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Kate Bosworth: 'Boutique' Accessories Collection Launch!

Kate Bosworth: 'Boutique' Accessories Collection Launch!

A solo Kate Bosworth runs an errand at Rite Aid on Thursday (June 14) in Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The 29-year-old actress and stylist Cher Coulter recently expanded their brand JewelMint beyond jewelry and into bags and belts. The 13-piece jewelry and jewelry-inspired accessories collection called Boutique features limited edition items, where a new collection of luxurious metals, stones and fabrics, is presented each month. Price point in JewelMint‘s Boutique averages from $60-$90!

The day before, Kate was spotted heading into a JewelMint meeting!

Check out Kate and Cher‘s designs at!

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  • Actually…

    Her hair is looking improved. Of course it would look significantly better if she brought it up to shoulder length (or shorter) and stopped bleaching it so much.

  • Sofie

    I just can’t with those speckled pants.

  • Lina

    cant stand her..

  • Stelena

    who is she??

  • WTMF

    I don’t understand how someone whose career & relevancy died in 2006 still gets talked about as much as she does.

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: It’s looking improved because it’s not as close up as yesterday, but you can still see how bad it looks. Basically she needs to chop it off and start over.

    And the paps just happen to hang out at that Rite-Aid?

    I suppose I should be happy that she covered up her legs, and yet the jeans make her legs look even skinnier.

  • Nina

    Pure beauty.

    @WTMF: and… you are still commenting…

  • Macy

    Good grief, again with this woman? Give it a rest already Bosworth! Nobody hangs out at Rite Aid to take photos unless you called them. Ugh

  • Whycantipost

    I gotta give her credit for still being in the spotlight, since her movies are mostly unknown. Last time she did a ‘real’ movie was when she did the Superman-thing. Not that it was great, but still generated publicity.. That was like 10 years ago, and still she manages to get papped/photographed at fashion events and have ppl gossip about her.

    Wonder how she affords to live, since I can’t imagine a lot of money coming in, besides maybe Jewel Mint/Crystal Meth. I am seriously wondering sometimes how she can afford all the designer-stuff, or do the designers just borrow it to her (aka borrow it to Cher)?
    I think eventually RHW is gonna take Kate’s spot on JM, since she is more ‘hot’ right now and appears to work together well with Cher.

  • Actually…

    @ladybug: I still think it’s improved, I mean now there’s at least a little volume at the top of her head. Usually it’s so flat that if her hair is behind her shoulders from the front it looks like she pulled her hair into a tight ponytail or bun. A little bit of volume is better then none. Although maybe she just started blowing her hair upside down.
    She really needs to quit it with the fake beach blonde. She hasn’t naturally been that blonde since she was in Blue Crush. You’re not 19 and you don’t spend all day in the sun anymore, Kate. Let it go. (Everyone else has.) It’s killing your hair and darker looks better with your complexion anyway.

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: She hasn’t been naturally blonde since before Blue Crush. She’d do better with a darker blonde, or even something in the red (dark red) family.

    @Whycantipost: her earnings can’t really be from movies, her only really big payday was Superman Returns and that was filmed in 2005. And she didn’t make a movie from basically 2008 to 2010. Since then it’s what, five movies in the last 2 years: Red Band, L!fe Happens, the three she made last year, which were all small budget.

    Most of it has to come from the fashion side.

    BeachMint/JewelMint haven’t released earnings, so who knows how much that’s doing, the only estimate I can find is this from a year ago:

    Although the company’s monthly revenue is $500,000,…

  • lora

    The blonde Olivia Munn, only dumber with strategy. Kate B is looking healthier these days I will say that and still relevant in fashion.

  • Treacle

    She should have been a model as she is no actress but lots of women like her and worse to.

  • ladybug

    @Treacle: She’s only 5 foot 3, it’d have been hard for her being that ‘short’, since the average female model is around 5 foot 8:

    @lora, she’s relevant in fashion, but is she the top tier, is she really known outside certain fashion circles and the occasional gossip blog?

  • Whycantipost


    I still don’t think she gets that much from JM, since she is not the actual designer (as far as I understand). Think she is more of a spokesperson. Don’t think they get paid that much unless they work with high end fashion, like Louis Vuitton, Prada etc.
    It’s all guessing on my part though, maybe she gets half of the profits, I don’t know xD She does call herself co-founder, so could be that she gets a nice paycheck because of that.
    Thinking of it, isn’/was she also some kind of spokesperson for Mulberry or something and for some sort of cosmetics? They also could have earned her some nice money back then.

  • Whycantipost

    @Ladybug #15: I actually saw her in a magazine last week, with the half naked belly-dress. They praised her for it. No mention of Cher of course.
    I find it odd that eventhough the Olsen Twins don’t get supermuch press with their fashionline, they do get awards and sell amazingly well and yet Kate gets a lot of credit, eventhough it’s known she doesn’t style herself. Same with SJP during S.andtheCity; everyone praised her for her bold fashionstatements, eventhough Patricia Field did all the styling. Before and after the show she ended up on a lot of worst-dressed lists.. Oh behh, I don’t understand the fashionworld -.- Seems like half of the reporters don’t even do their research, they are just happy they can find the name of the designer the person is wearing, take a picture, write some nice stuff and the end.

  • Actually…

    @Whycantipost: I would think that you can actually make more money being the face of a cheap product that sells REALLY well then a luxury good that does a small volume. It all depends on their revenue. Not that I think JM is doing well enough to pay her well either, I’m just saying that, for example, being the face of Covergirl probably pays more than the face of Chantecaille. Kate wasn’t ever the face of Mulberry (they stick with Brits), but she was the face of Calvin Klein Jeans (’08) and Revlon (’05-’06). She was even Karl Langford’s personal guest to the Met Gala in 2008. (That’s why she still gets into the Calvin Klein and Chanel events.) Since 2008, it’s just been Vanessa Bruno (’11-1’2), Cotton (’11), and JewelMint (’10-’12). I hope for her sake that her dad found her a good accountant (or she found on on her own) so she was able to do a good job investing the money from when she was regularly working.

  • Actually…

    @Whycantipost: I think the Olson Twins don’t get as much attention because they don’t need to pay for press. I mean, EVERYONE knows who they are and they spent years building a reputable foundation in the fashion industry so they don’t really need to beg for attention. I do have to point out that while their fashion line is praised, most people criticize their personal style so the best/worst dressed list argument should probably not have gone right after mentioning them. ;) (Although I do agree that stylists never get nearly enough credit and the celebrities get way too much credit.)

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: People who say how well dressed Kate is without mentioning that she doesn’t seem to be able to get dressed without Cher’s help, it amuses me.

    I know that Kate claims to be co-founder of JewelMint, but I think that’s pushing it, but if it makes the celebrities feel better, I suppose. And ‘curate’ isn’t the same as design, is it?

    “The product channels–or “Mints,” as they are known–are curated by the likes of Kate Bosworth (jewelry), the Olsen twins (T-shirts), Rachel Bilson (shoes) and Jessica Simpson (skincare). ”

    I know she had those endorsements a few years ago, but not as much since, so yes, hopefully she’s got a good accountant and has invested wisely.

  • Macy

    The claiming to be a co-founder bugs me. She dind’t found anything. Beachmint was looking for someone to rep the brand and they cut a deal with her, plain and simple. Just another false representation on her part. I don’t think curating is the same as designing, I think it means you’ve approved it and attached your name to it. When Kristen Ritter had those earrings, she was listed as the curator, but she didn’t design them.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: It’s very misleading for almost any celeb doing one of the mints, or most other similar ventures, to say they co-founded it. Or design whatever it is they’re selling.
    Does KB have a say in JM? Oh yes. But is she really a co-founder/designer? Probably not. But from her, and the fashion press, you’re left with the impression that it’s her ‘baby’, so so speak.

  • Fashionista

    Kate has an excellent sense of fashion. I love fashion and I know good from bad.
    @ladybug: The Beachmint people approached Kate to do a jewelry line for them and she told them the only way she’d do it is if she and Cher did the designing for the line. With Beachmint’s financing, Kate and Cher founded JewelMint. I’ve heard it’s the most successful of the Mints. BTW, you forgot to mention Justin Timberlake as one of the Mint curators -HomeMint.
    @Actually: How would being Karl Lagerfeld’s guest at the Met Ball get her into Calvin Klein events? Don’t forget, she modeled for CK. In the past year she’s done two Vanessa Bruno campaigns, a Cotton campaign, and JM. She’s made a lot of $ off those campaigns!

  • Actually…

    @Fashionista: I still wouldn’t call that founding. BM financed it and came up with the idea. That’s founding in my mind.
    As I said in the sentence before I mentioned Karl Langford, Kate was the face for Calvin Klein Jeans which is how she gets into Calvin Klein events. She was favored by Karl Langford which is how she gets into Chanel events. (Because as you know, he is head designer and creative director for Chanel.) The Cotton campaign was last year, and I think she spends more money then her campaigns bring in. (Based off what she publicly presents. Even if she gets all her clothes for free, PR, stylist, travel, etc. aren’t cheap.) But she could have gotten good returns off old investments.

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Justin’s Mint venture was mentioned in the article that I linked to. Nowhere in the article does it mention KB and Cher being ‘founders’ of JM, because they’re not really the founders, they’re the faces (and in Cher’s case, part of its creative team). The owners of BeachMint are the founders.

    What Kate said and what may have actually happened business-wise maybe two entirely different things.

    “Perhaps more interesting than the site is the deal itself, which could make Banks one of the highest netting online fashion startup entrepreneurs. While Kim Kardashian probably does have some role in choosing which shoes are available on ShoeDazzle, and it’s not beyond belief that Kate Bosworth gives the okay on some of the selections on JewelMint, there’s nothing in SEC filings to suggest either is a significant shareholder.”

    “I’ve heard it’s the most successful of the Mints. ” Really? Because also mentioned in the article I linked to is that Beachmint hasn’t released revenue figures period, never mind for individual mints, so we don’t know which branch is the most successful. Since it’s able to raise investment funds I’m presuming the numbers are encouraging enough, but publicly there are no figures.

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: It seems that most of her major/mainstream fashion endorsements seem to have been a few years ago. Not that she isn’t still associated with some of the endorsements in some way-Calvin Klein-but she’s not a primary face anymore.
    Is that associated with the decrease in her acting roles?

  • Shannon

    her hair looks much better parted on the side. a middle part does nothing for her. i actually don’t mind this outfit, particularly like the sweater but is it sweater weather in LA? way better than that mumu she wore the other day. my grandmother has a similar one.

  • ladybug

    @Shannon: Yes, it is sweater weather in LA, in her neck of the LA woods it’s only been near 70 for the last couple of days.

  • Ren

    Pretty woman.

  • mforman

    Her face looks really strange in these photos. It looks like she has done more work on it.
    What is with those pants and that sweatshirt, come on, at least she isn’t wearing those ridiculous boots, that can walk by themselves by now, they are so disgusting.
    @Whycantipost—-I agree with you RHW has definitely taken the creatures place with Cher. I love looking at Cher’s twitter and seeing all the photos of the two of them. They are at the beach, they went to Coachella and actually hung out together, and they have gone on vacation. It seems that Cher is starting to put distance between her and the famewhore, it is becoming more and more obvious.
    That will be just another friendship KB flushed down the tiolet because she is a selfish, void of a person who cares only for herself.
    How sad, and has anyone noticed she still has absolutely nothing lined up, no work whatsoever, unless you count the JM commercials, that the JM customers aren’t too happy about lately.

  • Actually…

    @mforman: Personally I think it’s most likely that because Cher has recently acquired several new rising star clients recently (RHW and Elizabeth Olson come to mind), she is much busier and just has less time to hang out with Kate. That doesn’t mean they aren’t friends anymore. One of my best fiends moved to a new city for her job last year and we barely see each other, but I still consider her one of my best friends. That being said, it is possible that Kate resents her for that and not want to hang out with her as much. (We all know people who respond that way.) I’ll believe that when there’s evidence of it. Now onto the fun theories that I don’t particularly believe, that are over the top, but possible and amusing:
    Alternate theory: Kate can only have one public relationship at a time. Right now she has a public boyfriend, so Cher is out. (Weren’t they close friends when she was dating James Rousseau? Are there pictures from back then?)
    New theory: Since Cher was clearly cropped out of the pictures of Kate when she went to the design meeting, maybe she isn’t hanging out with Cher in public less, maybe the photographers are choosing to crop Cher out so people will know for sure which one is Kate. With truly famous people, the viewer will immediately knows who the star is and might be interested in who their friends are. With Kate, most people don’t know who she is, or won’t immediately remember who she is or what she looks like, so some people might not know which is which.

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: “maybe the photographers are choosing to crop Cher out so people will know for sure which one is Kate. With truly famous people, the viewer will immediately knows who the star is and might be interested in who their friends are.”
    The reality is she’s not really that well known outside of the circle of fashion that likes her and the gossip sites that feature her. She was never a household name, and her most successful movie was 6 years ago-one in which she got pretty terrible reviews. She’s attractive in the interchangeable HW blonde actress way, there’s nothing really unique about her.
    So she has to call the paps on herself, they’re not going to follow her based on her actual fame. And you have to crop the pics, because the focus has to be on her.
    I still wonder why she got the Cotton gig last year, she really doesn’t have a broad appeal or fame.

  • harpo

    Kate’s payday for SR was a lot of money and Warriors Way, “21″, and Straw Dogs had to match or raise her salary. It’s called a quote – actors earn a certain salary on a studio film and then others have to pay them minimum the same amount. Of course, the independents are another matter. Most actors do studio movies so that they can afford to do independents. And Kate has made a tidy sum on campaigns. She’s not hurting, that’s for sure!

  • Lois


    They would only match salaries if there was box office success to warrant it. Fact is that KB and the rest of the SR cast had signed three picture deals but due to the bad/neutral/ reviews, fan negativity and lower than expected box office returns, that particular Superman incarnation was dropped from the studio. KB’s lack of box office appeal would mean that SR was the apex of her earning potential for one movie and her fees have steadily gone downhill. Unlike Kirsten Dunst, who had three very popular and financially successful Spiderman movies, KB is taking whatever role she can get for whatever price she can get. Face it, she’s in the $5, buy one, get one free bin….that explain her and Molish’s match that was surely made in famewh*ring heaven…they’s BOGO.

  • ladybug

    @harpo: She’s not hurting, not compared to the rest of us normal people. But odds are she’s not pulling in near what she was 6 years ago. Not from movies or her fashion campaigns. Her primary income is probably now JM (I’m beginning to wonder if MP’s primary income isn’t from JM as well).
    As Lois points out, her high point was SR, and since her reviews were pretty uniformly across the board bad, there went much of her salary demand power. 21 did alright, but that was 4 years ago.
    She’s doing independents because that’s who will hire her. Though she’s not filmed anything in a year.

  • Macy

    It would be foolish to think that Bosworth is making the same amount as she was when Superman Returns came out. People only get pay increases if they have box office success and can guarantee incomes for studios. Kate isn’t one of those people and she’s now relegated to staring in very low budget movies, some of which have to fundraise to even get made. She’s had to style her own hair and makeup, as well as provide clothing for the movie she made last summer, so no she’s not making millions on these movies anymore. I’d doubt if she was even getting 5 million on some of these movies, since many of them have tiny budgets.

  • mforman

    @Actually (#31)—-I see what you are saying, but something has happened between the two of them and I think it was Cher who stopped all the nonesense. You saw a definite separation between the two of them at last years Coachella, when KB ran away early and then all that nonesense started with those ridiculous JM commercials, in which Cher has no say, the jewlery is hardly seen. Cher is one of the designers of the jewlery, she should be offended by these self serving videos the creature and hobbit make.
    I think Cher is becoming one of the true top stylists around for celebrities and the creature is not a celebrity, she is a Z list thing, that cannot get work. Maybe designers just do not want her wearing their clothes and Cher had to make a professional decision. Why should her other clients be affected because of the creature.
    I understand what you say about your best friend, but you guys are not in the same boat. I mean seriously Cher went to Coachella with KB, dressed her took a quick twitter photo of that and left, but went back the next weekend with RHW and hung with her and from the photos looked to be having a great time. There was no usual birthday trip, Cher always took with the thing, but instead went on vacation with RHW once again.
    There are just too many things coming to a head lately.
    The only problem with the alternate theory is no what matter who the famewhore was dating and she always dates, no breaks in between, she and Cher were always seen together, everywhere.
    Something is just really strange, and I think one of these gossip sites is going to get a hold of it sooner than later.


  • ladybug

    @Macy: About the only role she’d have made 5 million for would have been SR. While Warrior’s Way and 21 had decent budgets, she wasn’t the ‘big’ star in them, and those were after SR.
    So, as already stated, hopefully she’s got good investments.

  • Macy

    Yeah I’d say she probably got a million or two for those and probably less for the most recent roles. When you have movies that only have like $25 million dollar budgets well, you aren’t getting paid a ton.

  • Actually…

    @ladybug: I should change it to I think it’s a combination of Cher being busier and her being cropped out so KB is immediately identifiable. I was trying to be nice as possible, but I really do think it’s most likely a combination of the two. (And sorry for the typo in the part you quoted. I swear I’m literate.)
    Way back when Superman Returns came out my friend told a group of us a story of how in the theater she blurted out “Wow! Kate Bosworth’s eyes are two different colors!” And someone shouted back “No sh*t!”
    Everyone in our group had blank stares. “Who?”
    “Kate Bosworth.” More blank stares. “She’s in Superman Returns right now. She was in Blue Crush.”
    “Which one was she?”
    “The blonde one.”
    “Oh, I *think* I know who you’re talking about. Her eyes are two different colors? I never noticed.”
    And that was back when she was popular.

  • harpo

    I’m telling you there’s a system where an actor earns a salary, SR being quite high for KB, and subsequent studio films had to meet or beat the quote. SR made nearly 400 million and that’s not chopped liver. Warner Bros worked with the writers and Bryan Singer on a follow-up script for a long time before deciding to begin all over again. Kevin Spacey and Kate were the highest paid actors on “21″ and Kate and Geoffrey Rush made a lot of money for doing Warriors Way. She’s also paid a good salary for fashion campaigns – a very good salary. My point is, I’m sure she’s quite comfortable.

  • ladybug

    “I’m telling you there’s a system where an actor earns a salary”
    Are referring to something concerning SAG contracts?

    She undoubtedly got a nice salary for Warrior’s Way, but I doubt it was near what she got for SR. Not two years after the fact. Not after her reviews. That, and WW’s budget was around 42 million, I don’t think they’re going to spend several million of that on KB’s salary.

    And how many studio films has she done in the last four years since Warrior’s Way?

  • Actually…

    @harpo: A quote is not “a certain salary on a studio film and then others have to pay them minimum the same amount.” A quote is the average amount of money an actor (or writer or director) made on their last few similar projects. i.e. they would have a quote based on their movies in the $100 million range, one for the 50 million range, etc. It would also depend on if they were the sole star of the movie, if it was an ensemble cast, or just a cameo. Not just studio vs. non studio. And if your movie underperforms (it doesn’t have to flop, just if it doesn’t do as well as expected) then your quote will take a hit.
    Although according to an an LA Times Article back on August 5, 2009, quotes don’t even exist anymore anyway:
    “As one successful producer put it: ‘Quotes and first-dollar gross have just flown out the window — the studios simply won’t make those deals anymore,’ he explained. ‘It’s all about what the role is worth in that particular movie. The studio pays for the lead actor or actress, but after that, well, the talent is just getting grinded. Everyone else is lucky to be working.’”
    “When Julia Roberts told Disney she wouldn’t cut her salary to star in the recent comedy ‘The Proposal,’ the studio bailed on Roberts, hiring Sandra Bullock for even less than what it had offered Roberts.”
    Production costs are fixed so “when a studio tells a producer to cut 10% out of a film’s budget, guess what gets cut? The negotiable part: the cost of talent.
    “So today, the actors who used to make $15 million are making $10 million. The filmmakers who used to make $10 million are making $6 million.”
    If Julia Robers can’t demand to get her quote, then there is no way Kate Bosworth can.
    (The Wrap also had an article back in August 2009 called “Five Celebs Whose High Salary Quotes May Be In Trouble”)

  • Macy

    Exactly, and since almost all of her movies under perform in the past few years if she did have a quote it wouldn’t be very big.

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: Thank you for the link. Strangely, a couple of months ago a friend and I ended up have something of an argument over what Harpo is claiming (though it had nothing to do with KB). And this was written after the 2009 agreement.
    The last movie of hers to do ok was 21, back in 2008 and I suspect most people who saw it can’t remember that she was in it.

  • Actually…

    @ladybug: I’ve seen 21 at least twice and I can’t remember anyone who is in it. I mean I know Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacy were in it because people talk about them being in it, but I don’t remember them being in it specifically. None of the actors were memorable for me and the History Channel’s documentary on the true story was more interesting.
    The main thing I took away from 21 was that Kevin Spacy and Kate Bosworth don’t understand how card counting works. Despite the fact that they had plenty of time to research it and had experts explicitly explain it to them. (per her interviews on Live with Regis & Kelly and for The Daily Mail.)

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: I wonder whatever happened to her relationship with Spacy-he was very supportive of her career for quite awhile.

  • mforman

    @ladybug (#47)—-I know right. I saw him on Chelsa Lately not long after she made her second useless appearance (thank you Robin B), and Chelsa mentioned that KB was just there and he seemed not interested at all. I am looking for the specific video of that interview, so you could see his face when Chelsa mentions KB.
    I think he has also had it with her, I mean seriously how many chances is someone going to give her, all she does is look awful on screen, her acting has just gotten worse and worse.
    We all know how her reputation is just trash, why would Kevin Spacey keep helping her. He has done some amazing movies and he didn’t even give her a bit part, remember he used to put her in everything, now forget it.
    Seriously, I say it all the time, the creature cannot hold onto so called friends, it is like she uses people, gets what she can from them and that is it, how long do you think before everyone sees that, they do not have time to put up with her nonesense.

  • Tulip

    @Actually…: I don’t think you can compare Kate’s quote to Julia Robert’s who was the highest paid actress for a long time. I have no idea who the highest paid actress is today but I’m sure Julia’s “quote” is still very high. Kate’s quote is in a reasonable range and I’m sure WW, 21, and SD met it. As your article said, the studios pay for the lead actor and actress and after that they grind down salaries. Kate was the lead actress in those movies. JR was smart not to do The Proposal!
    I guess you’re not a Jim Sturgess fan.
    Card counting is so complicated hardly anyone knows how it works!

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: It wasn’t a direct salary comparison, but and example of why Harpo may be wrong on his/her assertion of how the salaries are done now for studio movies.

    I liked The Proposal, but wouldn’t have been the same movie with JR in it.

    “quote is in a reasonable range ” Well, this is sort of what we’re saying, you’re just saying it a nicer way-that it’s highly unlikely she’s earning anywhere near what she did for SR..