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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian: Birthday Dinner in Venice!

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian: Birthday Dinner in Venice!

Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian do some sight-seeing together while celebrating her birthday on Sunday (October 21) in Venice, Italy.

The 35-year-old rapper was seen buying red roses for his reality star girlfriend after they had dinner together at The Grand Canal Restaurant.

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Kim turned 32-years-old. Happy Birthday!

Earlier in the week, Kanye and Kim were spotted all dressed up while dining at the Dal Bolognese restaurant in Rome.

15+ pictures inside of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrating her birthday in Venice…

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kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 01
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 02
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 03
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 04
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 05
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 06
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 07
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 08
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 09
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 10
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 11
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 12
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 13
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 14
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 15
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 16
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 17
kanye west kim kardashian birthday dinner in venice 18

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Lisa

    Ok they are too cute. And it looks like hes taking a pic of her in one of them.

  • canada

    as much as i hate to say this… damn, they look so cute together and she looks beautiful

  • Dayana

    What the hell? she needs to stop letting Kanye dresses her! her outfits was always on point smh


    Kim, please fire Kanye as your stylist!!! Like, you KNOW you don’t look decent!!!

  • TJ

    Kim looks beautiful, they look happy.

  • yuer

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  • sea

    Sight-seeing in Venice dressed like that? Lol, put a pair of sneakers and a hoodie, it’s cold out there, and then walk walk walk to discover that stunning city.

  • carmen

    So romantic!

  • mrst

    love their outfits…happy bday kimmie…=)

  • an opinion

    She needs to go back to her stylist and stop listening to Kanye

  • Steph

    This is so set up it makes me sick

  • LooseLipz

    Sleeze and cheeze. Ugh. A white lace wedding-looking dress! With black ankle boots accentuating her short stumpy legs….no no no.

    Please remind me why Kim Kardashian is relevant.

  • Tracy

    Love these two, and the great thing about it is no matter what the haters think or say, they CANNOT affect the destiny of Kim and Kanye, so keep worrying about them as they continue to live their lives a the fullest and yours past you by. Kim looks absolutely beautiful. I love the way that he looks at her, the way that a real man looks at his woman, some of you will NEVER have that because you are so hateful and miserable. Enjoy your trip Kimmy. Haters cannot change your direction.

  • lnkn

    Douche + Douche = DISGUSTING! go away!

  • Go Ask Alice

    I do not think she is a mean person. Ugly in her personality.
    I USED to watch their shows first two seasons when it was funny. Sometimes it bordered on going too far or they could have left that out.
    Now, it is a bad show.

    I fault them Kim and Kris , for a few minor thin gs.
    1-Kris should have stopped that dvd. Let Vivid have the dvd for free with Kim, Kris haveing no money in exchange for editorial control meaning taking out all of Kim having sex. Her nudity, wow, big deal.
    Her dvd is free on line and will live on forever.
    2-The wedding to Kris Humpheries wasa shame and seems she and her mother forgot to tell him.
    3-They should have set up The Kardashian Foundation and leak it of millions sent out to charities. Kris has a good charitbale and tax shelter in giving to her church by her freind, Pastor Brad. That doesn ‘t count It is a tax shelter listed under charitable contributions.
    4-Kim should have never taken up with Miles Austin who was smart in that he hit, saw it for what it was, and then got out and no intention of sticking around. Kim got played. Then she played Kris Humpheries.
    She should have taken up with Kayne West. This blowhard, of racist comments can effect her Sears business. He is so using her. She is more into him than he is into her. As for her style, he as her stylist and his people have her dressing butt ugly.
    White lace dress. balck booties?
    Hate or not, she did dress well. Now, she looks bad.

  • d jena

    i love kimye!!!!!!!!

  • venetian

    OMG kimode a laughing stock in venice …
    they look like 2 overstyled migets ..
    hahahaa white in october …heels on the cobblestones ..
    him with badly cut clothing ..
    a lil’ man complex ..
    they just DON’T fit in !
    thank god it’s many tourists …
    they can eat at the tourist trapshahahahaa
    they cannot ‘walk in ‘ to a special restaurant ..
    they don’t know how to eat … …
    bimbos in italy ..
    just like paris ..

  • venetian

    they NEED to get their azzes to an italian tailor PRONTO !

  • venetian

    people are literally laughing at them in public @Go Ask Alice:

  • berry

    awww so romantic!!!!!!!!!!

  • BrunoPowter

    like Anita said I’m taken by surprise that some people able to profit $8398 in one month on the computer. have you seen this web site (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Hornet

    she is in Italy spending all the millions all the idiots have given her by buying her stupid consumer products and stupid reality show.

    what are all you fools doing while she is in Italy spending your hard earned money? prolly at Mcdonald’s i bet !

  • Is it just me or…

    Does it look like he is not “that into her”? He looks disinterested. Not cool.

  • Lisa



  • Aranka Paul

    They are in Venice, not LA. Nobody is watching them, no people around them. They must feel so low because of it. Italians don’t give two shi… about these two. Most likely they don’t even know who they are. True, they should have put on some sneakers and hoodies and walk, walk through this magnificent city. No class, no education, no interest in art – the only think that matters are their looks, which by the way is a total miss. Just two complete loosers strolling through the square.

  • Lana

    crazy how she always looks so chic … anyway it’s always over the top with them … can’t they just be normal ?

  • Tracy

    And you think that you commenting on a blog about her is not helping also? every time you get on one of these blogs and comment about her that puts money in her pocket so you are just as stupid as the others that you call stupid, and before you say to me that I am as well. I don’t care because I like them, so I click on the blog to actually read it and see what is going on with them, it does not take away from my life one bit, I do not evnvy anyone their success because I have my own, but you need to understand that people who complain about them and then click on the blog and comment are also putting money in their pockets, because a blog only post what people are interested in whether negative or positive and if you consistently get 200 comments on one subject you will continue to write about that subject because that is how they make their money, and the more blogs that continue to talk abou them, the more attention they get good or bad and the more deals they get, this is econ 101 honey, supply and demand and unfortunately a lot of you don’t have a clue. Anyway, good for Kim, continued success to her and her family, I give them credit for building and empire for their children and grandchilden, at least they are contributing to the economy by spending money and having people go out and purchase their products and they are responsible for hiring people and creating jobs in their 4 stores and with their clothing, jewelry, perfume, shoe, and now make up lines, those are jobs that are being filled. I have an appreciation for anyone that is an honest tax paying contributor to our society, better than them having a whole bunch of kids and living off of the system.

  • aaliyah

    they are sooo cute together i love you kiki :)…. haters go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XYZ

    Blame those who give them attention, not themselves…..

  • Tracy

    Oh it’s you honey because he has chased this woman for many, many years, people tend to see what they want to see.

  • XYZ

    Bearding successfully for Kanye since a few months ago….

  • Sara

    The heck, Looks like an old fashioned wedding dress gone bad,

  • somali girl

    Wow so staged. These two Klowns
    Are the laughing stock wherever they go. Douche and douchete.

  • jillyro

    She must be freaking out that her popularity is fading big-time now. Barely any comments when there are pics of her now and everyone making a joke about her and this relationship. She’s going to hang on to him for dear life (probably get pregnant), because after this showmance, her popularity is likely to fade completely.

  • autumn

    Kim is a PORNSTAR who made an an@l $ex video- and then got a realitythat made her rich. Now she thinks she is classy? And the show is SO boring- these ugly rich people complaining about eachother and being boring. so weird!!!!

    Then there are true actresses who cant get a job-go figure

  • Juniper

    The white lace material of the dress is pretty for Venice, but the cut is not right for Kim’s body type, a simpler shape with a scoop neck would have been better. The purse is pretty.

  • venice

    The big entertainment for me is her abnormally big a$$. What a fun it was in the pix before where we could see through her skirt. Why so modest this time? Are not you proud of your huuuuuggggge asset anymore, Kimi?

  • Freya

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye will be called into testify in the divorce trial of Kim Kardashian technically she’s still married and now she has just given a lot of ammunition for Kris to play with . In the long run even Kanye’s career will be affected by it.

  • and so we begin….

    She looks like a great big walking doiley. Ridiculous! she really needs to wonder if he’s just dressing her like this to make a bigger AZZ out of her than she is/has….

  • ashhey

    @Is it just me or…:

    his body language SCREAMS he’s not into her. She’s not into him either, it’s all a show