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Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly dating Albanian model and former Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 Aferdita Dreshaj!

The 38-year-old actor was recently spotted with the 26-year-old model while he had some fun at hot spots, such as SL and Catch in Miami.

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“It’s been day in and day out for a few weeks now,” a source told the NY Post. “They’re spending a lot of time together, but it’s still early days.”

Another source added, “She’s just one of many girls he’s hanging out with.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio dating Aferdita Dreshaj?

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Credit: Jason Merritt/Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty, Twitter
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  • Sam

    I wish he would settle down with somebody already instead of dating all these very young models back to back. He’s almost 40 now for crying out loud!

  • kurious kitty

    what is with him and these “models”?I’m starting to think its a’d think he’d try to step outside the “model” box by now?!?

  • sookie


  • LOL

    because it’s easier to date a dumb model who won’t challenge him intellectually

  • Nora

    As soon they are linked as possible Leo’s gf they get a tag here in JJ.

  • kurious kitty


    or he’s afraid to date a young males, some of the women he’s dated do resemble teenage boys..just saying he could be bi high

  • Zack

    It’s usually rockers that almost exclusively date models, but then they tend to hang out in the same crowds and the same clubs. Age has nothing to do with it though Look at Mick Jagger he is pushing 70, and still loves models.

  • Lee

    She reminds me of a blonde Ryan Starr. Definitely looks like a party girl.

  • Fifteen Minutes

    Wow, this former beauty contestant is quite the fame w hore. Isn’t she supposedly engaged? Why then is she partying with Leo?
    After everything she and her sister have publicly posted about her hanging out with LD, I will be surprised if she ever sees him again. They are obviously trying to get media attention.

  • Anne

    Leo might be talented but he is emotionally retarded.

  • Anon

    this ho supposedly was engaged to shpat kasapi and is claiming they are just friends… right… who hangs out with a shirtless leo dicaprio in his hotel room when ur wearing cutoff shorts with his arm around him and his arm around u?? yep thats friends alright… sleeping her way to the top

  • Time To Change

    @Fifteen Minutes:

    exactly…her and her sis r so proud of her being one of his many hoes on the side yet her sis gets mad wen ppl get real and call her what she is: a girl trying to sleep her way to the top. no shame in the game just dont get all pissy wen ppl call u out on it.

  • Not Really

    wow… being seen in leo dicap’s hotel room… one of his side hussies. wat a great source of pride for the albanian community. first it was that ho antoinette nikprelaj now its this

  • May

    shes really pretty! but dont think it will last long, never does with his relationships

  • m

    WTF is that stupid pose they’re all doing? god when will it stop?

    it’s almost as annoying as the duck face and white girls holding a starbucks

  • m

    and just looking at her sisters twitter makes me role my eyes. this girl is a 12 yr old tumblr-owner (at best)

  • m

    roll* ugh

  • Sienna

    He clearly does not care if a girl is pretty or not, as long as she’s a model. Most of these models he dates aren’t even pretty!

  • R

    His behaviour is really pathetic.

  • Sienna

    This girl is gorgeous though! I wish he would settle down with someone that isn’t a model though

  • Toni

    He’s becoming a Clooney lol :P

    Seriously though, he seems smart and sweet, I dont get why he dates so many models, I’m sure there’s a beautiful non-model, maybe even non-entertainment-industry girl that he would be really happy with.

  • haha

    ho hum, another generic blonde, just another f*** buddy methinks!

  • -_-

    if you want to laugh you should read her sisters twitter —

    ….but they need to keep their sh*t private, you know networks like E! are going through it to put together a GROUND BREAKING story so do the right thing and shut up!

  • Jo

    The surprising thing to me is that she’s over 25. He usually doesn’t go for women over that age.

  • yuck

    she looks like a bargain basement hooker. shes so ugly. really!? hes seriously has reached a low point. hes never going to be happy going down the path hes going. he needs someone like giselle was with a faith in god and values. ewwww.

  • Mix-Girl

    seems like his one criteria is looks how refreshing and novel !

  • amanda

    um no not his girlfriend…she’s 26…..he strictly rolls 23 or under

  • Jes

    Def not his gf. She’s too old for his standard. And he was hanging out with many models the past week. He was often been seen with another blonde model of 22 years old. Aferdita has a bf .

  • shanghai

    Shame he is such a talented actor but is well known for only dating models. The majority of hard working, self respecting models know about him and will have nothing to do with him or his group.

  • Shoegal421

    I wonder how many strains of HPV he has now…

  • Mandy

    He really is such a pathetic, shallow person…makes you wonder if his brain is really the size of a peanut…it’s hilarious actually cause in interviews he tries to come off as this really smart guy…I heard a rumor saying that he will settle the moment he will win an Oscar…pfff, keep dreaming Leo…

  • Fruitfly

    @Anne: LOL. You nailed it, honey. You can tell a lot about a man by the type of woman he dates. Serial dating younger models demonstrates 1) immaturity 2) insecurity (about his own masculinity).

  • wtf

    who the hell cares? you people are pathetic. you people try to use the ‘shallow older man’ card yet your all sitting there talking smack about this girl becauses shes 1: a model and 2: blonde.


  • Come on

    It’s pathetic to see a guy almost 40 years old ridiculing himself with dating available party girls who are after him for fame.
    Almost sad.

  • opa

    They’re not dating shes just trying to make it seem like they are by posting as this shizz on twitter. my guess is Leo would NOT be very happy about that, so if there ever was a chance of them dating its over now

  • karen
  • karen and here they are on the balcony, looks like she could be wearing his tshirt

  • @36

    if you zoom in you can see them very clearly, hes in good shape and your probably right about the tshirt next thing she’ll be posting twitpics of it

  • : )

    poor leo..
    used by these famewh@res :(

  • ……

    , I really don’t think it’s ok that Aferdita’s Sister is attacking people on Twitter and saying they have “Down Syndrome” because they’re asking about the end of her engagement. These two clearly want everyone to know she’s linked to Leo (even if just for a weekend) but the attacks she’s spewing are not cool! RUN LEO RUN

  • confused

    wait so is she engaged or what

  • @41

    Well going by this recent turn of events im going to go with no

  • …..

    ok just view the sisters twitter page and its clear to see the at least hooked up

  • zero

    poor Leo :( #famewhooeres

  • twittt

    I hope she realeases info about what he was like in bed, C’MONN GIVE US THE GOS GURRRL

  • well…

    Very revealing about Leo’s true character and personality.
    He might brag himself about only working with great directors and only choose good movies…. but when it comes to dating, oh boy the guy needs to grow up and become a little more secure about himself.

  • 38 going on 39

    Isn’t your choice of a mate reflecing who you are and what are your priorities in life?

  • : )

    he is just having fun with those models
    models only after his fame
    he knows that
    he will marry a biologist girl haha

  • lol…

    I think someone asked her sister if she was married. And ( in a nasty way ) she said engaged not married. I`m pretty sure I saw that tweet right after she posted the link to the E! story. Sorry but neither Aferdita or her sister seem to be nice. Pretty girls but I get a very negative vibe from them. Leo and his taste in women…
    Us Weekly has an article about him and Bradley. One day they had dinner next to a group of 30 models and then they went partying in Miami. Nothing new except for the info that Bradley made out with 3 girls and left with one of them and Leo was the responsible one. I think this is the night that the NY Post article mentioned ( never ending line of champagne and models ).
    By the way Leo is in NYC and he is wearing an arm sling. There is a photo of him with Tobey and his wife. Leo went to see Jen`s jewelry show during NY Fashion Week. He must be in heaven with all those models in NYC now…

  • Mandy

    LMAO the forth picture is from her twitter and she writes under it “weather I’m right or wrong”…wow