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Gerard Butler: Toronto Film Festival Afternoon!

Gerard Butler: Toronto Film Festival Afternoon!

Gerard Butler spends his afternoon hanging out with some friends on Tuesday (September 11) in Toronto, Canada.

The 42-year-old actor is currently in town taking in the films being offered at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival. The evening before, Gerard attended the after party for the film The Iceman, where he joined the film’s cast members Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, and Stephen Dorff.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard‘s film Chasing Mavericks hits theaters next month. We can’t wait to see it!

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler out and about…

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gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 01
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 02
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 03
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 04
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 05
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 06
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 07
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 08
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 09
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 10
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 11
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 12
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 13
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 14
gerard butler toronto film festival afternoon 15

Credit: O'Neill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Joie de Vivre

    This must be my lucky day! I should go and buy a lottery ticket. Twice I logged onto JJ and twice I catch a new Butler thread. He looks content and relaxed here. As it should be when hanging out with friends. Hope everyone is well and happy.

  • well…

    OK, i’ll get it out of the way…Who’s the chick, and where is Maddy?

  • PR Move

    Uh huh. No pictures all summer. Then all of a sudden a whole slew of them. And look, there’s a young women with him in some of the pics, and she’s not Macarona! Somebody called the paps and set this up. Well, one thing we do know is that she’s gone. Whether it’s for good or not is another matter, but he obviously wants people to know she’s not there, imo.

  • cupccake

    Lookin good gerry.

  • rachel

    He doesn’t have his usual sweaty, gray-skinned look.

  • Gimmeabreak

    Looks like someone wants us to know she’s gone. Probably to take the heat off her and let things die down, since it caused him so much negative attention. That doesn’t mean it’s over. He’s using the paps when it suits, as always.

  • The Noise in The Walls

    Gerry’s looking great!! Good to see him out and about :)

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Felicia Bianca ‏@FeliciaBianca
    My aunt with Gerard butler!!! So lucky!!!!

  • lolita

    @Joie de Vivre: Hi Joie, how are you? I am doing well, health has improved greatly.
    I still like my big brute too. How is your hubby, how did he react to his special gift. I had to take a break from JJ, too much info I didn’t need to know about Gerry. I want to still see his movies and so don’t follow him as close as I did before. I watched the trailer for Mavericks, those surfers are nuts. I would be in a panic just seeing the size of the waves on shore. I went to Cape Cod and went on a ferry for whale watching. I started to get a little nervous when I looked around and saw no land anywhere and to think they go out in the ocean on a small board. I think that movie will do good, it is exciting to watch. Love hearing from you again.♥♥

  • Diversion

    Nice try, but I’ll bet my last dollar he’ll be flying off to meet up with her somewhere within a week.

  • cupccake

    @gimmeabreak and diversion you as well as I do not know what’s next.

  • cupccake

    Thanks for the pic cge.

  • Diversion

    @cupccake: So? I’m entitled to state my opinion about the situation, and that’s what I suspect will happen. I don’t think he’s done with her quite yet.

  • Hmmm

    Yep little maddie’s gone..fairytale over.

  • cupccake

    yes diversion you are entitled to your opinion. So let’s see what happens shall we?.

  • J

    YES hes finally cut his hair….

  • Soopersleuth

    Isn’t this her?

  • Soopersleuth

    Funny how he missed the wrap party to run to NYC for the weekend and all he did was attend one of the FW parties. No mention of him being anywhere else except for a couple of random sightings. Only one mentioned the possibility of a GF. Doesn’t it sound like he was saying goodbye to someone and seeing them off? Otherwise, why not stay in Shreveport and party with your best girl out in the open? She’d been on set with him a couple of times so what happened? Then he’s off to TIFF, seemingly alone, hanging out with friends and the supposedly the last thing heard from MG was one single word “London” and then nothing. No fb entries, all is quiet especially after removing all the relevant photos. Very odd, indeed!

  • Lorna

    No, that’s not MG. Not even close.

  • my two cents

    He might continue to see Mads on the sly, schedules permitting, but I don’t think he’s going to go public with her.

  • Soopersleuth

    @Gimmeabreak: What heat was on her? All I saw was a couple of tabloid articles that just repeated each other and what’s been said here about her. She wasn’t taking any heat from what I can see and neither was he. You people build up too much in your minds for the drama of it!

  • Soopersleuth

    @Lorna: No, no, I meant the girl walking with him and his friends in this thread.

  • Soopersleuth

    @my two cents: Maybe but it’s not easy to maintain a long distance relationship, especially one that’s just for sex. There’s a lot of beautiful women out there for G. He wouldn’t have to do that.

  • afternoon

    Looks like a fun afternoon! Shopping and dining in Toronto is fantastic and I’ve actually been to that particular store. Bought some heels that seemed like a good fit in the beginning but ended up being really uncomfortable while walking around town. Guess I just need a different brand. Maybe even some sneakers. So great to see new pics of Gerard.

  • Gimmeabreak

    @Soopersleuth: Where have you been? She was getting slammed all over the place, namely in her own country’s papers and on her fb page. The comments sections were tearing her up everywhere the story showed up. Why do you think she posted that “I don’t care what you think” cra/p on her fb?

  • simonne

    The comments sections under all the articles posted about MG and Gerry were slamming Maddie left, right, and center. It wasn’t just on JJ. As a matter of fact, JJ looked tame compared to the comments being posted elsewhere. The comments in Romania were some of the worst, but they got pretty bad in the American publications, too.

  • @@@
  • Soopersleuth

    @Gimmeabreak: @simonne: So a bunch of nobodies making their crude comments. That’s to be expected, just like it is here. Otherwise, I don’t think anyone has made a big deal out of it. Same thing happened with Leo.

  • Nope

    @@@@: It’s not her. The woman in this photo is a little um…thicker in the leg department.

  • twitter

    He’s on the move ….

    My aunt with Gerard butler!!! So lucky!!!!
    Great pic. Which airport?
    Pearson airport in toronto

  • Soopersleuth

    Wonder where he’s off to now? Was seen in the airport.

  • LeeSeol

    he has really short limbs.

  • kelly

    LOVING the shorter hair he doesnt look like a bum anymore and he looks rested and happy love the new treads and all the comments …..

  • Susanne

    He looks great!

  • @Kelly

    It’s because he’s in love and it shows.

  • Irma

    Of course! Gerry’s in love! And the love of his life with him!

  • Irma

    Today September 11 … I hope that nobody forget!

  • Irma

    But this’s not MG, if you understand!

  • Fido

    @@@ is that a dog tag he’s wearing on his wrist

  • I wonder if…

    Gerry is on his way back to Shreveport to attend an official wrap party for the cast? I read that the recent wrap party was just for the extras etc. so maybe Gerry didn’t snub his OHF cast mates by preferring to ‘party’ with his friends in NY/Toronto as some have suggested.

    This just in from Twitter

    Lj Smith ‏@LjSmithTheActor

    ‘Olympus Has Fallen is officially wrapped. Thank you Antoine Fuqua for the opportunity. And the journey continues..’

  • The Original Julie

    You look marvelous, Gerry. Love your hat, it looks great on you. :)

  • Let’s See

    The one guy with Gerry is Ronnie—But who is the other guy?

  • Sandra J

    @@@@: \
    Looks like MG

  • casey

    He is looking good, glad he made it to TIFF and support Ariel. Knew he would. He always supports his friends and they do the same for him.

  • Next Move

    I predict that now that she’s gone, and he’s called the paps back in, you will see more pics and new threads on JJ in the next week, up until he leaves to meet her somewhere. IMO she went to Milan for Fashion Week, and I would bet that’s where he ends up after going back to NY and possibly a short stopover in Shreveport for a day or two. I don’t think it’s done yet, but IMO he’s not committed to her either, judging by the way he’s been hiding her. Today’s pics tell me that he wants everyone to believe he is on the prowl again. I’d love to know what he’s saying to the girl in the pic where shes’s staring right at the camera, and he’s laughing with head down. “I owe you one” most likely.

  • Irma

    @Sandra J: @@@@:
    For some people here MG is an obsession! This’s the manic! Oh!

  • Let’s See

    I think the whole MG thing is just weird. They are both public people and if they are attempting the have a long term relationship they don’t have a reason to hide it. It would look better for him if he just let things happen naturally with the public. They don’t have to announce but why be so discreat with it.

    Maybe he keeps the ones he cares about hidden because if it doesn’t work out he can save face and doesn’t have to come up with an explanation to interviewers or the public. Saves him embarassment as to why he has so many failing relationships. Just asking?

  • huh oh
  • Totally Useless Information

    It is GB’s MO to line out a woman to be available to him when he’s shooting a film. He did it last time he was shooting in LA, he did it in Iceland, he did it St. Louis, he did it in Serbia. He might have lined out little Maddie to be his on call date in LA. Who really knows what is going on. There are plenty of possibilities. I’m sure they all think they will be the one to change him and keep him.

    But one thing is for sure, the PR machine has begun to roll for Chasing Mavericks so hang on to your hats and don’t believe a word of it.