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Nicole Kidman: 'Paperboy' Q&A with Lee Daniels!

Nicole Kidman: 'Paperboy' Q&A with Lee Daniels!

Nicole Kidman shares a laugh with the audience during a Q&A session following a screening of her film The Paperboy on Saturday (November 24) at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actress was joined at the screening by the film’s director Lee Daniels.

Nicole recently explained why she decided to take the role, for which she had to pee on Zac Efron in a scene.

“I’m 45 years today and it’s very hard finding roles that are pushing boundaries,” Nicole told Metro New York. “In this period of my life I want to take roles that scare me. I want to go home at night and feel a sort of discomfort, feel challenged. I want to give everything I have.”

FYI: Nicole is wearing Celine.

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Credit: Brian To; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Asha

    Good god her face is horrifying. If it looks this bad over a computer, I can’t even begin to imagine what she looks like in person.

  • yeah

    shes starting to look like michele bachmann

  • :$

    “I want to take roles that scare me.” Just watch some of your recent movies Nicole, then you will know what scary is!!


    Joker face

  • oy

    The challenge was how many Big Gulps it took to maintain a sufficient level of urine for multiple takes. Nothing says Oscar like a good stream.

  • Orwell

    What a surprise – the first three comments are from the same person. The crazy Kidman hater who is completely obsessed with her because she married her fantasy boyfriend Keith Urban. She’s always there first, ready to spew hate.
    Anyway, Kidman is fantastic in “The Paperboy”. In a fair world, she’d get another Oscar nomination for her performance but the film got very mixed reviews so I doubt it’ll happen.

  • an opinion

    She has gone from too much botox to too much filler.

  • kelly

    Looks like a wax figure. Weird.

  • kelly

    That’s Grace Kelly?

  • Orwell

    @kelly: No, that’s Nicole Kidman. One of the best and most respected actresses in the film industry.

  • :$

    Yes, that’s Nicole Kidman. One of the worst and least respected actresses in the film industry.

  • Moh123

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • http://Comcast Toni

    @ Asha and your other five or six names. You are a very troubled person. Nicole is not only a beautiful great actress, she is suppose to be one of the nicest people in show business. It seems to upset you that she is married to Keith Urban who adores her. Get over it !!

  • Orwell

    @:$: You’re still living in your fantasy world. A fantasy world where Nicole Kidman isn’t an Oscar winner and three-time Oscar nominee, a three-time Golden Globe winner and eight time nominee, a BAFTA winner, a four time SAG awards nominee…A fantasy world in which she isn’t really married to Keith Urban and in which their children are not really their children…


    Finally I have figured what it is that looks strange in a person’s face where ‘laughter’ lines never develop … krinkling-up-your-eyes kind of laughter … which, after decades of living and laughing, we all end up developing naturally. Girls now at an early age use stuff to prevent those laugh lines developing. I think that is actually quite sad, if you really think about it.
    The change in the look of nicole’s mouth as in these pictures also saddens me. Nothing more, nothing less. :(

  • http://Comcast Toni

    Yes, you are really sad. LOL. Like I said, you and your other six names.

  • Jessica

    I used to like her, but the truth is that she did too many plastic surgery, and now she looks fake and her lips are ridiculous.

  • Orwell

    @ANONY-MOUSSE: Yawn. The same idiotic comments about her face over and over again…It’s been 8 years and Kidman is still at the top of her game as an actress…

  • beth

    She is a great great great actress! I love her

  • hanna


  • Orwell

    @Jessica: Interesting to see how people can be so superficial and judge actresses solely on their appearance. “Jessica”, what did you think of Kidman’s performances in “Rabbit Hole ” and “The Paperboy”?



    no, it has been 30 years



    judging an actor’s craft and judging an actor’s appearance, on and off screen, are two different things

  • gp

    Beautiful on the inside and outside. I agree go see the Rabbit Hole. I think she is a terrific actress and person. She does so much work for woman and children’s right. I think she will go down in history as one of the great actors of our time. From what people on this post say her only fault is marrying Keith Urban. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  • ana

    yes, she is a great actress, an oscar winner and that’s is why her looks and lips make her true fans really sad.
    i reallly don’t understand how she doesn’t realise thart she looks deformed, not younger.
    very sad.

  • Jordyn

    Beauty is subjective. I think she looks lovely. Regardless of what people think about her looks, she’s an Oscar winning A-list actress who’s working with important directors and making movies.
    I doubt she’s be so attacked, though, if she wasn’t married to Keith Urban who is devoted to her and their little girls. Nicole’s fame, wealth, happiness, love, and family seem to be too much for some people to take. So they strike out, day after day, year after year, wasting their own lives trying to besmirch hers. Continue happily on your way, Nicole!

  • R U sure

    Wish I could climb on Zac in his underwear, like you did.

  • Meena

    You know, I am nearly 41. My sisters are 60, 49 and 46. There is no reason for a 45 year old face to look as bad as Nicole Kidman’s face. This is what happens when you mess about too early with your face instead of just letting yourself age naturally.

  • Meena

    grace kelly is spinning in her grave right now. Nooooooooo!

  • Meena

    @Moh123: you need an eyeball transplant.

  • ..

    There goes Kidman, busy, busy, busy, but let’s take some time to reflect on Nicole’s recent comments and how they might be affecting Suri Cruise. After all, the six year old child would still be working through the upheaval and emotional turmoil of the divorce … and then there’s her father’s EX-WIFE, who can’t stop publicly talking about Cruise and the madly deep and passionate love she felt for him. The little girl has just started school and is possibly aware and confused about Nicole’s very personal comments about her dad. It really does make you wonder about Kidman’s motives.

  • JJ

    “In this period of my life (where I work constantly), I want to take roles that scare me (reflection in the mirror). I want to go home (film location motel room) at night and feel a sort of discomfort (Botox withdrawal), feel challenged (to fabricate some more lies). I want to give everything I have (mediocre acting ability).”

  • :$

    The web of lies we weave …

    “For an actor, facial expressions and emotions are really important. That’s why I’ll never have Botox,” Kidman told the UK’s Daily Mail. “I’ve always been against that, and seeing Botox on TV with all the swelling and pain put me off it anyway. The directors always allow actors with Botox but I just say, ‘No way, not for me.”

    “To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that.”

  • rachel

    she is very boring person. she needs botox to make her happy.

  • Meena

    I just wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Clearly, her vision is distorted.

  • JJ

    “To be honest (dishonest) , I am completely natural (fake). I have nothing (botox and fillers) in my face or anything (breast implants). I wear sunscreen (never go in the sun), and I don’t (do) smoke. I (my cosmetic surgeon) take care of myself. And I’m very proud (egotistical) to say that.”

  • it is sad

    I sadly have to agree, she looks awful. I don’t get it why these days actresses can not realize they are out of the market and gracefully step out from the public eye and leave a good memory about themselves. Why to make such a ridicule about themselves? If she did this I would remember her as a great actress and beautiful woman.
    Instead, we see this. Does’t she really realize how she looks? Is she so much delusive or she is desperate for money or what?

  • :$

    … NICOLE Kidman has been caught again enjoying a sneaky smoke, this time while shooting her new film, Nine, on location in Rome. The Australian actor’s cigarette habit has waxed and waned over the years, but has earned her international condemnation from anti-smoking lobby groups.

    Her latest indiscretion was photographed on the set of Nine, a musical remake of Federico Fellini’s classic Italian film, 8, which tells the story of a director and the women in his life. Between shots, Kidman and co-star Daniel Day-Lewis shared drags on a durry, then hammed it up for the cameras once Kidman realised she’d been spotted.

    She has in the past DENIED being a smoker but, at other times, ADMITTED to being an occasional smoker …

  • ..

    You have to wonder how much time Nicole really has for those two little girls. She works constantly on back to back films, not to mention rehearsals, costume fittings, publicity, meetings, interviews, red carpet appearances, photo shoots, product endorsements, continuous Botox injections, daily exercising and every other high maintenance procedure required to keep her looking like she does. You cannot tell me there is much time left over for her ‘family’.

  • http://iPad Grandma

    One has to wonder, years after not mentioning Tom’s name all of a sudden she can’t do an interview without dropping her Ex.
    Now if she would only talk about the two minor children she abandoned.
    Katie proved she was more of a mother than Nicole, she kept her child and got full custody.
    I hope she don’t abandon these two now like she did the adopted ones, since they arrived by gestational carrier, oops one of them.

  • :$

    There is always that publicist story that floats around of Nic storming in saying ‘we’ve adopted these kids like you said and now I’m expected to f$@king look after them!’

    Years ago it was revealed, in a nanny book to the stars, the writer said her friend was a nanny to the Cruise’s children and she NEVER saw Nicole spend any time with them.

  • Bob

    Q&A with Nicole Kidman!

    Q. What is your worst nightmare?

    A. Internet Search Engines

  • Orwell

    “Bob”, “:$”, “Grandma”, “..”, “it is sad”, “JJ”, “Meena”, “rachel”, “R U sure” = same psycho.



    Kidman has always divided audiences and has always had criticism (of some sort or another) aimed at her. I have known many people personally who simply do not like her, or her acting.
    What she is doing to her face has nothing to do with Keith, actually, or her marriage; but everything to do with having herself photographed and filmed and maintaining Hollywood standards and ideals of beauty; which are becoming more and more unrealistic.
    The main difference is that today we have the internet and we are now more aware of public opinion. Directly.
    To say that all the ‘negative’ opinions are posted by only one jealous person with many names is simply wishful thinking. However, we do know that the bullying on every thread is done mainly by one person, Skewer Mistress, who definitely posts under many pseudonyms. We can see it in her style of writing and regular use of the same ugly insults etc.



    shouldn’t you be asleep by now?

  • http://Comcast Toni

    @ Orwell. You are correct, all of these horrible comments are made by the same person. The time this person spends on Nicole Kidman is just unreal. Lady go get some hel !!!! Even the time you spend on the thumbs up and down is another sick move. If you think Nicole reads any of this you are mistaken. Nicole has it all, get over it.

  • Lori

    Wow you can really see the botox badly. Sad to see such an actress that should express natural feelings mutilated and caring so much for the impression. The face looks frozen and just sad…sad…sad

  • http://yahoo Liz

    IMO only, Nicole spends much too much time on her appearance, period. As an old fan who is becoming disallusioned of late, I’d much rather see her with the children occasionally. I’ve seen Keith taking them to France to visit her. I’ve also seen Keith at a pool in France with Sunday, but no Nicole (I believe it was said she was spending the time ‘bonding’ with Faith). Nicole’s famous “I do things too quickly and regret them later” remark comes to mind these days. She was desperate to have a child. Was that one of those ‘too quickly’ actions? To those who may think I’m a ‘hater’, it’s simply not true. I just wish she’d spend less time in front of the mirror and more time with the girls. Her husband seems to love her very much, but this ‘me, me’ attitude must be getting a little old.

  • Me3

    I’m not a hater. She looks beautiful…. Hair, face, clothes, body…. But NOT her lips. I know she is trying to hide her gums that show more than other peoples but her lips look disfigured and ugly. I’d much rather see gums. I won’t judge her, but she really spends a lot of time on her looks and career which can’t leave much for family. Her choice I guess.

  • alient

    Her hair looks dull and lifeless. Her face is like a mask -frozen, her lips are silicon and fake. Once upon a time she was so loudly proud with her natural beauty and what is it now? Time revenge? Boomerang? Pay off for arrogance and bragging? Shame.