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LeAnn Rimes: Cabo Bikini Babe!

LeAnn Rimes: Cabo Bikini Babe!

LeAnn Rimes shows off her rockin’ bikini body as she has some fun in the sun on the beach on Wednesday (January 2) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

After hanging on the beach, the 30-year-old entertainer visited her shirtless hubby Eddie Cibrian, who was spotted hanging poolside.

“Goooood Morning from Cabo!!!! Hope you all have a great day!” LeAnn tweeted the next day, along with a close up pic of her face!

40+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes showing off her bikini body as she hangs out on the beach in Cabo…

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leann rimes cabo bikini babe 01
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 02
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 03
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 04
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 05
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 06
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 07
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 08
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 09
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 10
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 11
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 12
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 13
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 14
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 15
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 16
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 17
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 18
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 19
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 20
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 21
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 22
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 23
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 24
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 25
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 26
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 27
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 28
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 29
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 30
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 31
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 32
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 33
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 34
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 35
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 36
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 37
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 38
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 39
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 40

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  • Saline Dijon

    She has become one of the biggest mediaho’s around. A real shame, since she is a good singer. She has basically ruined her career. They’re both creepy, too.

  • Dee

    Most hated “celebrity” out there.

  • Claire

    She’s talented, happy, and in love. It’s nice to see someone enjoy life to it’s fullest. Bravo LeAnn!

  • Kimberly

    she has really gotten her body in amazing shape. The paparazi are always hounding them, it must be incredibly frustrating to deal with.

  • trees

    They are a cute couple. Two very good looking people, looking very happy. I can’t wait to get her new album.

  • Lisa

    That is a great color for her, very flattering. And her hair looks cute like that too

  • Lisa

    I still want her tummy and legs!

  • Yaddle



  • OhCanada

    She is the Lizard Queen. Her face creeps me out.

  • Yaddle


    Keep dreamin’, fatty.

  • Cabo

    @Claire: Agreed, unlike some of the other celebrities out there she’s always happy and loving life! It’s quite refreshing, so happy for her!

  • Cabo

    @Yaddle: Wow, your jealousy is unbecoming!

  • Rebecca

    @Kimberly: Actually its been proven and announced she sets up times for them to take her pictures. They are not houndering her, she wants them to be their and take her picture.

  • Amy

    It’s nice to see her happy and in love. That guy is one lucky fella!

  • Namea

    LeAnn do you still even work??? I honestly can’t think of a celebrity that takes nearly half as much vacations as she does yet hasn’t released any music in years. It’s funny how much PDA they always give a soon as they spot the cameras. She changed so much compared to when she was with Dean, she looked happier, wasn’t as depressed, didn’t have to be constantly telling the world how “happy” she is with her husband, didn’t have to resort to wearing such skimpy clothes, and over all looked a thousand times healthier. The affair took a huge toll on her, Eddie looks uninterested half the times he’s with her, I wonder if she’s worried that he’ll eventually leave her for the next “young thang” available (or unavailable lol).

  • JenniLyn

    @Rebecca: Yep, I’m sure it has been. Do you believe everything you read? LOL Love her, go Leann and Eddie!

  • Justme

    What happened to LeAnn’s “ab’s”?

    “Those are called abs not bones, love…”

  • JenniLyn

    I’m loving all of the jealousy people have for her, it tells you how good she’s looking and doing. Keep hating!! Love her!

  • thele

    she looks hot, even though she isn´t trained out as much as she was….bet it only takes seconds till all the jealous and envious haters start making bad comments…. ;)

  • Kristen

    So pretty.

  • Penny

    She looks much better now with a few extra pounds, but I can’t pinpoint the reason why she always looks so trashy.

  • Sweet

    @thele: I know, it’s funny because you know these haters wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a bikini! Lol, jealousy at it’s finest! Hope they enjoy their vacay, they look cute and in love!

  • Saline Dijon


    Her career now consists of being photographed at the beach. That is what she does profesionally now. Her agent has the easist job; just let the paparazzi know which beach she will be at Her agent probably gets paid for the tip and splits it with LeAnn.

  • Sweet

    Love how he’s holding on to her for that kiss, so sweet!

  • Marshmallow

    Cellie coming back!!! FYI Leann

  • Wow.

    Jealousy? Are you serious? I used to like Leann Rimes and thought she was adorable before she made her true personality public. Her public antics have been awful. Is she really stooping so low that she’s getting her “friends” to post on these? If she is, surely its backfiring. Here is a word of advice, keep your private life private and concentrate on your talent.

    P.S. She looked happier and more comfortable with her ex-husband.

  • Amy

    No wonder they post so many articles about them, look how many comments they got in 10 minutes! Go Cibrians!

  • Dee


    She looks out of shape. I’m sure along with those legs and stomach you want hideous stretch marks as part of the package deal. Disgusting.

    Transparent attempts from the sole leann supporter in this post. Keep changing your moniker but it won’t fool anyone.

  • Sweet

    @Amy: Which is exactly what these jealous women hate, so many articles about Leann and Eddie, yet they’re the reason there are so many of them. Karma!

  • Lisa

    @Dee: Yep, I’ll take the whole package! I guarantee she looks a million times better than you, sorry you’re so fat and ugly you feel the need to bash her! Let me change my name now and make more comments!

  • phoebe

    can’t stand this woman. shes such a famewho*e it’s killing me. jj should stop posting her pictures, otherwise she wont stop being like this.

  • Clause


    OK moderator.

  • Nadia

    Paparazzi always hounding them? It’s already been widely reported that Rimes calls the paparazzi on a constant basis, when on vacation, shopping, or even going out to dinner. If you look at the pictures you can see her smiling at the photographer. This is not the case of someone hiding in the bushes. She knows they are there because she called them.

  • Dee


    Your projecting is unbecoming. Maybe you should let Leann know you have these lesbian fantasies…..or that you want to skin her and wear her. Creepy bytch.

  • Laura

    Ewww Dee come on now there are way prettier women to be jealous of out there than Falcor. She is one of the fugliest singers out there. Adele might not have a perfect bikini body, but she is far prettier through the face,and a heck of a lot more popular as a singer today.

  • Gwen


    That’s because YOU are using 10-15 different names, several of the names you hijacked from people’s twitter accounts and other sites.The name you are using is one that you stole from a blog owner. If the number of comments in a thread meant popularity, then please explain why JJ didn’t include Leann on their 50 most popular celeb of 2012 or 50 most popular posts/threads of 2012 list? By your logic, Leann should have been in the top 10 of both of those lists. But she wasn’t.

    What about Leann says that she is happy and in love? Eddie’s mistress is in Cabo with them, so there isn’t much love between Eddie and Leann.

    @Cabo: Wow seriously? You keep writing the same thing over and over, the only thing that changes is the name you use to do it. If they are in love like you claim, why are you using so many different names? Jealousy? Which is the same thing you said when your name was AMY, SWEET, and JL.

    @Claire: Are you the realy claire or did you hijack someone’s name from CB? What about Leann says that she is happy and in love? If she was happy and in love, then she wouldn’t have set up these staged pda photo-ops with Eddie. This just makes it obvious that she is trying to do damage control before RHOBH airs SMJ talk with Brandi.

    @Kimberly: Are you using the teachers name who Leann is suing? The paps aren’t hounding Leann. As Fox News pointed out when Leann did this same thing in Cabo, Leann is in cahoots with them.

    @trees: Seriously? You have used 7 different names to write this. Leann and Eddie are not a cute couple, hence why you use so many different names.

    @SWEET: What kiss? His lips aren’t even puckered. It looks more like he is trying to smell her breath. Jealousy at it’s finest is how Leann slept with another woman’s husband.Eddie’s misress is in Cabo with them. If they were enjoying their vacation, staged photo-ops like this wouldn’t be necessary.Eddie and Lizzy look more in love than Eddie and Leann do. Which explains why you are still here astroturfing.

    @ Kristen: If Leann was pretty, then why does Eddie have to be drunk just to touch her?

    @thele: No she doesn’t. If she looked hot, her husband wouldn’t need his mistress to be there with them.You wouldn’t be using all these different names.

    @JenniLyn: Says the person who is stealing people’s names from twitter and other sites just so that he can make nice comments about Leann because her fanbase is low. Go Leann and Eddie? Which is the same thing you said when you posted as AM.Y

  • Missy

    LeAnn Rimes is so gorgeous. OMG there is nobody out there with as perfect a body as hers. I would call the paparazzi if I looked that good to. You can tell Eddie is in heaven cuz he found the perfect woman. Not only is she beautiful she is the best singer in the world.

  • Hannah

    Wow looks like she is still trying to be Brandi Glanville, her hair is styled just like Brandi always wears her, and it’s almost the same shade of blonde now. Brandi is still better looking though.

  • Dee


    Are you implying I am in any way jealous of this sub-human LeMann?

    This image gave me nightmares. She looks like a soldier marching with a lunatic’s head glued onto the frame. Hideous on 1,000,000,000 different levels. Her little friend Lizzy is quite attractive though…..wonder what exciting problems that poses for Hollywood’s most notorious couple.

  • Shawna

    Seems like every time I see them they are on some beach on a vacation. She is spending money like there is no tomorrow. No wonder she has to tour all the time.

  • Laura

    Nope Dee. Thought you were one of her obsessive fans with the skin her and wear her remark. My bad.

  • Gwen

    Courtney and Doug 2.0 strike again. Leann gets called out a 2nd time for arranging these photo-ops and what does she do? She whines on twitter that it’s all lie and then she sets up another staged photo-op!And then she and her fans can’t understand why she gets so much backlash.

    1) Who took these photos of them on the beach? AKM-GSI. Back in May, AKM-GSI took back to back photos of Leann and Eddie on the private beaches of Cabo and they set up so many staged photo-ops that it generated this article from Fox New:

    Is LeAnn Rimes in cahoots with paparazzi who take all of those beach bikini pics?

    “Those photographs came into all the magazines and websites fully captioned and saying, ‘LeeAnn Rimes on a trip to renew her vows.’ There is no vow renewing in those pictures,” the industry insider told us. “There is no way the paps would have known she was doing that unless she specifically told them.” “Plus the paps just don’t get access like that in Cabo,” the editor added. “They can’t get close enough to the celebrities without permission to get the quality of those photos. They were right next to her. There was no long lens. This was not intrusive in any way. This was a photo shoot….“Sometimes celebs allow photo agencies to license their personal photos and other times they contact photo agencies before leaving the house so shutterbugs can snap them taking a ‘casual afternoon stroll.’ Attention-starved C- and D-listers are most well known for tipping off agencies. The paparazzi are as much puppets to some celebs as they are nuisances to others.”-Fox News

    So these photos that JJ has been posting of Leann, Eddie, and Lizzy in CABO are STAGED. It’s all an act. She isn’t having fun in the sun or hanging on a beach, she is doing a PHOTOSHOOT with AKM-GSI, which was a stupid thing to do considering that yesterday ROL wrote that she arranges these photo-ops.

    2) Rockin bikini body? There are 3 reasons why Leann is saturating the internet and blogs about how she looks “hot” and sext in a bikini.

    Lizzy. It’s obvious to everyone that there is something going on between Lizzy and Eddie.

    Brandi. TMZ did a poll asking who do you perfer Leann vs Brandi. The results were 97% for Brandi and 13% for Leann. And to top it all off, the media wrote articles about it. So what does Leann do to make herself feel better? She pays sites to say that she looks good and then she has her fan write that comment over and over using over 20 names that he stole from people’s accounts.

    Scheana. What happens on Monday? Double dose of Scheana. She talks to Brandi on RHOBH and then she again appears on Lisa’s spin-off. So the woman her husband had an affair with in 2009 is going to be on

    3) Of course Eddie was “spotted” hanging poolside. This is afterall, a STAGED photo-op.

    4) “Goooood Morning from Cabo!!!! Hope you all have a great day!”

    So after Leann posted this comment and photo, how many were able to predict that it would be followed by this staged photo-op? So basically she was just confirming to her pap friends where and when to meet her.

    5) Notice how JJ said that Leann visited Eddie, they didn’t even bother to mention the kiss because it looks like Eddie doesn’t want to do it.

    6) How come there is no mention of Lizzy in JJ write ups? Where is Dave?

    7) What JJ won’t tell you.This is what Radaronline posted on Jan 2.

    LeAnn Rimes’ Pap Photos Are Arranged! She Has A Deal With Photogs!LeAnn Rimes’ Pap Photos Are Arranged!

    So after being called out for setting up staged photo-ops, Leann releases even more staged photo-ops? What a great idea, right? And then she and her fans just can’t understand why she gets so much backlash.

    8) You can tell that is STAGED, that it’s just a photoshoot. IWhy is Leann wearing SO much jewelry? Did you notice that the photos of other celebs in Cabo are coming from SplashNews. Has any other celeb in Cabo when photographed in CABO by AKM-GSI? Leann’s photos are very clear, like the paps are standing right next to them. All of Leann’s photos are being captioned the same way by those who are posting them.

    9) Who wants to bet that there is beer on the table next to Eddie, hence why the paps took special care not to get a full shot of it?

  • Emily G

    This is the kind of behavior you resort to when your career “peaked” at age 15. I know I’ll wake up one day and they will say “LeAnn Rimes OD’d today…” Hope someone can help her before it’s too late

  • serenityzhere

    Well, what a surprise. Voting is all in her favor again. When you try to push thumbs up to agree with being sick of her mediocre body, it adds two negative responses making it look as if everybody is for Leann. I don’t know what the reason for this is whether it’s meant to be this way or not. I assume it is. If that’s true I am done with this site. Leann has an average body with no curves in the right places. Why she acts as if she is some kind of bikini model is beyond me. That worthless husband has it made. She kisses the ground he walks on and he is loving it cause that means unlimited spending on credit card. They are both sickening. Majority of people feel the same way regardless of what this site makes it appear.

  • Gwen


    Wait. Why does your post about there being so many articles about Leann sound so familiar? Because it’s the same comment you made when your name was MUNCH BUNCH! And true to old form you drag out KARMA. This has nothing to do with KARMA. It’s about Leann who is so desperate for attention she pays and bullies sites to post about her. Fox News called her out in May for setting up staged photo-ops and ROL called her out this week for setting up staged photo-ops.

    There are so many articles about Leann because SHE is paying for them. She has her main mouthpieces(GG/GC, US Weekly, Eonline, Celebuzz, and The Dailymail) release the first fluffpiece and then sites like Huff Po and Popsugar, just copy and paste what they say. The major problem with your logic is that in terms of popularity we know that sites are not benefitting from posting about Leann. JJ didn’t even include Leann or any of their posts in their top 50 most popular list.

    @Lisa: Wow, the same fat and ugly posts that you made as SWEET. Seriously why are using so many different names to make posts in favor of Leann? Are you the same Lisa who tweets to Leann daily?

    @Missy” Wow, you are still stealing people’s names? Eddie isn’t in heaven. If Leann was the perfect woman, then Lizzy wouldn’t even be in Cabo with them. Did you see the lastest article that ROL released. Eddie is with Leann for her money. From the looks of it, she is running out. So did she visit her dad because she needed money to pay for her mansion and this trip to Cabo?

    The more astroturf and the more names you use to do it, the more it becomes that Leann’s fanbase has fallen very low. I find it hilarious that you come here making these posts and you do it using names you hijacked from someone else!

  • Gwen’s excuses

    chitter chitter chitter… everybody is somebody else using stolen ID

  • Notafan

    She looks great! This seems like the perfect weight for her.

  • Butch

    Okay. Msg to LeAnn and Brandi. Stop using JJ board to indulge your drama. I mean, I don’t mind a bit of jabbing, gossiping, but the two have driven this sh*t over the top. I click on the LeAnn or Brandi links just to read these hags bait each other with barbed posts. It’s funny but really sad all in one. and btw LeAnn I’d rather be fat than have a face like yours. Brandi? You’re just dressed up trailer work. I might be wrong, but you’re a reality show actor right? I never even heard of either one of you (in your “respected” careers) until I started seeing gossip posts.

  • I don’t get it

    I think she looks great. Lean, toned women may not be everyone’s ideal of female beauty – and everyone is entitled to their opinion, IMHO, it’s like with foods: everyone has their favorites, likes and dislikes – but there are no bones sticking out or anything, so it’s clear that she eats healthy and works out. Yes, it’s a shame she went from being a “real” singer to a paparazzi’s wet dream, but strictly physical, so to speak, she’s in GREAT shape.

  • LooseLipz

    The first comments must have been written by Leanne herself. What a twisted nutcase she is. Calling the paps everywhere she goes. I truly believe this marriage is on the ‘outs’ which is why she keeps whisking him away and kissing him just as the cameras click. Her need to show off is beyond insecure…it’s sick.