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Eva Mendes: 'Place Beyond the Pines' at TIFF Next Month!

Eva Mendes: 'Place Beyond the Pines' at TIFF Next Month!

Eva Mendes wears a blue patterned dress while out and about on Wednesday (August 22) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress’ film The Place Beyond the Pines will be premiering next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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Eva stars opposite her boyfriend Ryan Gosling in the film about a motorcycle stunt rider (Gosling) who considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife (Mendes) and child, an act that puts him on a collision course with a cop-turned-politician. We can’t wait to see if they walk the red carpet together!

15+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes in West Hollywood…

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eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 03
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eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 05
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 06
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eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 08
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 09
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 10
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 11
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 12
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 13
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 14
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 15
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 16
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 17
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 18
eva mendes place beyond the pines at tiff next month 19

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  • Anne

    Eva ought to burn her closet. Why does someone with such a great body wears so many ugly clothes?

  • Laurel

    Eva wears stuff that I would never dream of wearing myself (even if I had her body) but that look good on her. I personally think she looks very striking and lovely. But obviously I’m in the minority. Especially on this site.

  • Anne

    @Laurel: I think she is very beautiful and find the insults on her looks utterly ridiculous. About her personality… I don’t know. But she doesn’t stop me from thinking Gosling is the most interesting young actor at the moment. So, I’m in minority on this site too ;).

  • kaya

    i like her and I think she’s gorgeous but she always looks so arrogant…

  • Emm

    ugly dress and ghett0 chainz necklace. this woman needs a stylist. and some modesty, please!

  • xx

    looks like a tranny, as usual

  • Jo

    Looks like she is wearing a picnic table tablecloth. I have no doubt she and Ryan will be walking the red carpet together they haven’t been cultivating this fake romance for nothing. Once the movie hit’s theatres the relationship will hit the skids. Eva looks way too harsh and her lack of personality and bitch reputation make her look even uglier it’s another reason I don’t think Ryan really dates her or even hangs out with her that much.

  • Billie

    OMG, she again! Sorry but I do not like her … It is a bad actress and looks pretentious and arrogant …

  • Hmm


    LOL, why are you always desperately posting on every Eva photo-op? Who knew Eva Mendes had fans LOL. Seriously, photo-ops EVERY DAY, now that their movie is finally premiering now. Whatever it is between her and Gosling , it’s without a doubt PR-influenced.

    And there’s a reason a lot of people don’t find her attractive and it was nothing to do with jealously. Idgaf about Gosling,so I don’t have a damn thing to be jealous about with her. Her looks have always been an aquired taste. She has many masculine features. A HUGE nose, a large jawline, an overbite, etc. She’s no natural beauty. With her face packed with makeup and in the right light,she can look nice….about 5 years ago. Her smoking,drinking, and rumored drugs have taken its toll. And with that constant scowl on her face, I find her kind of….repugnant looking. She has man-face all of the time now IMO.

  • monique

    She’s a “has been.”

  • Jo

    I don’t get when people still say she has a great body. She USED to, definitely (and I don’t like her) but she’s just…skinny now. She’s always been a butterface too, so that, along with she’s about 40, is probably why her career is dead. She’s not all that hot anymore and being hot was the one and only thing she’s ever had to offer. There are much prettier,sexier actresses who are years younger (why hire aging, past her prim Eva Mendes when you can hire Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, Sofia Vergara, etc.) There’s just no need at all for her anymore.

  • Tessa

    @Jo: If you had said “why hire Eva Mendes when you can hire Marion Cotillard, Cate Blanchett or Rachel Weisz”, I would agree. But, the examples you gave were pretty bad (except, maybe, for Mila). Sofia Vergara is 40 and, even though I find Eva Mendes too arrogant, she is much prettier than Sofia.

  • Laurel

    @Hmm: At least I have the guts to use a valid screen name and not post rambling, idiotic comments under various ones so no one can ID you. I think that’s pretty desperate.

  • wwe

    omg she is trying too hard and where is ryan gosling how come she is less famous and is more hunted by paparazzi then gosling?

  • Kelly

    This Pines looks more and more like the swansong for Eva’s career. Even if you don’t like her, these photo-ops are just sad IMO. It’s like she’s a step away from becoming Sean Young, appearing on Letterman begging someone to give her a role. I mean Kate Bosworth did this photo-op thing, but at least she still worked and did films!

    On her looks though, I agree that the constant scowl is hugely unattractive. She’s certainly not ugly though, just a middle-of-the-road average beauty. The same I think of Rachel McAdams. They’re on the same level looks wise IMO. Rachel is much better actress though and has a fresher face and gives off a nicer air, so maybe I’d put her a notch above Eva. Gosling is not that handsome himself though. I’m rambling but the point is looks wise, he’s remained in the same league. So the attacks on her looks are a little much. Attacking her lack of acting talent is certainly free reign though LOL.

  • Jo


    I disagree, the majority would say Sofia is a lot hotter than
    Eva now, if only because Sofia is more relevant now . I used those examples because they’re in the same league as Eva is acting wise (they’re all a little better than she is though. Sofia and Mila have big award nominations and I liked Olivia on House and the Black Donnellys). But my point is, nobody hires Eva anymore because they can hire them for the same roles she used to get. They’re all far more relevant than she is now. Hence why her career is dead. Now that her “hotness” has faded, she’s been replaced by hotter, younger women. (Except Sofia, but she’s a new “It” girl and newer on the scene.)

  • Hmm


    LOL Ok, you still valiantly defend someone who shocks and abuses her dog, has no acting career or talent to speak of, and is an aging, man-faced hag. You’re kind of pathetic if you think she’s remotely worth defending.

  • Cameran

    She has very nice hair and sometimes I like her style (not here though) but she really does have a man-face. Hence why she ALWAYS wears huge sunglasses coverng half her face. Distract from the face and she looks better.

  • Villain

    Dressing up like you were your own grandma looks good when you are eighteen, because you still look young.
    It doesn’t do you a favour when you’re almost 40. Because you start to look like your grandma.

  • Tessa

    @Hmm: Pathetic is the need to be so mean and hateful towards someone you don’t know.

  • Jane

    Well, this is an improvement from the last 2 days, where she looked like a 60-year old poor maid.

    But for the love of god, PLEASE stop playing her crappy shampoo commercial everytime I watch Tv. Seriously, she can’t even read cue cards properly in a shampoo commercial, that’s how awful and talentless she is.

  • Hmm


    Again, You’re defending a woman who shocks and abuses her dog. I’m so glad I don’t know anyone like Eva and the idiots like you who actualy defend her.

  • yep


  • Clementine

    she is nuts!

  • Frances

    This woman is so incredibly beautiful, but I agree that her choice of clothes is really bad. For some reason, she seems to love really big and bold prints. Somebody please tell her that less is more.

  • LeeSeol

    She has the worst taste ever, so sad.
    Well maybe on par with Jennifer garner.
    Those two are hopeless.

  • Mrfabulous48

    Eva is in the running for best legs, but she surely already has won for best butt!!

    Love me the hot Latina girls.

  • get over it

    ok i would like to know how its possible to say someone is “arrogant and pretentious” just by looking at a picture?! Im pretty SURE you have never met her, so how do you know what she is like? maybe you are the arrogant one and you are so awesome that you can judge someone by a photo. Wish i had that super power.Maybe I can look at a picture of you and determine your personality just by a glance. lets hope its a good picture!

  • mona

    oh my god… she has THE WORST taste, no class, bad figure and (imo) really manly face = she’s ugly + i’ve read and watched a lot of interviews with her and she is unkind and bitchy… and look how she treats her dog! i have no idea what can Ryan see in her. i guess she must be really good in a sack, but it’s not a reason to marry or have kids with somebody, if the gossips are true…

  • Steve

    There is nothing even remotely beautiful about this masculine looking Cuban dude dressed in full drag. She is a man period and Ryan is depressed and will settle for anything since he lost the beautiful Rachel.

  • mona

    @get over it: I speak from experience. I saw her at Gelson’s once. She had her nose in the air and acted like she was above everybody else. Yes, she’s pretty, but looks are not everything. The way she is as a person is not good. That says a lot about Ryan too.

  • Linda

    I DO think they make to much of Eva….there are a lot sexier then her!
    BUT, I know there are many over 40 and 50 etc..year olds that are HOT!
    Age has nothing to do with it.

  • AustinVoice

    I’m soooooooo in love with this woman.

  • ‘what


    What ass? She’s got no ass at all LOL!

  • Haha


    Then you’re in the closet. that’s a man,baby! What is great about her body? Her saggy boobs, her chubby wrinkley legs, her wrinkley hands and arms, or her skinny, square no ass? Try harder Eva. We know you have no life, but this is pathetic.

  • Joey

    I’m just going to post this picture in every Eva post to the morons who think she’s “beautiful”. From her IMDb board:

    ^^That is BUSTED and nasty. THAT’S why everyone says she looks like a man. It’s sad that standards for beauty have fallen so low that this hag is considered attractive. There’s not ONE thing that is special about her.

  • Can


    Huh? She has no ass though, especially for a Latina (though she’s a “fake” Latina like JLO and Cameron Diaz. They’re just gloified white chicks IMO. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek are real Latinas). Ironically, Rachel McAdams since she’s been mentioned has a much nicer ass. I think Rachel, Jessica Biel, and JLO have the best butts. Eva used to have a nice body back when she started out circa Training Day (though I remember her boobs were very weird looking), now she’s just stick thin.

  • Tailor Made


    EW EW EWWW! Ok, NOW I get the “she looks like a man” comments. She looks like a straight up wrinkley dude in that picture. I never found her pretty and never got why others did but I didn’t see the “tranny” in her until that picture.

  • Anna

    @Can: I agree with you on Rachel. She has a perfect ass and a lovely well-proportioned body.

  • cheerfulgee

    Well MIss Mendes bless (what I sure hope is) your sweet heart. You have been dressing so well lately and then WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? I know you just visited you friend Rachel Zoe and I must say you looked marvelous leaving her stylist care (, like a strong/modern Sophia Loren, keeping control of your dog with a choke hold. I can only think of 2 reasons for your fashion disaster today. 1) Ms. Zoe did a total sister job on you or 2) You got a little over confident this morning and decided not to use a mirror. I will go with number 2.

  • Smurf

    SHe wears the most hideous shoes!

  • Kimboweena

    No, she does not have the best legs in Hollywood – her knees are too bony.

  • Diane Skolnique

    I think she is beautiful. Why all the haters?

  • No


    She never dresses well. and NEVER compare this ugly manface to Sophia Loren. You’re retarded. People think she’s ugly because she’s ugly. WTF is good looking about this manface?

  • arlene

    @Diane Skolnique: Because she thinks she’s better than everybody else.