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Chris Brown Gets 'Real' About Rihanna in Candid Video

Chris Brown Gets 'Real' About Rihanna in Candid Video

Chris Brown talks candidly about falling back in love with Rihanna while still dating Karrueche Tran in this new video he released titled “The Real Chris Brown”.

“I’m stressed out… when you share history with somebody, then you tend to fall in love with somebody else, it’s kinda difficult,” Chris says. “Is there such thing as loving two people? I don’t know if that’s possible, but for me, I feel like that.”

Chris, who released a statement saying that he ended his relationship with Karrueche over his friendship with Rihanna, is seen with both ladies in the footage in the video.

“Wtf is going on? All I’m saying is.. You don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t!” Karrueche tweeted after the video was released. “Life moves on.. So let’s all.”

of “The Real Chris Brown” video?

Chris Brown Gets ‘Real’ About Rihanna in Candid Video
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  • KissThis

    Two-timing douche bag.

  • boob

    After watching this video, I’d say that it’s best to leave both of them alone….for good

  • Leenah

    Really? So he’s that upfront about this whole mess? Wow…I’m starting to think this is all for publicity. Maybe they were together for a long time..anyway,it’s not only about the incident in 2009,but I can’t see Chris loving anyone other than himself.

  • deby

    i think chris brown is just a childish boy

  • Emma

    why the hell are they tweeting their personal stuff…that is just so f+++ up
    chris brown acts like a 15-year old

  • Yell.

    COME ON. Really?!
    Publicity whores…the both of them.

  • WONDERful

    rihanna is so annoying. can’t she just fade out already?

  • lol fail

    This dude is psycho…and so is Rihanna. Any self-respecting woman would never “look up” to either one of them again.

  • Humorme

    Wow…those were my words exactly after i finished reading this piece. Once a douche bag always a douche bag?

  • loli

    I think it’s the first time I hear him talking and his voice and is weird and the way he speaks and smiling at the same time, he seems like a retarded

  • raadbassam

    For all of those who is saying that Chris is a publicity whore because he is talking about his personal life, I just have to ask what kind of news are you looking for in JustJared and Tmz?

  • http://gossip gossip

    Chris Brown is pimp for hittin’ that…RESPECT

  • as

    Let them douches be together. Kurruache (or whatever her name is) deserves better. She had a good time with Chris Brown, got publicity for her, fancy life, … Now she can move on to better!

  • sheesh

    The whole situation is exasperating. Let’s hope they be happy together, cause I just don’t care about what happens to either one of them anymore.

  • Randb

    The fact that Chris brown openly admitted it on camera is somewhat genuine. However, I think this should be a private matter seems like the girl obviously had feelings. chris brown is also still very immature & young, I doubt you would ever see a real grown man making shit like this.It’s almost like a mini movie with the ominous music & actual editing, like really? We have to remember that they are still entertainers & also looking to make $$. At the end of the day who cares who he is with, they both have more money than I will most likely see if a lifetime to go love & screw whoever!

  • Randb


  • meas

    why doing that big production to let us all know his private stuff? can we label that attention deficit? and it changes nothing. barely people like him as person and that influences his audience somewhere. and now pulling rihanna down the road there cause she’s stupid enought to follow that and let people know. damn.

  • Toni

    You know what…Kae keep your head up, find yourself and move on. You will find someone who will love you and not disrespect you. This fool is nowhere near a prize to be sad or happy about. Rihanna can have this dirty lookin immature boy.

    I can’t even believe I used to be a damn near Stan for this childish douchebag years ago.

  • Joe

    Yeah, that’s his problem… He just cares too much. Oh, the burden must be so heavy. I’m glad he could keep it real for us, you know, cause he’s real, really real. Real.

  • Toni

    It’s sad because the one that seems affected the most is Karreuche (even though the signs have been there since the beginning of the year) or she’s acting like the one who has been hurt the most since she and her friends are going off on twitter.
    Chris Brown is an immature douchebag and is nowhere near the prize he or Rihanna bird self think he is.

  • samsam

    i saw karrueche’s tweets and they hint that she broke up with him like “im done” and “bye baby”

  • Humorme

    I never liked Rihanna..she has no talent, she can’t sing, has no stage presence. After the whole CB debacle, i like her even less. The thing is, ppl know he’s a douche bag. But her, she was the victim in their relationship. Ppl expected her to bounce back, hopefully become a stronger person, and grow from her experience. Instead she went on this mission to tell everyone she’s ‘hard’ etc. but we know it was a front. And now that she’s hanging around him again confirms that even more. Oh well, some ppl go through life w/out learning a damn thing.

    From person experience, looking back is never a good idea. He’s sorry? He wants you back? He’s changed? Forgive him and tell him to treat the next one right.

  • Jessie

    Again who cares? Why is this comment box open because these comments don’t mean shit. You actually care about people who don’t KNOW you. who don’t care ABOUT you or will ever comment on any aspect of your life. while chris and rihanna are making money your commenting on their lives.Make sure your on time for work tomorrow idiots.

  • wakalanga sulayi

    that’s real life chris brown is trying to make up his life. move on as that is what you feel is in good for you.

  • BOJI

    I know for sure, Rihanna never got over Chris. Whatever they did or had is past. This is a new beginning for the both, hopefully for the better, their love never died. Yes, he beat her up but I think they were both victims, him emotionally and she physically. Ultimately, it is their lives and who are we to condemn their relationship. Be compassionate, will you. Let Chris redeem himself. Only time will tell if history will repeat itself but then again not. Heard of turning over a new leaf,? There is hope. The difference is This time Rihanna is going into this relationship with her eyes wide open.

  • mai

    this is just a big ‘fu ck you’ to all the people that have tried to help them.
    whatever.. his ex girlfriend (sorry dont know her name) just needs to move on from this tu rd – get away from that dysfunctional relationship & build her own life.
    and where is rihannas ‘people’ in all this? still kissing her a ss because they’re too afraid to lose $$?

  • http://gossip gossip


  • uh..

    @Jessie: congratulations on supporting abuse against women. please don’t ever have children.
    thank you!! :)
    @BOJI: you are either 12 or have never witnessed abuse. they are toxic and she’ll end up dea)d

  • Ronnie

    Let them live their lives, there regular people just like everybody else, this kind of stuff happens everyday, but people condem them because their famous. If they love/like each other so what? THEY will learn from their mistakes, not other people judging.

  • Ronnie

    @uh where is my paragraph did I ever say “I condone abuse agasint women”? Did y’all see that? Oh I must have Forgot i wrote it.Your another person probably balling in tears over someone’s life, stfu & go to bed clown.

  • uh..

    @Ronnie: we’re not in the same time zone, moron.

    and by saying ‘do not judge’ is exactly like condoning

  • bebe

    Personally, I feel like it’s now becoming a soap-opera lol….

    …nah, I did not agree with what Chris did to Rihanna, and I hate to sound cliche saying this…but people do make mistakes. It’s clear that Rihanna and Chris love each other. If they are back together, I wish them the best!

  • l


  • http://gossip gossip

    support Chris no mater what…fans and haters respect….he is godlike

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    where is the Thumbs Down Button 4 dis Video????

  • http://Justjarde Jp


  • Julia

    Both R and CB SUCK. Like it or not they have placed themselves in the role of “role model” for young people and both are failing at it miserably. They should both be dumped in the dirtiest part of the Hudon and forgotten, and the media/entertainment machine should make a better decision next time about the brain dead drones they program to “entertain” the masses.

  • June

    This time, when he beats the c–p out of her I’ll be laughing! Seriously, Rihanna have no self-respect, or respect for all of the women who suffers from violence. And they’re both pathetic!

  • June

    @uh..: Agreed! People treat this like it was a joke. Abuse is serious. And something like that should never be forgiven. This whole situation makes me sick!

  • http://gossip gossip

    Jared please ban these racist bigots

  • Qiz

    Oh Lord. Listen, all three of them are self-centred, self-absorbed and ridiculous., okay? Chris is a psychotic child, Rihanna has serious mental issues and Karrueche is, to be honest, irrelevant. Harsh…but true.

    I don’t care if Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together, really…I don’t. Why? Because it’s still going to be a colossal F-up. Karrueche on the other hand is probably going to move on to another musician/ rapper or basket baller… why? well…she doesn’t have a job, does she?

    So people, lets move on with our lives. Seriously, le’s do that.

  • Yela

    @ I

    Chris is as godly as my own toe nail.
    I’m mixed race and I hate this dude for not being man enough to own up to all the shit he has created. That’s what abusers are and he is a first class abuser because he doesn’t believe he was ever in the wrong in the first place.

    You are one stupid person if you think a person dislikes him is a racist bigot. You need to go back to the dictionary and read up on the word bigot.

    Stop looking up to this vile individual because it aint doing you much good.

  • Qluck

    @ June

    Your comment is wrong saying she doesn’t have any self respect for herself, individuals who have been abused have extremely low-esteem and Chris Brown is clearly feeding her on crap so at this unfortunate moment in time she is probably believing every word he is saying and she came from an abusive family. If you have a so called father like hers that says drivel that both her and Chris are the perfect couple. I feel sorry for the girl because she deserves better and it is not for us to talk about self respect or role models when discussing domestic violence victims.

    I just hope she sees sense quickly and get out of this relationship before it even starts.

  • janekay

    i like them together, they clearly love each other…life is about 2nd chances, he messed up and was wrong, Rihanna has forgiven him; i am sure she knows him much better than the public; so if she chose to forgive, so be it…if it explodes the 2nd time, it will be all on her…at least she would have given it a shot…Karueche got hurt, but that is life,she will get over it, she is young…if Rihanna got over a busted face, i am sure Karueche can get over a broken heart….if he does not love her anymore, he shoud not stay with her out of any misguided sense of loyalty….

  • Dasha

    Rihanna has no dignity, Chris is a douche bag, they’re perfect for each other, two publicity wh@res.
    It’s a real shame for all the women who are beaten my their husband/boyfriend everyday, Rihanna is pathetic.

  • mo

    If I were a mother of Rihanna, I would also pops. It is a basket.

  • mo


    And belong in an insane asylum.

  • Dirkstar

    First of all: I´m not a pornstar!
    The interlude ” BIRTHDAY CAKE” of the album “TALK THAT TALK” is really hot! I can hear it uncensored!
    Rihanna, that was something for a whole song, seriously!
    Maybe you´ll be the next BIRTHDAY CAKE for Chris Brown?
    …………………………………. “OHHHH I WANNA´ **** YOU RIGHT NOW!
    AND IT´S EVEN NOT MY BIRTHDAY, my birthday!
    I´m wishing you the best, Rih!
    Why not trying it again with Chris,
    if it could be THE REAL GREAT LOVE, without any abuses!

  • Italia ailoveiù!


    Tv news, newspapers, radio, web sites, Rihanna crying everywhere, people talking about them =
    MORE MONEY FOR B O T H of them!

  • yeah

    All this is prepared to get more fame for the three of them. It’s so obvious!!! Trash Trash Trash!!!