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Kristen Stewart Drops Out of 'Cali', Amber Heard Joins Film?

Kristen Stewart Drops Out of 'Cali', Amber Heard Joins Film?

Kristen Stewart has reportedly dropped out of the upcoming film Cali.

The 22-year-old actress was set to star opposite Alex Pettyfer in the film, but will no longer take part, according to Gossip Cop.

Amber Heard has reportedly been offered the role, though no word yet if she accepted.

The flick follows a pair of San Fernando Valley lovebirds who sell a fake snuff film and ride off with a bundle of cash. Years later, the female lead must “return from the dead” to save the younger sister she left behind.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Amber Heard taking over Kristen Stewart’s role in Cali?

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  • pup

    ‘Dropped out’?? I bet it was more like FIRED. Who would want trash on there film set?

  • helo

    both like married men

  • Dee

    @pup: How can she be fired when she’s producing… Idiot!

  • Lailah

    I think it’s lame and unprofessional if she dropped out because of her cheating scandal. Girl you are not the first and you won’t be the last celeb to do something stupid and then get caught. Just keep going! Disappointing KStew.

  • cami

    I can hear the director’s wife relief sigh

  • B

    Doubt this is because of the scandal. Not with how much she loved this movie.


  • Maddy

    I wonder how things will play out when they start doing promotion for Part 2 of Breaking Dawn. Like can you say awkward? I’m still kinda confused by the whole thing. A couple so private they hadn’t even confirmed dating and the she releases a statement saying she’s sorry for a momentary indiscretion that has affected Rob. Like whoa okay. It’s going to be difficult for them in interviews because no one really cares so much about talking about the movie. We already know how it ends. All they will ask is about the scandal. And since she’s released a statement, its fair game. This is the very thing they probably tried to avoid by being so private but Hollywood gets in one way or other. Okay I’m done, I had just been wanting to get that out but haven’t commented. xx

  • http://gabbyrules ….

    Awww…. the home-wrecker is embarrassed. How come she was not embarrassed to mess and parade around with a married man with children? Hmmm… goes to show she did not care about the wife, the children, or Rob — she only started caring when she got caught and her image suffered. Very selfish. The scum home-wrecker director is even more selfish. He wrecked his own home and for what!

    I guess the people associated with this movie knew I would not be interested in watching.

  • Sharla

    I’m with KStew all the way. I forgave pitt and jolie too. People make mistakes.

  • Lala

    will she ever work again?!

  • Duh

    Was that the movie about the girl with the “killer good looks”. If it is, then Kristen Stewart did did herself a favor. It would have been cringworthy watching her trying to act the part of a hottie with men drooling over….THAT. Amber Heard is GORGEOUS! I’m surprised she doesn’t get as many parts in Hollywood. She would have been a killer Catwomen!

  • very wise

    Kristen has decided to concentrate on man stealing.

  • amanda

    I’ll believe this when a reputable movie site like deadline reports this…2 gossip sites talking about movies does not a true story make

  • mm

    such wholesome scripts Kristen picks

  • Alex

    Yeeeees Please! I have nothing against Kristen person, I do not care what she did, this should not affect with his work .
    but I do not like how she acts, I prefer Amber!

  • creed

    Amber should take all the roles from kristen.

  • evil b

    Time to pick up the big girl pants and dust yourself off girl. You made a mistake, life happened, now these are the times that you use to build character. If dropping out is character building do something good with the time. SORT your life out, go to college, get an education so you will know not to make this kind of mistake. Go live in the REAL world for a while. Come back in a few years after you’ve learned the ways of the world and take HW by storm again. If you continue on this road you’d have got from HW highest paid actress in Forbes to Box office poison in 2 months (record). Or maybe she is just making way for a bigger movie???? LDID???

  • Asha

    Now let me start by saying I can’t stand Kristen. She is a homewrecking wh*ore and what she did to Rob was unfair. Yes, what she did was stupid but not enough to ruin her career over it. The best thing she can do in this situation is to work. Eventually the press will get over her cheating scandal when something else comes along.

  • DB

    Snuff film? It’s kind of wacked-out that she would have thought that was a good role to begin with.

    This girl has a really sick-edged vibe going on there. Wants to push the envelope. Not sure I can really understand people like that.

  • TheDudeAbides

    DB; I understand both of these two hot babes. It takes two to tango…

  • WTMF

    Well, she made her bed. She can’t hide forever. I wonder if she’s still going to produce it?

  • anon

    @Lala: Let’s hope not.

  • Another h

    Why replacing her with another trash h*??? Amber heard is the bigger homewrecker she just broke up a 14 years realtionship of Johnny Deep and the beautiful Vanessa Paradis with 2 kids involved, let’s not talk about her weirdo off and go lesbian relationships…

  • bs

    both homewrecker

  • lilloo

    I’m no kstew hater nor a patz fan nor a twihard but i have got to say this she pulled this mess on herself. She’s always awkward never showed a single mark of affection to Rob and blamin’ it all on being timid and uncomfortable. That guy has been nothing but sweet to her every time he could. And boom she turns out to be a home wrecker yes it takes 2 but she should have known better… she’s the perfect embodiment of hypocrisy and she’s getting exactly what she deserves POINT BLANK PERIOD we all make mistakes blablabla but still looking at the pictures you can tell she knew EXACTLY what she was doing and how it could affect her life and rupert’s wife and kids.

  • xoxo

    Hell YES!!! Initial KARMA is now starting to fall on KPIGStew – theres MORE to come…

  • geoxx

    that goes to say that she wouldnt also NoT gettting the lead role in “”"lie down with the director… err lie down in darkness”" – but its just SamE thing isnt it LMAO

  • commonsense

    I think her people talked it over and thought it was a bad idea to have her do a sexually provocative film on the heels of a cheating scandal. They are scared of doing more damage to her image.

  • Indiesr

    What I can’t understand is why she is in hiding. I could have sworn she’s alway going on about how she don’t give a f***** about what people think….her fans claiming she’s down to earth and a badass. Just goes to show how much of a fake she is…..if u don’t give a f***** what anyone think, brush it off and go about yor business as usual…well, I guess she really do care what people think.

  • Indiesr

    @geoxx: LMAO

  • twihard

    No one should ever, ever, ever forget…–Robert-Pattinson-Issuses-Public-Apol?page=71

    … as KSlut is the o-n-l-y celeb who’s dumb/cluless/dense/stupid enough who let herseld be caught & photographed in this kind of sleaziness & tackiness.

  • joone

    I cant wait to see pics and vids of the premier night/screening of Breaking DOOM part 2… when KStew walks onto the red carpet scene and all the TwiTards start throwing all kinds of shitz directly at her stoney-bitch face – so excited for that!

  • sarzky

    Imagine being HW’s most popular actress & a highest paid at that – couldnt even held her (long) chin up to look everyone straight in their eyes… hah she just had it all coming!

  • Jen

    Man! You are really critical, and using such foul language too.
    I think it would be safe to say that unless everyone here is pure ….(think about this part)…you have NO right to judge her.
    Kristen …I support you as an actress and a person.

  • Ashley

    I was actually looking forward to Kristen playing a character in comedy genre…away from the usual angsty characters she play, all the time.
    Even though the plot of the movie isn’t very interesting, I would’ve liked to see Kristen doing some comedy.

  • Scarlett

    Dropped out or fired? Seems to me this might be the beginning of the professional backlash. If the Studios have any sense, they wouldn’t touch her with a 10ft pole right now. Twilight will survive because it has a life of it’s own beyond her and it’s the last of a franchise (thankfully) and the dedicated want to see it through to the end but perhaps when it comes to other films she’s going to be poison for a while.
    I’ve never liked her, I’d be quite happy if her career ended up in bad tv movies, I’m baffled by people thinking she’s talent/beautiful.
    Amber Heard is no Meryl Streep, lets be clear about that, but she’s stunning and the camera loves her and most importantly, I don’t have an urge to gag while watching her on screen.

  • iz

    @helo: correction johnny depp was never married to vanessa pardis

  • kendra

    no one will ever replace kris stew..kris stew is a young legend..

  • such_a_tweenTARD

    @ Kristen …I support you as an actress and a person.

  • Jasmine

    Neither of them cannot act if their lives depended on it. But at least Amber can fake a few facial expressions.

  • gaylord

    Whoa. KARMA hits on her that fast & hard huh!

  • Maria

    I love Kristen as a Actress and I think it’s rude how People use this cheating Scandal to open their Mouth now It’s easy to do it behind your Computer, isn’t it?

  • Em

    @Jen: I may not be without faults, but I darn sure never hooked up with a married father of two in broad day light. She brought this on herself. If she’s being criticized for not holding to the ‘I’m-so-honest-cool-don’t-give-a-bleep’ image she’s cultivated for herself and for cheating with a married man, it’s no one’s fault but her own. Yes, Rupert is to blame as well, but she deserves the criticism coming her way.

  • The Good Dexter

    Right now i’m an ex-fan of kristen but when i heard she was going to act in this movie i thought it was probably an interesting one… Then they said Alex was going to join and i start to doubt about the quality of the movie… now, amber instead of kristen?! I don’t think kristen is a good actress but i have to admit she knows how to pick projects and give a litle of credibility to them.

  • Anon

    Give me Amber over Kristen any day!

  • ian

    im cool with that for me kristen is an horrible actress… she is so overrated

  • Wow!

    Here we go again … The bullying of Kristen Stewart … Lol .. You monkeys really amuse me , anytime I want to read idiotic comments made by a bunch of low lives all I gotta to do is scroll the Internet were crud live and breathe.. Anyway nobody knows the reason she dropped off , but Pettyfer is not that great anyway , I doubt she was “fired ” considering she is one of the producers ….. Which I believe she still is “…

  • WTMF

    @Jen: Well, no one is perfect. I can say however, that I’ve never gone after a married man, or any man in a relationship. So no, I don’t feel bad for her, she made this choice, now she has to deal with the consequences.

  • LOL

    @helo: BOOM

  • Yawn

    @iz: No but he was with her for 14 years. Amanda picked up the pieces after angie got through with him.