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Venus & Serena Williams Cover 'New York Times Magazine'

Venus & Serena Williams Cover 'New York Times Magazine'

Venus and Serena Williams show off their killer sculpted bodies on the cover of The New York Times Magazine.

Here’s what the tennis star sisters had to share with the mag:

Venus, on what she calls the best shot of her career: “I did a play that I normally don’t do. Something moved my body. The next thing I know, I’ve left. I don’t remember making my body move. I’m just hitting the shot. Now, I have a great one-handed backhand volley. But I hit it two-handed! I don’t know what happened. It was like watching myself from above when that happened, and like I feel like, this is the best shot of my whole life.”

Serena, on being taunted with racial slurs back in 2001 at Indian Wells: “If you can boo a teenager, and you can be white and 60 years old, you know what? I’m cool on you. I can understand maybe if they were 20, 15. At Indian Wells, everybody goes there when they’re retired. It’s like Palm Beach. I thought, people like Martin Luther King Jr. boycotted things. And this is nothing on that level. Look at Muhammad Ali, he didn’t even play, he went to jail because he didn’t want to go to war. The least I can do is stand up for my people and not go there. That’s the very least I can do. It’s not even that hard of a decision. I get a vacation on those two weeks. It’s like the easiest decision of my career. They can penalize me to death, I’m never going back.”

Serena, on being called out on the court: “Every year at the Open something happens. Like last year I got a point penalty because of a grunt. Meanwhile, I can name five girls who grunt way louder than I do, and the umpire didn’t even give them a warning. And then I had the ball called out that was this far in. It’s always something.”

FYI: Venus is wearing the “Flutter” skirt and “Perfect Set” bra from her EleVen collection.

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Credit: Damon Winter/The New York Times
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  • Ash

    I’m sorry but they are frightening

  • Goop

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them both!! Go Serena go and Venus you take care now baby girl.

  • Rocky

    Not a pretty picture at all and with all the money Serena makes you’d think she’d buy a better wig or pay for a better weave. Both sisters along with that Maria chick are the reason I don’t watch women’s tennis anymore. All that screaming, grunting turned me off.

  • Nelson

    Venus looks hot, but Serena not so hot.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Soooooo Powerful!!! Looking Good Ladies!!

  • solecito

    Why the hate? The Williams sisters are superb athletes and have accomplished more in their young years that most of us will in a lifetime.

  • Say it ain’t so

    They look great, they are athletes, not models. They are attractive but they have a talent and career that being drop dead gorgeous and looking prim and proper isn’t necessary. I support and am proud of both these great role models for our youth.

  • Sara

    They look awesome. Great to see power women with killer bodies. People can mock all they want but at the end of the day they’re the rich ones who can snap you like a twig ;)

  • Mirrors

    Since Serena told the line judge that she’d shove the racquet down her f’n throat after she got called for a foot fault – she can’t possibly talk about anyone else’s rudeness or hatred. Was it a good call? Irrelevant. Her reaction was uncalled for and showed her true colors. Not a pretty picture.

  • Mirrors

    Her serve is amazing though.

  • Tennispower

    Hahahahahaha…. Love the f.ucking haters, you are pathetic i swear. Venus and Serena Williams are one of the greatest tennis players in history. Im sure all the haters are the overrated Sharapova lovers who gets raped by Serena on court. At 31, they make every other look like amatuers where as your sharapova is selling candies named sugarpova which sounds like a porn movie. lol

  • Emma

    Fabulous. Two gorgeous, incredibly talented icons.

  • sillyme

    I love Venus and Serena….but that is not a good picture. I guess they, or whoever took the picture, wanted to convey strength or something. And, it’s not about hate (because some people seem to think that, if you ever say something negative about someone, then you’re a “hater”). I just don’t think it’s a good picture.

  • Margarit

    just as Deborah responded I’m blown away that a mom can profit $4029 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Jones

    Love them both. Truly amazing athletes that dominate the court in ways women never did. Martina Navratilova was the first female power player of her time, but Venus and Serena have far surpassed her. I wish the image of them laughing was selected for the cover though.

  • deke

    Yeah yeah Serena, it’s always someone else’s fault. You sound like most of “your people”. Disgusting and they look like animals.

  • Qiz

    I’m not really feeling this cover but…they are still badass! #word!

  • mari

    they look like men

  • Angie_80

    No white man would put his penis in either of them @ thats a fact..:)

  • Noor

    THEY are what u call role models. Not coochie flashing pop stars or hollywood celebs. THESE two stand up for what they believe! And i absolutely admire them. So screw the world.

  • deke

    They have made tennis into a nasty, name calling sport. I wish they would go away.

  • Sailor

    @Angie_80: Funny, because both Serena and Venus are dating white men. Serena’s white tennis player boyfriend is good looking, too.

  • LOL!!!

    UGLY girls!!! Serena reminds me of a gorilla, she kinda looks like one.

  • mh

    @Mirrors: Geesh move on she has.

  • mh

    @Angie_80: Oh please you wish any woman would want you.

  • mh

    @mari: Why don’t you post a picture so we can see how hot you are.

  • OJ Black

    Powerful….. Wow!!! Beautiful!!! Damn !!!! go girls get it…. that’s what’s it’s about…. luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let the haters hate keep it movin…….

  • OJ Black


    stop hatin bitch..

  • Carlin R

    Bw are gross.Ever notice how ya never see a wm w/ one ??? Oh wait or a black guy lol

  • anch

    i lost my appetite

  • anch

    @LOL!!!: Your giving gorillas a bad name

  • Jamie

    Totally agree! That’s the first thing I thought. Actually, they both look like two giant ape beasts. Especially Serena! *shudder*

  • just saying

    They look like they smell. :(

  • Piper


    They are giants in their sport and have done more for tennis than any man or woman since the beginning of time and probably forever more.

    Keep on playing, Williams sisters!!

  • Piper

    Jared – please monitor this thread. Disgusting racists always come out whenever you post about the Williams sisters. This is why it’s hard for me to feel for humans in general since I know there are so many disgusting f*** continuing to spit hate to their own kind.

  • Piper

    Also please expose the IP address to show that it is ONE racist a**hole who has been posting hate over and over again. Go back to your clan, a**hole!

  • Darnell47

    @Angie_80: Wow. Put his what in Where?

  • Darnell47

    We need to stop all this hating. The girls can play. Let’s not get it twisted. Serena being called the best female player of all time does not mean she’s the greatest. I’ll save that title for Venus.

  • Piper

    The comments in this thread are some of the most offensive and vile pieces of racist hate I’ve ever seen recently. Commenters, please do not ignore or reply to hate. FLAG THEM! It’s 2012, we cannot continue to let racist a**holes go easy even in a public forum.

  • A

    @Piper: And people say racism is dead, yeah right.
    I think of racism as a disease, a cancer and racist people to me should be classified as psychos.
    I’ve seen people write “I am a God fearing, loving person and think babies are the cutest, rainbows and fluff and I want peace….but black people are the spawn of Satan and should die!!!….but I love teddy bears and all teehee”.
    The “nicest” racists are the scariest lol

  • Piper

    @A: the only people who say racism is dead are racists.

  • MooCow


    For which Serena issued a very sincere and mature apology and paid a huge fine!! She also didn’t say what you suggest — or use the f-word.

  • Mirror

    Not a racist. I’m sure Serena moved on from telling the line judge she’d shove her racquet down her f’n throat. Who would want to dwell on such an embarrassing moment? White, black, green, purple. Totally hate filled thing to say to anyone over a foot fault. Never an apology.

  • Piper

    @Mirror: I wish there will be a day where people can discuss the issue without bringing up race but unfortunately, the racists won’t allow it to happen despite it being 2012 and THERE’S A BLACK PRESIDENT!

    I love them but I know they have faults and their attitudes or behaviours may rub people in the wrong way but why is the fact that they are black ALWAYS have to come up or be mentioned whenever people discuss the Williams sisters or any other black athletes or actors or singers or writers?!?!? why can’t I ever see a normal discussion about a minority without racist slurs from bigots!??! Go back to every post about a white person at Just Jared, does the fact that they are white ever come up?!?! NO! They all have haters whether or not it’s Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Emma Stone but does their race ever come up even in hate posts? NO! No matter who you are and what the issue is, as long as it involves a minority, the fact of their race ALWAYS come up, why?!?!

    Discuss the issue, not the race!!

  • Piper

    I would be glad to talk about the foot fault incident with SANE people who can view and treat the Williams sisters without prejudice. Like said, I am a fan of theirs but I am not always a fan of their actions or behaviours. However, I know that is because I see them as no different from any other athletes regardless of their race.

  • Michael Knight

    they would make perfect zombies

  • malibumomm

    Hmmm. Black people are always referred to as apes or gorillas by whites and others. Biologically speaking, shave the hair off of an ape and see what you get. Additionally, using whether or not a wm would sleep with them as validation for them being beautiful is oxymoronish if you know what I mean. The only valid color in the world is the color of the soul. I sincerely beiieve the Bible when it says man was made out of the DUST of the GROUND. I know my genetics pretty well and I know what garden soil looks like. If you want to go there, help yourself, but chromosomes can’t lie. Like I said, the color of the soul is the most important.

  • OMG…

    Little Piper, call the eff down, you’ll live longer. Yes, racism is not a good thing, but nothing in the world will change the fact that Serena Williams DOES look like a gorilla in that picture. Now sit down and take a deep breath.

  • janice


    Update, Update, never say never. They both have (as you say) White Men:

  • Alcove

    Serena plays inside linebacker for which NFL team?