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Jennifer Aniston: AFI Award Ceremony for Shirley MacLaine!

Jennifer Aniston: AFI Award Ceremony for Shirley MacLaine!

Jennifer Aniston is white hot in Burberry at the 2012 AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony honoring Shirley MacLaine held at Sony Pictures Studios on Thursday (June 7) in Culver City, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress co-starred with Ms. MacLaine in the 2005 romantic comedy Rumor Has It… alongside Kevin Costner and Mark Ruffalo.

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Jen sat in between fellow actresses Meryl Streep and Melanie Griffith (pictured inside) during the ceremony.

FYI: Jennifer is carrying a Valentino bag.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Melanie Griffith at the AFI Award Ceremony

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jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 01
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 02
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 03
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 04
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 05
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 06
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 07
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 08
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 09
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 10
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 11
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 12
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 13
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 14
jennifer aniston afi award ceremony for shirley maclaine 15

Credit: Christopher Polk, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • bibi

    the dress is beautiful, I think that Jen’s gained some weight…

  • shyfan

    She looks good..

    but she doesn’t have a shape in the dress. Very straight up and down.

  • Carol

    Now that’s how you do a sexy leg in a side split.

  • baryer

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  • andu
  • sara

    Same old curtain hair, she has been sporting for 30 years.

  • http://justjared POLO

    she’s so fu*king ugly. brad did the right thing leaving her.

  • tsquared

    No wonder we haven’t seen her lately–she looks like she has had some work done on her face and skin! And of course Melanie G is queen of plastic surgery.

  • Queen Bee

    Bone straight, non-Greek Curtain hair filled with peroxide and parted in the middle, check.
    slightly orange tan, check.
    Angelina inspired sexy-slit dress, check.

  • anonymous

    Now that’s how Angelina Jolie have started a trend with all others following behind her. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t look bad but she is now getting her menopause middle aged stomach, her middle is straight up and down, it happens to all women when we get to be a certain age,JA is 43 she is no exception.

  • Candi

    the others at the event are dressed much more conservative. someone is still so desperate to prove to the world that she is sexy and relevant. i am talking about chinny maniston (since the jenhags need to spelled out for them). butterface.

  • Lori

    Guess she felt the need to let everyone know what she’d look like in a white dress now that Brangelina is engaged

  • JL

    Great look

  • Todd

    she looks nice..lets all be nice

  • JL

    @Todd: How can the haters be nice as she looks great? :)

  • rod

    She looks preggers and her arms gained weight. Menopause age.

  • rod

    Melanie looks great!

  • JL

    It’s very NICE to see JJ little letters on her white dress

  • Candi

    “Burberry of London”.
    Burberry – Iconic British Luxury Brand Est. 1856
    now what famous couple is living in London right now?
    the stalking continues…

  • Rotflmaoo

    @POLO: she did the right thing by saying bye. Have you seen him lately? her fans still think he’s hot.

  • Rotflmaoo

    @tsquared: her face still looks hard to me. She stays off the red carpets because red carpet photos can be harsh.

  • jen is greek goddess

    you look mahvelous dahling
    simply mahvelous

    gorgeous if i do say so myself

  • Say it ain’t so

    Jen looks gorgeous.

  • jen is greek goddess

    ok peeps
    side slit dresses have been around for years. they go way back to the 80′s and 90′s. she didn’t copy the side slit from angie…

    don’t believe me? check the miss america pageant dresses from that time period all the way up to today.

    you peeps don’t know anything about fashion.

  • Rose

    she is pregnant

  • rada

    i like that she’s not wearing black. she looks good in white. she looks lovely :-)

  • Natalia

    @anonymous: menopause at 43? lol, you are very stupid or just ignorant white trash, really.

  • laser addict

    She’s been hiding for months because she had laser peel again on her face, neck and chest. Had botox also. I wonder how the midget can stand her with all her cosmetic procedures.

  • wanderbomb

    Just saw her movie wanderlust online, and she really looks bad in all her scenes. Paul Rudd looks so young compared to her. I think she had all these face and skin treatments, so she is looking better in those new pics.

    Btw, the movie sucks.

  • maybe she is on depo provera

    it makes you gain weight. everyone i know who got that shot gains weight. stay away from depo provera

  • noelle

    i dont understand why people still bring up brangelina in jennifers threads. its been ages, they have all moved on. deal with it and stop trying to make this whole thing into something its not!

  • to noelle

    i agree. the brangie fans need to let it go.

  • GUest

    @to noelle:
    well considering the fact that Carol in post number 3 was the first one to allude to Angelina id say jen fans need to get over it too, no?

  • JL

    @GUest: Jolie had started this story, not Jennifer.
    So we have the results.

  • Observer

    She really should try a new hairstyle.
    The dress is lovely but deserves better hair.
    Why does she always feel the need to cover her face with her hair?
    Someone get JA a brush and comb! She looks a hot mess with her hair like that.

  • noelle

    @GUest: i said ‘people’, i wasnt just talking about the angelina fans, i meant everyone jen fans, angie fans…everyone needs to just let it go! enough already.

  • GUest

    i know you were talking about both sides i responded to the other poster that said it was just Brad and Angie fans, not true its on both sides, if you thought what was said is bad here try visiting femalefirst where they spend 24/7 wishing harm on Brad Angelina and their children

  • GUest

    by the way I am a JP fan but i think Jen looks nice here and have no problems admitting it, i too cant wait for the day when these two wont be compared again but that will never happen, in fact i can guarantee you that Angelinas name will be mentioned in regards to the dress Jen is wearing in the media,

  • JL

    @noelle: Try to tell this to JA haters.
    They have a PHYSIOLOGICAL need to write a crap.

  • noelle

    @GUest:sorry, i got mixed up! and yeah, i do think both sides have their crazy moments!!!

  • to noelle

    i’m not fans of any of them. i agree that its out of hand. but in my research i’ve discovered that the angie fans are the worst offenders. just saying. i am a fan of someone else on jj. i sometimes read other jj threads and found the angie fans to be over the top ridiculous as are the jen fans but the angie fans are really offensive and there’s more of them. they really need to be the ones to stop the bashing. and their bashing is not limited to jen. i;ve been watching for them days closely. and i am not impressed.

    maybe you have been watching it longer than me. i don’t know.

  • JL

    @GUest: By the way
    Jennifer’s leg looks LUXURY in the split.
    Love her “menopausa’. :)

  • GUest

    has there ever been a triangle that has lasted this long in HW like its ridiculous if you on any Jen or Angie page on other sites commentors always mention one or the other even when the story has nothing to do with that person, so annoying, idk maybe britney and christina fans do it to each other or beyonce and rihanna fans lol

  • noelle

    @to noelle: i never noticed it but its interesting what u are writing cause why would they have a reason to attack? their idols are in a loving, commited, strong relationship. they have children and they are getting married so id say its pretty solid what they have! :) so theres absolutely no need to bash and hate, they should just be happy that the people they love are happy. and thats it!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    I like what I see!!

  • Lizz

    I think Jen is great no matter what. She is a great actress and it’s such a shame that people still talk so much **** about her. You wouldn’t like it it people kept bringing up the woman your husband left you for and saying that it was no wonder your husband left you for her and what not. I have nothing against Angelina but Jen is awesome and she’s put up with a lot of crap.

    I also bet all of you hating on her would kill to look as good as Jen when you’re her age!

  • pumpkin

    Picture nr. 3 – two has-beens, desperate for attention. The last picture – I know her chin is huge, but why is it so shiny all of a sudden? Anyway, the joker is back, attending a ceremony honoring a great actress. Will there ever be a ceremony honoring Aniston? I seriously doubt that.

  • AllyC

    @to noelle: I agree with you, I do not care about any of them, and as a third party with no interest in the matter, Jolie fans are very offensive.

  • JL

    @AllyC:Jolie’s fans emanate hate – that’s why Jolie looks so horrible.
    It’s not a joke…

  • tina

    Wow. She looks fabulous. Jennifer has worn dresses with slits long before Angelina ever sported one. lol. Jennifer, at least, has beautiful legs to show with said slit. angelina has bones for legs.
    And for the ridiculous posters talking about menopause…the average age for menopause is 50.