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Erika Christensen Clears Up Scientology Misconceptions

Erika Christensen Clears Up Scientology Misconceptions

Erika Christensen makes an appearance on her Parenthood co-star Joy Bryant‘s web-series Across the Board to talk about everything from their careers to Scientology.

The 30-year-old actress, who is a vocal supporter of the Scientology religion, pointed out the three biggest misconceptions in her opinion.

“One, that we are some kind of closed group. Two, that we are the Hollywood religion and three, that we worship rabbits,” Erika said.

Erika also talked about one day bringing her kids into the church.

“I would expose to them, like, this is what I do, which is how my parents did it, because my parents are Scientologists. When I was like seven, they did like this demonstration. There is this thing in Scientology, it’s a study method to demonstrate things out,” she said. “I would give them the option, of like, these are our study tools. You can use them in school, get good grades, learn.”

“If I had to sum it up, the goal of Scientology is giving the person back to themselves. Like, your own power of choice,” Erika concluded.

Erika Christensen Clears Up Scientology Misconceptions

FYI: Erika is wearing an Aryn K top.

Click inside to watch the first two parts of Erika Christensen‘s interview…

Erika Christensen – Across the Board Part 1

Erika Christensen – Across the Board Part 2
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  • RupertSanders

    Scientology Rules, Christians Suck

  • Julai

    Wow she is brainwashed.. Poor girl.

  • Isabel

    Is this an advertisement? You should label it as such, instead of just making it look like a post.

  • Vonny

    This is the kind of woman who should marry Tom Cruise..
    They will be perfect together…

  • Lea

    So this is what she concluded “If I had to sum it up, the goal of Scientology is giving the person back to themselves. Like, your own power of choice,”

    Sorry honey, you don’t need any, and I mean ANY organized religions (whatever that is!!!) to have your own power of choice!! As a matter of fact, it is the exact opposite with religions where you follow what they preach……

  • NichrolasHouse

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • rebecca

    Why doesn’t Tom Cruise marry one of his own like her? Then they can be crazy together.

  • rescue_nothing

    wow, she just said a lot of things while at the same time saying completely nothing.

  • Violet

    Scientology is a cult. This poor child is completey brainwashed and she never stood a chance because her parents are members. And the cult sure as hell didn’t help her get much of an education. I’ve never heard a 30 year-old say “like” so many times in my life.

  • tinamarie

    In those two sentences she said like 5 times. I hate when people do that. Learn how to speak and you don’t have to use like for every other word.

  • geeza louisa

    Scientology tells you what to think, how to think, and what to do and how to do it. They charge you a great deal of money to do so. Including between $600-1200 for auditing machines that have been proven to cost $40-60. They charge you for all materials, for reaching your Thetan levels and basically expect you to “tithe” a significant amount of your income to the cult. And oh yes, if you go up against them you are declared a suppressive and not allowed to have contact with anyone still in the cult including familly. They make you sign a billion year (no kidding) contract to stay with them and when you try to get out they throw that contract at you and charge you to get out. Many SeaOrg (the top status) members have told stories of being physically beaten, emotionally brow beaten and worse. People who have gone up against the cult have said they were followed, sometimes physically assaulted, bribed, blackmailed etc. They have Religious Status in the USA because they harassed members of congress, tired the IRS up in over 2,000 lawsuits, and did their best to bribe, blackmail and bully anyone that could move them to tax exempt status–and gee it worked. And if you should exhaust your life savings, run out of money so that you can’t advance up the ranks anymore to become a good little alien–then they basically drop you and kick you out (unless you are their elite and they can use you as slave labor–things like customizing or building Tom Cruise’s airline hanger, plane, SUV etc–all for free or else if you didn’t want to do this for free you were punished.
    Yep, Erika you certainly cleared a few things–you are brainwashed and as idiotic as anyone else who believes the nonsense that L. Ron Hubbard, founder and science fiction writer, spouted. Oh except for his comment about ‘if you want to get rich make up a religion.” You seem to forget that one. And yes he got rich off of people like you as is David Miscavage and other top leaders.

  • Deckard Cain

    Erika, dear, are you on some Amends project or trying to help some poor Sea Org PR slave to get his/her stats up before 2:00 today?

    I am no longer buying into the idea that Scientology’s celebrities don’t “know” about the human rights abuses going on with the cult they shill. Tom Cruise received illegal inurement (free slave labor, free SUV, free airport hangar, free staff) and Travolta knows that he risks losing his family if he escapes.

    These celebrities know that what they promote is akin to Jonestown but they still drink the Flavor Aid punch that will kill them because they are being pressured to do so.

    So, Erika, what did Miscavige promise for you? Or did he threaten you with something?

    We aren’t buying this crap anymore and Just Jared would serve itself better if you started posting the truth about this horrible group.

  • Sheela

    Its so funny to read to think that Scientology suppose to a wholesome kinda religion. They are bunch of Illuminatis / devil worshippers.

  • cleoptra

    well , there are not better than 3 religious “Jewish , christian , Islamic” ….I don’t have any idea about what is Scientology religious ?!
    well , i respect so much Mr.Tom cruise…he is good man , and i know he follows the Scientology religious…but it doesn’t mean we are give rules about people …he is bad or god..or go to hell or go to heaven ..we don’t know ..just our god knows that :)
    I mean that how do we know the person is good or not …by dealing very well. if one person deals you very well, so he is good person :)
    Hope our god to guide us to the correct way , and to do better things in our life ;)
    and i don’t think so Mr. Tom can marry from this girl …with my respect for her :)

  • Blake

    Classic JustJared: let the celebrity spout whatever absolute nonsense (in this case, harmful nonsense) with no filter, no pushback, no context, no point of view. Doesn’t matter whether it’s labeled advertising or not; it’s all advertising. Pure celebrity suckup. And this is why JustJared will always stink, particularly in a world populated by geniuses such as Michael K.

  • EJ

    “If I had to sum it up, the goal of Scientology is giving the person back to themselves. Like, your own power of choice,” Erika concluded.

    Erika’s child “Wow mom I think I would love to use my power of choice. But what what if I decide not to be in Scientology, and it doesn’t work for me and I exercise my power of choice to talk about that publicly?” Will that be OK Mom? Will you still love me?

    Erika “Well yes of course I will always love you but I won’t ever speak to you again until you realize that your thoughts and opinions and choices are wrong.”

    Child: Why won’t you speak to me any more?

    Erika: “Because if I do then I will become PTS and and lose my eternity and as much as I love you I love myself more.”

  • Corfu

    She’s a celebrity clam. She doesn’t know a damn thing about her own cult.

    Have her on a show to discuss her cult with Larry Wright.

  • Samantha Sophia

    @geeza louisa: Wow!

  • mike


    how do you know? do you really know anything about scientology at all? i don’t, except what i read on rags like this…so i refrain from judging

  • dmwinsd

    @Lea: You can have yourself back as long as it’s the “you” that scientology demands that you be. Otherwise you will be required to pay for various services that lead you to have the “correct” you back.

  • TruthSaid

    Don’t hate! where is the love people? What about all the campaigns Scientology does? all the help they provide?

    I’ve seen to much good come from this religion just like other religions. People will always have negative things to say about each other, that is how wars start!

    Let’s see the good in each other, in all religions, in all humanity and stop the hate. There is no need to bash someone name. I don’t know who this girl is but she seems happy and from what I see Scientology does exactly what she said it does.

  • TruthSaid



    You must have a very bad history with religion honey. Your problem, not hers.

  • TC

    I doubt that. I think you know there will way too many positive comments, and being ‘media’, you can’t let that happen. Need negative stuff? Why?
    I love her!

  • Cult Free

    Erika looks pretty damn good to me but she’s giving some dangerous advice with regards to Scientology. It is an evil cult that has ruined thousands of lives, breaking up families, forcing women to get abortions, having young children work ridiculous hours, holding people against their will for years in a prison like environment.

    Read Lawrence Wright’s book “Going Clear…..”, that is presently on the Top Ten Bestseller List for Amazon. He’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who spent 3 years of his life researching Scientology, interviewing over 200 current and former Scientologists.

  • Vki


    FOR EVERYBODY against Scientology
    Clear up the word ‘cult’
    Scientology Churches’ doors are open 7 days a week 9-10pm everybody is more than welcome.
    It’s for own benefit, take it or leave it.
    And hahaaaa reading some one’s book doesn’t give you the truth, all of you instead of listening to some one, you should check it out yourself. but that’s too much to ask right? you all running your mouth on something you never observed. Doesn’t sound smart to me.
    and all of you opposing Scientology are unhappy and look sound upset or angry. Look at a Scientologist: they balanced, happy, know how to handle problems, they aren’t stressed out, they are healthy, they have good and happy relationships, they constantly helping others, they want a healthy crime free planet with no war.
    Do any of you doing anything for others or for this planet? Do any of you care about somebody else but yourself? I don’t think so! The most efficient , fastet groing religion on this planet that let you practice your own religion, because it is about practical tools you can use in life to do better! It is all about application in life! But that’s not easy is it? Too hard to get off the couch and do something, right? Only cursing out Scientology, you think that do any good? No it won’t! Maybe other religions are easier to practice because all you do is praying, put all the responsibility on to God’s shoulder (poor God) and you go back to your couch, or computer, or magazin, or keep gossiping about your neighbor or coworker. That is what basically happenning in this society! And you all so satisfied putting your opinion (based on other’s) up here an think “now it was well said! ” Are you kidding me? No the tragic in this is that you all are kidding yourself! :-)
    check this out :

  • Jack Potter


    Yes, she uses TIDE. What do you really know about? Ever read a book on it? Ever taken a class? Thought not!

  • Sissi

    Wow! So many negative comments by people who don’t know what Scientology is, never have read any Scn book and just listened to the media or everyone else, who also don’t know what it is!?! And additionally believe that she said ‘like’ 5 times. Who knows what she really said? Nobody – because it is written by a journalist who writes what he likes and who also don’t know what it is. Scientology happen to be the most difficult thing to describe according to Scientologists, and I know because I KNOW them. It contains so much and you can improve so many things with its help – and it is NOT a fanatic religion with some sort of belief. Scientology is for use, not something to believe in and its goal is a world without war, where the able can prosper and have rights….something like this, if I now may speak like this and just be me, without lots of unknowing people criticizing me. That is so easy to do. To be a Scientologist requires much more than that.

  • Vki

    Well said Sissi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sissi

    …and another thing – no wonder if she says ‘like’ many times when trying to describe what Scn is in one or a few sentences, because that is impossible to do. It is so big and contains so much that is is impossible to try to describe it to anyone and make it justice. It needs to be studied in order to really understand what it is. And she, by trying to say what it is to the uninformed, is only being nice and helpful. To be nice and helpful, you need some good spiritual qualities – and to go with the masses, the mob and the sheeple (people acting like a herd of sheep) and complain about and trample the one trying her best to just help or do something for others, you only need to lack those same qualities. Unfortunately so many lack those good qualities, that it is so common, that we tend to think it is normal to be so, and so we follow them. No – I urge you – to stay free, to be free – think for yourself and look at the source before you judge, not at everyone else around.

  • anne o ‘nymous

    so they change now they worship rabbits ?
    that is a new name for XENU the marcabian intergalactic lord who brought us on teegeeack( earth) that was 75 millions years ago
    jurassic time ..

  • Lucky Schwartz

    That doesn’t make any fucking sense. She didn’t actually clear anything up at all. What about Xenu and the thetans??