Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston has just been named the newest face of Aveeno skin care products, according to E News!

“We can confirm that Jennifer Aniston will be partnering with Aveeno for skincare,” a rep for the 43-year-old actress said in a statement. “You can expect to see the results of this collaboration later this year.”

This past October, Jennifer also signed a deal with hair care brand Living Proof to be the company’s new spokeswoman and an equity partner!

Along with Living Proof and now Aveeno, Jen has promoted for SmartWater and L’Oreal hair care.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Jennifer Aniston as the face of Aveeno?

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  • http://dlooking rachel

    Nobody wants to look like a old roasted pig.

  • hm

    lovely racist comments on here – it’s wonderful that i can report them and hopefully kick you pigs off this site

  • hm

    and calling me a ‘brown twat’ because i think more women of color should be doing campaigns and more products need to be based for every woman not just white women makes me stupid well then i’ll gladly stay “Stupid”

  • Kate

    Weird choice. But maybe they’ll promise to improve her skin. I’ll start using Aveeno if they can do that because she’s so sun-damaged.

  • Mod

    Are you happy with what you see JJ??? You are being reported by many people because of the words of your own.. You allow racist comments..You allow comments about the mentally challenged..Your fav shiibaby is going to be the downfall of this site..It is being worked on as I post..Ready???

  • Simy Alanes sexual inadequacy

    Simonette, Ram opened up about the way his family is coping with her sister’s mental condition. At work, this week…

  • yep

    Congrats! Happy for Jen!

  • ellie’

    @Vian: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Say all u want ..Jen is making so much more money then them…

  • Observer

    True story:

    I was out running errands and needed a beverage.
    I was in a hurry and grabbed the first bottle of water on the shelf.
    I did a double take and saw that it was Intelligent Water.
    Reverse marketing strategy worked on me!
    I put that bottle of water down like it was a cow pie.
    I grabbed an Arrowhead bottle of water and purchased it.
    Revulsion is the best way for me to describe JA’s endorsements.

    True story.

  • http://Justjarde Wow

    She is glowing

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler


  • :)

    I looooooooooooooooove her ;)

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    I did NOT mean any of that.
    ok,I AM jealous.

  • this is JL

    Sushi dear,
    how can I explain to you what does it mean A MAN?
    You are a dog anyway.

  • this is JL

    Cow pie is not a good decision for you.
    Try John Mayer’s pie.
    It’s a true story too.

  • this is JL

    Aveeno has a good reputation for decades.
    A very good choice.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Narcissist ly

  • this is JL

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    But you are here
    to enjoy all of this.

  • Ivermom

    I love the goodbye Aveeno comments…LOL…you have never used it in the first place! Such little children. Why does it hurt you to see Jen living life and being happy? Is your life really that pathetic and miserable?

  • Maria

    She has terrible skin from years of abuse of too much sunbathing, years of smoking, too much use of botox and fillers. In fact her resembles a lizzard and I am shocked anyone would want her to promote their products.

  • this is JL

    It would be so nice to kiss this “terrible” skin.
    Not yours Maria.

  • http://computer LOL

    @Maria: She is investing in the company, you don’t think they believe she uses their products.
    She is on record saying she uses laser treatments, Botox, fillers, lipo, and HGH, why do you think her skin looks like an Alligator (rough) and her voice is so manly (cigarettes).
    Her Gigolo was in Milan sporting his new hair plugs and sniffing out Heidi, he is realizing all the money in the world can’t compensate for boredom, Brad and John said she was boring, Rosie said she was the most boring interview that she ever had and would never interview her again. Notice that the people she hangs around tend to be heavy drinkers, and tokers, if they were not high, they would be hitting the road too.

  • 2 this is JL

    Who is Rosie comparing to Oprah Winfrey?

  • 2 JL

    Chelsea is not all her friends.
    Chelsea is not an alcoholic.
    Chelsea drinks as much as she can –
    she has enough health for that.
    And money.

  • 1 JL

    Hey ‘LOL’ !
    What do you have against Alligators?
    No money on Alligators skin bag and shoes?
    Her skin in a very good conditions.
    She doesn’t smoke.
    Her voice is clear and ringing.

  • http://Justjarde Wow

    Jealous loons.

    Leave Jen alone.

  • http://computer LOL

    What to be jealous of? a woman that can’t keep a man unless she pays him to stay, and regardless of how many bought polls, she tops, she is still u g l y. No one says they want her thin lips, beady too close together eyes, her J Leno chin, stumpy legs, porous skin, line backer arms or her middle age spread.
    Well she started it, going around to Oprah show, crying in Vanity Fair and playing a victim for 7 years, until people got tired of her boo hooing, then she turn her pitt bull on Angie. If a man don’t want you he don’t, plain and simple, several men prove that point.
    The only job she can get is in low budget movies, she can’t even get her Gigolo hired.
    This is not Karma, this is when you treat your parent/mother horribly, you reap what you sow,and she is going to be reaping for years to come. Could not happen to a more deserving person. LOL

  • 1 JL

    Her face is great for “Aveeno”
    but not for some loser like ‘LOL’.
    Big deal.

  • 1 JL

    I guess LOL dreams about ‘stumpy’ legs like Jennifer’s one. :)
    LOL do you want be the Sexiest Woman of All the Times? :)
    Do you want to be an America’s Sweetheart? :)

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @this is JL: sweetheart, we all know “real men” do not run around to different gossip site, use every breathing moment defending a used up, has been, wannabe TV Hacktress! dont get it twisted my re.ta.rded one..just becuz you have a Jennay blow up dolly for a gf doesn’t qualify you as a man!!! ain’t that right, power bottom?!!! Bwahaha

  • Ssshhii_baby

    her buttaface is only good enough for the average garden variety drugstore brand…good enough for her minivan Walmart shopper..

  • Ivermom

    Poor jealous loons…just can’t accept Jen’s happiness. It’s a sad life for them I guess.

  • 1 JL

    you are boring mazohist..
    Go talk to your dog.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Poor you… You… and you Moroniston the Tabloid worshipers. .. Just can’t accept the JPs happiness .. 8 years 6 kids later…
    Yes.. EIGHT… years… later….
    Still screaming at the ocean.. Crying me a river… indeed …. a sad.. sad life for the Fat Fugly Chiiniston loons… JEALOUS… I guest.

  • Lulu

    @LOL: True that. Her skin is so thick and ugly. She should be ashamed of herself to think she could dare advertise skin care. Goodness me, her skin is still showing the “before” look.

  • 1 JL

    shiitHO knows how the happiness looks like!
    Good for you! :)
    All what Jolie is thinking about is just her health.
    Look at her legs!
    This is a 38 years old woman who can have the best food,
    the best trainers, the best doctors…
    But what we see?
    She is focused just on her diagnoses.
    It it a HAPPINESS?
    Do you think you can destroy someones love
    and you’ll be HAPPY after that?
    Don’t be naive.
    Where is Brad’s LOVE to Jolie?
    They both are actors –
    why not to ACT LOVE?
    They can’t.
    This role is not for them.
    Brad just DEMONSTRATES he cares.
    He is not stupid –
    he analyzed all what happened after divorce.
    But business is business.
    That’s why we must read all the BS about
    ALL THE ASPECTS of his caring.
    But you may see Jolie!
    All the world can look at her “happiness”.
    And what we see?
    A mess and an embarrassment.
    People are not stupid.
    One look on the picture and you can see ALL.
    All what there is there.
    And all what there is NOT.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    The Psycho DOG .. nut… Job Luupy LaLa is on the loose…. again.

  • 8 JL 5

    You have NOTHING to say.
    But my comments with previous nick are blocked.
    Blocking is your only argument.

  • saurabh

    Does anyone think that the brands celebrities endorse, they actually use it… lol.. if she has been chosen, she deserved it.. no one else was chosen becasue the panel who chose her thought of her to be be it!!

  • Guest

    Thanks for letting me know. I will stop buying any Aveeno brand. I don’t want to look ugly like her.

  • Frank

    @this is JL:
    She has ugly skin. Angelina endorsed high end products like Sisheido and LV and she has flawless skin besides being so beautiful. Jennifer is bloated and has coarse skin and does not have the looks to save herself. Aveeno is a cheap product and with Jennifer’s name on it, this brand will tank also. Her perfume was a disaster also. I don’t get it why she think she has to put her face or name into a brand, must be her narcissistic self. People are getting sick of her. Why does she just go away and live in her Greece country.

  • Ivermom

    Oh trust me, I accept Pitt and Jolie’s happiness together! I am over the moon about them..they were meant for each other. I adore Jen and Justin together, super cute couple. It’s YOU Jolie fans that cannot accept Jen’s happiness. Frank, Jolie endorsed high end products but can your average woman afford those products? NO! However, they could afford Aveeno.

  • Miller


    She cant get work. She’s 44, cant act, and looks like a baboon’s a ss exploded on her face. Keeping a gigolo from running back to his ex, aint cheap , soooo this tired hag bag is gonna be shilling everything from depends to reverse mortgages.

  • mgc94520

    I am glad Aveeno is not discrimating and hiring the elderly. Her skin looks leatherly…I guess that what Aveeno does for you.

  • http://computer LOL

    Going to the Inauguration balls sure top going to Oscars, for John Mayer, he was all over his young girlfriend not hiding like when he was going out with the older women.
    Katie and John sure look like a loved up couple, while Ticky’s Gigalo looks bored with her, but the almighty dollar is keeping him attach to her.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Amazing news !!!!!!!!

  • w Jolie Laceration

    Angelina endorsed high end products ….
    HERPES -
    that is what you can expect.

  • camilla

    She is invited in to the next movie this February.

  • camilla

    she was born in Sherman Oaks –
    LA is her Native Land.
    May be YOU must go to your country?

  • jenna

    Katie Perry will never marry moron like Mayer.