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Vanessa Paradis: Office Depot Shopping!

Vanessa Paradis: Office Depot Shopping!

Vanessa Paradis shows off her toned arms while shopping at Office Depot on Tuesday (September 4) in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, the 39-year-old French model and actress was spotted in a bikini on a beach in France.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa recently ended her fourteen year relationship with Johnny Depp.

In the September 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Vanessa revealed, “Love is the strongest and most fragile thing we have in life. Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn’t work from the beginning, it’s never going to work. Don’t push it.”

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Credit: Bruja; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Fiona

    She’d better eat instead of going to the gym.

  • Love The Shoes

    “Love is the strongest and most fragile thing we have in life. Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn’t work from the beginning, it’s never going to work. Don’t push it.”


    I really would love to know what she means specifically. From the begininng some was amiss with them but what and why did it take 14 yrs and 2 kids to figure out it was never going to last.

  • Cecelia

    Never understood why guys like the skeletal look.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Fiona: I hope I’m not stating the obvious for you that for all we know she eats mountains of food, doesn’t work out and is simply a naturally thin and petite human being who doesn’t have weight issues. What is it with American women when it comes to OTHER womens’ hair, bodies and weight? The hair is too kinky or not blond enough. They’re either too fat and need to “put down the fork” or to skinny “pick up a fork.” They’re too buff or flabby. I read it and always wonder what the person writing the critique looks like.

  • sea

    It’s her body type, no breasts, get over it, damnit!!

  • Fiona

    @Love The Shoes: you wanna see me fat?? Go watch Shrek lol

  • Alia san

    I can’t help but cringed when I see her. It’s not normal for any WOMAN to be that bony. Is this what young girls want to compare too or aspire to resemble? Can’t sing either
    always thought she looked kinda sick. too pale and skinny really
    I’m sorry

  • globe-fish

    @Alia san: you really sound shocked but retarded at the same time.

  • Em’

    @Alia San It’s a bit the same thing as criticizing a girl who is overwheight for being overwheight;
    She is this way. Always has been always will be no matter how much she eats.
    There is no NORMAL : it doesn’t exist

  • Cyn

    @Love The Shoes: I I think they figured it out before. They separated last year, but they confirmed the separation three months ago. I think it’s because of their kids. I think they felt that something was going wrong since the beginning, but she did not accept it, because she was in love with him. So, it did not take 14 years to figure out, but to admit it to herself and then, to the world.

  • Jean

    @Love The Shoes: #2

    “Love is the strongest and most fragile thing we have in life. Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn’t work from the beginning, it’s never going to work. Don’t push it.”


    I really would love to know what she means specifically. From the begininng some was amiss with them but what and why did it take 14 yrs and 2 kids to figure out it was never going to last.
    Thank you. You posted EXACTLY what I was thinking.

  • Jean

    She looks like the poster girl for anorexia. NOT an attractive look. If anyone thinks this woman eats enough is just lying to themselves.

    NO grown woman who is a healthy eater looks that emaciated.

  • Jenn

    This woman needs a sandwich, a BIG juicy sandwich. She is emaciated.

  • Alia san

    @globe-fish: and you really sound like stupid fan can’t see the truth

  • globe-fish

    @Alia san: go get more sex dumbtard

  • Danae

    Gosh, she is going through a very hard time in her life, she may pretend all that divorce-case doesn’t touch her but I bet she is feeling pretty bad about that. So leave her alone and stop talking nonsense about how bad and bony is she looking.

  • Aboveall

    @Love The Shoes:
    Of course, I can’t know if it’s true or not, but in a french mag it was commented about them having a very passionate relationship, with a lot of romance and really strong sexual attraction but THEY CAN’T COMUNICATE ! They both (literally and figuratively) “speaks” in different language (you know? they don’t understand their needs, they’re in different “tunes”)

    So Vanessa has a very strong character, very possesive, she wants stability, control and treated him like her “teddy bear”…and Johnny feels trapped, asphyxiated by her, because his character goes onto freedom, emotions and surprises, etc, etc…and how he is a “rebel” (he can’t control this) he almost unconsciously starts doing things to “push her boundaries”, so makes her mad!

    Obviously, at first (with love, uncontrollable passion, she was pregnant, etc) they might have thought that this “difference” between them, it can be overcome with time, but only became deeper and their fights more regular and louder and hurtful…

    Well, that what’s a theory from a celebrated french therapist…who knows? sounds coherent to me!

    Sorry for my english…au revoir!

  • Aboveall

    About her pictures…please, don’t be harsh with her!
    This time it’s been very difficult for her…and Johnny also has loss a lot of weight but no one is saying he is anorexic!…
    So it’s normal in this phase of their lifes…

    I wish Vanessa could remain living in France now (american people aren’t nice with her) but her children live in Los Angeles, so I understand that she has to spend time there…

  • Philipp

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, just my kind of woman.

  • Bridget

    I study astrology and Johnny’s vedic horoscope says he would never marry, and if so it would be short-lived–he has a problem with commitment and stability needed for marriage. Vanessa probably figured this out (she’s a rebel too and marriage isn’t easy for her) and so they had the long-distance open relationship. They both love the children, perhaps that is their bond. Wish them both well. Friendship is the key.

  • Hm

    I think she has ortorexia. It’s a disorder where people become overly fixated in eating healthy and exercising, beyond all points of reason. She has always been a petite girl, but the last few years she seems to be over doing the exercising. It’s like an obsession. She looks like Madonna. No-one can say exercising two times a day 6 days a week is healthy. A slightly higher percentage of body fat would do her good.
    And for those who say she is naturally skinny, I say look at those biceps they are not something you are born with, you have to build them up by working out. There’s nothing wrong with working out, but one can over do it which can wear your body out and actually make it age prematurely!

  • Sia

    She looks 49 not 39.

  • Didy

    @Sia: I agree. And Johnny looks 39!

  • Jess

    @Hm: I agree with you. She obviously exercises too much and doesn’t eat enough. She’s merely bones and a few bulging muscles.

  • not really

    @Sia: you should see him in close ups, he looks his age and is looking rough lately have you seen him at the aeroesmith concert?

  • are you kidding right?

    @Sia: she is skinny these days but she looks her age, she has almost no wrinkless in her face , good skin, and have you seen her with makeup in her latest public appearance (her first appearance post-split she looked 30 just with alight of makeup, everybody looks older without it , and johnny looks 39? are you kidding right? see where he looks 39?? he looks his age

  • lola

    @are you kidding right?: I agree, but nevermind these dumb trolls I’m pretty sure they look worse than her and are younger, haters gonna hate, and look well at johnny’s recent pictures he has lost weight too and is not looking well, but it’s normal I guess the split affected them both ,

  • losers

    @Cecelia: I never understood why some guys like Angelina Jolie who is a walking skeletor way more skinny than this woman and this is what she always looked, Jolie was never naturally slim and she looks extremely ill…

  • heheh

    @Aboveall: I’m sorry but how can you know all this info? LOL

  • Didy

    @not really: I don’t know about “Sia” but I did. I saw him in close up at the Aerosmith concert. And to me he looks less than 40. His skin is really young for his age.

  • stop being so stupid

    This thread is stupid, 1) she is skinny no matter how much she eats she is skinny that’s not gonna change 2) you say she looks anorexic have you ever seen somebody anorexic?? make a google search and you’ll see what anorexic people look like, 3) she doesn’t look bony at all, she looks slim and muscular (too much workout on her arms and legs which is quite different, 4) she looks like madonna? are you kidding right? Madonna’s legs are super muscular 10 times more than Vanessa’s and she has no butt, Vanessa has a nice round tight butt, Vanessa’s arms look way better than Madonna’s 5) if you are curvy would you like people telling you are fat or obese? no right? then don’t call skinny people anorexic just because they look skinny/slim!!, 6) her face looks great for 39 she almost has no wrinkless and has a flawless skin 7) she would look much better with a nicer outfit, you need to see her when she is dolled up she barely looks 34 and always looks stunning 10/10 8) get some respect she has gone through a hurtful split of her relationship of 14 years. 9) she is beautiful and never got plastic surgery makes her more interesting, 10) thanks for reading (if you actually did)

  • solara

    @Didy: @stop being so stupid: One post to rule them all, amazing post I agree with you 100%

  • solara

    @solara: I meant the amazing post of “stop being sto stupid” not didy’s post

  • Johnny

    @Didy: I don’t think he looks that good neither, to me he has lost his looks in the latest 3 years ,he no longer looks sexy like 2000′s, he is no longer the sexiest man alive, barely handsome but not so much, but it’s normal, he is 49 years old now!! it’s called aging, years catch everybody even Johnny, so I don’t complain… but until his 40 he was def. the sexiest guy on earth.

  • Aboveall

    You have to learn how to read…I put in my post that it was written in a magazine…a well known therapist in France, was consulted in a magazine for an special edition about famous splits and relationship…

    So he talks about Vanessa and Johnny (I don’t know how he did the analysis), Heidi and Seal, Eva Longoria and Tony, but also about other famous couples here as Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy, Sarkozy and Bruni, the new president, etc, etc

    If you need to know how he obtained his information, maybe you can buy the book of the psychologist!!!

  • Didy

    @Johnny: To me he is still the sexiest man alive! And now he looks happy and relaxed, and it makes him more beautiful. So, in my opinion now he is better than never! He was really miserable in the last years, but now he’s really good! Look at his skin. He has almost no wrinkles. About Vanessa, she has many wrinkles around her eyes. That makes her look older. But, I think it’s because Johnny has native ancestry. His skin remains young because of it. But I think they both are now better than they were as a couple, because in the last years, they did not look happy together. So I wish the best for them both.

  • Miral

    I’ve also read that article Aboveall, but I think you’re mixing two different parts of it. something about their astral charts (or something like that) and what the doctor said about them
    Ah! the doctor says they might reconcile. But they have to let time pass. Because now they must be tired and hurt!
    And Vanessa has to learn to control her authoritarism and possessiveness over him, because he isn’t her puppy! and give time to him to explore his new freedom, creativity and also take out of his system his new “blonde weakness” :/

  • No sense, things are simple!

    @Miral: I think this doctor doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know how possessive Vanessa is, or even IF she actually is that kind of woman. And he talks about time. But they HAD time. More than 10 years passed, and they grew apart over the years. There was nothing left: no love, no passion, no fire, no desire, no comunication, nothing in common… so they decided to split. Before this, they had tried to stay together especially for the kids, and Vanessa GAVE Johnny enough space. They tried everything! But it came the moment to realize that they were just wasting time. To me it seems that Johnny had a big sexual attraction for her in the begining. But it didn’t last much long. So, he fell in love for the children, and for the fatherhood. In his interviews, since a long time, it’s all about how huge is for a man becoming a dad and how “good mother” Vanessa is. But he and Vanessa didn’t work as lovers anymore. I think she was still in love with him until last year, when she changed the way she talks about him in her interviews. Now, they both have moved on, and they look great! People like drama. I don’t like it, and I don’t see any drama. No more. It’s over, but they did it very amicably and even the kids look happier! Nothing lasts forever, couples break up every day in every contry on this Earth. They moved on, so let’s move on too! And let’s leave this ex-couple live their new lives in peace. And c’mon, Vanessa doesn’t look that bad phisically, neither Johnny.

  • Eve

    @Love The Shoes:

    It means that trapping a ladies man with a baby after 3 mos of knowing him probably isn’t the best way to start a lifelong relationship. He threw in with her for the long haul, but it’s doubful it would have been more than a filmset fling if she hadn’t been with child. I believe that they honestly tried very hard to make it work and I’m sure they will continue to try to do the best they to provide a happy & secure life for the 2 sweet kids.

  • Jaylo

    In one of the side shots it looks as if she’s pregnant and wearing a diaper.