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Taylor Swift Floored By 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Cover!

Taylor Swift Floored By 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Cover!

Taylor Swift heads out for a night on the town with some gal pals on Wednesday (January 23) at El Alkalde restuarant in Central Madrid, Spain.

The 23-year-old singer was spotted earlier in the day greeting her fans outside of her hotel.

That same day, Taylor tweeted out a video of the singer Tom Odell covering her song “I Knew You Were Trouble”.

“So I was already a @tompeterodell superfan… Now I’m just floored. This is so good,” Taylor wrote.

Tom Odell – “I Knew You Were Trouble”

FYI: Taylor is wearing a McGinn coat.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift having a girls’ night out…

Just Jared on Facebook
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 01
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 02
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 03
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 04
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 05
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 06
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 07
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 08
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 09
taylor swift floored by i knew you were trouble cover 10

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Queen LaQueefah

    She will eventually “date”this guy as well, then dump him, and then write a dumb breakup song about him,. She is so annoying. And her good-goody schtick is getting really old.

  • OhCanada

    If this chick wasn’t white, she’d be in a back alley someplace selling herself. She has no talent.

    she needs to go away for a while and put her v-agina on break. the dumb look on her face is also tiresome.




  • Xymox

    Her name is Swift becayuse she moves swiftly from man to man. And I agree, the constant dumb expressio on her face is really tiresome. She’s tiresome.

  • Jennifer
  • OhCanada

    she needs to go away for a looooong time. Her Beyonce, miley and gaga.

  • jen

    Another great version of a great song!!!

  • jen

    Taylor is awesome!!!

  • Azgood

    Sounds like bright eyes

  • A

    Unless he’s gay she won’t be dating him lol


    @OhCanada: And your ignorant comments are annoying me even more punk!!! Why dont pick at someone thats not female yyou POS YOU!!!


    @OhCanada: You need to shut your mouth before I close it for you. Come at me with your racial overtones you scum

  • Sheila

    Funny how she complements a guy singing it, but wonder when a girl does sings her songs better thans he does, she seems like the type to ignore that cover LOL. Case in point, she should check out the video and cover of this song from the Canadian band, Walk Off The Earth, now that is amazing what they did with it, without using intruments. And the gall singing has a MUCH better voice than Taylor has. EVERYONE check it out!!!


    @Sheila: She has more talent in her pinky finger then you will ever have in 10 lifetimes so you have room to talk

  • not impressed

    Don’t know what’s so impressive about this cover. I like the original better.

  • OhCanada

    @frank the sk-ank. Take your medications. all of them. stop yelling. and just for you, if taylor weren’t white, she’d be a nobody. she has the constant dumb look and stupid grin on her face…like she belongs on a short bus, like you.

    now, come at me and watch me kick your ass.

  • Ray

    This cover is unique, but I’m not digging his voice.


    @OhCanada: Any time punk any time I will rip your punk head off and shove it up your fu__ a___. Name the time and place fag!!!

  • Helen


    Dont be that racist a-hole.

  • OhCanada

    @frank, how dumb do you have to be to threaten a stranger on the internet? it is not very brave is it? hiding behind a computer make threats.

    your hero-ine taylor needs to go away. she is dumb and whor-ish. she needs to get lost, like beyonce, gaga, miley and rihana. mind you, beyonce can sing, gaga is mildly interesting, miley can sing, and rihana is sort of pretty. taylor is plain with no talent and uses her vag-ina to get attention. yuck.


    @OhCanada: I dont have to use the internet I guarentee I would do the same in person I have already said it anytime anywhere I have nothing to lose so it makes me no difference!! You talk bad about one of the most beautiful people in the world then you will!!come through me. P.S I am the most racist person on this earth so again you want to make racists comments about my people I am here!!! Lets have at it!!! She has more talent in her pinky then you would have in 20 lifetimes so back to the homeless shelter that you came from.

  • ash

    I dont like the dark short hair backup singer.

  • OhCanada

    @frank, i believe you when you say you ‘have nothing to lose’. I am on the internet, typically homeless people aren’t on Macbooks telling off losers who make threats.

    i also believe you when you say you are one of the most racist people in the world. i am not. i merely made an observation that if she weren’t white, she’d be a nobody. i am allowed my opinion and don’t need your approval.

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  • OhCanada

    @frank, by the way, feel free to name the time and place. post your location with your picture. put your money where you mouth is tough guy. i bet you live in your mother’s basement.

  • JillyRo

    OMG, I agree, check out the vdeo from Walk Off the Earth, the blond girl in that group has a much better voice than Taylor, they are uber-talented and do a better version of this song.


    @OhCanada: This is my last post to you OhCanada I am not wasting time on some pathetic individual such as yourself. I wouldnt want her to sleep with me thats not what this is about. I am to old for her. This is more fatherly and I am fed up with all of you hateful disgusting people who think they have the right to cut someone down who is way better than they are. Yes she is so far superior to you its unbelieveable. Her intellect is superior her looks are superior her personality is superior. She makes you look sick oh thats the problem huh!! I wont discuss her talent cause most IN THE KNOW FOLKS KNOW HER TALENT AS WELL AND ITS ENORMOUS!!! If she has no talent she wouldnt be where she is at. Her wealth is enormous and continues to grow. Again you are the disgrace to society take a look in the mirror (if it dont break). You truly need help. If she is ugly to you you also need an EYE EXAM because she is truly stunning. Good Bye and Good riddance.

  • Emily

    @Queen LaQueefah: She’s just very Young and Horny. She’s a Female “Player” and just like guys will pump and dump women, except instead of having inter-course, she just exploits the men for song material. I guess its not as bad as being physically used, but its obnoxious that step on people for her own financial gain. She needs to relax with a massage from Athena-Toys-Dot-com

  • allison

    her act has gotten old real quick. she was better when she was just a little country girl singer.

  • Comical


    Try listening to his other stuff …you might like it better not on a Taylor Swift song:

  • Oh the drama

    Guys, Taylor has more talent than most famous singers anyway, and Tom did really well. And, just for the Canadian jerk on here (I can’t stand your accents, by the way) Taylor once revealed that not all of her songs were written off of experience, most of them were written off of observation. And by the way, learn the definition of a Whore before you toss it about so carelessly.

  • S

    Unique cover, talented guy, but I don’t think his style really fits the song.

  • Dave Franco

    The best cover she hasn’t tweeted about is Travis Garland’s “We are never getting back”. I reckon it’s better sung and should be a single.

  • Ashley


    She tweeted that herself so your comment doesn’t stand

  • Lola

    This sounds like Conor Oberst during the first verse!! Let’s take a moment to be thankful that Conor has never, ever covered a TS song and to hope he never will. Amen.