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Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!

Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on 'Tonight Show'!

Gerard Butler and Olivia Munn take on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night (December 3) in Burbank, Calif.

On the show, the 43-year-old Scottish actor spoke about his new girlfriend, and got very coy when asked about her! The gal in question is rumored to be actress/model Madalina Ghenea, though nothing is confirmed.

“It’s been seven months now…it’s not a record,” Gerard joked.

Olivia, who rocked an Ani Lee dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Loren Stewart rings, chatted about the difference between photo shoots for a male and a female. Click inside to check out Olivia‘s imitations!

If you’ll remember, last year Olivia enjoyed Virgin America’s fleet-wide WiFi and moonlighting during the airline’s inaugural flight from San Francisco to Palm Springs. This December 22, Virgin America will be launching the only direct service from New York to Palm Springs!

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Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC
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  • bee’s

    her outfit is cute.

  • KissThis

    man, his accent is so sexy!

  • RupertSanders

    his movie looks like such crap, bombs away

  • love olivia munn, especially in the newsroom – don’t care how many other females feel the need to slu*t-shame her i think she’s beautiful.

  • grrr

    I want Munn’s shoes and dress, omg so cute.

  • TeaCakes

    I love that he went public about his relationship. Must not be about PR if he’s saying he has a gf. It sounds more serious than that. 7 months is longer than a lot of Hollywood marriages. BTW, he looks good in these pics. Haven’t seen the Leno vid yet.

  • Sarah

    Olivia is GOURGEUS!!

  • Totally Useless Information

    I almost felt like GB talking about the GF was set up and rehearsed. Olivia is a very cute young lady.

  • JMO

    JJ writes: “The gal in question is rumored to be actress/model Madalina Ghenea, though nothing is confirmed.”
    I think that’s a bad sign for MG. JJ and Ronnie are friends. They can confirm the relationship in a heartbeat. Gerry obviously doesn’t want them to. It looks to me like Gerry wants a GF to help promote his family friendly film, but he’s keeping the details very vague because she won’t be around for very long.

  • Heather

    @Totally Useless Information: Honey, EVERYTHING GB does is set up and rehearsed. I’m so over it all now.

  • craparama

    I guess we should just be grateful that he wasn’t jumping up and down on the chair. Or maybe he’s saved that for Ellen’s show later today. *rolls eyes*

    Really don’t have the heart to stick around any longer watching this silly excuse for a man making an even bigger fool of himself than he already has.

    Been a blast, ladies! Take care of yourselves! Gerard Butler must owe a lot of money.

  • Trabajos Verticales Madrid

    Jay Leno you are the best!

  • missjude

    why is he being so coy about his rumoured gf? he’s still not mentioned her name. 7 months and he won’t mention her name?

  • JMO

    JJ won’t even put her name in the headline… “Gerard Butler Talks Current Girlfriend on Tonight Show”. Current girlfriend? LOL! As opposed to his next girlfriend, I guess.

  • For Gerard Butler
  • Alina
  • Gigi

    The brown suit looked too small on him. The length of the sleeves were short and he kept pulling down the jacket.
    Strange. His suits usually fit perfect since he is from the UK.

  • Playa

    It was a fun rollercoaster ride to be quite honest and i dont think ppl are bitter about his love life just the way he goes about it that gets under everyone skin, i would just love to know out of all the girls he’s slayed over the years what makes him so public with her and why hasnt he given some other women respect who have been with him long term realtionships…..

    They are lying they met on the commercial on her FB they are pics of her and ronnie madra from early 2011 so clearly shes known ronnie before. It definetley wasnt a love at sight natuarlly meeting but arranged and he’s stuck with it.

    Apart from GB’s popularity the only thing he has is his fanbase of the group of ladies he has gotten this far has a lot to do with them, even though some might stand by him but with time his fanbase will fade because lets be honest when a man is taken & committed he no longer has an appeal and wont be as fasinating and his every move will no longer be of any interest that im pretty sure of. There will be another hot property maybe better than him that will replace him he will just be a yesterday news. His biggest downfall was he played the HW game totally wrong and backfired, give it a year or two and he’l prob be out of work if she still sticks with him after that then can say good for him
    Im out of here thank you for some good laughs and debates even the good bad and ugly he’s no longer a any point of interest or worth wasting time and money over

  • Mentalist

    The elder women and groups dedicated to him only gave him so much effort and recognition was they thought he was a lost boy who will fall in love with a woman who will be decent and respectable and felt sorry for him and felt they were protecting him from the big bad lights of fame etc

    They may stick around for a couple of months, year maybe but they will give up eventually they might not admit it but they will diminish or look for another fantasy

  • Gigi

    @Playa: As long as he plays games with his love life, fans will stick around. But it will be not in a good way for him. Maybe he will produce more and put mg as his muse actress. Now lots of people will watch that! ;)

  • ReedCole

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Eggy


    Hope he’ll produce, but not make his “girlfriend” his muse, she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. Sorry folks for being a kill joy here, but dear ol’ Ger down for the count and I don’t feel like watching him go down in flames. Adios!


    This and Gerard is a JOKE. His career is in the SH ITTER. Who keeps giving this guys acting roles anyway???
    OH YEAH – he buys himself roles HAHAHAHAH
    The money is drying up – he’s a Hollywood HASBEEN
    Not to mention he looks OLD

  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    Not buying into this charade,if this was a real relationship he would be shouting her from the rooftops…Just say her name and be done,it’s a load of b/shit…..It’s him doing a favour for someone(probably getting well paid for doing it) just to get her out there and be accepted in America.
    I would like to see him settled with someone ,but he is not ready for that.
    He won,t say her name because he knows it is not a real .
    She surely must be pissed off about it.
    When asked about her he is uncomfortable and fidgety.
    Anyway we have bets on ,if it is real then good luck but I doubt it is.
    All PR ,

  • 3lodie

    fake because
    GB is like the seal said …Ultra G_ _

  • Sad State of Things

    I thought it was interesting that his decided on the spur of the moment to go to India for his birthday (no plans set with GF) and THEN when the Visa fell through he called her and said lets meet in Scotland.

    His first instinct was to be alone and away on his birthday. When he repeated GF a few times I thought “he’s trying to make sure folks know he can be in a relationship) without actually talking about her. No mention of her name, what she does, etc….

    What is the PR machine going to do next?

  • Sad State of Things

    And, he seemed to be really appreciating Olivia’s assets…that on top of all the flirting with Latina press in Miami…how tight a grip is MG keeping on his leash?

  • DocP

    Did you notice that Jay mentioned he looked old!! i know he tried to pass it off as a joke but thats not something most people like to joke about. I am starting to wonder if gerry’s agent isn’t paying JJ. he’s averaging 2 threads/wk!!!! I don’t see other celeb’s getting that many.

  • Reality Check

    I was a fan for a while but the last year and a half it’s become painfully clear “just a normal bloke from Scotland” was just an image. He’s a true Hollywoord J E R K acting in front of any camera. His interviews are designed and badly executed according to plan. Fans think he cares ……. ROFL it’s all fake, like his fake plastic girlfriend. She’s been test driven by several of his friends before she became his favorit flavor. If he still has somewhat of a brain he’ll notice she’s a golddigger but he probably knows and doesn’t care. He likes them barely legal, pretty, with no skull content. That makes it easier to dump them. By now I’m sure he can’t get any better because I don’t think any decent woman will want him. His face is aging rapidly and he’s probably tired of chasing skirts. Judging by the tweets of women declining his attempts he must have moved on to the live in who.. arrangement to get his daily dose of whoopy. On all levels he’s on the fast track of becoming a has been movie star. I doubt he’ll last much longer with all the negative back lash he’s had the past 18 months. His fans are fleeing like rats leaving a sinking ship and his team doesn’t care. They were never interested in fans other as his most loyal fans anyway. That’s career murder if you ask me. I doubt they ever cared about their cash cow else he’d be a much bigger star. Alan thinks he’s fooling the fans. Think again, it’s a constant topic of discussion how his PR sucks big time. Fans are noticing how they’ve been used ……. except for a very small group of extreme fanatic fans who are deaf, dumb and blind. Ironically they’ve been the cause for the decline in fans because they actively b i t ch fans away for not being good enough. His “buddie” extremist fan has been attending the tv appearances. She’s on her way to NY to show Gerry and the love of his life her respect at the premiere BLAH She’ll be dead center in the pics again with some of the other infantiles. She actually thinks he cares ROFL I’ve met a lot of stars but Gerry was the biggest disappointment ever. You need to be very gullible to believe his PR crap.

  • hm

    i don’t know much about gerard butler’s career (or w/e) but i thought he was well liked??

  • See u


    I just dont get why he wont name her he says hes seeing her then goes all awakward he couldve have easily said shes called……..?? and is a lovely woman or her name is so and so does he realise how pathetic he looks


    And just to be clear to produce you need lots of $$$$ the movies he’s been churning out have been bombing left, right and centre soon distrubuters and investors wont go with him, no one wants to sign him thats why he’s linked to every movie so far. He’s so stup!d he couldve easily made so much of himself but didnt utilise his full potential and skills. There is hotter actors and more professionals that are emerging he really doesnt have a leg to stand on if his fans slowly disappear too

  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    @See u: In Scotland they say he never gave a name either people who met them he never introduced her…….

  • snowfall

    @Sad State of Things: I agree. I think dropping the word ‘girlfriend’ a couple of times was completely planned. His people probably saw the wtf reaction to his latest interviews where he was flirty and saying he’s single and told him to be clear he has a gf. But he still doesn’t really want to talk about her. Why? Cuz he’s not really that in love with her! Whether he even thinks he’s in a real relationship with her, this is not love.
    If he loved her he would have, at the very least answered Jay with, “ya, I have a girlfriend…. her name is Madalina. She’s great. We get along. We’re having fun.” He couldn’t even say that. He never wants to talk about her. He never wants to be filmed/photo’d with her. He doesn’t even want to drive in the same car??? W.T.F.

  • P

    @DUMPED:People like Ralph Fiennes give him a part in his critically-acclaimed modernization of William Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus, alongside acting nobodies like Vanessa Redgrave.

  • Reality Check

    @hm: Yeah WAS …… having seen the developments on many of his large fan sites in the past years I’d say the decline there has been going on much longer as 7 months and is caused by Gerry’s team crappy handling of fan groups. The major reason being fans feel the attention and perks from Gerry and his team has only gone to the few extremist fans since his career started. The other groups have been loyal for a decade too but still get snubbed. Fame comes with fans and dies when fans lose interest. When extreme fans complain their forums are (nearly) dead it’s a bad sign. Not that Gerry’s PR team gives a S H I T in their arrogance they think everything is fine. One PR stunt after another is even worse as the older ones. Using this little sick girl Abella Wyss for Playing for Keeps PR was actually sickening to me. Okay it’s for a good cause but Noah was totally ignored. All Gerry did was pose with Abella. How low can you sink Gerry!!!

  • la confidential


    JJ writes: “The gal in question is rumored to be actress/model Madalina Ghenea, though nothing is confirmed.”
    I think that’s a bad sign for MG. JJ and Ronnie are friends. They can confirm the relationship in a heartbeat. Gerry obviously doesn’t want them to. It looks to me like Gerry wants a GF to help promote his family friendly film, but he’s keeping the details very vague because she won’t be around for very long.

    Exactly JMO either always part of the strategy or someone finally figured out she was not the best choice of girlfriend, whether that is fair or not the way she is represented in even her own country’s press, to be helping to promote his image for family friendly films.

  • Untamable Shrew

    Gerry can still try to save his career by finding a role on a hit tv series.Start from scratch again.So many actors dabbled in tv/on screen film.Enough of the playboy roles.I personally would like to see him in more villain roles.Being typed cast as crazy charming or killer is better than womanizing roles.It sad because he has such potential,and like others said he drifted to just the perks of fame instead of perfecting his craft.

    And about Maddie,it still strange how he handles it.Maybe he’s clueless that people are more interested in his personal life than his roles.That should be kind of a warning sign that his career is off track.

  • food 4 thought

    As usual he was jumping out of his skin on the Leno appearance. Considering how many times he’s done the show, and the fact that Leno seems to like him, why is he so extremely nervous? Talks a mile a minute, rambles all over the place. And why can he not say the GF’s name? He flew the Men’s Journal reporter over his house, ffs, to show her off – but he can’t utter her name on the air?? Coy does not look cute on a middle-aged man. He’s the one who brought her into the conversation in the first place. And yes, it seemed contrived and fake fake fake. I am still convinced that she is being well paid to reinforce the image of this “new” Gerry Butler who is in a “relationship”. This is her “work”. It’s all illusion with this guy. He is trying to hang on to his career by pretending to be in a relationship. There is nothing real and genuine about this at all.

  • PR 101

    These PR jokers need to be canned. They have tried every trick in the book and nothing’s working. Now they’ve got him throwing out the “I have a girlfriend” line in public, to see if that generates any interest. The Biel story failed. The Chopra story failed. They’ve now done the charity bit, and used Becks for two days, and can still only generate the absolute minimum amount of press coverage. They are managing to alienate what’s left of his fan base, however. That’s one thing they ARE accomplishing. Do these people ever read the comments anywhere?

  • Untamable Shrew

    Lol.Watching Gerry get all uncomfortable about girlfriend.He knows all the girls he’s been hooking up with left and right through out his “girlfriend”.His body language is so up tight about term “girlfriend”.Bs.

  • whatshedonenow

    I think the girlfriend thing would’ve worked out fine, if it wasn’t that Romanian.  He couldn’t have made a worse choice. She’s so annoying, manipulative, sly and unlikeable. Furthermore, the fact that he’s been more public with her than any other woman shows what a low-life he really is.  He’s ruined his HW leading man career because he’s an extraordinary shallow man. Nothing more, nothing less. I really don’t think he’s capable of any depth at all. He could get away with it when he was young and pretty, but people won’t buy into his brand of shlock now his looks are fading and there’s nothing else to back it up i.e. character.  The more pictures I see of him the older he looks and it’s going to get worse for him because he’s got nothing else to rely on, apart from may be his snake-oil salesmen charm. Ageing, obsequious, Lorthario.  Not an appealing combination.   He will age fast now, and get swallowed up by bad TV movies. 

  • blueandgreen

    Ladies we all know his team or her teams read here. when we say something why why why that our why happened in the future days.
    Now you are sayig why he didn’t say her name so be sure next step he will say her name :( :( :( :(

  • angelsrock

    I thought Gerry looked good last night on Leno. He was a bit more subdued I thought. He has his own reasons for not mentioning her name. I loved the story about DQ. I would have loved to have seen that!!

    I, too, was wondering what Gerry was thinking when Olivia was making fun of models. But, I also keep in mind that a man’s mind does not reason as ours does, so he probably thought nothing of it.

    He always has at least one thing he says that (smh) needs editing. I thought the worst thing he jokingly said last night was referring to his kin as the Addams Family.

    Is the NY premiere of PFK today?

  • Reality Check

    If Gerry shows up with her on the red carpet it will be another nail in his coffin. He looks like an old fool with her at his side.

  • ;-p
  • Periwinkle

    She’s beautiful!

  • craparama

    @Reality Check:

    “Not that Gerry’s PR team gives a S H I T in their arrogance they think everything is fine. ”

    This really is my last post!

    I’ve no time for Alan or the others, but Rupert appears to have deliberately removed himself from this situation since September, if not before. The last time he was anywhere near GB was when he, Rupert, was having to guide MG around the red carpet at the Amfar event in Cannes.

    Since September, he’s taking an extended sight-seeing holiday around the Far East.

    Though Rupert’s an extremely well-respected publicist, with a lot of high-profile clients, I think even he’s had enough of Gerard Butler and the rest of the ‘team’ and their attempts at pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

    I totally agree with everything else you’re saying though, ‘reality check’.

  • what????

    @P: Acting nobodies like Vanessa Redgrave? Were you brought up in a cave? She’s revered in the acting world and so is her family.

  • whatshedonenow


    Spot on. But he and his team should go further. Dump the Romanian, and get him a likeable faux girlfriend. It’s now become an exercise in damage limitation.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @blueandgreen:Ya Maddie questioning Gerry now after reading what we think he’s doing to her lol.Gery’s in deep shiet now.