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Gerard Butler: Lakers Game Spectator!

Gerard Butler: Lakers Game Spectator!

Gerard Butler flashes a smile while seating court-side at a Lakers basketball game at Staples Center on Sunday (December 2) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actor watched the Los Angles Lakers lose to the Orlando Magic by a score of 113-103.

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The day before, Gerard was spotted posing with David Beckham after his Galaxy team won the MLS Cup.

Gerard recently chatted about his character in his new film Playing for Keeps.

“He’s a fish out of water. He’s lost his way, but he starts to realize you don’t get many second chances to appreciate a wife, family and fatherhood, so he’s really trying to grow up,” Gerard shared. “He’s really an observer to what’s going on around him. A lot of the scenes I have with Dennis and Uma, I’m just listening and reacting.”

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty
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  • Janet

    Does Gerard’s PR team pay JJ or something?

  • maybewhoknows?

    already laughed a lot watching this video. Gb looking desperate phone. I can imagine what he was thinking. Poor Gerry, so vulnerable and insecure.
    Men his age are related to decent women and not with program women like this and other disqualified as Brandi G.

  • Solo

    I don’t think so. Just articles about Butler always get very much comments. More than even Angelina Jolie.

  • JoeHaigh

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Alina

    VO5 Extreme Style

    Beckham celebrates his retirement from LA Galaxy with Gerard Butler at Lakers game: So, who has the best hair?

  • Alina
  • looking for gerry

    @maybewhoknows?: what video, please?

  • craparama

    Glad he tidied his appearance up after the wreck he looked on Saturday. Amazing what 24 hours, hair dye and a shave can do.

  • Sophia

    It is so boooooring to hear Gerry talk about his characters in different movies. The only interesting thing about this guy nowadays is his personal life. Sad but true :(

    BTW, has he dumped the Romanian skyscraper yet? ;)

  • Sw

    I never really comment on here, but I’ve noticed a trend of people bashing Gerard on all of JJ’s posts, and I was just wondering if someone could explain the reasoning to me because I certainly don’t get it…

  • hanja

    @Sw: same here. i check some of the previous posts and it looks like there is some mentally ill jesus freak that believes he’s the root of some evil. I think she/he is spamming couple hundreds posts

  • Alina

    Gerad Butler speaks to The National’s Rebecca McLaughlin Duane about fashion and movies. He was in Dubai to promote the brand Roger Dubuis.

  • hanja

    @maybewhoknows?: did my comment offend you.
    My guess is that you, TRANSSEXUAL GIRAFFE , some perspective and God Bless yoou all! are they same person.

  • Alina

    Olivia Munn

    10 minutes ago The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Season 0 Episode 7 (S00E07) “Gerard Butler…

  • Lee

    Gerard Butler AND Olivia Munn are both guests? Was it w/h/ore night on the Tonight show or what? LOL.

  • TeaCakes

    JJ must have it worked out with Gerry and Alan to not photograph Maddie with Gerry either. Notice the piccies of them together come from other sites. Watch JJ stop these threads once PFK opens and bombs at theaters.

  • Englishmuffin

    Teacakes is right. The threads will come to a grinding halt after the movie opens and bombs, and then there will be nothing about him here for a long time, much like the summer when he was shacked up with his piece.

  • French Toast

    @maybewhoknows?: Stop spamming.

  • French Toast

    @Lee: At least Munn can act – she is great in The Newsroom.

  • wake up

    Goodbye LA. Bet he won’t be back till January or later. Time to disappear.

  • He Had A Decent Career once..


  • dd

    @TRANSSEXUAL GIRAFFE: Great the mentally ill person has started spamming!

  • Not quite

    This man is not interested in quality. A mature relationship is the only kind I have known. My family are taught to be very selective, have platonic relations for a long while when considering a mate and then marry for keeps.
    A mature man would probably already know if she is a keeper or a fling by now. If I were MG, I would not be taunting and teasing the relationship indirectly on Facebook. If I was GB, I would be very clear that I have a person I respect yet keep her off the red carpet. Walking around town, being together is natural and if the paps take a shot, then big deal. Hiding like this and having sting operations is very egocentric and rude to all parties. (this part is a repost)

    Quality with his script choices are another issue. His choices are sad. He milking the HW system. I like may 3 of his movies and the rest I have trouble sitting through after the first 30 mins.

  • lakers

    Always love to see more GB pics! He’s looking good at the game. Great leather jacket.

  • dd

    @TRANSSEXUAL GIRAFFE: aww. thumbs down doesn’t fix your sickness

  • DocP

    He always looks good in black, love the jacket!!!

  • http://JJ Not bad

    Better than he looked day before,great what a —shave,and a hair dye will do.Obviously using same hair dye as Alan.

  • well well well


    It has nothing to do with Gerard Sw. These people have to blame someone for their miserable lives and Gerry is so dang happy and successful that it drives them crazy!! They displace all their anger and disappoints on him. He has done nothing to induce this much hatred.

  • well well well

    @Not quite:

    LOL LOL LOL. I’m sorry! This place just gets funnier and funnier. Then for all that is holy, please don’t ever see another G.B. movie again. Gheeze. It’s pretty simple. If he doesn’t do it for you, move the heck on!!!!!



  • Not quite

    @Alina: That video is interesting. Honest. To say he began as a mess and learned to pray and connect is sounds self-serving when it comes from him. True prayer is asking for nothing. I wonder if that is where he is at for his actions show other. Some have caught on to the Midas touch. To visualize and project. Interesting that karma can be a b/;()$&@.

  • cupcake

    Hi ladies Gerry looking good at the Lakers game. Btw Jude Law is looking good still.

  • hanja

    @well well well: this is pure comedy. I wished i had started to read GB sooner. Mentally unstable hor*ny bit*ches spamming and preaching God words. Should be studying but this is such a trainwreck i cant help myself. So thumb me down if it help you cope with your illness

  • notafan

    Gerry gets a lot of attention on JJ.

  • hanja=LOL

    Poor delusion lonely soul, she has no friends so she has to come here to get her attention fix. Why don’t you go see a therapist for your personality disorder

  • Hanja

    @hanja=LOL: awww. did I hurt your feelings? Just like GB hurt your feeling by having sex with models instead of ugly fat you!

  • well well well

    @Not quite:

    There are far more greedy souls in HW than Mr Butler. Come on now.

  • Well

    @well well well: Oh yes, you are so right and please keep posting. Thank you for saying it all. DocP is here 24/7 and have my doubts if she ever saw one of GB’s movies. But she has to put her 2 cents in constantly. Nobody knows anything but even diagnose all ailments, everything from smashed finger, feet to ADD. By the way, GB is NOT nor was an alcoholic. AND he is SINGLE. No ring, no marrage, no promise.
    And for hanja….leave “God bless you all” alone. She is the only constant voice of reason in this place.

  • Hanja

    @Well: is she the leader of the mentally ill yeast infected cu*ts? Or your calm down persona?

  • hanja=LOL

    Obviously your here 24/7 or else you wouldn’t see my posts sweetie :)
    We all know Your LOL and you have no friends, for some bizarre reason you feel the need to try and cram down your views even though you get thumbed off the board.

  • dd

    @Well: How many cats do you own?

  • hanja=LOL

    I didn’t realize size 6 was considered fat?? I guess your one of those size 0 models who refuse to eat. I wonder if you think Size 6 is fat then how fat do you think MG is?? She is much larger than a 6 , most tall models are rather large due to their height they look smaller. Christie Brinkley I heard was a size 12 during her modeling days

  • dd

    @hanja=LOL: let me guess your’e wearing pepsi t-shirt and drinking mountain dew

  • hanja

    yes in @hanja=LOL: yes in Europe

  • Cookie Dough

    This thread is full of nut jobs i mean c’mon everyone will bound to have difference of opnion some will like GB and defend him and his love life like he’s their family member. Hes just another celeb that has a good life and chills in his spare time with your lots money. So if theyre well wishing fans that have supported him and contributed to his success then they do have a right to express their opnion.

    I like only 2-3 films of his to be honest & then he just let himself go and became lazy. On the personal front his choices go from bad to worse i mean i can understand if he fell in love with a younger woman who was a doctor or writer, or designer or something but i do wonder what he has common with a lingerie model im sure they must discuss goverment policy and ending world poverty and so on…He always goes for women that wear bare minimum, expose or have zero likable quality im sorry its true if had met a decent classy women his life wouldve been sorted years ago im pretty sure of that.

    I always thought he had some intelligence but now figured out hes such a dumb as$ who wrecked his own career and image with his own bare hands. And like someone said earlier so what if you get papped or seen together if your a couple whats with all the hiding these celebs are demented they say they want to lead a normal life etc then bloody act normal for gods sake

  • DocP

    You just proved that you were LOL, how sad you can’t use your own moniker because you fear rejection perhaps?? You can tell who you are by your writing so why bother, people will still thumb you off. Btw why aren’t you attacking Transexual Giraffe?? They attacking your girlfriend, mst of us have been reporting them, why aren’t you doing anything?? Strange!!!

  • Bond Girl

    Yeah. Madalina says she is 90-60-90 cm , italian measurements on her facebook. I do consider she has a perfect body. She has hips and breasts and an ass. I hate woman withouth breast or without an ass. We are not critizicing Madalina’s body. But Madalina’s attitude. If she is with this guy, why he doesn’t treat her like a “trophy girlfriend”. No, he hides her like trash, like shit. No women should put up with this. And then also Gerry Butler he is very busy, he does a lot of stuff during the day. But is he doing something important for his career? like really prepared? Angelina Jolie studied with Lee Strassberg, Bradley Cooper too, well not with Lee but at his school in NY. And Gerry? did he ver studied acting? acting is a craft that needs to be all the time improving. Yeah he can go to games and all, but we all know he just sleeps till noon and wakes up and eats and drinks, and well. I wish he could change, because he has so much potential.

  • He Had A Decent Career once..

    @Cookie Dough:


    “I always thought he had some intelligence but now figured out hes such a dumb as$ who wrecked his own career and image with his own bare hands.”

    *nods head* Ballsing this career up in much the same way he did his law career – constant partying.