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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while catching a ride from her husband Orlando Bloom after a pampering session at Diamond Nails & Spa Tanning on Friday (January 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model was seen giving her 35-year-old handsome husband a kiss on the cheek before stepping into the car.

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The day before, Orlando was spotted shopping with a pal and a pet pooch at Burton Snowboards shop.

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom kissing each other…

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miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 01
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 02
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 03
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 04
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 05
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 06
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 07
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 08
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 09
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 10
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 11
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 12
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 13
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 14
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 15
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 16
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 17
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 18
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 19
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 20
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 21
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 22
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 23
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 24
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 25
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 26
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 27

Photos: FameFlynet
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293 Responses to “Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!”

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  1. 76
    Mary Says:

    All these rumours were BS. The picture of her left hand that she posted without her ring was one that was done in a 2010 photoshoot before she and Orlando got married. Then she showed another pic of her son Flynn holding her hand and her wedding ring was on her finger. She has posted on Instagram a picture of her, Orlando, and Flynn walking which shows that they are together. The rumours of her and Leo were denied by her rep and Leo’s rep. The rumours about her and bieber is laughable because she would not go for someone like him. Orlando and Miranda are happy together which is evident in these new pics. The women on Delphi are so upset they didn’t break up. They are pathetic how they wish misery
    onto others. Why can’t people be happy that they are together and in love? They are a beautiful couple with their adorable son.

  2. 77
    Muffin man Says:

    i dont care if they are together or not but that is one awkward looking kiss

  3. 78
    @q.....#50 Says:

    The “haters” are able to thumb down the positive comments because they have created FAKE MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS.

    There is a group of about 4 or 5 women on the Delphi website in the Orlando Bloom discussion forum who HATE Miranda.

    A few years ago they were kicked off a forum called “OrlandoLove” because they couldn’t except that Miranda was Orlando’s new girlfriend.

    So they formed their own site on Delphi, where they post the most horrible nasty things about Miranda & Flynn, we call them Delphidiots.

    So each of them creates fake multiple user accounts, maybe 5 or 6 each which enables them to thumb down a positive comment around 25 to 30 times depending on how many fake accounts they have made. This lets them flood the first page thumbing up the negative comments & then thumbing down the positive ones until they are “hidden”

    They stop doing it by the 2nd or 3rd page as they think anyone casually looking at the article reads the first few posts & then thinks Miranda is disliked. That is their sole aim, to make people think she is unpopular.

    Believe me, I’m not making this up. They really are that OBSESSED & are mentally unstable. You could just maybe understand if they were teenage girls but these are women in their 30′s & 40′s……..beyond scary.

    You only have to read the negative posts to see there usually from the same people posting over & over again. It’s always the same things….”she’s a fame***** calls the paps, so smug, loves herself, attention seeker, using Flynn for publicity”………blah blah blah!

    It’s hard to imagine that anyone would go to such lengths, but these women do it out of pure jealousy & envy, all because their pretend boyfriend loves Miranda………weirdos!

  4. 79
    Samantha Says:

    @78 the Delphi women sound like they have no life and so they obsess about Miranda and go looking on the Internet for news about her. They can’t accept that Orlando loves Miranda and she loves him. They can’t accept that they are a beautiful family and have an adorable son. They have made some really despicable comments regarding their family and Flynn. I don’t understand why they would make cruel comments regarding Flynn, Miranda, and Orlando. I am a fan of both Orlando and Miranda and I like seeing pics of the happy family. They have crossed the line with their comments.

  5. 80
    Model Fan Says:

    The pics were taken by Flynet. Flynet is notorious for setting up photo ops with celebrities. Obviously staged pics!

  6. 81
    ? Says:

    I do think that they deliberately kissed to send a message, but I don’t think that means they’re about to split. There are people asking “why should they prove that they’re together to anyone else?”
    Well, I ask, why should they allow gossip tabloids to get money by badmouthing them and their relationship? Some people are saying some pretty nasty things about them, why should they allow it? I think that a little kiss is a better way to say that they’re not splitting than getting into a war with those people.
    Even Leo’s rep has denied those rumours, why shouldn’t they deny them, even if it’s through an image?
    I think it’s funny how some people react as if kissing on purpose in front of a camera were the most despicable act on the Earth, but insisting in that ridiculous story of her cheating with Justin Bieber!! and Leo D is something that “people should know”. Are you kidding me? What kind of morals did your parents give you?
    If they had to split, they would split. That simple. They wouldn’t be the first nor the last celebrity couple with a kid that split.

  7. 82
    ? Says:

    That sounds like a million times more believable than what haters say.

  8. 83
    @80 Says:

    Then please explain why there is more than one photographer there.

  9. 84
    nika Says:

    we can expect divorce news in 3, 2, 1…

  10. 85
    ?? Says:

    I just don’t understand how anyone could be happy about the possibility of a young family breaking up. I mean, how sick do you have to be?

  11. 86
    Nikki Says:

    they want ppl to know that they r still together…I’m happy for them.

  12. 87
    carrie Says:

    @People: it was in NY POst well before

    i don’t know about this couple:she continues to wear her wedding ring but he stopped to wear his ring since some months so maybe they have marital troubles but they try to resolve for their kids

  13. 88
    Shreya Says:

    Love this couple

  14. 89
    Gorgeous family... Says:

    I think their sending a message to the trashy tabloids, magazines & gossip sites.

    Their obviously sick to death of the constant splitting up stories no matter how many times they deny it, they keep repeating the same made up BS.

    So this is their way of telling the public their together, in love & happy…….good on them!

  15. 90
    thele Says:

    looks like he wants to kiss her cheek and she´s turning it to the mouth…LOL

  16. 91
    Lily Says:

    Well, well, well. Our dear haters attacking again! How you seriously must be mentally ill to say ‘this is fake’? They just cannot get over it! It’s obviously that they little lives are for nothing when you must every day comme here and said this is fake! You definitely need to go to mental hospital and stay there for ever! And find a hobby, becouse you make problems only for yourself with that comments, but you are in your own world so you cannot understand that, right? And because of that you are so stupid and pathetic!

  17. 92
    Me Says:

    @UGH: Keep telling yourself that, zoewhateveryournewnickis. ROTFL! I find it extremely hilarious how you spend so much time for pressing the “minus” button so many times to all the positive comments about the couple you are stocking so obsessively. You poor crippled soul. Still doesn’t help, no? Go on, press many times the “minus” button on my comment too! By all means, continue being so predictable! It’s must’ve been getting harder and harder for you each time. So much work to accomplish! LOL. But, hey, irrational hate is all that you are capable of and, whatever makes YOU happy, nope? So, go on, the unselfish and brave person that you are! We understand; at least, don’t worry about that. ;) I’m eager to see how many “minuses” my comment will inspire you for. :)

  18. 93
    Me Says:

    @q: You haven’t addressed to me personally but let me give you an honest answer: yes I (and I think many others people) believe that it is only 1 poster-hater keeps pressing the “minus” button. Unless the said poster-hater hired some other poor irresponsible soul to help the said hater out. That’s kind of sad, utterly desperate and puts the aforementioned hater look really bad and despicable. But that’s not what you wanted to hear to your “honest” question? Your own question: “that is only possibly if they had multiple computers, right?” – gave you up along with the “admittedly i don’t know much about hacking so…” Seriously, how bright was this attempt of yours? ;) :) Please, don’t start: “I’m not zoewhatever…” drama. Just start clicking at the “minuses” on my comment, kay? And, oh! Remember, two may play this game. I know how you are doing this but I won’t bother to follow your pitiful steps. And, no, the poor, ignorant with computers child, you don’t need many computers to do that. But you know this already, heh? Why asking the “honest question,” the “honest one?” – Don’t answer that. THAT was a rhetorical question. Now, get back to “click the minus” work. ;) :)

  19. 94
    JohnDon Says:

    What a “kiss” xD Wtf ….

  20. 95
    @87 Says:

    Orlando used to wear his ring on a chain, don’t know if he still does. He hasn’t worn it on his finger since just after they got married. Miranda even confirmed it once.

  21. 96
    Ann Says:

    Even their biggest fan agrees the pics are a setup. If they wanted to make a statement then why not do just that – in words. It would have been far more classy and less cringe worthy.

  22. 97
    q Says:

    @Me: yes you’re right, I DIDN’T ASK YOU, and no.. there’s no way it’s one person. And if i wanted to hack this thread wouldn’t i have done something a little more exciting? LOL. you need to calm your self….

    But apparently it’s me doing it so… hahaha! — that’s priceless!!!
    whatever, keep believing it’s me, I’m not worried.

  23. 98
    q Says:

    and oh no.. people are thumbing down comments??? you mean this is the only thread people do that on???? 0_0
    who – cares !!

  24. 99
    @Ann Says:

    His mother did just that in words, and what did you do?
    Don’t ask for something that you’re going to ignore anyway.
    I don’t think these pics are exactly a set up, but rather a middle finger at certain gossip columnists and haters.

  25. 100
    @q Says:

    No, these are the only threads in which, suddenly, all positive comments get EXACTLY the same number of negative thumb downs as the negative get positive ones.
    And it happens in a really short space of time.
    Don’t worry, the only person who cares is the one doing it.

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