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Adam Lambert: 'VH1 Divas' Host!

Adam Lambert: 'VH1 Divas' Host!

Adam Lambert and his beau Sauli Koskinen stock up on groceries together on Thursday (November 8) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old singer was just named to be the host of the VH1 Diva‘s concert!

“I’m so thrilled to be hosting VH1 Divas this year,” Adam said in a statement. “I have a feeling it’s going to be the most fabulous concert of the year! And LIVE!! Get ready for some amazing performances, killer fashion and fierce divas!”

Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jordin Sparks, Ciara, and more are set to perform at the concert, which will honor legends Whitney Houston and Donna Summer.

Tune in on December 16 to see all the action!

Bigger picture inside…

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  • Sinc

    My friends and I were thrilled to hear this. He is so charismatic and a terrific singer. Hope he gets to perform too. Can’t wait to see him==oh yes, and the others.

  • http://twitter funbunn40

    Adam lambert is the perfect choice to host VH1Divas! He can sing and perform with the best of them and is fashion savvy, articulate, quick witted and oh so fine to look at! So appreciative that VH1 is recognizing the talent and charisma of Adam Lambert and the desire of millions of his fans to see him get this exposure to the public. Love the Trespassing album and what he brings to entertainment! Thanks VH!! funbunn40

  • http://twitter funbunn40

    Nice pic of Adam and Sauli out shopping for food like the rest of us ordinary folk, but it must get so tiresome for them, always being under such scrutiny. Love seeing them together, but hope they will always have the freedom to live their lives in peace, treated with respect by paps and fans. They are unusually accommodating and patient with the intrusions of fame. Super nice guys! funbunn40

  • Mary A

    What a great choice! Can’t wait to see and hear all the fresh, new young divas, including Adam!!!

  • Biks

    That Diva’s concert is going to be amazing. Adam is the best they could have gotten to host the show. And he’s going to perform too, of course. If he sings something by Whitney I might die.
    He looks beautiful in the picture. And pensive. Love the new hair.

  • Tia

    Does his boyfriend have is own identity? He seems to be a copy cat of Lambert. Lambert’s career went in the toilet once he got a serious boyfriend. He’s content on being a bust.

  • JLM

    Two gorgeous guys, makes it hard for them to get out without being photographed. Adam has the talent to put up there with the Diva’s that is for sure.

  • LanceRose

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Izzy

    What a great thing for Adam, so excited!! Why such a crappy pap pic for this story, though? There’s a million fantastic, HAPPY pictures of Adam, and you put up this gloomy pic of a pissed-off Adam with his nobody bf?? C’mon, better pictures, please!

  • testington

    Why is he the only diva who is attending? Seriously, Demi Lavato is some weak sauce in the diva department.

  • Annie


    You keep posting the same comment on so many different sites…It is getting old…You should try and come with something a bit more original….

  • Annie

    Adam look so good in the picture above…Can’t wait to watch him as host and perform as well…He has such a busy schedule coming up….

  • DemiFan22

    @testington: How is she, “weak sauce”? She’s mighty talented, if you ask me. Maybe she’s not that big yet, but she definitely has the potential to become amazing.

  • Jay R

    Wow, why do they look so pissy?

  • Allison

    @Tia: Um wow, I see you leave this same comment all over the internet everytime someone writes about Adam. This obsession with Adam and Sauli’s relationship is quite sad tbh. Too bad you don’t have a more fulfilling life so you wouldn’t have to obsess over Adam’s :(

  • Allison

    @Jay R: omg I know, right? I mean whenever I have paps all in my business and shoving cameras in my face and shouting things that border on offensive, I look lighthearted and carefree :)

  • Allison

    I’m so excited for Adam to host this show! He’ll do a wonderful job and I have no doubt this group of young women will be great as well. Adam has talked about each of these women on separate occasions as being talented and calling himself a fan, I’m sure he’s thrilled to be sharing the stage with them.

  • KJ

    @Tia is one of those disgusting Adommy freaks.

  • Cathym

    God he looks soo cute , but maybe he does not appreciate being chased around Whole Foods, would freak me out too, but seriously can you imagine just strolling down the aisle and you run into Adam Lambert, I can dream !….LOL!

  • Cathym

    @Tia: Really? I see no resemblance Seriously you may need glasses !

  • yey me

    Omg this is awesome, Adam performing live then and after party, im so there !

  • Nicky

    Adam looks good. Wish he worked a bit harder at his career.

  • Disko

    This is disgusting on so many levels. First of all there are more men than women so lets just give away more occasions that have been purposely set aside for women. Number 2 unfortunately Adam Lambert is probably the only name listed that could do a Donna Summer Tribute in any form even if it sounds like cat scratch and absolutely no one will be able to do Whitney justice. No one liked Jordan Sparks before Whitney died so what in the hell makes her think she can ride her death like a mechanical bull all the way to stardom. You’re alright sweet heart but if Daddy’s money didn’t do it then you are just wasting your breath. I’m not even going to get into that mouth breather Miley. Demi who and Ciara should just go have good lookin babies with some baller already. Give me a break. It should be called HPV live or something. There won’t be anymore divas until they stop using children from television to try to fill the bill. Some people are trained singers none of the people except Glambert are trained singers.

  • Sam

    He looks hot in that pic and he’ll be awesome at the Divas event. Can’t wait.

  • Allison

    @Disko: classy

  • sagitariusmoon6

    I’m excited to see him on any kind of public event!!! God,his management should do more for him,he should be out there working hard on his carrier ( I know I know,the love and the need to build the relationship…..) but man….you’re awesome!!! You deserve to be nothing less than a superstar,so take our breath away in spectacular ways again!!! Start a riot,be more political…. ‘dunno,…….just we want to see more of you!!!

  • Siru

    Hmm Sauli looked much happier when he was in Finland.

  • Ronja

    Awww Adam and Sauli!I have been sauli’s fan since he won BB and now i’m also adam’s fan.They are so cute together!

  • NoWay

    I couldn’t watch any show that he’s on. Ugh.

  • wjm41358

    I have seen every VH1 divas and have many cd’s but now I will not get to see this one. I make it a point and a clear statement never to watch, listen or promote anything that has to do with Adam Lambert. I hated when he was on Idol and have not watched since , the most triumphant was when america got it right and did not vote him winner. He is a shameless snakeoil salesman stealing Bowie, Mercury and many others identities and cares nothing about the music and everything about your dollars. I will not be watching and sad about the franchises demise. Why is fifteen minutes taking so long? Vanish trash

  • wjm41358

    @NoWay: No Way you have got it so right, thank you!

  • Allison

    @wjm41358: lololol at how long your comment about how much you hate Adam is. You people who are so insistent on trashing him everywhere are just as obssessed as us fans are.

    Adam is polarizing, as many famous people are. But because those who don’t like him insist on letting the world know it, leaving their comments all over the internet for over 3 years now, Adam is known as a hoopla magnet. These people are actually helping raise Adam’s profile and celebrity, but they’re too dumb to realize it. So many sites use Adam’s name however they can because they know he gets clicks. Adam’s haters have played a part in this, and there’s a delicous irony here, NGL.

    Of course, Adam also has phenomenal talent to backup his celebrity status, so he’s never going to be known as one of those famous people that aren’t really famous for any particular reason. Adam’s going to be around for a long, long time, and all his haters are doing is making him more of a media attraction, thereby adding to his fame. Lollll, thank you!

  • Allison

    @sagitariusmoon6: he’s been working his butt off, thank you. The part where you comment that he’s not working as hard as you think he should because he’s been working on his relationship shows me exactly what kind of ~fan you are. As in, a fan of Tommy. So now I laugh at you.

  • ToAllison

    @Allison, “Hoopla Magnet”, really? Wow. LOL!!! Well sure do want to make sure that he is around for a long, long time so that you all can continue living in your fantasy world gushing on and on and falling all over a singer who cares about you insomuch that you buy his cds, posters, videos, etc. LLLOL! Get real.

  • wjm41358

    @Allison: Adam Lambert is a disgrace to my diseased son Frankie who 20 yeatrs ago passed of HIV. He worked to raise conciousness of the community and this disease. Our support groups cannot stand this man who exploits youth for his own gain, who uses other performewrs personas and style to pick your pocket, and who cares nothing about you or your thoughts. He is a shameless hack and the fact that you and your generation don’t see this is why you are so dull and lacking in imagination. We will continue to expose this fake and his screaching howler monkey dribble to protect the real people who are in the game for the music.

  • more dumb people


    Yeah cause you know Adam so well, have met him in person and own a crystal ball from Sears and Roebuck.

  • wjm41358

    @NoWay: I agree totally and it is refreshing to see that people are on to this person devoid of humility and gratitude like artists such as k.d. lang and Meliss Etheridge.

  • GetReal


    I agree. Adam looks pissed, probably because he’s tired of paparazzi in the grocery store.