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Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!

Gerard Butler has just signed on to star in the upcoming film Dynamo, based on the novel “Dynamo: Defending The Honour Of Kiev.”

The 42-year-old actor will take on the role of Nikolai Trusevich, the all-star goalie who leads his team and inspires the entire battered city of Kiev, Ukraine.

The film is based on “the landmark soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian soccer team and their Nazi captors during World War II. To stem a rising tide of resistance and establish Aryan superiority, the Nazi’s set up a match pitting the starving Ukrainians against a ‘super team’ of German players that to this day is still known as ‘The Death Match’.”

Dynamo is scheduled to shoot in Europe next year.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Gerard Butler as a soccer player in Dynamo??

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511 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Dynamo' Star!”

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  1. 51
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    Negativity? Please, Every person who wants Gerry’s upcoming film Dynamo to succeed or had something positive to say got a thumb down. Guess the trolls must have been out in full force last night.

  2. 52
    Fake twits Says:

    I’m with Teacakes on this one. The fake tweets always start when he’s on the move. If there’s no twitpic, I ain’t buying it. It makes sense that he would have left town before Sunday. There’s been no picture of him in NYC since Saturday night, so I’d take these tweets with a grain of salt. And what’s with these celebrities still partying in the wake of a disaster? How crass. All money and no class whatsoever.

  3. 53
    LD&GB Says:

    So was he supposed to be “with” LD or were they supposedly just in the same place? I suppose they could compare notes or something. Such an incestuous bunch. I’m sure there’s much more to this story than we will ever know.

  4. 54
    blake Says:

    @AustinCityLimits:”He must be either getting desperate for work as it doesn’t appear that any American or otherwise reputable studios are knocking down his door for parts”…
    I totally agree with you on this.I don’t think it’s about MG so much as it’s about,like you stated,not being to find good work in the US because reputable studios just don’t seem to wanna work with him.

  5. 55
    Alina Says:

    With all due respect to the script of the film “Dynamo”, I think Butler can not play Russian soccer player with a scottish accent! AND NO ONE CAN!… I think that in Russia it will called only laughter!
    Gerry, give up on this project! No! It will be another failure!

  6. 56
    Flavorofthemonth Says:

    JMO, but I think he chooses roles based on what his current personal interests are. He wanted to learn to surf, thus Mavericks. At the moment his interest lies in Europe, thus he wants to be there. His career is driven by his personal life, not the other way around, which is why it isn’t working.

  7. 57
    Eve Says:

    I love Gerard Butler, but let’s face it. He’s not very well in shape to play a soccer player?!

  8. 58
    I think Says:

    —I must have missed something—–what’s this about a yellow towel–can someone explain? Thanks.

  9. 59
    I think Says:

    —-now would be the time for him to do the Burns story.

  10. 60
    angelsrock Says:

    There has not been much that entices me to the theater lately. I plan to see Argo and Lincoln. I go see Gerry movies because I like Gerry. I did like CM. It was actually very good. I have not missed a Gerry movie since POTO. The only one that I’m sorry I paid to see was BH. The rest had some level of entertainment. I am not into super heroes, comic book movies, horror, and cartoons. There is not much left out there. No one wants to see a good old fashioned family movie unless it’s a cartoon. No one seems interested in biopics. People moan that there are no good family movies out there, and then one comes out (CM), no one goes to see it. Look at what is selling in HW lately. I watched The Campaign last night and it lost its humor and interest after 30 minutes. I am so glad I didn’t waste my money at the theater. And the foul language was ridiculously over the top. Too overdone IMO.
    I do believe that Gerry is not the only one trying to find a good script. And good for him to latch on to something that interests him.

  11. 61
    twitter Says:

    andydougan @ andydougan
    Very excited that my book Dynamo is becoming a film and thrilled that football fan Gerard Butler is starring in it

  12. 62
    Alina Says:

    @I think:
    I agree with you, he would have done better “Burns”. But he’s too old for this role now! Sad.

  13. 63
    Whatshedonenow Says:

     The title “Dynamo” – should be enough to tell anyone this is going to be a crapfest.   The title sounds like a toilet cleaner. There is no way Butler can do a eastern European accent. He’s gonna do a Sean Connery “Hunt For the Red October” schtick. That’s if the film even gets off the ground. I have to say I have never come across an actor who makes such appalling choices in film scripts. It’s astonishing. I agree with another poster, I think  the reason why he chose this rubbish is  because he’s not offered good scripts. Is it any wonder. 

  14. 64
    DocP Says:

    @I think: I know Gals gave out yelloe towels for the first GALS convention which he showed up and talked to the fans. Perhaps they gave him one also.

  15. 65
    food 4 thought Says:

    @DocP: No, the reference is to one of GB’s early Brit films, called “Shooters”. A violent crime drama, low budget thing that you can sometimes track down on youtube. In one scene, he is wearing nothing but a yellow towel, and going commando underneath, which gets all the fangurls in a hyperventilating frenzy. Hence the giggly references to the yellow towel.

  16. 66
    food 4 thought Says:

    I left my impression of CM on the last thread, but I have to say, that I think GB is taking what he can find right now. He needs to keep working to finance his party-hard lifestyle, and I honestly don’t think he is thinking deep thoughts over his choices. I agree with Manny that this Dynamo is just a remake of “Victory”, just as I think CM is a just a water-logged remake of “Karate Kid”. As I was watching CM, I was shocked at how bad he looked in the closeups. Gaunt, hollow-eyed, extremely worn. He also sounded congested in all his dialogue. I hope that he has cleaned himself up enough now to be on a better path. I think his health and well-being should come before any role.

  17. 67
    Hide my IP Says:

    @food 4 thought: thanks for the info. I didn’t see that movie, maybe that’s why they gave out yellow towels.

  18. 68
    I think Says:

    Thanks for responding ladies.
    Good info. Maybe one reason he was out at a club last night was because he had no electric. Some place to go eat and get warm. IMO.

  19. 69
    DocP Says:

    @I think:
    I work on the phones talking to MD offices and so far every caller from NY has said a lot of there homes are out of power however the older buildings that have offices still have power.

  20. 70
    hysterical Says:

    @I think: You must be kidding.

  21. 71
    Dynamo Says:

    Dynamo Kiev have been one of top football teams in Europe for years. Dynamo is an appropriate name for movie.

  22. 72
    angelsrock Says:


    What about this story is rubbish? Sounds like a great story.

  23. 73
    angelsrock Says:

    You nay-sayers would be praising this story to the hilt if your fave actors were attached to it.

  24. 74
    Let me see... Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    Hollywood versions of historic events/people do not equal the reality. I agree history needs to be preserved but good documentaries can do better justice to it than movies. JMO

  25. 75
    NitaLita Says:

    I think it is of great importance that a film about the Death Match is being made. There has been made two films already about this match and the story behind it, but perhaps this will have a different angle. I haven’t read the book so I do not know anything about the plot of the story. Great choice Gerard!!

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