adopting is kinda suspicious. she doesn’t appear as the maternal type and talks too much about her baby she’s closer to katherine heigl than bullock by doing so.

    newsflash hollyweird: a baby is NOT an accessory to boost a floppy carreer!

  • c

    No1Cares about her whereabouts in random airports. Is she calling the paps on herself when she has movies to promote?? Ugh Charlize is soooo fake and overexposed can’t stand her anymore!!!!

  • SS


    Where the hell did you read reviews for Prometheus?

    Snow White has got mixed reviews, although most people have praised her performance.

    I think her work in Monster is enough to last a lifetime. She has nothing else to prove, frankly.

  • Judge Judy

    To all the haters: Sometimes when you are hiding behind a computer screen, it’s very easy for you to simply write some hurtful comments about someone (in this case Charlize) that you hardly know. It never crosses your mind that what you have written actually hurts someone’s feeling. The fact that she is a famous and rich actress – doesn’t give you the right to hurt her. At the end of the day, you have to realize that we are all human being sharing this planet earth. Why can’t we be kind to one another? From now on, please think before you hit the SUBMIT button. The world will be a more peaceful place to live on.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Judge Judy:

    wonderful message, which unfortunately will be laughed off by these ignorant jerks.

  • tasha

    lmao so much jealousy I love it. At the end of the day she’s still one of the most beautiful, talented, and acclaimed actresses today. Her career is going better than ever. She must be dong something right to have these lame haters. Didn’t start until the AS rumors. And stop spreading lies. All the reviews haven’t been released yet. I did read one that said she steals the show. No surprise there.

    You sound so stupid with the Fassbender crap too. They are friends. She is like one of the guys. If she really had feelings for him, she would be more private. She just told a few jokes. Same thing Clooney did. Are you mad?! How does a baby boost a career? aThat is stupid. Adoption takes a long time moron. She’s been in this process for years. Who is trolling? Grow up.

  • donna

    @Judge Judy: Don’t worry about Charlize’s feelings. Anyone can glance at these negative comments and see jealousy. They are a joke. How would someone know if she’s maternal? The rest of the world sees her as hot stuff. Real reviews are embargoed. She’s living the fabulous life. Traveling the world to promote two huge movies, her career better than ever after returning from a break and she’s a new mom who seems happier than ever. She doesn’t need a man to be happy. She’s a strong, beautiful and talented woman. Nothing not to like about her.

  • Botox

    The new Nicole Kidman.

  • Nice try


    Hate to disappoint u but Alex has been in Sweden there are tweets pics and a new JJ post on Alex arriving at LAX and also 3 weeks ago Alex was with a blonde chick getting his flirt on for the night it’s on YouTube.
    So i highly doubt alex Is dating CT or been to vagas if he is getting it on with other women.

    And during SWATH interview Charlize has stated her and Alex are just mates , not close friends