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Chris Evans: Discovered Launch with Chanel Iman!

Chris Evans: Discovered Launch with Chanel Iman!

Chris Evans has a ball at the launch of Discovered inspired by intel on Tuesday night (October 16) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actor was joined at the event by model Chanel Iman!

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Discovered is an interactive gaming experience that allows you to co-star in your very own action movie with Chris, and hit the red carpet with Chanel!

Over the weekend, Chris was spotted out to eat at Casa Vega restaurant with his girlfriend Minka Kelly.

FYI: Chanel is wearing an Emilio Pucci gown.

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  • dooliloo

    GAH!!! A Minka-less post (although her friggin’ name is mentioned in one line), I thought I’d never see that day coming again..!

  • ltt


  • milena

    beautiful girl!

  • alex

    when will this troll stop trying to convince us that asains can read minds. jared you guys have to start doing something about the bots/trolls that keep posting on this site.

  • Norma

    Minka is a tough girl she will break Chanel’s skinny little neck.

  • sugarland

    He looks much happier next to Chanel than with that horrible bitch they call his girlfriend. I think he must be relieved for being without Minka… So do we.

  • Johnson

    Iman is gorgeous and seems to like him.

  • Brandon

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  • Gisi

    Now that’s more like it, Chris! Drop the fame-ho!

  • fashionista

    Pretty but not a nice girl in the model industry. Her ego kept her from blowing up big like Tyra. Now other girls are rising and she’s moving on, which is a good thing. Chris looking good.

  • intric8

    You can see the chemistry between these two. They would make an awesome looking couple

  • Say it ain’t so

    Norma you’re childish. He takes a picture at an event with a model, and you think about his girlfriend beating her up. How ignorant, he’ll be around other women while dating Minka or not. Bringing your insecurities into the situation is your problem not Minka’s.

  • Sam

    Why did Minka’s name need to be dropped Jared? Did your friend Minka pay you for the free publicity?

  • Damn

    Yummy black n Asian!!

  • Kayem

    Ugh. I can’t even look at him the same way anymore.

  • lold

    He should date her.

  • the_boyfriend

    his veneers are too Big, he’s all pasty white..he’s not that attractive.
    he was once, a long time ago, in that trucker hat shoot..

  • Athena

    Now those two would make some cute babies!

  • NotHot

    How long until JJ posts Chris Evans tweeted today to mention his girlfriend Minka Kelly?

  • bitch

    He doesn’t look good here. Minka stole his beauty. And no this woman is not the one for him either!! No Boobs!!

  • katy

    @Norma: yes with her fat cankles