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Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler wears a newsboy cap and rides his bicycle on Wednesday (September 19) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 42-year-old actor reportedly partied over the weekend with pals Leonardo DiCaprio and Stacy Keibler along with “Gangnam Style” singer Psy after his surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The group sat in a VIP section in the Meatpacking District’s 1Oak, but didn’t get up and dance when “Gangnam Style” played that evening, according to the New York Post.

Last week, Gerard attended events at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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gerard butler parties gangnam style with psy 03
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Credit: PPNY / GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • JustBreathe

    Complaining about the age difference. At least he is out of the club scene these days.

    Look at this site. Nothing new

  • LOL

    Now watch the jealous old hags who act so mature when speaking to their comrades are going to trash her to oblivion for the entire weekend, like school girls do. Just proves how immature some women can be even at advanced ages when they are total losers in real life.
    Anyway, GB sure is putting lots of energy into this relationship with her, winning and dinning her, moving her in to live with him, and taking care of all the details of their relationship like a leader, a real Alpha male. Something all of you old-hag feminists never knew because no real man wants to get close to your stench.
    I said before that she probably left to get some more stuff from Italy before she settles in with him for the winter. They were barely separated for a week and a half before that guy saw her moving into GB’s apartment and assumed it was GB who just moved in. If she continues putting GB first in her life, she’ll be his wife in no time. Chew on that you miserable old hags trash.

  • LOL


    And check this out; the older a man gets, the younger his woman is. Why, because a 42-year old man is a baby compared to a 42-year old woman. Especially, men who want to start a family, not that 42-year old woman can’t have children, but it’s much harder and you might need procedures. But with a much younger woman you can do it naturally, and what man doesn’t like the thrill of successfully impregnating his woman? It’s a man thing and they enjoy that tremendously. It validates their manhood. Men don’t like it when their woman fail to conceive even when it’s an issue with the woman, and not him.

  • wow

    Welcome back LOL, MANNY and EVE

  • Lyla J.

    Would love to have the ability to travel like the wealthy. Necker Island. Sir Richard should offer his paradise to Make-A-Wish Foundation or some such non-profit. Wonder if all the celebs pay for their stay. Ah, such a sweet life it must be to never have to worry about money. Gerard has never struck me as the marrying kind, but he’s been so full of surprises this past year that nothing would surprise me now. Who knows, and frankly who cares. It’s Friday and the weekend is here!! Time for some fun. We commoners know how to have fun too. lol

  • TUT

    Nick Lachey got married on Necker Island. Maybe Gerry won’t but he is pulling out a expensive vaca. Maddie is here to stay for a while. You guys called Laurie C. A dog and MG superficial and plastic. I think the only person you people will be happy with are yourselves.

    Honestly, other than Gerry’s smoldering looks is he a man of great character? No. Does he judge women based on looks. Yes! He doesn’t understand that chasing fun leads to misery. True happiness comes from chasing knowledge and building character and inner peace.

    He may just want to try the family thing. It May help him grow up. And her. I think his mom is happy if he has some stability.

  • casandra

    @LOL: Or maybe none of the two flings were real( Leo and Adrien), but they were only friends as they are both friends of Gerry…I don’t know and maybe that’s not important .Whats important is that right now MG and Gerry are in a pretty serious relationship and maybe they are thinking about marriage.Can i be just a little bit sad about it?I mean I wish them well …but its gonna take some time to get used to the idea of him being married or a very serious relationship….the end of an

  • Lord Love a Duck

    None of us know the real character of the man, but I think we do see the potential of his character and that is what purposes us to watch and see and hope that some glimmer will appear to be able to say “I knew he had it in him”. I believe that he is a spirtual person, maybe because I refuse to believe otherwise because I am unsophisticated in so many ways.
    I have seen his tender moments in the movies like “The Jury” and can only trust that he will pull a rabbit out of his hat [s] and do it all over again. Perhaps in his personal life as well. He is an artist, has been around for a long time learning his trade. Sure he has been betrayed, befriended, lost and won. Like iron in the fire he isn’t the finished work of art that I know he can be. I’ll wait to see. I have faith. Ducky
    Sorry I missed the getogether last nite.

  • Don’t be sad

    @casandra: Don’t worry. If he marries her, it has about as much of a chance as your buddy LOL does of getting out of the institution. If you still have any respect for him after that, then don’t worry, he’ll be single again in no time. Even a pea brain can see how this will end up. His mother must be absolutely mortified.

  • Kilroy

    @Lord Love a Duck: You know what they say about men that have “potential” don’t you?

  • sorry but any wife

    of gerard’s needs to be not only a stupid/ narcissistic/ h.o/ escort/ undie model but a pharmacist and shrink too….

    the guy is totally f ‘ upped, and he deserves what he reaps

  • Kilroy

    @Don’t be sad: Oh leave LOL alone! He has live vicariously through Gerry! LMFAO!

  • um, hello?

    @casandra: Such a serious relationship that he was clearly hitting on that woman at the US Open. Or do you think she would just make that up out of thin air? She’s a gorgeous and successful woman, so I doubt she would need to do that. Get a grip, people, geez.

  • not mortified are …

    @Don’t be sad: And her parents back in the old country are probably trying to tally up his bank account.

  • Let’s See

    So last night out to dinner in Tribeca today Virgin Islands——–I sould be really surprised if he was with her. But I have been wrong before.
    But then again she used Esme to comment she was in NY.
    If he is still in NY then we will know soon enough.

  • Kilroy

    Fasten your seat belts, kids, it’s going to be a bumpy weekend!

  • Let’s See

    According to the Necker Island website posted here, it is possible to fly from Puerto Rico to the Island. That helicopter could make the trip.

  • oh noooooooos!

    @not mortified are …: Maybe they are wondering if they’ll be “coming to America.” Why do I see a new reality show featuring Maddy’s parents adjusting to life in LA

  • furwearer

    Beetch wears real fur. Vile creature.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Kilroy: No I haven’t a clue what they say.

  • Troof

    So true. This guy is so predictable it’s pathetic. It’s the same skeevy behavior year in and year out.
    Let me guess 2013 will bring with it more career dissapointments and younger “models”.
    Dude, I know turning 43 in a few months is daunting for you but a 24 year old???? Really???!
    Like most have said, this vapid old perv deserves to babysit his trick.
    Don’t fool yourselves, Gerry is a nice guy no doubt, but as shallow as a $2 hoo ker

  • creep hater

    @Troof: Good wishes to you too loser.

  • Kilroy

    @furwearer: No kidding? Well that does it then!

  • Mensa

    @Troof: I bet the conversation, what little there is, is very intellectually stimulating. Bwahahaahaaa.

  • hmmmmm

    @Troof: What rock did you just crawl out from under and why?

  • Kilroy

    We need dar up in here with her mystical take on all of this. Calling dargabriel! Dar where are you?

  • Kilroy

    @Mensa: Of course it is! It’s all done by youtube videos on fb!

  • starlynn

    @hmmmmm: Did you read the ages of stars and their wives linked in post 251? Most make GB and his choices look positively mainstream. Some are 30 and 40 years older than their spouses. Now that is icky. And some, like Bruce Willis, are seriel cradle robbers.

  • LOL


    I don’t think you shouldn’t be sad about it. He is after all a heartthrob and many a woman wanted him for herself, so I think it’s normal you’re feeling this way. What I object to is the disgusting comments that stem only from the jealousy of old beetches that can’t land a husband on the scale of 2, but try to pretend they are in relationship with him, a 10. They beetch and trash his woman – some nerve. Yeah….agree again; it is an end of an era. Normal peeps accept that. Mold beetches can’t think straight.
    That said, be fair to him and try to wish him the best. He deserves happiness, as you yourself said it many times. If he can make it work with her, as a true fan we should be supportive of him and his choice, not mock both of them or make fun of them. Mrs. Butler should, be treated with respect because she is his choice and we can’t do anything about who he marries. Of that, I am sure you agree. I find it both ironic and hypocritical that old beetches with no looks and no life, and no man in their lives or who are trapped in uninteresting marriages, sitting here 24/7 and disparaging her looks and her career, as well as call him a has been and an old man. I mean, c’mon, they would give their right arm for one night with him, let alone a lifetime. And regarding her looks and career, they’d give their right arm for that too. Nothing is more proof of what I say about these beetches old hags than when they start name calling her. And of course, the more they lash out on me the more it’s proof I hit the nail right on the head with them. LOL!!!!!!!! DON’T let loser old hags tell you who he’s into and who he’s not. Remember, they have no common sense. Delusional R Us!!!

  • Getting It While He’s Hot

    The problem for Gerard Butler in all of this is that no one gives a crap about his movies. They go see the silly popcorn flicks because they’re popcorn flicks but no one actually thinks of him as a genius actor. They think of him as the good looking older guy who goes clubbing, dates models young enough to be his wee daughters like Madalina Ghenea and who has his own theme song on TMZ.
    What’s glaringly obvious is that none of the great directors are dying to work with him. There’s no Scorsese or Cronenberg or Spielberg or Soderbergh trying to get him in their films the way they do DiCaprio, Brody, Mortensen, and Fassbender. When GB tries to make serious movies he’s always trying to make lemonade out of lemons because the great scripts and great directors aren’t looking to work with him.
    Personally I think GB has given up trying to be respected and taken seriously as an actor. I think he’s resigned himself to being a presenter at the Golden Globes instead of a nominee and one of the masses who show up for the Oscar after-parties without having been invited to the Oscars themselves. He’s 43. The window for him as a leading man is closing. Competition for good roles is only going to become stiffer as they get fewer and fewer as he gets older and older. I think he’s just a very practical guy who knows that and figures that he’s going to milk what he can while he’s hot and that includes young model poontang before young model poontang starts asking “Gerry …….. who?”

  • pure life

    @TUT: Wouldn’t assume he is paying for the vacay.. Even if he has to fork out $ on the rare occasion, he’s had so many comped vacays he can surely afford a luxury holiday besides, he is paying for the privacy in a pap free zone. If he is even on this island.

  • LOL

    12-15 years difference is not a big deal. at 17 years difference, it’s a bit wide between GB and MG but many couples made it work. The older a man is the wider gap he has with his wife. the more successful a man is also the wider the gap. It’s the nature of the male nature. That’s why you need to find a husband in your 20s and early 30s or you’ll stay an old hag. It seems the women posting here can’t accept this simple truth. .And because they are in the old hags category they are freaking out Gerry likes young women in their 20s and not their dirty old ass. Jealousy plan and simple.

  • Kilroy


    “While working on Shameless, (James) McAvoy started a relationship with his character’s love interest, Anne-Marie Duff, who is nine years his senior. At the age of 27, he married Duff, then 36, on 18 October 2006 in a quiet ceremony.[69][71] When asked by Ryan Seacrest, during his radio show, if he wished he had waited longer to get married so he could exploit his fame better, McAvoy replied that he had married the woman of his dreams. “The world seemed less scary…. And I started to like myself a little bit more,” McAvoy added of how he knew they were in love.”
    “Aaron Perry Johnson began a relationship with his Nowhere Boy director, Sam Taylor-Wood, who is 23 years older, on the 2009 set of the film.[15] The couple announced their engagement at the film’s premiere in October 2009.[16] They married on 21 June 2012 and both took the name Taylor-Johnson.[17] The couple have two daughters together born prior to their marriage:”


    Shows ya how full o crap you are!

  • starlynn

    For those not inclined to click on links… chew on these. Do you paint them all with the perve paintbrush? Or is it personal with the Butler?
    20 Years

    Prince Albert II of Monaco . . . Charlene Wittstock
    Nicolas Cage . . . Alice Kim
    John Rhys-Davies . . . Lisa Manning
    Tony Curtis . . . Christine Kaufman
    Les Moonves . . . Julie Chen
    Stanley Tucci . . . Felicity Blunt
    21 Years

    Warren Beatty . . . Annette Bening
    Peter Brant . . . Stephanie Seymour
    Lee Majors . . . Karen Velez
    Robert Redford . . . Sibylle Szaggars
    Jerry Seinfeld . . . Shoshanna Lonstein
    22 Years

    Phil Collins . . . Orianne Cevey
    Kevin Costner . . . Christine Baumgarten
    Peter Gabriel . . . Meabh Flynn
    Edward M. Kennedy . . . Victoria Reggie
    Wayne Newton . . . Kathleen McCrane
    Laurence Olivier . . . Joan Plowright
    Carlo Ponti . . . Sophia Loren
    Alan Thicke . . . Gina Tolleson
    23 Years

    Orson Bean . . . Alley Mills
    Flavio Briatore . . . Heidi Klume
    Harrison Ford . . . Calista Flockhart
    John Forsythe . . . Nicole Carter
    Frank Gifford . . . Kathie Lee Gifford (Kathie Lee Epstein) (same birthday: August 16)
    Merle Haggard . . . Theresa Lane
    Mick Jagger . . . L’Wren Scott
    George Lazenby . . . Pam Shriver
    Aristotle Onassis . . . Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
    Sylvester Stallone . . . Jennifer Flavin
    Steven Tyler . . . Erin Brady
    Bruce Willis . . . Brooke Burns
    Bruce Willis . . . Emma Heming
    Bruce Willis . . . Emily Sandberg
    24 Years

    Hugh Hefner . . . Barbi Benton
    Judd Hirsch . . . Bonni (wife)
    Rich Little . . . Catherine Brown
    Malcolm McDowell . . . Kelley Kuhr
    Chuck Norris . . . Gena O’Kelley
    Fred Thompson . . . Jeri Kehn
    Donald Trump . . . Melania Knauss
    25 Years

    Humphrey Bogart . . . Lauren Bacall
    Robert Conrad . . . LaVelda Fann
    Michael Douglas . . . Catherine Zeta-Jones (same birthday: September 25)
    Richard Harris . . . Ann Turkel
    Benjamin Harrison . . . Mary Dimmick (He: 62, 23nd U.S. President [married after leaving office]. She: 37. Year: 1896.)
    Christopher Knight . . . Adrianne Curry
    Norman Lear . . . Lyn Davis
    Paul McCartney . . . Heather Mills
    Rod Stewart . . . Rachel Hunter
    Mike Todd . . . Elizabeth Taylor
    Bruce WIllis . . . Nadia Bjorlin
    26 Years

    Alec Baldwin . . . Hilaria Thomas
    René Angélil . . . Celine Dion
    Charles Dance . . . Shambhala Marthe
    Kelsey Grammer . . . Kayte Walsh
    Mick Jagger . . . Luciana Morad
    Larry King . . . Shawn Southwick
    Steve Martin . . . Anne Stringfield
    27 Years

    Jeff Goldblum . . . Catherine Wreford
    David Hasselhoff . . . Hayley Roberts
    Jerry Lee Lewis . . . Kerrie McCarver
    Rich Little . . . Jeannette Markey
    Rod Stewart . . . Penny Lancaster
    28 Years

    Grover Cleveland . . . Frances Folsom (He: 49, 22nd U.S. President. She: 21, youngest First Lady. Year: 1886.)
    David Copperfield . . . Chloe Gosselin
    Harrison Ford . . . Minnie Driver
    Nelson Mandela . . . Graca Machel
    Jack Nicholson . . . Sandra Knight
    Kenny Rogers . . . Wanda Miller
    William Shatner . . . Nerine Kidd
    William Shatner . . . Elizabeth Martin
    Alan Thicke . . . Tany Callau
    Pete Townshend . . . Rachel Fuller
    Bao Xishum . . . Xia Shusian (He: former world’s tallest man 7’9″)

    29 Years

    Neil Diamond . . . Katie McNeil
    George Hamilton . . . Kimberly Blackford
    Yaphet Kotto . . . Tessie Sinahon
    30 Years

    Buzz Aldrin . . . Michelle Sucillon
    Paul Anka . . . Anna Yeager
    Jim Carrey . . . Anastasia Vitkina
    Bing Crosby . . . Kathryn Grant
    John Derek . . . Bo Derek (Mary Collins)
    Jeff Goldbloom . . . Emilie Livingston
    Andy Griffith . . . Cindi Knight
    Frank Sinatra . . . Mia Farrow
    John Tyler . . . Julia Gardiner (He: 54, 10th U.S. President. She: 24. Year: 1844.)
    George Frederic Watts . . . Ellen Terry (He: 46, British artist. She: 16, actress. Year: 1864.)
    31 Years

    Eric Clapton . . . Melia McEnery
    John Cleese . . . Jennifer Wade
    Rodney Dangerfield . . . Joan Child
    Robert Evans . . . Catherine Oxenberg
    Dennis Hopper . . . Katherine LaNasa
    Davy Jones . . . Jessica Pacheco
    Martin Landau . . . Gretchen Becker
    32 Years

    Billy Joel . . . Katie Lee
    David Lynch . . . Emily Stofle
    Ed McMahon . . . Pam Hurn
    Geraldo Rivera . . . Erica Levy
    33 Years

    Tony Bennett . . . Susan Crow
    Cary Grant . . . Dyan Cannon (He: 57. She: 24 when first met. He: 61. She: 28 when married.)
    George Hamilton . . . Barbara Sturm
    Jack Nicholson . . . Lara Flynn Boyle
    George Frederic Watts . .

  • LOL

    @Lyla J.:

    I love a common-sensical posts. Notice it getting no thumbs as it’s way too rational of the old hags posting here. LMAO!!!!! I can practically tell which posts I agree with and which ones I don’t. The ones I agree with have no thumbs or have lots of neg thumbs. The one with many pos thumbs are usually posted by delusional old hags that get egged on by their other friendly neighborhood hags.
    “Would love to have the ability to travel like the wealthy. Necker Island. Sir Richard should offer his paradise to Make-A-Wish Foundation or some such non-profit. “
    “Wonder if all the celebs pay for their stay. “
    It depends. If he is inviting, it’s free. Otherwise, he charges. This looks like some opening weekend he has going on.
    “Ah, such a sweet life it must be to never have to worry about money. “
    Money and health are the first two things people worry most about. If you have those two things, it’s indeed a sweet life. But I would wager good health is even better than having money.
    “Gerard has never struck me as the marrying kind, but he’s been so full of surprises this past year that nothing would surprise me now. “
    He’ll surprise you alright. I think many fans never realized just how traditional he really is. That’s why he wants his woman younger than him, and he takes care of all their expenses together. He’s a man after my own heart. Love traditional men. They make the best hubbies. Very protective too.
    “Who knows, and frankly who cares. It’s Friday and the weekend is here!! Time for some fun. We commoners know how to have fun too. Lol”
    Now you’re talking. It’s my advice to everyone here. Instead of sitting 24/7 mourning Gerard has a GF, why not find your own man and stop dumping on him and his GF because you’re jealous? Anyway, you have the right idea. You ain’t sitting here feeling like a train just hit you. I warned peeps not to think it’s over and rejoice too fast. I told peeps to wait and see.

    Just because she went to London it doesn’t mean they are finished. Maybe she needed to take care of a few things back home and bring more things back to the states. Maybe she needed to visit her parents and her brother and his family. Why can’t some of you old beetches cut her some slack?

  • LOL

    Delusional old hag. Just because some none-alpha males like dating mother figures, doesn’t mean it’s indicative of the male condition. Alphas don’t date older women. Males who are misguided about egalitarianism might date their mothers. But who like dating them? It’s like dating man with gay inclinations. Masculine alpha males like to take the responsibility and the leadership in the relationship and take care of their ladies. Older ladies feel like mother and like they are taking care of the guy. Younger ladies feel like daughters and the guy feels like has to take care of them, which brings his masculinity alive. Feminist men need not apply. Take that old hag. Look for your emasculated man to date. I will stick to my manly hot guys. BTW,k it might help you to stop being so delusional and idiotic.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    For everything there is a season … A right time to hold on and another to let go …” Ecclesiastes 3:1, 6

  • Hey LOL

    @starlynn: All you have prove n with your list (which you’re far too invested in) is that rich old guys can get a young piece. DUH. Alot of them would have sex with kids, too, if it was legal. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s been going on since the beginning of time. I hope you cut and pasted that for your sake. What a complete waste of time.

  • Let’s See

    When the one guy tweeted that Gerry just moved into his building—maybe MG was moving her things in as someone commented here. This is better than any soap opera ever made.
    If he is this serious about the relationship I hope he shows up with her in public more. Time to take the pro and con comments that will initially happen and then move on with their lives together. IMO :)

  • He won’t

    @Let’s See: He will always keep his options open. Trust. Leopards don’t change their spots.

  • exactly

    @Getting It While He’s Hot: Exactly right. Notice how reports about him still refer to him as the star of 300? Tweets posted here about him still say “saw the guy from 300″? 300 came out in 2007. FIVE YEARS AGO. Maybe he’s done some good work since then but not particularly memorable work since he’s still predominantly known as the “star of 300.” He’s more known for his social life than his professional work. I think that’s why some other Hollywood guys get away with dating young and barely legal models.
    I think Johnny Depp who’s older than Gerry could start dating a girl in her early 20s and people would joke about it and think that it’s weird, but they wouldn’t cast aspersions because he’s freakin Johnny Depp! So many memorable performances in so many different kinds of films (Pirates of the Caribbean to Finding Neverland). He’s achieved enough professionally that I think the public is less apt to judge him personally. Someone like Gerry who people know best for his personal life and is resting on laurels earned 5 years ago in his professional life doesn’t get the benefit of such respect. That’s the price he pays for his choices, and given how much he gets paid for being a party boy, no one should feel badly for him because of it.

  • Let’s See

    @He won’t:

    I have to agree with you to a certain extent, however how many women has he been with that he has actually stopped prowling and hitting the bars and other than a look at some other woman, has he actually behaved so well. This relationship may or may not work, but one sure sign that it will be over is if he goes on the prowl again.
    Also has anyone that has been following him for a long time ever read a news article saying he was in love and he not try to disprove it by hitting on other women right away?

  • Let’s See

    @He won’t:

    I have to agree with you to a certain extent, however how many women has he been with that he has actually stopped prowling and hitting the bars and other than a look at some other woman, has he actually behaved so well. This relationship may or may not work, but one sure sign that it will be over is if he goes on the prowl again.
    Also has anyone that has been following him for a long time ever read a news article saying he was in love and he not try to disprove it by hitting on other women right away?

  • Let’s See

    Sorry for the double post JJ must of hickuped!!! hehe

  • Let’s See

    Sorry for the double post JJ must have hickuped!!!!! hehe

  • He won’t

    @Let’s See: He’s already prowling. He was hitting on that woman hard last weekend in NYC. And she’s EXACTLY his type.

  • Let’s See

    What the h is going on????? I’ve entered the twilight zone.

  • Beth

    @Hey LOL: I don’t come here too often anymore, and reading your post, I know why. What a disgusting thing to say about “alot of them” on the list. And by the way Alot is not a word. It is two words, A Lot. Oh, and I for one enjoyed the list, so Star did not waste my time by posting it.

  • Let’s See

    @He won’t:

    Well you are right he does have his on style doesn’t he? Didn’t I post once that the only way he would be faithful is for him to go into a monastery. Now she took him to a private tropical island.
    Did they go there to watch the Dolphins. hehe

  • Kilroy

    @Let’s See: it’s not private but it is exclusive to celebs. Still, all we know is that a guy said he was taking his Hungarian model gf to Necker’s. Let’s see if he didn’t mistake G for someone else. Photos hopefully.