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Kate Bosworth: Toned Tummy on 'Homefront' Set!

Kate Bosworth: Toned Tummy on 'Homefront' Set!

Kate Bosworth shows off her toned tummy in a midriff bearing top on the set of her upcoming flick Homefront on Thursday (October 18) in New Orleans, La.

The 29-year-old actress was joined on set by her co-star Jason Statham.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier in the week, Kate was spotted on the set for the very first time in a pair of super short shorts!

In the flick, Kate plays the meth addict sister of a drug lord, played by James Franco.

FYI: Kate is wearing Levi‘s Bootcut Jeans.

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kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 01
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 02
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 03
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 04
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 05
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 06
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 07
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 08
kate bosworth toned tummy homefront set 09

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Um

    There’s a difference between toned and starved. She had incredible tone in Blue Crush, but the past few years she’s just been frighteningly anorexic-looking…

  • tasha

    Well said Um! I totally agree!

  • chris

    she looks haggard and sick

  • LIsa

    You call this toned? Please. It’s bony. Nothing else.

  • Smartypants

    Yes, I agree. There is a big difference between a healthy,toned looking person and one like her that looks sick and too thin!

  • Anya

    She looks ill…

  • Lena

    I am really annoyed that Orlando is in South Africa with Forrest Whitaker on the set of Zulu and all Jared covers is stupid Kate Bosworth. I want to see Orlando Bloom Jared!!

  • Eresyn

    Please, JJ, do not confuse toned with skinny. It’s not the same.

  • mforman

    In the 3rd picture she is probably calling the hobbit and saying, “do you miss me, do you love me as much as I love myself, how can we famewhore here in NOLA”.
    “Toned Tummy”, JJ come on now you can do better than that, how about, “anorexice tummy and flat as*”. That seems so much more realistic, dont you think.
    I told you guys we were going to get these stupid, disgusting posts each and every day. Give us strength.

  • RupertSanders


  • Mikaela

    Toned tummy?? People don’t know the difference anymore…it’s sad…she looks sick not healthy at all!

  • Krli

    She looks awful.

  • FedUp

    Honestly, I think all of these people saying “unhealthy” and “gross” are probably fat themselves and when someone just has a high metabolism they freak out and assume, because she is not fat like them, has an eating disorder or is not healthy. Grow up people and realize that while you might not think she is attractive, look at yourselves first and if you are more attractive then her, then comment. If not, which most wont be, then dont.

  • Mara

    She had a nice body in Blue Crush & Rules of Attraction.

  • Olivia

    for me it’s not about being attractive or not it’s more about media like JJ praising people who look ill and slaming others for having normal bodies. She’s not an ugly girl she looks starved and I don’t think metabolism has to do with it since she was not like that a few years ago

  • uuugh

    She looks ugly. Now everyone hates her even more.

  • Sheila

    I’m assuming she’s in makeup for her role. She’s thin yes, but I wouldn’t call her anorexic. I can’t agree with the “toned” part though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her at the gym and if she were a regular exerciser I’m sure JJ would have posted plenty of gym shots.

  • Sersei


    This. I’m no fan, but I’m sure this is the look for the role. Not anorexic, just no *ss and terrible posture. So funny that Molish has been pictured skulking around the set. Seriously? Dude, where are your cojones?

  • fyathyrio

    She sure does not look like she is enjoying herself in any of the pics.

  • Blackcat9

    @FedUp: Kate Is NOT NATURALLY THIN”! This is self inflicted! You must be one of those people that think the thinner the better.Well. It;s NOT! That is not ATTRACTIVE! Her hair is Thin and lack luster just like her terrible complexion!

    I realize that some people are naturally thin! For example the LOVELY Keira Knightely. Every photo I’ve seen of KK she is consistently the same weight . Not so with Kate! Now Keira has a “FLAWLESS” complexion and beautiful HAIR! I do not prefer the super skinny look myself! But, I love Keira Knightley. She is everything KATE IS NOT! TALENTED, FUNNY, HUMBLE, BEAUTIFUL and not a FAME WHORE! So, you see Even though I think Keira is underweight she is such a likable and beautiful person inside and out. and I truly believe KK is just naturally thin.Guess what? I don’t dislike her?!

    I dislike Kate because she truly does not act like a likable person. Kate is not a good example for young girls. It is clear to A LOT of people that she starves and uses other means (not EXCERCISE) to stay the sickly unhealthy skinny Kate is! I also find it VERY VERY SAD that if an actor gains some weight YOU would be the first to ridicule and make fun of that actor even if they just gave birth! Because, everyone knows ALL WOMEN SHOULD WEIGH 90 lbs no matter if you are 5ft to 6FT .

    What is the difference between us talking about Kate’s weight and you making fun of fat people? By the way some of the most attractive I know are not size 00 and would be considered overweight. But, they also look a HELL of a lot better than Kate too!

  • Lena

    Does she not own a bra?

  • ladybug

    She’s in makeup/’costume, as my friend would say ‘she’s getting her white trash look on”.
    But JJ calling it a ‘toned tummy’ shows how clueless JJ is at times-she’s playing a meth addict, she’s supposed to be skinny, not toned. Not that she normally looks toned, but for now, she really not supposed to look toned.

  • Pipa

    @Blackcat9: Kate is naturally thin. She does exercise. She rides horses and that’s good exercise. Especially the type of riding she does which is English Hunter Jumper. It makes for a strong core and very strong legs.
    Kate’s playing a drug addict. She’s not supposed to look good. I’m sure all involved in this film would be happy to read these posts to know the look is working! She looked gorgeous last week in Australia!

  • ladybug

    @Pipa: Do you know if she still actually rides on a a regular basis? Because I’d gotten the impression it’s not a regular thing anymore.

    “Kate is naturally thin” Well, yes, but even disregarding the look she’ll have for this role, she appears thinner than she was when she was younger, that’s not the norm. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, yes, she is naturally slender and tiny . I don’t think she’s this naturally slender and tiny. I don’t think she’s anorexic, but I do think she’s underweight and would look better gaining a few pounds.

  • jayraj

    This is what happens if you dont look after yourself in your 20s!!!
    omg she is a train wreck . Blondes should age better, but her annorexia and malnurishment probably smoking, and whatever else had prematurely aged her, then damage of which is irreversible.

    Shame shame shame. She looked lovely in rules of attraction, young supple skin, very pretty. Now look at her. horrible.
    I know she gets lots of female haters saying shes too skinnyy, but lots of those same woman are probably overweight and just projecting their own self awareness.
    She did overdo it and now shes paying the price.
    Jared leave her alone, she is an irrelevant celeb and hasnt made anything of note since that disaster superman returns.

  • ladybug

    @jayraj:” I know she gets lots of female haters saying shes too skinnyy, but lots of those same woman are probably overweight and just projecting their own self awareness.”

    Are you including yourself in this, considering that most of your comments consists of talking about how she’s underweight?

  • Blackcat9

    @Pipa: OK! Let’s get this right! We have Paparazzi shots of Kate going to the GYNO(checking for STD”S) Kate going to the vet, we have thousands of shots at Bristol Farms, Kate at the stationary shop(HINT HINT I’m getting married) Kate coming out of Vera Wang(HINT HINT) Kate walking down a street etc.etc. I could go on for HOURS! Yet, I’ve NEVER seen her on a horse(except in the HW movie)I’ve never seen her exercise or coming from a gym or even walking very fast. I’ve never seen her walk her dog! Yet, according to STANS Kate DOES NOT call the Paparazzi. The Paparazzi are just lurking in LARGE hordes where ever Kate goes! So! Why NO PHOTOS!


    I read an article shortly after the AS walking Lila. It was HILARIOUS Asking Kate how she stays fit. I’ve been trying to find it! Kate says she stays fit by walking her dog and running. NO MENTION of horse riding! OK! The ONLY person I’ve seen walk the dog was AS and I have never seen Kate run. I’ve seen photos of AS running. Sometimes couples do this TOGETHER!? Still NO PHOTOS? I guarantee if Kate ever ran with AS THERE WOULD BE PHOTOS!!!

    If Kate is your idea of “TONED” then you have VERY LOW STANDARDS!

  • Nina27

    Toned!!??~~ Are you kidding me????

    This hype is just like the others…ridiculous!

  • ladybug

    @Blackcat9: Is this it?

    5 Ways Kate Bosworth Stays in Shape

    1. Running. One of Bosworth’s favorite workouts is running. It burns calories, tones the legs and makes you feel great. She also loves to walk her dog!

    Do I think she’s actually exercising while somehow avoiding those pesky paps? Sure, and it’s not outside the realm of possibility that she’s just someone who doesn’t look like she has muscles and yet has strength. But, visually, she doesn’t looked toned, or healthy, not really.

  • Blackcat9

    @ladybug: I believe this is it! I thought it was on Huffington Post but I could be mistaken. Thanks for finding it.

    I just can’t imagine Kate being able to lift a weight over 5lbs much less weight training. That and the fact I have never seen her run nor walk her dog! I’m sorry Kate looks like she hasn’t exercised since Blue Crush! Now that was a toned body! Kate had a FANTASTIC body in Blue Crush! Shame she let it go to be a FASHIONISTA. PLEASE do not tell me she would have to exercise 10 12 hours day to maintain that! Look at Jessica Biel! Jessica has a slamming figure and I’m sure she does not work out 10 hours a day. Also, I still do not believe Kate is naturally this skinny.Slender YES BONE SHOWING SKINNY NO!

  • ladybug

    @Blackcat9: It was reprinted in Huffington Post, but this appears to be the original source.

  • Macy

    Her skin looks saggy to me, despite the makeup. I know she’s got it on to look like a meth addict, but there isn’t a reason for it to be sagging like it is in a couple of these photos.

  • ladybug

    “New Orleands” JJ, you and your staff really need to proof before you post.

  • Fashionista

    Kate’s great. She’s beautiful and has such an easy elegance. She’s a stunning woman.

  • Worried

    What worries me are all the fat people in America. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Don’t worry about Kate, worry about Honey Boo Boo and her family. Lucky for Audrey Hepburn she wasn’t around during the age of the internet and obesity!


    her bod was sick in blue crush..her cheeks were rosy plump and she was full of life…i know she’s acting a meth head , crack head watever it is…but once this film is a wrap…someone take this girl and feed her

  • Blackcat9

    @Worried: Maybe we should round up all the obese people put them in a concentration camp and starve them until they look like Fairy Princess Kate Bosworth! SARCASM!!!! You do realize that obese people are just as HUMAN as Kate Bosworth don’t you? and starving yourself and smoking and snorting stuff to stay so UNNATURALLY THIN is ALSO a big problem in this country. When people PRAISE SICKLY ALL I EAT is salads then I puke it up and snort some drugs it sends just as bad of a message as “Honey Boo Boo”! Think about it. At least skinny people are considered HUMAN!

  • Toni

    It’s because she is a druggie. I have no respect for anyone who is skinny because they are coke heads.

  • Ja’mie

    I hate to be redundant considering all the above comments, but come ON. This is a picture of an actor currently playing a METH HEAD. And your going to caption it in a way that makes it seem like this is the body we all should/do aspire to?!? That pisses me off more than the fact that JJ and the Bos have a pathetic publicity deal (and that they are not capable of making it less OBVIOUS).

  • porquenon


    Audrey Hepburn suffered from malnutrition during WW2. She was never able to gain weight and had to eat constantly to make her costumes fit particularly during filming of My Fair Lady. I was not aware that Bosworth suffered such a similar fate growing up in the “war torn” suburbs of Boston in the 1990′s…

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    She looks the part, so I don´t need to bash her for these pics. It´s the look for the film, so it´s logical. Her private look does not matter here. Don´t care.
    I would actually like to watch this and see how she does – since L!ife Happens did not wow me.

  • thele

    she got skinny after superman returns in 2006….in the movie she looks ok, for the premieres (= all the upcoming fame) she had allready starved herself

  • Jerry

    Toned???!! She looks like she’s auditioning for The Hunger Games. Only she’s doing it to herself.

  • Sheigh

    Death is smelling all around her !

  • ladybug

    @porquenon: I notice this is at least the second attempt to compare to Audrey Hepburn.
    That would be no, even if ‘just’ comparing the weight.

  • porquenon


    Hepburn’s wartime childhood was the reason for her passionate philanthropy as a UN ambassador for children and the seed for her own charity focussed on children (her son still oversees her foundation.)
    I don’t recall any stories of Hepburn skipping any children’s charity event to sunbathe topless in Mexico for a self-generated photo op…

  • mon

    ummmm, she looks like she hasnt eaten in years :/

  • mforman

    “Toned tummy”, reading that one line, truly leads me to believe that as with the Daily Mail, JJ is also getting some help writing the creatures posts.
    KB looks like a zombie from the Walking Dead, except those zombies look better and have talent.
    I do not care what her character is, seeing these photos of her without any makeup and with her stomach exposed, just proves the points we have all tried to make, she is a horrible looking person.
    @Worried—Why would you bring up obesity, that makes no sense whatsoever. Oh, wait I forgot, the creature isn’t disgusting because we are all crazy, obese fangirls, stop with ridiculous comments and look what is before you.
    @porquenon and @ladybug—-You are both so right, somebody keeps trying to associate Audrey H, who was a woman amongst woman, who had it all, how dare they even mention the creatures name in the same breath, let alone the same post. Not only was Audrey H extremely talented, but her charity work especially for children, continues to this day in her name, these are things that the thing knows nothing about. KB has no talent and doesn’t have a charitable bone in her body, because it doesn’t help her.
    All I know is after seeing what she looks like in the photos, especially the ones that a quite close she needs help. The worst part is after everything she has done to herself, she cannot go back and reverse the damage.

  • TFS

    Pap happen to catch Kate and molish man making out in the parking area NICE Kate at your workplace , Classy

  • deby

    her skinny body is heaven, i really want to have body like that