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LeAnn Rimes: Father's Day in the Park!

LeAnn Rimes: Father's Day in the Park!

LeAnn Rimes spends some quality time with hubby Eddie Cibrian and his two sons, Mason and Jake, on Sunday (June 17) in Malibu, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer played baseball and frisbee with the boys, then bought some treats when the ice cream truck stopped by!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn tweeted, “THIS is kid play! @mateoS201 and the ice cream truck in the park!!!!!” along with a picture.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes enjoying Father’s Day with her family at the park…

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leann rimes park with the family 19

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75 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Father's Day in the Park!”

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  1. 1
    Mrs. Gaston Says:

    can this girl ever just hang out without tweeting? so annoying.

  2. 2
    IGottaSay Says:

    Just Jared… you need to learn the same lesson as leAnn Rimes….
    Any attention is NOT good attention.
    JJ is not doing themselves any favors by continuing to be LR’s “publicity b***h”.

  3. 3
    kan223 Says:

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  4. 4
    IGottaSay Says:

    Oh yah, and isn’t she coming dangerously close to flashing her privates in those shorts? So classy. Such an exemplary step-mother.

  5. 5
    IGottaSay Says:

    And I see that Mason and Jake have their own tags in this article. So Eddie/LeAnn, Brandi can’t have the kids on RHOBH, but you can pimp them out on your staged photo op’s????????

  6. 6
    Delilah Says:

    @Mrs. Gaston: She has to make herself sure the paps will be there.

  7. 7
    Matthew Says:

    Everyone knows that they have their own private pap ( Big Mike )that they call for these so called family events. They are both hypocrites who are more than thrilled for the boys to be pimped out for their own selfish PR usage, but who have the gall to threaten the boys’ own Mother for having them in the background when she films RHOB. They can pay for all the pap shots and positive press they want. The public still can’t stand either of them and if one of them doesn’t have some sort of career resurgence soon, her money is going to run out and they will be forced to live their lives in actual privacy. Oh, the horror! Somehow I don’t think Eddie will be sticking around if she can’t keep him in Cabo vacations and liquor.

  8. 8
    Jane Says:

    Totally staged, totally fake and typical Mr. and Mrs. McSquinty.

  9. 9
    IGottaSay Says:

    and if you go onto celebrity-gossip. net there are some pics of her flashing her butt in the air. She has no shame. I am surprised she hasn’t posed for a men’s mag yet. Maybe none of them want her. LOL

  10. 10
    gwen Says:

    These photos were taken by GSI, the same people who were with Eddie and Leann while they were in Cabo and the same people who just so happened to get access to the party that Eddie and Leann were having on Sat, so this is a STAGED photo-op, not Leann and Eddie spending quality time with the boys. He isn’t playing frisbee or baseball with them, he is exploiting them big time. But hey Eddie has to promote his role on TNT somehow, right?

    Where to begin.

    What is she wearing? Who goes to a park dressed like Courty Stodden? Someone who is desperate for attention and expecting the paps to be present. Why is she bending over like that? Oh yeah because this wasn’t about the kids, it was just another opportunity to use the kids to validate her marriage.

    Did JJ even bother to check out what she was referencing when she made the comment about child’s play? You do know that she posted photos of herself and Mateo sucking on popscicles with Eddie’s son in the background, right? So basically the comment was a sexual. How is sucking on a popscicle to simulate a BJ, kid’s play?

  11. 11
    Mimi Says:

    @Mrs. Gaston: She’s such an ugly self absorbed *****!

  12. 12
    gwen Says:

    GG just posted the photos of this staged photo-op and they are much worse than the ones that JJ has posted. Really bad. Which explains why JJ left those particular photos out.

  13. 13
    IGottaSay Says:


    So if you look on GSI website, this is who they work with. Look who is at the top of the list! Radar Online is on there. The folks that LOVE Brandi…

    See a few of our client blogs and websites.
    •Just Jared
    •Perez Hilton
    •Gossip Center
    •Pop Sugar
    •US Magazine
    •E! Online
    •Radar Online
    •Celebrity Baby Scoop
    •Hollywood Life
    •Pop Eater
    •Lainey Gossip
    •i Village
    •The Superficial
    •Socialite Life
    •Ocean Up
    •The Daily Mail

  14. 14
    Prinny Says:

    She makes it so obvious she’s posing for the cameras in every single shot. She’s pathetic!

  15. 15
    @Ina_Angel Says:

    @gwen: what is GSI?

  16. 16
    @Ina_Angel Says:

    Such a beautiful family, and their biological mother of course included in my thought here. Making it work for the children!

  17. 17
    gwen Says:


    Don’t you tweet to Leann? You follow the twitter accounts of the BBs, so you know what GSI is.

    This isn’t a family. All Leann demonstrated with this staged photo-op is that Eddie doesn’t care about anyone. After posting about how he makes sacrifices for his kids, she then sets up a staged photo-op in the shortest shorts and shirt possible to send a message to those who were slamming her for her cake. Leann is cruel, evil and vindictive. She doesn’t care about the boys. Hence why she invited the paps with them to the Park.

    Perhaps you should tell Leann to close the twitter account because the fallout from this staged photo-op is going to be immense. Seriously, she shouldn’t have done it. It was the wrong thing to do, especially after she got so much backlash for the cake.

    How is Leann making it work for the kids when she dressed like a hooker and grooming them like a child predator?

  18. 18
    gwen Says:


    Good job!

  19. 19
    Cam S Says:

    Not one photo of any REAL CELEBRITY pics from Father’s Day- but these two nit wits expect their fans to believe they are so famous that the paps follow them everywhere. I wonder how it feels to have NO SHAME OR SELF RESPECT?
    With Hedi/Spencer, Courtney Stodden/Doug they do it to poke fun at themselves. I’m afraid that Leann Rimes actually takes this fameho-ing thing seriously.

  20. 20
    Sam Says:

    @IGottaSay: #13

    He is with Ledann now, it is over with Brandi, GET OVER IT!

  21. 21
    Christian Says:

    GSI is one of the Largest paparazzi agencies in the world with hundreds of photographers in the LA area. This park is frequented by many celebrities such a Kendra and Hank, Jerry O’Connell, Etc, as shown by many other stories with the same red and yellow background. AKM/GSI shooting Eddie and LeAnn at this park on Father’s day means absolutely nothing because, on the right day, Father’s day, five other agencies were probably there shooting. Just because you only see AKM/GSI doesn’t mean that no one else took pictures, just that, Just Jared and others chose the GSI pictures for their blog, for whatever reason. Every time GSI shoots LeAnn, some moron says, “SET UP!” Obviously JJ, E!, and many others like seeing and sharing stories LeAnn’s life or they wouldn’t post these pictures. These pictures were clearly taken from quite a distance as can be seen from the image quality. The Celebrities may have not even known they were being shot. It’s really pathetic that people jump to conclusions and hurl insults, when they have no basis. If you don’t like LeAnn or you don’t like stories about LeAnn, or you are jealous for some reason; try taking steps to make your life better. Insulting another person will never bring you up, make you happier, or bring you wealth. Deal with the issues that make you hate. This is the only chance you have to improve your happiness.

  22. 22
    Sam Says:

    @IGottaSay: #5

    Your obsession with Brandi, is sick.

    They are at the park with his children on Father’s Day. It is not pimping the children. Lots of people go to the park.

  23. 23
    Christian Says:

    @ #10, Why would a celebrity do a setup at a park on Father’s day knowing there would be many other paparazzi there? I’m sure five agencies also got this set. Many agencies don’t make their pictures available to blogs. LeAnn may have wanted attention or press, sure, but a setup, at this park, doesn’t really add up.

  24. 24
    gwen Says:


    There are several problems with your logic.

    First off all, how do you know what park they are at in Malibu? Neither JJ nor GG, mentioned the name of the park. So for you to know what park this is and know that other celebs go to that park, you would either have to be LEANN RIMES or someone from her camp. Don’t forget you also made the same comment on CBS when Leann got slammed for inviting GSI with her and the youngest boy to the park.

    Did you check out Fox News article about how Leann is in cahoots with the paps? On Chelsea Lately, Leann even admitted to setting up staged photo-ops with the paps. So the paps didn’t just stumble on Leann and Eddie at the park, Leann told them where and when to meet them for the day.

    People don’t like SEEING Leann and Eddie. How do we know? With the exception of People mag, Leann and Eddie are not even included on the top celeb lists on any of the sites that are included in post 13. Leann is having to cancel concerts due to low ticket sales. And if people liked seeing Leann, then you wouldn’t be here making excuses for this staged photo-op.

    Leann didn’t know that she was being shot? So how then do you explain the fact that she is looking right at the camera? See the one of her spreading out the blanket. And on GG, there are at least 3 different photos of Leann looking right into the camera and smiling. .For her to have been able to see the pap and look right into the camera several times, that means that they were really close and not far away like you claim.

    If you don’t like our responses to LeAnn or you don’t like the reponses to the stories about LeAnn, or you are jealous for some reason; try taking steps to make your life better. Insulting another person for commenting on the information that Leann outs out will never bring you up, make you happier, or bring you wealth. Deal with the issues that make you and Leann hate. This is the only chance you have to improve your happiness.

  25. 25
    gwen Says:


    Someone is doing some mad damage control.

    Strange, how do you know what park this is? Neither JJ nor GG mentioned the name of the park. So once again for you to know the name of the park that would mean that you are either Leann or one of the people she tweets with from twitter.

    Why would Leann invite the paps to the park with her and Eddie? For the same reason she tweeted photos of a cake of her and Eddie in a bed. Leann is starved for attention.

    If other celebs were at this park, then how come we are not seeing ANY photos of them?

    Many agencies don’t make their photos availble to blogs? That’s strange because GSI was at Eddie’s birthday party and those photos were made avaible to ROL and Just Jared. So what exactly is your point?

    What doesn’t add up is how you know exactly where this park is. Which means that you are Leann or someone she tweets with!!!!!

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